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Epic Spells[edit]

Name School Spellcraft DC Description
Avada Estus Peto Kadavera Necromancy 299 It's "Avada Kadavera"... only it can't miss. Basically, anyone targeted by this spell is boned.
Blood of the Pale Moon Illusion 149 You creates a very livid, realistic, but highly morphic illusion that spans a massive area, in which you may determine who to try and affect.
Bound Legion Conjuration 20
Declaration of Death Necromancy 130 A stronger version of momento mori that sacrifices stealth and flexibility for additional killing power.
Deus, Fidelis Servus Conjuration 2,778
Electrocute Evocation 80 Light an enemy up like a Christmas tree! (A Christmas tree that's about to burn down!)
Finem Temporis Videre Volo Transmutation 2,225
Fivefold Phantasmagoria Illusion 99
Flames of Truth Evocation 265 The sacred flame of Reshiram, dragon of truth, burns dishonesty to nothing, inflicting major fire damage and imposing a massive penalty to skill checks involving dishonesty.
Forever Forgotten Abjuration Some things are meant to be forgotten. This spell ensures that will happen.
Frost of Void Evocation 265 Freeze your foes with the empty frost of Kyurem, inflicting major cold damage and bestowing several negative levels to all who get in your way.
Gran Sturm Evocation 26
Hunters of Undeath Conjuration 83 Summon a horde of ghost eaters to purge the land of undead.
Just 3 Days Conjuration 268 Conjure a gigantic moon and drop it towards the earth. The moon will make impact in just 3 days and obliterate all life on the plane where it makes impact, leaving a scorched wasteland behind. Just be careful, as you can't evacuate the plane you've doomed until the moment of armageddon, and the act of casting the spell automatically informs all who can stop you of just what you're up to.
Lightning of Ideals Evocation 265 The sacred lightning of Zekrom, dragon of ideals, smites the cowardly, dealing major electric damage and imposing a −20-ft. penalty to movement speed.
Locomotive Breath Conjuration 60 Summon the Engineer of Ruin to help you erase your enemies from history.
Locutus sum, et Stellam Vidi Conjuration 11,122
Megaton Evocation 113 It is time to start World War III, go nuclear!
Merge Entity Transmutation 400 This spell allows you to merge with one creature, acquiring all of its abilities and advantages, without losing any of yours, or gaining disadvantages.
Omnes sunt Visi Divination 3,640
Ostium ad Aliquod Conjuration 700
Per Temporem Ambulare Conjuration 625
Perun Eagle Conjuration 200 A spell that draws upon the power of Perun, opponent of Veles and Slavic deity of lightning and fire, to conjure up his servant and symbol — a mighty eagle made of lightning and fire.
Primal Calling Conjuration 95 You call forth a primal elemental of the element of your choice.
Purifying Sanctuary Conjuration 60 The ultimate in negative status ailment removal, this spell channels the power of God Himself to save the souls of all bathed in its light.
Shadow Asgard Necromancy 172 This spell creates violent surges of negative energy in a 60 ft. emanation around the caster, bestowing 4d4 negative levels on any living creature in the area.
Stella Evanescit Transmutation 4,055
Sunfire Orb Conjuration 120 This spell creates a stable gateway to the primal depths of the elemental plane of fire, containing an orb 2 feet across of intense fire and heat.
Supreme Counterspell Abjuration 82 Mystically sense all magical energy being unleashed, and negate any spell by willing the magic to stop before it starts.
Tactical Nuke Evocation 37 For when you really need to blow up a town really badly.
Ultima Transmutation 109 This spell produces a powerful explosion of disintegrating energy.
Ultimate Refresh Magic Transmutation 115
Universal Cure Conjuration 33
Veles Serpent Conjuration 200 A spell that draws upon the power of Veles, opponent of Perun and Slavic deity of water and earth, to conjure up his servant and symbol — a mighty serpent made of water and earth.
Visage of Chaos Transmutation 240 You animate a mass of water to form Perfect Chaos (capitalization intentional).
Vivacious Jar Conjuration 23 You turn the target into a Vitageist.
Volcano Conjuration 94 Terraforming at its finest, you can create entirely new land.
World Eater Transmutation 2,000 Transcend most limitations, and lay claim to power as you see fit.

Epic Powers[edit]

Name School Psicraft DC Description
Forever Fear Telepathy 281
Save Crystal Psychoportation 59
Ultimate Rage Burst Psychokinesis When you get angry, you level entire cities. Singlehandedly. Without breaking a sweat. Heck, you could obliterate entire armies. Or anything.

Epic Seeds[edit]

Name School Spellcraft DC Description
Enhance Transmutation The little sister of fortify, the enhance seed takes care of just about everything numerical that the fortify seed can't.
Refresh Transmutation 19 For when you need an Energizer Bunny work ethic out of your magic.

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