Improved Exotic Breath Weapon (3.5e Feat)

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Author: IGTN (talk)
Date Created: 27 Dec 2010
Status: First Draft
Editing: Mechanical changes on talk, please
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Improved Exotic Breath Weapon [Monstrous] Your breath weapon has the signature effects of dragons of your kindPrerequisites: Exotic Dragon, Character Level 6+Benefit: You gain a second breath weapon or your first breath weapon improves, as follows:

  • Death: You gain a second breath weapon that bestows negative levels. This bestows one negative level per three damage dice it would normally do. No save is allowed initially, but the fortitude save to remove them is against your normal breath DC. Undead hit by your breath weapon are subject to a Command Undead spell with your breath weapon's save DC.
  • Force: Your force breath telekinetically thrusts creatures that fail their saves away from you. You may make a free Bullrush attempt against every creature that fails its save. Use the same result on your check for all creatures.
  • Heart: You may breathe a cone of charm energy. Creatures caught in it must make a will save against your normal breath DC or be charmed for 24 hours.
  • Light: You breathe a cone of prismatic spray as your secondary breath weapon. Roll 1d8 to determine which colors affect each creature as normal. The effects are slightly different:
  1. Red: 1d4 Fire damage per three hit dice, reflex half
  2. Orange: 1d4 Acid damage per two hit dice, reflex half
  3. Yellow: 1d4 Electrical damage per hit die, reflex half
  4. Green: Poison (2d6 Con primary and secondary)
  5. Blue: Turned to Stone, fortitude negates, can retry save next round.
  6. Indigo: Confused for 5 rounds, Will negates
  7. Violet: Turned Ethereal for 5 rounds, Will negates
  8. Hit by two beams, roll again twice
  • Salt: Creatures that fail their saving throw against your breath weapon are exhausted until they drink twice as much water as they normally drink in a day.
  • Sonic: Creatures that fail their saving throw against your breath are deafened permanently and dazed for one round.

Unless otherwise noted, these breath weapons can be either cone or line shaped, but once chosen cannot be changed. Normal: Your breath weapon only does damage.

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