Curse of Acting Manually (3.5e Spell)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 11-13-18
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Curse of Acting Manually
Necromancy [Curse]
Level: Bard 2, Cleric 3, Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Components: V, S
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels)
Target: One creature
Duration: 1 minute/level (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

The rogue needed to slow down his walk to naught but a crawl, he was too focused on trying to see what was ahead of him.

Those afflicted by this curse find themselves unable to perform multiple actions in a round. For any action of a different sort beyond the first in a round (such as moving and attacking, or sheathing a weapon and making a skill check, but not attacking and then attacking) they must succeed on a Autohypnosis or Concentration check equal to 10 + your caster level, or be unable to perform said action. For each additional action they take during the round including actions taken out of turn such as attacks of opportunity or immediate actions, the DC increases by +5.

The target can grant themselves a new saving throw against the effect as a full round action to try and focus their mind.

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AuthorEiji-kun +
ComponentV + and S +
DescriptorCurse +
Identifier3.5e Spell +
LevelBard 2 +, Cleric 3 + and Sorcerer/Wizard 3 +
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SchoolNecromancy +
SummaryCurse your opponent with incompetence, so that they cannot focus on seeing and walking or other multiple tasks at the same time. +
TitleCurse of Acting Manually +