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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 8-28-14
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Size/Type: Large Outsider (Extraplanar, Good, Lawful, Logos)
Hit Dice: 7d8+49 (80 (70 temp hp) hp)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30 ft, burrow 20 ft, fly 20 ft (perfect), swim 20 ft
Armor Class: 19 (+2 dex, +7 natural), touch 12, flat-footed 17
Base Attack/Grapple: +7/+16
Attack: Needle Kick +12 melee (1d6+5, 20/x2)
Full Attack: Six Needle Kicks +12 melee (1d6+5, 20/x2)
Space/Reach: 10 ft/5 ft
Special Attacks: Barrier Shield, Encapsulate, Melty Tears, Telekinesis
Special Qualities: All-Around Vision, Darkvision 60 ft, DR 10/chaotic or evil, Enviro Shields, Immunities, Mindsight, Logos Traits, Paling Mode, Slight Build, Stilt Legs, Tremorsense 60 ft, X-Ray Vision
Saves: Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +10
Abilities: Str 21, Dex 15, Con 23, Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 4
Skills: Balance +18, Heal +15, Knowledge Engineering +10, Knowledge Nature +10, Listen +15, Search +10, Spot +15, Survival +15
Feats: Stand Still, Combat Reflexes, Improved ToughnessCW
Environment: Lawful Good Planes
Organization: Solitary, Pair, or Relief (3-7)
Challenge Rating: 7
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Always Lawful Good
Advancement: 8-14 HD (Large), 15-21 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment:

As you struggle to free yourself from the collapsed building you hear the clinking sounds of metal on stone getting closer and closer. There is a hiss, and the smell of acid, before light slipped through the disintegrating rock overhead revealing the spider-like body of something both angelic and terrifying.

The upper planes are typically free of danger, but every so often a disaster may hit. The forces of good are quick to respond, and they deploy the auxiliel to lead the charge. The auxiliel have a two-fold purpose; to protect civilizations from natural disasters, and to be first responders in case a disaster occurs. They collect the bodies both living, wounded, and dead, and ferry them to a place where they can receive help.

Auxiliel are shaped like daddy longlegs, with six large thin metal legs that end in needle points and a dense round body in the center. The body is composed of a black sphere covered in eyes inside and out, which rotates in erratic patterns. It is held levitated in place by three wheels rotating within each other, the outermost wheel acting as the hub where the legs link to. From this ring also projects a series of glowing crackling horns which form what seems to be a seven pointed crown, and hovering above it a halo of light which seems to support and lift the entire being, making it seem much lighter than it really is. It is also believed to be the source of its ability to fly without wings.

These living machines move into disaster zones and use their telekinesis to lift and remove debris, and acid to cut through anything they can't lift. They emit a telekinetic field which excludes and dampens many environmental hazards, keeping the air clean and the winds calm. When not in active duty they fold up and rest along the borders of a city, linking up their protective fields and guarding the entire place from bad weather.

Auxiliel understand Common and Celestial but do not speak, vocalizing rarely in soft steam-like hisses and disturbingly child-like crying noises. While they stand up to 16 ft tall, it is mostly legs and the actual body is barely 4 ft across. It weights 300 lbs, but only pushes 30 lbs of force on the ground as they always seem to be slightly levitating.


Auxiliel who are disrupted from their tasks or assaulted may attack. Typically it only uses its material destroying acid, but it is capable and willing to use organic destroying acid on creatures. However their primary tactic is moving 150 ft back, often by flinging themselves there via telekinesis, and then using telekinesis to chuck debris from afar acting as a make-shift siege engine.

All-Around Vision (Ex): An auxiliel cannot be flanked, though it takes a -4 on gaze attacks and attacks that affect the eyes.

Barrier Shield (Su): An auxiliel can project a single wall of force with a duration of concentration at will. It usually does this in tandem with other auxiliels to form an impassable barrier.

Encapsulate (Su): An auxiliel which grapples a creature can attempt to pin them next round. If successful they are instead wrapped up in threads of divine energy and ferried into the crown-shaped depression into its back. Treat this as being affected by temporal stasis, though the effect wears off in 1 hour after being outside of the auxiliel's crown. The effect can also be broken by causing 50 points of damage at once to the ethereal shell which surrounds the creature, breaking the shell and leaving the creature inside unharmed and unhampered. The auxiliel typically uses it on willing wounded targets to arrest their bleeding and ferry them to safety.

Enviro Shields (Su): An auxiliel is surrounded by a 20 ft aura of calm. All creatures inside are protected from the elements, weather and wind effects, and extreme temperatures up to the limits of endure elements. Gases and clouds disperse, and any damaging environmental effects, such as fire or lava, are minimized. As a result, this field protects it from sonic damage, cloud effects, and many breath weapons (except those with no material presence such as a cone of light).

An auxiliel also benefits from a shield that grants 10 temporary hp/level. It fully recovers all hp after 1 minute after being damaged. When it's shield drops, so does it's enviro shield ability. While protected by the shield, it is immune to critical hits.

Immunities (Ex): Auxiliel are immune to fear, disease, mind-affecting effects, and poison. They are also immune to acid and sonic damage.

Melty Tears (Ex): An auxiliel can emit a shower of acid emitted from its many eyes. It can choose to emit a material-consuming acid which is super effective against rocks, metal, and other objects but cannot hurt organic material, or emit an organic-consuming acid which works on organic material but ignores inorganic material. The acid deals 2d6 acid damage per level, or 14d6 damage, and always deals full damage before hardness. This rain of acid only strikes targets within its square, with a DC 19 Fortitude save for half damage. It's typically used to burrow through hard surfaces and buildings, but is sometimes used offensively.

Mindsight (Su): An auxiliel is constantly under the effects of detect thoughts, and concentrates as a free action once per round.

Paling Mode (Su): An auxiliel can shut itself down and hibernate over the course of 1 minute. It folds up its legs into a large tower and the halo dims. In this state it is helpless, but its environ shield effect extends out to 1000 ft. Multiple paling mode auxiliel are often scattered around a city, providing pleasant climate and fast emergency response in the event something breaches the paling.

An auxiliel can awaken from hibernation in 1 round, but is staggered for 1 minute afterward.

Slight Build (Ex): The physical stature of auxiliel lets them function in many ways as if they were one size category smaller. Whenever a auxiliel is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as Hide), the auxiliel is treated as one size smaller if doing so is advantageous to the character. A auxiliel is also considered to be one size smaller when "squeezing" through a restrictive space. A auxiliel can use weapons designed for a creature one size smaller without penalty. However, the space and reach of a auxiliel remain those of a creature of their actual size. The benefits of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject's size category.

Stilt Legs (Ex): An auxiliel has thin needle-like legs. Its kick attacks deal piercing damage. In addition, it can ignore difficult terrain as its footprint is very thin. It's body is suspended 10 ft high, and so is unreachable for those with only 5 ft reach or less. The legs can be attacked, but a creature only deals half damage if they can only strike at the creature's legs.

An auxiliel can pass over the squares of Medium and smaller creatures as if they don't block the way, though it provokes as normal for movement.

Telekinesis (Su): An auxiliel has telekinesis at will, at caster level 15th. It can safely use the violent thrust ability of telekinesis on itself to fling itself 150 ft in any direction as a standard action, without taking damage.

X-Ray Vision (Ex): An auxiliel has the ability to see through solid matter as if possessing a ring of x-ray vision. It usually uses this to search for survivors.

Skills: A auxiliel has a +6 racial bonus on Balance checks.

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AlignmentAlways Lawful Good +
AuthorEiji-kun +
Challenge Rating7 +
EnvironmentLawful Good Planes +
Identifier3.5e Monster +
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SubtypeExtraplanar +, Good +, Lawful + and Logos +
SummaryCelestial logos whose purpose is search and rescue, and protecting people from the elements and natural disasters. +
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