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Author: Ganteka Future (talk)
Date Created: 27 February 2015
Status: Tentative Completion
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Zicotion Candothist[edit]

Hand in hand, beyond the end.

Hold my hand, we shall ascend.

—Zicotion mantra

From the immeasurable aether of shattered souls, primal spirit and lost and forgotten memories, souls coalesce into new entities. Seeking life, they wander until a time when they're able to intervene on mortal magic or be given pity by greater forces. From those odd souls, zicotion candothists are born. Even among candothists, they're an aberration that treads the edge of mortality; of the binding of spirit and flesh. A zicotion candothist retains some hidden knowledge and ability to judge when it is done with the mortal realm, for it is able to recall its soul from the afterlife and take a living body by its own power.


Every breath I draw fuels my war.
—Zicotio's Ultimatum

Zicotions are intense. They experience a gamut of emotions beyond the normal range for humanoids. Some are better at reigning in their display or simply don't know how to express emotions outwardly in a meaningful context. Their behavior is quirky when mild to erratic when under duress.

A rare few of zicotions are unusually even-tempered in all but a few circumstances, when their core nature is exposed.

With their oddities, they hardly even bother to maintain a charade around others or attempt to blend in.

They can often become foolhardy, knowing that death may only be a temporary inconvenience, even if the path to it is frightening and painful. This is a trait uncommon to most mortal races, as they know that even if they die, even if their bodies are destroyed, that they'll be back one day, in another form, as they've already done it before.

Physical Description[edit]

A zicotion candothist attempting to contract and expand its spirit.

Zicotions are humanoids whose spirit remains exposed, visibly, around them. This spirit manifests as a colored aura and doesn't normally shed or hinder light. Some scholars suggest that the spirit's color is an indicator of mood or moral and ethical alignment, but no substantiation has ever surfaced on the subject.

Like other candothists, zicotions appear awkwardly assembled and ungainly. Their proportions are often distorted or exaggerated for humanoids. Some are even lopsided or asymmetrical. Extra digits, extra organs, unusual limbs or modified parts are common features. It is notable to include that as their hair grows, it fades due to an inability to retain pigment, leaving the ends white over time. A zicotion's abilities are thought to be the cause of this phenomenon.


The perceptions of and actualities of zicotions cause all sorts of problems when dealing with other folk. They are quite obviously supernatural, with abilities that are both envied and pitied. Some folk will focus more on certain aspects of a zicotion than others, but regardless, they're often trouble in settled lands. They get by on the fair will and open-mindedness of strangers and the eventual understanding of associates.


While most zicotions are created Neutral, without sin or virtue, they quickly develop, polarizing toward the ends of the alignment spectrum. This does not anchor them into a set outlook for eternity however, as their ever-changing lives make their dispositions malleable. Because of this, they have a slight Chaotic bend.

As some zicotions are the results of experimentation, or simply the result of powerful, coalesced emotions, there are a few zicotions that are created with a taint of some aligned perspective, for better or worse.


Zicotions are not born under the patronage of a guiding deific force. They are not brought into life among their brethren. They are not created with a homeland in the mortal realm. The days of them dominating cities en masse are over as their numbers have dwindled in recent ages, at least among the mortal planes.

Zicotions are unlikely to build cities themselves and no longer maintain a cohesive racial culture of any kind. What knowledge they do gain about their race is often through old legends and records from much earlier ages.

However, unlike other candothists, zicotions do tend to congregate occasionally under the leadership and guidance of an experienced elder. These organizations settle where they can, often posing an odd threat for their abilities that become troubling in large numbers.


Zicotions wander to find who they are, or to test who they are, or to strengthen who they are. Many are bound by a sense of wanderlust that has carried over from their existence as wayward spirits.


Zicotions and religion often clash, though this is not to say that they do not place faith in deities. As they bypassed the standard cycle of life and death, they don't quite mesh well with the rigors of religious teachings and are more likely to adhere to core dogma or follow the "old ways" of a deity's teachings.


…and under my heel I shall crush the last cinders of this world when even the fires die and there remains nothing ever more than I.
—Zicotio's Threat (spoken during the razing of the Aiton capitol)

They speak with emotion, from the heart (or attempt to hide this). They often speak as though they are from another place or anachronistically. They are created knowing Common and at least one other language that often plays to some hidden past or fragment of their creation.


They were once known as "the men of hate and war" when a rallying leader of their kind named Zicotio (though some accounts name him as Zicotius) assembled these candothists as a war host. They marched on many cities and left desolation and scars upon the world in their wake. Records on what happened to this army and its leader are lost, though the name held and passed on to refer to this distinct variety of candothist. They are also occasionally called "silver salts" or "salt souls" in some regions. In ages past, they may have been called "meskyrieha" (which roughly translates from bastardized Celestial as "an uncontained soul"), though this name may actually refer to a similar but distinctly different race.

All zicotions are created knowing their name. Some have a great disdain when called anything other than their known name. Other zicotions prefer to be called by a nickname rather than have their known name used so casually.

How a zicotion gets its name and where its name comes from is a mystery to mortal scholars. It is unknown if these names hold special significance or meaning.

Example Names: Aldscrim, Amantia, Anadot, Bayvar, Bidahg, Cenitious, Coerlii, Cynan, Dionnus, Estaki, Genien, Giggen, Habury, Hamedia, Haltus, Igwe, Jachuto, Kueliin, Lito, Lukatta, Manidra, Naen, Neruii, Noena, Oprux, Oxseyii, Palem, Reava, Rydoh, Simareum, Soleo, Taal, Tabring, Verzophe, Whomai, Zaigamurd

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Choose an ability score upon creation and apply a −2 racial penalty. Zicotions are a varied bunch, but are deficient in at least some aspect.
  • Humanoid (Candothist)
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, zicotion candothists have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Zicotion base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Aberrant Nature (Ex): A zicotion is also treated as an aberration in addition to his normal type (such as for a ranger's favored enemy), though he gains no other features or traits of that type.
  • Expand Spirit (Su): A zicotion can cause his spirit to enlarge and solidify, becoming a protective barrier around his body, reducing HP damage to his body from any source by 1 point per his ECL. A zicotion can activate this ability as a swift action on his turn and is usable for a number of continuous rounds equal to his Constitution bonus (minimum of 1). After any use, a zicotion must wait 10 minutes before he is able to use this ability again.
  • Contract Spirit (Su): A zicotion can condense his spirit into his body as a swift action. A condensed zicotion can both touch and see ethereal creatures (as well as be touched by and seen by them as applicable), additionally gaining arcane sight (though his eyes don't glow blue). A zicotion can maintain a condensed state for a number of continuous rounds equal to his Constitution bonus (minimum of 1). After any use, a zicotion must wait 10 minutes before he is able to use this ability again.
  • Conflict Fugue (Su): A foolhardy zicotion may attempt to both contract and expand his spirit at the same time as a swift action (or attempt one or the other while in the opposite state). Doing so throws him into a mindless fugue-state which lasts for a number of rounds equal to his Charisma bonus +1d4 (minimum of 1). While in this state, a zicotion forgets his personality, allies and memories (gaining immunity to mind-affecting effects for the duration). He lashes out violently against anything drawing his attention nearby. A fugue zicotion attacks in retaliation against creatures that attack him (in the case of multiple targets, the player may choose which target is the focus of his attention). Additionally, he reduces HP damage he receives from any source by 1 point per his ECL. He gains the ability to both touch and see ethereal creatures (as well as be touched by and seen by them as applicable) and arcane sight. He may reroll a single d20 roll per round due to determination, taking the better die result. A zicotion retains no memory of events that transpire during his conflict fugue. A zicotion is dazed for 1 round afterwards and must wait 10 minutes before he is able to use this ability again.
  • Spirit Armor (Su): Whenever fighting defensively or taking a total defense action, a zicotion's total AC value is retained for any attack (such as if flat-footed or attacked by a touch-attack). Additionally, opponents gain no flanking bonus to attack him while he is flanked when he fights defensively or uses a total defense action.
  • Spirit Overflow (Su): The overflow of spirit lashes out from a zicotion in a very dangerous way. Attempting to drain levels from a zicotion candothist causes the afflicting subject to first take 1 HP per its HD of lethal damage (bypassing any resistance) as well as applying a −1 penalty to attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks and ability DCs per each level drained from the zicotion. Penalties gained in this way vanish at a rate of 1 point per 24 hours, though they can all be removed from a subject with any 4th level or higher spell or power that restores ability damage or lost HP.
  • Into the Dead Beyond (Su): By focusing for at least 1 hour (using a standard action each round to maintain focus), a zicotion may transport himself (and up to his maximum load in carried gear) wholly in his current condition to the plane designated by his alignment as his afterlife destination. Everything within a 20 foot radius of where the zicotion departed takes 2d6 untyped damage per his HD (dealing double damage to objects, constructs and undead). Anything reduced to 0 HP or less by this damage is reduced to ashen dust. A zicotion with at least the minimum charge time may trigger his departure to correspond to that of another zicotion's departure within the radius of the ability's destruction as if he had readied an action to do so. A zicotion cannot use this ability on a plane designated as his afterlife and must wait 24 hours before he is able to use it again.
  • Haunting Flashbacks (Ex): From time to time, a zicotion encounters something that perplexes his senses as if he were overwhelmed by déja vu. At the start of every encounter, before he takes an action, there is a 25% chance that he notices something that triggers a recollection to some vague, hazy memory. If this happens, he takes a −2 morale penalty on attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks and ability DCs for 1 round and thereafter takes a −1 morale penalty on attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks and ability DCs until he snaps out of it by concentrating as a full-round action.
  • Self-Reincarnate (Su): A candothist can return from death without outside magical aid. When a zicotion dies and rests in the afterlife for 8 hours, he can choose to return to his flesh up to 1 day/level later, though he is temporarily weakened when he does so. Upon returning, he gains a temporary Negative Level which lasts for 24 hours. If taking this Negative Level would lower his current level to less than one, he instead takes 2 points of Constitution burn (which is only healed naturally). The Negative Level and ability burn never reduce his Constitution below 1 or lower his HP below 1 per HD. Upon using this ability, he returns to his body, which is restored to life and at 1 HP. If he chooses to use this ability, the player must roll on the Morphic Reincarnation chart below. If his body was destroyed (reduced to less than half its original weight), he cannot return to life with this ability. See additional restrictions and notes under The Reincarnation Process below.
  • Automatic Languages: Common and either Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Infernal or Sylvan.
  • Bonus Languages: Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Infernal and Sylvan. See the Speak Language skill.
  • Favored Class: Any
  • Level Adjustment: +0
  • Effective Character Level: 1

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Zicotion Candothist Random Starting Ages1
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
0 years +1d4 +2d4 +3d4
  1. These ages represent the date at which a zicotion is first created.
Table: Zicotion Candothist Aging Effects
Breakdown Age1
20 +2d6 years
  1. The age at which a zicotion's body breaks down and dies.
This does not count as dying of old age.
Table: Zicotion Random Height and Weight
Sex Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 4' 5" +3d10 80 lb. × (2d4) lb.
Female 4' 5" +3d10 80 lb. × (2d4) lb.
Neutral 4' 5" +3d10 80 lb. × (2d4) lb.

The Reincarnation Process[edit]

There are several circumstances that prevent a zicotion from returning to his body upon death:

  • If the body is attempted to be raised as an undead. As an unsuitable vessel, the process always fails and the corpse melts into slurry.
  • If the body is placed inside a magical container or surrounded by magical barriers or force.
  • If the body is cut in half (or otherwise reduced to less than half its original weight).
  • If the body is petrified. Upon petrification, a zicotion has the option having his soul abandon his body, killing himself. This choice must be made at the moment of petrification. If the body is ever turned back to flesh, he may return to it as normal.
  • If the body rots.
  • If the zicotion cannot pay the cost of the temporary Negative Level or the full 2 Constitution burn.

There are several circumstances that allow a zicotion to return under special conditions:

  • If he has previous bodies that have been preserved (such as through gentle repose), his soul may return to a previously inhabited body, so long as it is available to be inhabited.
  • His soul may inhabit the bodies of other departed candothists, so long as the body has been prepared for him. To prepare a foreign body for it to inhabit, an 8 hour ritual must take place as the body is bathed in specially prepared magical fluids costing 1,200 gp.
  • A casting of reincarnate rebuilds the candothist’s body and recalls his soul. With the spell, a candothist rolls on the Morphic Reincarnation chart, not the reincarnate chart listed with the spell.

Upon using its Self-Reincarnate ability, a candothist will have no memory of his being dead. If he is unaware of his self-reincarnate ability, he may come to the conclusion that he was left for dead, but survived. Waking up in a coffin six feet underground has killed many candothists (again), but when they escape, it often acts as fuel for rumors of undead in the area.

Each time a candothist uses its Self-Reincarnate ability, he must roll on the Morphic Reincarnation chart below to determine what parts of his form change. Each Incarnation starts at the adult age. Candothists do not have a maximum age from which they can be incarnated from, but their bodies still break down and die after many years. His unique candothist traits (such as horns or pointed ears) do not change during reincarnation.

Morphic Reincarnation[edit]

Roll a d3 for each attribute.

Table: Morphic Reincarnation
Attributes d3 Result Attribute Information
1 2 3
Sex1 Male Neutral Female Neutral is neither male nor female. Gear worn by the old body does not change to suit the new form.
Features1 Rugged Average Fair General Appearance. Rugged tends toward masculinity. Fair tends toward femininely featured.
Height & Weight2 + 1", +5 lbs. Same −1", −5 lbs. Changes are within the limits of the race.
Hair 1 Darker Same 1 Lighter Black ↔ Brown ↔ Auburn ↔ Redhead ↔ Blonde ↔ Platinum
Skin 1 Darker Same 1 Lighter Dark Brown ↔ Brown ↔ Olive ↔ Medium ↔ Fair ↔ Light
  1. Any Change in Sex or Features results in a +4 Disguise bonus to avoid being recognized as their former self.
  2. Typically for every inch gained or lost, adjust weight by 5 lbs.

Unique Traits[edit]

Each candothist is created with one or more unique traits that aid identification even when its body is altered during the morphic reincarnation process. Listed below are some basic concepts and ideas to help players decide on possible unique traits.

If you would prefer, you may roll a d12 to determine a unique trait category randomly.

Table: Candothist Unique Character Traits
# Unique Trait Ideas and Options
1 Horn(s) Antlers, Dragon-like, Fiend-like, Ram-like, Short Nubs, Unicorn-like
2 Tail Club-Tipped, Finned, Long, Mouth-Tipped, Short, Thick, Thin, Tufted
3 Eyes Animalistic, Extra Eyes, Extra Lids, Metallic, Solidly Colored, Unusually Colored
4 Teeth Flat, Jagged, Multi-Layered, Numerous, Oddly Colored, Pointed, Small, Toothless
5 Hands Differently Colored, Extra Fingers, Fewer Fingers, Nail-less, Thick Nails, Webbed
6 Feet Differently Colored, Extra Toes, Fewer Toes, Nail-less, Thick Nails, Webbed
7 Hair Completely Hairless, Oddly Colored, Pointed, Slick, Tendrils, Unusually Hairy, Unusual Placement/Location, Vines
8 Facial Features Animalistic, Cheekbones (Pocked, Prominent, Spiked), Chin (Cleft, Pointed, Prominent), Ears (Externally Absent, Folded, Sylvan), Eyebrows (Absent, Boney, Spiny), Nose (Aquiline, Horned, Protruding, Snubbed), Scarred
9 Tongue Forked, Frog-like, Hollow Tube, Long, Oddly Colored, Raspy, Tendrilous
10 Arcane Markings Branded, Cracks in the Skin, Flowing Veins, Marked with Lines, Single Prominent Sigil, Tattooed with Writing
11 Skin Bony Protrusions, Chitinous, Oddly Colored, Oddly Textured, Patterned, Soft, Tattooed, Tough
12 Blood Clear, Colored (White, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Brown, Gray, Black), Solidifies in Air, Sublimates in Air, Syrupy, Unusually Scented/Flavored

Races of Rom[edit]

Races of Rom ancestral lineages.

The races from Rom:

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