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This page contains the homebrew class invocation list for the Warlock class.

Warlock Invocations

Least Warlock Invocations

All-Seeing Eyes, Balmz: See things around you better

Bane of Balance: Knock a foe off-balance with your eldritch blast (or ki volley or wind bullet), uncentering him and imposing a −2 competence penalty to Balance and Tumble checks until the condition is cleared.

Beguiling Influence, Revised: A revised version of Beguiling Influence which isn't just numbers.

Blear: Become hard to see and attack

Charged Shot: Charge up your laser for increased damage.

Cloak of the Abyss: Surround yourself in smoke that can obscure, hide, or burn as you command

Dance of the Fireflies: Summon sparkling living lights that illuminate and dazzle targets, create light, briefly blind, or expend themselves all in a single bright flash.

Dark Arcana: You invoke this ability to become adept at all things magical.

Dark Crafting: You gain a bonus on all craft checks and may craft much faster.

Dark Elocution: Make yourself understood by and understand another intelligent creature.

Dark Minion: You gain a skeletal minion who obey your every whims.

Dark Spiral Aura: You've learned to create and manipulate orbs of life essence.

Deceptive Shadow: Disguise yourself as a shadowy creature, and blend into the darkness.

Demon Howl: With an inhuman howl you shove away nearby creatures away from you.

Eldritch Claws: You grow claws that can deliver your eldritch blast as a melee attack.

Eldritch Flurry: Make a full attack with your eldritch blast, fire bolt, or wind bullet.

Eldritch Grenade: Your eldritch blast explode outward, dealing splash damage to all creature adjacent to the target.

Eldritch Shield: Your blast's energy can instead form a glowing shield around your body.

Eldritch Shove: Make a touch attack in melee with your eldritch blast, and bull rush them away.

Eldritch Spray: Release a flamethrower-like spray of eldritch energy that lasts for 1 round.

Eldritch Summon: You use your dark magic to summon minions to aid you mid battle.

Emotional Crisis: Your target out to 60 ft suddenly stops what they are doing as they question what they even want in life.

Encyclopedia Maleficiorum: "Evil will always triumph, because Good is dumb."

Fell Archery: Blast is carried on your ranged weapon, striking in addition to it.

Force Blast: The eldritch blast is considered for all purposes to be a force effect.

Frightful Blast, Revised: Improved version of the standard Frightful Blast.

Gloom Missile: Fire magic missiles that leave the targets illuminated.

Hammer Blast, Revised: Hit objects and certain creatures harder

Hellfire Breath: Upon casting this Invocation you gain a powerful breath weapon, replicating the effect of flame breath except it last 24 hours.

Hexing Blast: Your eldritch blast curses your target, allowing you to inflict several small sorrows upon them.

Hideous Blow, Revised: Improved version of standard Hideous Blow

Ignitable Spirit: Gain Fire Resistance

Inborn Own Luck: Improve your saves with your charisma

Infernus's Care: You gain resistance to fire and heat, any fire damage actually dealt to you in nonlethal damage.

Injection Blast: Your eldritch blast turns into a solid needle used to inject poisons or potions.

Insidious Impulsion: With a few words you cause a creature to obey you on an impulse.

Invoke Nightmare: With a burst of unholy flame a clearly demonic horse arises from the pit to serve you.

Killing Flames: The flame of agony you inflict leaves your target's soul chained to your bidding.

Kooky Tendrils: Stop and entangle foes with tendrils

Leaps and Bounds, Balmz: Increase tumble, jump and balance

Leaps and Bounds, Revised: You are capable of extreme jumping capacities, allowing you to make impossible leaps.

Miasmic Cloud, Balmz: Better version of miasmic cloud

Miniature Eldritch Bombs: Set up a number of delayed explosions with your eldritch blast

Phantom Blast: Your eldritch blast can travel through walls and attack ghosts.

Physical Blast: Your eldritch blast becomes a physical substance, ignoring spell resistance but now being subject to damage reduction.

Precise Blast: No penalty for blasting into melee.

Precise Senses: You invoke this ability to become adept at perception.

Prismatic Energy: Turn your eldritch blast into a prismatic blast. The element is random, but it has special effects on a critical hit.

Recreant Blast: Cause fear on foes

Scatter Rain: You fire your eldritch blast into the air. A round later it comes splashing down in a wide area.

Sealing Blast: Instead of killing a target, your eldritch blast can seal them away in a time-locked crystal.

See the Unseen, Balmz: See Though hidden things

Serpent's Power: Call on serpents to gain their power

Shape Lightforce: You can shape lightforce with your whims, allowing you to create small objects made of solid light.

Slipskin: Disguise Self, but only for other seen creatures

Sortilege: The warlock form of prestidigitation and more

Spider Weave: Fire webs out of your wrists, thwippt!

Spidersilk Blast: Your eldritch blast becomes sticky web-like threads which you can manipulate after firing.

Spiritual Slave: A barely visible shadowy spirit is called to your aid.

Splitter Blast: Split your eldritch blast into multiple beams. Gain a small boost in damage as you grow in power.

Stygian Rime: Release freezing ice slicks, snow, or grant yourself icewalking.

Subdual Strike: Gray blast does subdual damage instead of lethal.

Summon Phantasmal Feeders: Summon one to five phantasmal feeders which slowly but surely drain away your opponent's health.

Turbulent Blast: Your eldritch blast invokes penalties upon your opponent from chaotic energy tumbling over them.

Unctuosity: Warlock form of grease

Unholy Healing: You grant fast healing to the target, with some limitations.

Vampiric Embrace: You can siphon life from your target.

Vile Toughness: The durability of your dark ancestors flows within you.

Vulnerable Blast: Your eldritch blast weakens the bodies of others, causing them to take more damage from other effects.

Warlock's Curse: Curse your foes, much like a Hexblade, but better.

Winged Flight: This invocation grant the ability to glide and fall slowly, eventually also grant limited flight. Become more powerful when paired with fell flight.

Witching Light: The warlock create a bright gloomy light, which enthrall and hypnotize those who see it to her will.. and scare those who resist.

YinYang Blast: Your eldritch blast can deal either positive or negative energy damage.

Lesser Warlock Invocations

Armory Of Darkest Shadow: Your previous knowledge of manipulating darkness allows you to shape shadow into armor, weapons and other combat effects.

Baleform Curse: A typical trick of witches and warlocks, you turn a poor innocent bystander into a frog or something.

Baleful Wind: Blow enemies away, and sap their Dexterity while you're at it.

Beshadowed Blast, Balmz: Blind foes with your blast

Binding Blast: Your eldritch blast or wind bullet prevents creatures from teleporting away.

Blackbolt Blast: Your eldritch blast deals electricity damage, and may disrupt others' actions from minor paralysis.

Blades Of Vanquished Armies: Conjures a whirling field of blades for both offense and defense.

Bonemelting Blast: Turn you eldritch blast in a terrible acid blast which melt armor plate, skin, bone and pretty much everything.

Brimstone Blast, Balmz: Burn those foes and cauterize them to prevent healing

Buff Lockdown: Stop enemies from benefiting from buff spells.

Call Upon the Bloodline: You call upon the power of your bloodline, granting you fantastic power.

Constraining Blast: Afflicts 1d4 Spellstrained (3.5e Condition) levels

Critical Blast: Range of critical hit increases by two steps

Dark Medium: You've been granted power to communicate with the other side. Use it wisely.

Dark Possession: Possess the body of a weak creature.

Deathless Blast: Turn your eldritch blast into an essentially 'nonlethal' attack.

Eldritch Cannonball: You turn your eldritch blast into a normal attack but deal more damage and knock your opponent away.

Eldritch Capture: You use your eldritch power to grapple a creature from afar and keep it pinned.

Eldritch Circle: Blast hits everything that is a certain specified distance away from you.

Eldritch Drifter: Your eldritch blast becomes a slow drifting sphere of destruction. Fill the battlefield with them!

Eldritch Escape: Teleport a short distance, dealing area damage both where you teleported from and where you land.

Eldritch Eye: Blast emanates from eye acting as stilled metamagic.

Eldritch Needles: Make an eldritch blast into a literal storm of eldritch needles, essentially impossible to avoid.

Eldritch Reflector: Your eldritch blast bounces off objects, and can be reflected by yourself or those wielding magic weapons.

Eldritch Retort: Retain floating eldritch orbs which fire into eldritch blasts when you are attacked.

Eldritch Serpent: Create an eldritch blast construct which attacks for you, but you can't use your eldritch blast while it's present.

Eldritch Steed: Turn your eldritch blast into a mount which fires eldritch blasts.

Elemental Blast: Energy Blasts; As Psionic "Energy Ray"

Enticing Command: You can force your lesser to do as you ask, charmed creatures are much more susceptible.

Entropic Blast: Your Eldritch Blast is infused with the deterioration-inducing power of time.

Essence Blast: Chance your Eldritch Blast to deal Essence damage.

Exploding Blast: Your basic invocating projectile becomes a fireball in all but name.

Explosive Blast: Your eldritch blast blows up, knocking down enemies and dealing two types of damage.

Exsiccating Blast: Dry out your foes with your eldritch blast

Hellrime Blast: Chill your foes with otherworldly cold

Ice Slider: Gain the effect of air walk that leaves a temporary ice path in your wake.

Imitate Spellcasting: Your invocation can duplicate the effect of low-level spells with some limitations.

Knockdown Blast: You fire the eldritch lasers that knock people down!

Lightforce Armor: You create an armor of lightforce, protecting you from harms.

Lightforce Blast: Reshape your eldritch blast into a very.... creative shape.

Mental Probe: Using this invocation you can alter memories of a touched creature.

Miniature Blast: Negate most firing penalties.

Missing Shadow: Animate your shadow and have it go on an adventure without you.

Oblative Surge: A rare eldritch blast which heals with positive energy, at the expense of yourself.

Pathosis Blast: Spread disease with your blast

Power of Emotions: You can use the lightforce to manipulate the emotions of others.

Projection of Power: This invocation comes in two forms; the first providing short range communication to any creature within line of sight as if you were next to them, and the latter acting more like scrying and sending.

Pumpkin Head: Your head is now an pumpkin, most people consider it scary.

Pyroclastic Blast: Your eldritch blast deals fire damage, and may produce clouds of choking smoke.

Reckless Eldritch Charge: Charge and blast everyone with your eldritch blast

Shadow Puppet: You duplicate yourself with a shadowy copy that appears adjacent to you, allowing to act remotely.

Speculum: Play tricks on your foes with fake images

Spellbound Transformation: You have an alternate form you can switch between.

Spider Sense: You gain a spider's reflexes and evasion.

Stygian Frost Blast: Your eldritch blast deals cold damage, and may render the target immobilized.

T-Blast: Fire a line of energy, and make it split into a T-shape. Sometimes, multiple times.

Venomous Blast: Your eldritch blast deals poison damage, and can reduce constitution, or other effects.

Volcanic Resilience: Survive in the elemental planes of Earth and Fire.

Wind Blast: Launch your enemy backwards with your eldritch blast or wind bullet.

Greater Warlock Invocations

Abjure Magic: You can use your own baleful power to dispel magical effects and make a barrier of dispelling energy for a time.

Banishing Blast: Your eldritch blast can banish outsiders back to their home plane, and punish those who refuse to leave.

Blast of Defeat: Target cowers prone for a round.

Blastbind: You can bind a single-target spell into your Blast, affecting victims of your blast with the spell in addition to your blast.

Breath of Levistus: Your eldritch blast slows, stops, and freezes over targets.

Brimstone Scream: You set fire to the target's soul, and brimstone and sulfur pours out of their body.

Caliginosity: In darkness we protect

Cold Eye Gazer: Summon up to three "eyeballs" that emit beams of cold that slow opponents.

Comburent Brume: Use fiery clouds on foes

Delayed Blast Mine: You launch your eldritch blast but only deal half damage, yet leave a glowing mine which explodes later for massive damage.

Discomfit Appearance: Your appearance is confusing to foes

Dolor Counter: When you suffer your foe suffers

Dreadful Wind: Blast your enemies with a sustained wind that fills them with fear.

Dreadful Wind/Original Edition: Blast your enemies with a sustained wind that fills them with fear.

Efficacious Blast: Hurt your foes with positive energy, this is not a nice healing effect.

Elder Webway: Connect to points in space and teleport or plane shift between them. Alternatively, use it to make a magical trap instead.

Eldritch Claws, Greater: You grow claws that can deliver your eldritch blast as a melee attack, plus additional attacks from a high BAB.

Eldritch Eruption: You cast earth power, except it has the properties of your basic invocating projectile.

Eldritch Rigor: You are always under the effect of adapt body and gain fast healing 2.

Eldritch Spikes: Cover yourself in spikes which deal your eldritch blast damage, or dismiss them to cause them to explode!

Eldritch Stream: Fire a continuous beam of energy. You can sweep it in an area, and the damage increases the more you focus upon it.

Eldritch Web: Generate a web of energy which slows movement and damages those inside.

Enrapture Minions: With a flourish of terrifying evil power, you bend other evil creatures to your will.

Evasive Spirit: Grant Evasion or Mettle

Evasive Swarm: While under the effects of evasive swarm, you can dodge out of the way of attacks as an immediate action.

Goodbye Limbs: Strip an opponent of their limbs.

Haunted Telekinesis: This invocation behave as telekinesis, except that it can do stuff on it own.

Infernal Labyrinth: The victim is trapped in a hellish maze of great suffering.

Inner Demons: You bind a demon, devil, or fey to your body which grants you fantastic power and protects you from death... for a while.

Lightforce Coil: Create a coil of solid light, immobilizing a creature in place.

Lightforce Incarnation: Create any objects with lightforce or even create creatures to fight for you.

Maggot Ravage: Attack foes with maggots

Mephitis Adumbrate: Warlock version of cloudkill

Mindrending Blast: Use your eldritch blast to drive your enemies mad.

Move Undetected: Be unseeable and muffled

Painful Slumber: Force a unending sleep

Peerless Eldritch Charge: Move and attack with your Eldritch blast at the same time

Personal Transformation: Turn yourself into another creature as per Polymorph Self, Tome

Power of the Wild: The warlock call upon her heritage to command lesser creatures.

Prismatic Blast: Your eldritch blast is all colors of the rainbow, and deals random effects.

Ritual of the Three Circles: Either travel to the lower plane summon a number of weak fiendish creature or summon a particular fiend.

Sentinel Blast: Your eldritch blast sticks around to threaten those it strikes.

Shaping Blast: Your eldritch blast can destroy, repair, or mold terrain, objects, and constructs.

Shun the Weak: Your aura is so overwhelming, weaklings cannot even stand in your presence.

Sloughskin Blast: Your eldritch blast softens the skin and reduces natural armor. It can even curse the creature with an aboleth-like need to remain moist.

Soulbind Eldritch Horror: Summon a phantom eldritch monster which aids you in battle.

Soulbind Hellfire Devil: Summon a phantom devil spirit which aids you in battle.

Soulbind Pale Haunt: Summon a phantom undead spirit which aids you in battle.

Soulbind Phantom Wyrm: Summon a draconic spirit which aids you in battle.

Soulbind Wild Spirit: Summon a phantom fey spirit which aids you in battle.

Spelldraining Blast: Your eldritch blast weakens the effect of magic on a target.

Spooky Face: You can make your face really really spooky, or really really ugly.

Subconscious Blast: Your eldritch blast targets the subconscious mind of your targets.

Susceptible Strike: Gives creatures Susceptible Condition

Unearthly Shape: Turn into a combat creature

Vampiric Blast: Use your blasts to heal yourself while hurting your foes.

Dark Warlock Invocations

Baleful Transformation: Turns a creature into a object. Very difficult to reverse.

Binding Blast, Balmz: Stop your foes in their tracks

Corrosive Blast: Creature takes damage on next turn.

Create Witchstone: You imbue a foci with power over youth and life. As long as you wear it, it will keep you eternally unaging and even save you should you be at risk of being killed.

Deathmark Blast: Apply cursed marks on your foes which you expend to damage, hinder, or even kill.

Eldritch Doom: Attack enemies around you with your blast

Eldritch Riverflow: Convert your eldritch blast (or fire bolt, wind bullet, sand blast, or paint shot) into a stream of energy that flows down hills like a river.

Eldritch Star: Create a blazing eldritch star to utterly annihilate your foes.

Empyrean Incarnation: Your soul leave your mortal body allowing you to roam around as a ghost.

Enslave Soul: You dominate a target for a short period of time.

Eyes of Horus: You create three floating eyes of lightforce, each capable of using invocations and firing eldritch blast at your command.

Fiendmarked: Force a creature to host a fiendish spirit, which toys with them and makes hell around them.

Heart Asunder: An invocation that tears the heart both figuratively and literally.

Lapidify: Turn the target to stone

Lightning of the Abyss: The lightnings of the abyss carry you physically around the battlefield.

Maleficent Curse: Throw a powerful curse one someone with this nasty invocation.

Mindwipe: This invocation allow you to alter subject memory, possibly causing mental damage in the process.

Mystic Bane: Stop magic effects on a target

Nanyth Surge: You enhance your blast with nano-sized constructs made of eldritch energy, destroying your foes utterly.

Obliterating Blast: Your eldritch blast deals vile damage, and disintegrates all it touches.

Omega Blast: This blast shape turn your eldritch blast into an inter-dimensional homing missile.

Phoenix Blast: Your eldritch blast heals damage instead of causing harm.

Realm of Shifting Frost: Create structures and redefine the terrain as you see fit with constructions of ice and snow.

Repeating Blast: Your eldritch blast does damage again and again and again...

Soul Scorch: Burn your enemy's soul.

Spider Cocoon: Those hit by your eldritch blasts risk entanglement, cocooning, and death.

Stalwart Rondure: Enclose targets in a sphere

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