Cerulean Endurance (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: November 24, 2012
Status: Needs review
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Cerulean Endurance [Incarnum] Your body takes a bit longer to succumb to death than others.Prerequisites: Con 15, Azure ToughnessBenefit: Your hp limit before death is extended by 3 for each point of essentia invested into this feat. In addition, you gain 6 temporary hp instead of 3 for each essentia point invested in Azure Toughness[1].

Like other incarnum feats, you may only invest essentia into this feat once per day. Once the essentia is invested, it remains invested, and cannot be reallocated for 24 hours. The enhanced benefit of Azure Toughness is simply due to having this feat; you do not have to invest essentia into this feat to gain that benefit.

Your essentia pool increases by 1. Taking this feat extends your lifespan by 2 years (this does not affect when your age category changes, only your maximum age). Example: If you have 1 point of essentia invested in this feat, you die at −13 hp. If you have 3 points of essentia invested in this feat, you die at −19 hp.Normal: You get 3 temporary hp for each essentia point invested into Azure Toughness, and you die when your hp total reaches −10.Special: The benefits of this feat stack with death limit extensions granted by soulmelds (such as deadborn mantle), class features, acquired templates, and feats, but not from noninnate sources other than incarnum (such as delay demise).

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