Advanced Summoning (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 2-19-15
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Advanced Summoning [General] You delve deeper into the folds of time and space to find a monster to maul their face.Prerequisites: Spell Focus ConjurationBenefit: When you cast a summon monster or summon nature's ally spell, you can summon from the list of creatures available one spell level higher. For example, you cast summon monster II, and call a Small Elemental which is only available from summon monster III. The number of creatures you summon for your level otherwise remains the same.

For 9th level spells, consult the table below for your choices. Special: If used with stronger summon monster variants, this may become a Very High feat. For a Moderate level version of the feat, advanced summons have a 10% chance of being summoned uncontrolled, and likely hostile to all creatures.

Summon Monster X
Effective 10th Level
Astral Deva LG
Trumpet Archon LG
ZeugalakLoM CN
Siege CrabMM31 NG
Ghaele CG
Storm Giant CG
Ice Devil LE
MalebrancheFCII LE
Yugoloth, UltrolothMM3 NE
Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion, Colossal NE
Glabrezu CE
Nalfeshnee CE
Kraken1 NE
Moon DogBoED NG
1 May be summoned only into an aquatic or watery environment.
Summon Nature's Ally X
Effective 10th Level
Twelve-Headed Cryohydra TN
Twelve-Headed Pryohydra TN
Frost Worm TN
Sea DrakeFF1 TN
Werewolf Lord CE
Elder Black Pudding TN
Purple Worm TN
Elemental, Storm, ElderMM3 TN
GuulvorgMM5 NE
Oaken DefenderMM4 NG
Ruin ChanterMM5 CN
Cinder SwarmMM3 NE
Colossal Monstrous CrabStorm1 TN
Topiary Guardian, TriceratopsMM3 TN
1 May be summoned only into an aquatic or watery environment.

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