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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Bard class. You may instead be looking for the SRD:Bard Spell List.

Bard Spells

0th-Level Bard Spells

Air Dry: Wet clothes are such a drag. Dry clothes are where it's at.

Animate Body Pillow: Are you missing your beloved while gone on an adventure? Here's a solution! Kind of.

Azore's Speaking Tome: Targeted book or scroll reads its contents aloud.

Azore's Trick Candle: This spell alters a small source of flame so that it resists being put out.

Belarpithorpe's Self-Illusion: There is a disappointing lack of illusions that affect the caster. This seeks to remedy that some.

Catalyst Ray: Channel through a wand, rod, or staff to produce a simple bolt of energy.

Charm of Apathy: Makes one person apathetic to you.

Clothes Swap: Enchant a set of clothing so you can switch quickly between outfits.

Cook: Cook food to make a delicious meal.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Dark Shadows: A basic darkness spell that creates non-magical darkness.

Dazzle Ward: Ward against bright light with some cool eye protection.

Detect Radiation: Detect radioactive material at range.

Discern Birthdays: Reveals birthdays

Discern Lighting Level: Determine how bright of light is shining on you

Egg Timer: Creates a small ball of light that slowly empties until disappearing.

Good Night: You grant a creature about to sleep (or who is sleeping) a comfortable night's rest.

Hotfoot: You give them the ol' hotfoot, forcing the target to move or take damage.

Illustrate Text: Some books also have useful non-written information. Feel free to copy that too.

Ink Blot: Splash enemies with sticky ink and reveal their position.

Instant Spittake: Always have a drink on hand to spit out in shock and surprise.

Intensify Flavor: Any one food item becomes rich in flavor and smell.

Ki Push/Mage Push: Bolt of force pushes creature 5'.

Lesser Dispel Magic: As dispel magic, but +0 on check and fewer options.

Lesser Refresh Magic: As refresh magic, but +0 on roll and fewer options.

Love Ward: A favorite of adventurers, bards, and sorcerers in magic college. This spell protect you against the negative side effects of lovemaking.

Mage's Melee Maneuver: Make a melee attack, dealing damage based on your casting ability modifier.

Mantissa's Banana Peel: Makes a location slippery.

Minor Animation: Grant minor, useless animation to a small or smaller object.

Obedient Light: Creates a tiny, floating ball of light.

Obscure Text: Obscure text under blurring, pixelization, or black bars.

Poof: POOF! A puff of smoke briefly obscures you.

Rag Doll: You loosen the targets muscles which gives them a nice massage... and makes them easier to bind.

Refrigerate: Cools objects, and keeps them as such.

Sense Spiders: You can sense the location of all spiderkind within 60'.

Simple Image: A simple version of silent image more for show and trickery, as everyone can tell it is a fake.

Sponge: A magical sponge absorbs liquids, as well as releasing them.

Summon Butterflies: You conjure a swarm of harmless butterflies which fly away as soon as they are summoned

Summon Chicken: Yes, you summon one or more chickens.

Summon Rope of Spidersilk: Summons a length of Spider Silk.

Wall of Text: Covers surface with text that dazzles those who search or read.

Witch's Warts: A nasty spell, that makes the target grow gross warts on their face and body, making it hideous to most.

1st-Level Bard Spells

Analyze Object: A greater form of identify which works on non-magical objects and delivers a more detailed mundane information.

Asterfete's Return Scrying: One scrying sensor that appears in the area also becomes a window back to its source.

Atmospheric Visualizer: You can visualize the sky as if it was clear and at any time.

Bonfire's Rest: Magically infuse a bonfire or larger fires to increase rest's effectiveness.

Bot Interface: Conjure a phantom console which you can use to interact with the Bot subtype.

Cautious Reposition: Cautiously reposition yourself out of (or into) a more dangerous position.

Cloth Shape: Like wood shape but for cloth objects.

Cramping Doom: Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now...

Curative Touch: A rework of cure spells, designed to be more effective in and out of combat.

Cure Wounds: Repair hp damage with a touch. Designed to replace the cure series of spells.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Desolate, Lesser:

Detect Parentage: Disc determines if subjects are parent and child.

Detect Perfect Gift: You detect the perfect gift for a creature.

Detect Power Level: You sense the presence of life force in an area.

Discern Portal Destination: Find the destination of a portal

Dust Bomb: Throw a ball of dust and grit which obscures vision and reveals invisible beings.

Enchanted Shot: This spell grant an enhancement bonus to a single arrow or bolt, and the distance and seeking enhancement.

Enfluffen: You make things fluffier! Poof poof poof!

Extinguish Ball: Make a fire-eating ball which extinguishes flames. Can explode to extinguish a large area, or used to counterspell a single magical fire effect.

Faith's Inspiring Encouragement: Increase the bonus from aid another.

Fanservice: You provide some fanservice. This is rather distracting.

Fast Reload: You reload fully a firearm.

Flee: You run from the scene with your tail between your legs.

Focus Shield: Generate a barrier which raises your AC and ablates incoming damage, but must be actively maintained.

Frighten: Subjects within cone flee for 5 rounds.

Gossamer Thread: Create a thread that binds a target. To them, it is strongest steel.

Human Form: Target assumes appearance and form of a humanoid.

Identify Symbol: Gain 5 + your caster level as a bonus on checks to identify symbols for what they are.

Imbed Suspicion: Cause a target to no longer treat their allies as allies.

Ink Splash: Coalesce a blob of ink and then shoot it as an arrow.

Intoxication: Make target drunk, or aggravate intoxication.

Ishara's Enticing Directive: Tell one creature to give you object, creature approaches, gives over.

Last Word: deal damage and silence target.

Longtall: Long fighter is loooong. Extend a creature's body to attack creatures higher than you, grab high items off shelves, or form bridges.

Loudness: Force a creature to remain silent, or suffer their own noise amplified to the extreme.

Magic Beverage: Transform normal ale in magical ale.

Magic Harassment: Harass your foe with a spell that make him weaker and slower.

Mantissa's Superquintessential Archdweomer: Gives targets strong impression of being under some unknown effect.

Naked Invisibility: As the invisibility spell, but only affects your body.

Nealan's Erotic Touch: Touch a target to force them to, ahem, 'lose concentration'.

Nealan's Unbuckling: Instantly removes armour (or other clothing) from a target.

Object Insight: Gain some insight on the nature of objects and the lore surrounding them.

Orb of Light: Mobile ball of light provides illumination.

Parachute: Create a parachute to slow your fall. Longer lasting than feather fall, but only for one person and with a few downsides.

Pocket Conjuration: Conjure a single ordinary object or animal at the drop of a hat.

Position Drift: Every round, the target's position changes ever so slightly in one direction.

Practice Field: Create sphere that allows creatures to deal nonlethal damage.

Ray of Rope: Get over here! Lasso the enemy in and drag them closer!

Secret Sickness: Hide your illness and symptoms under an illusion, but you remain infected.

Sense Emotions: You sense the emotions of those around you.

Shadow Bolt: Fires beams of shadow in mimicry that hurt above its strength, if you can believe it.

Shadowknife: Summon a shadowy magic knife. It can never leave your person, and becomes hard to see in the dark.

Soundblast: Soundblast deals 1d6 points of sonic damage, +1 per caster level and possibly deafen a target.

Soundproof: You create a perfectly soundproof region, which blocks the transmission of noises from the interior to the exterior or vice-versa.

Sparklers: Shoot fireworks that make a bright flash and loud noise.

Spirit Bow: Summon a magical bow that produces its own ammo.

Sticky Hands: You find your hands glued to your weapon, everything you touch won't wash off!

Strobe Lights: Your Dancing lights gain a ranged ray attack

Summon Bot: Summon a Bot to fight for you. Cast it in a higher level spell slot for a stronger effect.

Summon Spider I: Calls spider to fight.

Tag: You tag one creature or object, allowing you to follow its movements wherever it goes.

Translate to Jargon: Transform text into complex jargon which requires considerable skill to translate correctly.

Unicorn's Hand: A caster who prepares this spell is never without a helping hand.

Wassail: Here we come a-wassailing among the leaves so green;
Here we come a-wandering, so fair to be seen.
Love and joy come to you, and to you our wassail, too.
And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year
And God send you a Happy New Year.

Weightless Object: Attended object becomes weightless.

What's That?: Hey, did you just see that? Too late, made you look, you just provoked an AoO! Mwahahahaha!

White Noise: Reduce stress and cover noises.

Yau Wei's Engorged Grip: Make a creature's hands grow abnormally large. They can use larger weapons, but the hands are clumsy and take penalties.

2nd-Level Bard Spells

Alternative: Your music inspires desperate action in allies.

Animate Objects, Variant: A remake of the animate objects spell.

Asterfete's Scry Trace: Hijack a divination sensor to see who sent it.

Aura of Doom: Enemies that approach you take a -2 penalty on their saving throws.

Babble: Curse a creature to never be understood again.

Bang Rounds: Create cherrybomb-like caltrops to either throw out immediately as explosives, or set as a trap.

Brown Note: It was only a matter of time before someone devised a spell to make people crap themselves.

Cain's Curse of Covetousness: Designate an object, which attracts creatures and causes them to fight over it.

Cocoon of Quick Rest: By manipulating quantum energy you infuse the bed with accelaration that is released into the body of who sleeps in it, allowing a rapid and restful sleep.

Corpse Patrol: With a few silent gestures, the corpse of the guard you just quietly dispatched gets up and resumes his rounds, fooling casual onlookers into thinking everything's normal.

Covert Transposition: Two target creatures swap positions and assume each other's likenesses at the same time.

Creeping Darkness: Muffle your presence, and phase out within the darkness.

Cure Light Magic Missile: What is magic missile was positive energy instead?

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of Acting Manually: Curse your opponent with incompetence, so that they cannot focus on seeing and walking or other multiple tasks at the same time.

Curse of Cacophonous Chorus: You curse the target to be hounded by a terrible noise almost 24/7. They simply cannot concentrate.

Death Metal: Your music creates a destructive darkness in your allies hearts.

Dimension Pop: A low-level teleportation spell that is quick, but short-ranged and dangerous to use.

Dire Wound: The affected target appears to be much worse off than they think, causing them to change their tactics.

Discern Ancestry: Determine if a creature has a specific ancestor.

Dragon Roar: Roar with the might of a dragon, instilling fear in your weaker foes.

Dream Hypnosis: You enter a creature's dream and attempt to alter their disposition.

Dull Weapon: This minimizes the damage on a weapon.

Ekbom's Egotistical Episode: Target becomes obsessed with themselves and prioritizes maintaining their own well-being above all else.

Ekbom's Imaginary Insects: Target hallucinates insects all over their body and attacks themselves.

Empower Royal Kiss: Give aristocrat the ability to break an enchantment with a kiss

Expeditious Invisibility: Gain the benefits of invisibility and expeditious retreat, but at reduced duration.

Fallacy: Use logical fallacies to distract and aid in social checks.

Feather: Lightens the target's load.

Focus Spell: Increase DC of next spell cast.

Furtive Shadow: You infuse your shadow with a semblance of life, making it your temporary assistant.

Fuse Weapons: Fuse two weapons together into a new transforming weapon.

Headache: Give you target a pounding headache for a few rounds.

Hysteria: The target becomes unhinged, he can't stop giggling or weeping, or both at once. Can't you see it too?

Impossible Cover: When using this spell you can gain total cover from objects which otherwise are too small or thin.

Incessant Momentum: When under the effects of this spell, its like you're ice skating on frictionless feet whenever you get going.

Invert Motion: Reverse the direction creatures move in, causing them to move in unexpected ways.

Investigate Portal: Learn about a portal's operation and what's on the other side

Invisibility, Grimoire: A different kind of invisibility for High-level games.

Kinetic Forcefield: Take control of the kinetic power.

Locate Portal: Find a portal within 1 mile/caster level

Nealan's Disturbing Image: Creates a copy of the most disturbing image the target can imagine in front of them.

Nealan's Erotic Gaze: Makes those that you stare at 'lose concentration' at a distance.

Nonlethal Field: Create field that blocks most lethal damage.

Party Crown: Empower the target with the joy of the party

Phantasmal Mirror: A version of mirror image that is fast to cast, last only a short time and the images only exists in the head of the attackers.

Power Word The Game: You shout "The Game" at somebody, instantly making them believe they have lost whatever game they were playing.

Pronounce Doom: Words and gaze kill one subject.

Pukebomb: Vomit out a projectile of half-digested food.

Red Line: You form a line that no one should cross.

Remove Critical: Remove the ability for your target to make critical hits.

Restful: Target sleeps better and quicker.

Rock Paper Scissors: Summon up a rock, paper, or scissors to attack your foe.

Sadist's Silence: painfully sews a victim's mouth shut so they can't speak or cast spells

Scan: Identifies creatures, and maybe their abilities as well.

Slow Mirror: Enhance a mirror or other reflective surface to play it reflections late.

Spell's-Eye View: See from the perspective of your spells.

Spinning Slots: Create a random slot machine, whose various results produce many magical effects.

Still Invisibility: Become invisible forever, provided you never move.

Summon Backup: No bassist? No Drummer? No keyboardist? No problem.

Summon Spider II: Calls spider to fight.

Summon Spider Swarm: You summon a swarm of spiders, which attacks all other creatures within its area.

Summon Sweaty Strongmen: Summons a musclebound humanoid to carry stuff for you, and other small tasks.

Supercharge Bullets: Enhance the damage from your shots.

Suppress Enchantment: As break enchantment except temporary.

Suppress Power Level: Hides your life signs, making some detection and targeting impossible.

Techno: Your music electrifies those around you with inspired motion.

Temper Weapon: This maximizes the damage on a weapon.

Terrify Into Submission: Frighten weak or weakened creature into trusting you

Tonguebite: Prevent your foes from talking, lest they bite their tongue.

Triple Enchanted Shot: As enchanted shot, except the arrow split into three when fired.

Unseen Medic: An unseen servant that goes around healing people indiscriminately.

Vera's Bewildering Conversation: Causes others to see/hear the caster saying different things.

3rd-Level Bard Spells

Accelerate Time: A much more powerful version of haste, but limited to a single creature and one round.

Necromantic Iron: You suffuse your magic with the power of Necromantic Iron, a brutal and negative energy charged style.

Bestow Flaw: If you can't find an exploitable flaw in your enemy, then give them one.

Bolster Spirit: Bravery and morale surges through you, carrying you towards victory in battle.

Burden: Weighs the target down with a magical load.

Cloudshape: Become a fog

Colors Trap: Conjures painted symbols of various colours that affect creatures in all sorts of different ways.

Concealing Sphere: Create a bubble where the events inside are unseen by those on the outside.

Create Corpse: Creates a fake corpse of a pre-existing creature, which can fool others who do not make the Disguise check.

Create Thrall: Take over the minds of weaker individuals who are obviously possessed by your influence.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of the Silent: The target will lose hp and spells until it casts a spell.

Data Mine: The more you knoooow.... the more this spell will hurt.

Dig Your Own Grave: You command the opponent to dig their own grave, and they do so. If permitted to complete the task, they shall soon die.

Dimension Shift: Close-range noncombat teleport

Drowsing Hypnosis: You hypnotize and put creatures to sleep.

Enchanted Volley: As enchanted shot, except that it can be used on full attack and be fired as a cone.

Fear, Revision: scare people into flight, fight or freezing.

Feelings of Generosity: Sharing is caring! Well, in this case, it's not caring.

Hijack Spell: Steal one spell.

Illusory Eyes: You can see, even if you have been blinded, by projecting a mental illusion of your surroundings.

Incite Violence: Cause one creature to attack another creature

Insidious Suggestion: Like suggestion but much more subtle and insidious.

Lie Detection: The long-overdue counter to glibness, this spell grants a +30 bonus to Sense Motive checks.

MONTAGE: Quickly make your friends better with a MONTAAAAGE!

Massive Musical: All the world's a stage, and all the men merely players~

Misspell: Target's spells go awry in a humorous and rarely useful fashion.

Neutrality: Suppress effects based on alignment on the target.

Object Haunt: A spell which allow a large group of people to avoid certain death.

Objection!: You cower your enemies with a brash outburst of insight!

Persistent Summon Monster: As the summon monster spells, but when your summons die they come right back!

Polymorphic Hypnotism: Make the target believe it has been the subject of baleful polymoprh.

Profanity: An all-purpose Word of X spell, opposing the selected alignment.

Protection from Intoxication: Protect your party from the obnoxious effects of a late night drink.

Quickmite: Shrink two sizes smaller, yet become much much faster.

Refresh Magic: The antithesis of dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Regenerate, Lesser: Regrow or reattach limbs. Heal some damage.

Scramble Programs: Cause all affected bots to lose all programs.

Sedah’s Counterspell of Superfluous Detail: A counterspell that adds erroneous rules and excessive detail to another’s spell – thus making the other’s spell unusable for a time. All who use the spell in the region are also affected.

Shadow Nemesis: Summon a copy of a creature, which immediately attempts to kill its original. However, the copy only has 1 hp.

Shards of Winter: Shards of ice pierce an area

Shatterblade: You break a blade to produce a shower of sharp edges to all creatures in the area.

Solar Flare: A blinding flash of light erupts from your body.

Stifle: Lengthens the casting time of spells and special attacks of target creature to a full-round action.

Summon Spider III: Calls spider to fight.

Taunt: Taunt creatures to attack you.

Tazer Beam: Zap a creature with an electrical pulse that overloads their muscles, robbing them of the ability to do anything but feebly convulse for a short time.

Thicken Air: Thicken the air, slowing creatures passage through it.

Todd's Unconscious Teleport: Transport within 15 minutes travel of your destination upon any traveled route.

Uncontrolled Mentality: Render yourself immune (and then resistant) to mind-affecting effects, but drive yourself mad in the process.

Warmth: Creates an orb of warm healing light.

4th-Level Bard Spells

Alter Memory: A different version of modify memory.

Analyze Event: You enhance a crystal orb to record a 360 scene for you in full detail.

Assassin's Escape: When you attack, you teleport back to safety.

Conductor of Storms: Surround yourself in a protective shield as you rain lightning from above.

Crush Will: You deliver a crushing monologue which affect your opponent based on how many hit points they have.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of the Kender: You curse a creature to the most miserable experience of all time: living with a kender.

Daunting Ray: A ray which breaks your opponent's will to fight.

Daze Dragons: Your magic can give even the most mighty monsters pause, if only for a moment.

Dead King's Dance: Perform a magical song and dance that mindless undead join along with.

Denial: You deny a creature use of its special abilities, or deny an object its intended function.


Emotional Switch: Cause a morale penalty to become a bonus, or vice versa.

Ghostly Chant: Why wait for a spell with a long casting time to finish, when you can have magic finish casting itself?

Greater Invisibility, Grimoire: An improved version of the Grimoire Invisibility spell.

Greater Invisibility, Variant: A different kind of invisibility for High-level games.

Greater Nonlethal Field: Create sphere where lethal damage is not.

Khonsou's Zoomorphism: Metamorphose into a myriad of different creatures.

Legally Dead: Save or die! For a round or two, that is.

Magic Saturation: You fill the world with magic, and everybody can cast spells now.

Mark of the Shadowstalker: You may use teleportation spells to arrive the exact location of the marked creature or object.

Mass Charm Person: As charm person, but more targets.

Persistent Invisibility: As invisibility but the effect is re-applied each round. Not as strong as greater invisibility, but longer lasting.

Purple Suggestion: This spell allows you to implant suggestions without limit.

Raise Soul Mask: This spell turns the spirit of a dead being into a mask, allowing them to live again as long as they have a willing host.

Sensory Deprivation: You cause the target to lose its ability to perceive the world.

Spatial Shuffle: Those affected by this spell move around randomly at the start of their turns.

Spirit of the Warrior: You imbue yourself with the power of warriors past, allowing you to fight as well as a tried-and-true warrior--though you lose a measure of your spellcasting.

Spitting Swarm: This spell has two functions. One lets you spit forth summoned swarms. The other curses a target to spill swarms from their mouth.

Steal Voice: The target permanently loses the ability to speak.

Suicidal Command: You force a creature to follow a suicidal command.

Summon Spider IV: Calls spider to fight.

Summon Wyvern: This spell summons 1 Wyvern to temporarily assist you in battle.

Tyranny of Movement: For when you want people to be tyrannous with movement!

Unlucky Backlash: You cause the bad karma of others to manifest as destructive pulses of energy. Extra effective if they fumble against you.

Vibration Tremor: You cause a vibration which shatters the floor, and deal damage on creatures standing on it.

Wild Teleport: It's teleport early, but with no control over your destination.

Witch's Broom: Create a flying broom for easy transportation.

5th-Level Bard Spells

Bolster Spirit, Greater: Yet more bravery and morale surges through you, carrying faster you towards victory in battle.

Chaos Spinner: Entrap targets in spinning warped space, causing them to be forcefully moved, sickened, nauseated, or confused.

Cure Extended Wounds: Cures 5d8 damage +1/level (max +25).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Defuse Hostilities: Peace out, dude.

Dyfen's Mind Extraction: You extract memories out of your victim.

Glorious Vision: Create the image of your god to break morale into enemies and reinforce your allies.

Greater Accelerate Time: A much more powerful version of haste, but limited to a single creature and one round.

Greater Clairaudience/Clairvoyance: An improved version of Clairaudience/Clairvoyance.

Greater Crushing Despair: A stronger version of crushing despair, which completely crush the heart of those afflicted.

Greater Gaseous Form: A faster gaseous form spell which can save you from death.

Greater Refresh Magic: The antithesis of greater dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Improved Dimension Door: Teleports you a short distance, and allows you to act immediately afterwards.

Insidious Domination: A slower acting, but much subtler Domination.

Lesser Healing Spirit: A mobile healing spirit for you and your allies that can also damage undead foes.

Mass Blindness: Blinds multiple creatures.

Mind Fog, Variant: A fog which eat away mental resistance.

Rave Pit: Summons a rave party mosh pit, rendering your opponents unable to escape. If they even want to.

Shenanigans: Evade rules, law and control! Free from all spells that attempt to limit or find you.

Summon Self: You summon yourself, with all of the benefits and penalties of being a summoned creature.

Summon Spider V: Calls spider to fight.

Symbol of Fascination:

Sympathetic Vibration: A super-awesome sonic effect capable of leveling buildings.

Vibration Bolt: You fire a bolt of vibration that goes through most gas, liquid and solid.

War Song, Revised: You become part of the flow and rhythm of the world... then absorb the energy of creativity to become rock god of war!

Wind Shield: Protect yourself with high-speed winds that can catch and return any direct assault.

6th-Level Bard Spells

Alestorm: Throw down the sky an hell of a party.

Break Morale: The target takes as many daunt levels as their HD.

Cure Massive Wounds: Cures 6d8 damage +1/level (max +30).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Cursed One: The target is struck with a terrible streak of bad luck that will never end.

Dimension Pathway: Lesser teleportation circle, with the range of dimension door.

Encroaching Doubt: Every round the target gains another daunt level.

Engraving of Planar Touchstone: You enchant a mundane item with the power of a Planar Touchstone.

Fatal Geas: Target must complete geas or die, but is under no other compulsion.

Forgiveness: It looks like flaying all his family members alive wasn't so bad after all.

Greater Glibness: More powerful glibness

Haste, Greater:

Healing Spirit: A slightly improved mobile healing spirit for you and your allies that can also damage undead foes.

Oblivion: You cause the target to lose it ability to perceive the world and cease thinking.

Oversensitive: You become overly sensitive to everything, causing you to seize up as you are overwhelmed.

Rithaniel's Extraplanar Homestead: Creates an entirely customizable plane of existance.

Schadenfreude: You enjoy the sufferings of others so much, it has a positive effect on you.

Shards of Winter, Greater: Shards of ice pierce an area

Sky Horns: Invoke the aid of angels to your side, comforting your good allies and wreaking havoc between evil creatures.

Spelling Sabotage: Target's spells go awry in a humorous and rarely useful fashion. Only those with godlike intelligence will have even a faint hope of casting their spells properly.

Summon Dragon: You summon an ill-tempered adult red dragon.

Summon Spider VI: Calls spider to fight.

Transfixing Object: Enchant an object which transfixes attention on all who pass by it.

Transmute Stone to Delicacy: Convert cold, unforgiving stone into delicious delicious food.

True Daylight: Call forth true daylight

Wall of Ironize: The targeted object cannot be sold or used as crafting ingredients.

7th-Level Bard Spells

Cure Surgical Wounds: Cures 7d8 damage +1/level (max +35).

Greater Magic Saturation: You fill the world with magic, and everybody can cast spells now.

Summon Opponent: You summon your target to do your bidding.

8th-Level Bard Spells

Cure Fatal Wounds: Cures 8d8 damage +1/level (max +40).

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