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[Monstrous] Feats[edit]

Monstrous feats are for non-humanoid characters.


Monstrous Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Abundant Spell-like Ability You gain two additional uses of a spell-like ability. Must possesses a spell-like ability, usable at least twice per day High
Adamantine Skin Increase DR/Adamantine and sunder weapons on contact. Inherent DR/Adamantine High
Adamantine Stomach Those you swallow won't be getting out. Con 15, Swallow Whole Moderate
Adaptive Energy Resistance When the creature takes enegy damage, its body changes to resist to that destructive energy. Must be corporeal, Must have an Energy Resistance Moderate
Alignment Heritage Gain an alignment subtype. 1st level only Very High
Amphibious Gain the Amphibious special quality. Air breathing creature with a swim speed or water breathing creature with a land speed. High
Anger Point Getting punched in the face makes you angry. More than it pisses most people off, that is. None Moderate
Antimagic Gaze Where you look, the magic disappears Must have eyes, Must able to see High
Arena Trap Radiate a dimensional anchor effect. Knowledge The Planes 10 ranks, caster level 1st Very High
Artificial Meldshaper Use Wisdom instead of Constitution to shape soulmelds Con -, Int 3, Construct Type Low
Augment Shielding Your shields become stronger than normal. Must have the shield special quality. High
Bad Moon Rising You are a creature of the night. It makes you more durable and puts you in a good mood. Shapechanger Subtype Moderate
Battle Armour People are lucky to even dent you. Rock Pokémon Traits, Steel Pokémon Traits, or Bug Pokémon Traits High
Breath Weapon Substitution Change what element your breath weapon produces. Breath Weapon which deals damage Moderate
Burst of Wrath When the creature takes a critical hit, it enters in a powerful wrath. Any non-Good alignment, Must have an Intelligence score, Must have a Constitution score, BAB +6 High
Clear Sky The surrounding weather around you is always calm. Knowledge Nature 6 ranks Moderate
Cursed Body Prevent creatures from using the same trick on you twice, and curse them if you drop. Undead type or Incorporeal subtype. High
Cute Charm Use cuteness as a special defence None High
Deathless Energy Drain Immunity You regain the immunity to Energy Drain from when you became a Redeemed Undead and gained the Deathless Subtype Redeemed Undead Moderate
Deep Breath You can take a deep breath to make a very destructive breath weapon Dragon Race, Breath Weapon, Character level 8+ Very High
Delta Stream The mysterious air current blows on regardless! [Air] subtype or Knowledge (nature) 6 ranks and speak Auran. High
Devastating Claws Claws attacks become more efficient. Must have a Claw attack, Str 15+, BAB +6 Moderate
Drizzle The surrounding weather around you is always raining. [Water] subtype or Knowledge Nature 6 ranks and Aquan language known High
Drought The surrounding weather around you is always dry and arid. [Earth] or [Fire] subtype, or Knowledge Nature 6 ranks and Ignan or Terran language known High
Dry Skin Recover hp when wet, or lose hp when dry. [Water] subtype. High
Drying Sandstorm Turn a simple earth creature to a deadly earth creature. (Earth) Subtype, 8 HD or more, Huge size or more, must have a Constitution Score High
Eerie Emanation Gain a spooky aura of undeath which invokes various effects. Undead type or Incorporeal Subtype High
Elemental Heritage Gain an elemental subtype. 1st level only Very High
Energy Bite Deal extra energy damage with your bite energy breath weapon, Bite attack or feral strike (bite) Moderate
Exotic Dragon You are not a usual kind of dragon, and have a weird breath weapon. Dragon Race Very High
Extra Supplemental Trait You are an even more specialized beast than your normal cousins. Mythic Beast Paragon level 2 High
Facial Lance You have a lance sticking out of your face. The sharp end is away from you, which works out pretty nicely. Beast Type or Celestial Type or Dragon Type High
Fey Pact You recognize the power that words freely said hold. Fey or Outsider Type Unquantifiable
Foghorn The fog is deep... [Air], [Cold], or [Water] subtype or Knowledge Nature 6 ranks and Auran language known High
Forced Regeneration You greatly empower you regeneration, allowing you to heal and regrow limbs instantly. Regeneration or Similar Ability High
Freezing Breeze Turn a simple cold creature to a deadly cold creature. (Cold) Subtype, 8 HD or more, Huge size or more, must have a Constitution Score High
Gorgonzola's Gaze Gaze attack that turns targets into cheese. Eyes, Not Blind High
Grafted Arsenal You gain inbuilt weapon inside your arms. Must be corporeal. Moderate
Greater Scent Your scent improves to be better blindsense, and a bit of blindsight. Scent ability, Improved Scent, Survival 9 ranks High
Greedy Leech Bite Recover more HP by biting a foe Must have a bite attack, Leech Bite, BAB +9 High
Gremlin Aura You have a strange aura of misfortune around you, which cause strange an unusual events. Fey Type Very High
HM Slave Gain a various array of utilitarian powers, None Moderate
Headbutt You have a big bony head, or perhaps tough antlers or curled horns, ideal for getting your face in other people's business. Beast Type or Dragon Type or Elemental Type or Fey Type or Fiend Type High
Hellfire Breath You can make your fire burn hotter than anything, but at a price breath weapon that deals fire damage, 9 HD High
Hellflare Breath You can supercharge your breath at the cost of your health. Must possess a breath weapon which deal damage. Very High
Horn Gore You're hornyhorned and bullish. Magical Beast Type or Dragon Type or Outsider (Evil) Type High
Human Shape You can change in a particular human from despite being a monster. Aberration, Dragon, Monstrous Humanoid or Outsider Type Moderate
Hydration While in water, you have your status effects washes away. [Water] subtype. Very High
Improve Breath Weapon Your breath weapon damage increases. Breath Weapon which deals damage, Con 15 Moderate
Improved Energy Bite Makes your elemental bite even stronger. Energy Bite, HD 10 High
Improved Exotic Breath Weapon Your breath weapon has the signature effects of dragons of your kind Exotic Dragon, Character Level 6+ Very High
Improved Flyby Attack Make a full attack along any part of your move while flying. fly speed, flyby attack, 9HD High
Improved Hellfire Breath You can make your fire burn hotter than anything, but at a price hellfire breath, 12 HD High
Improved Ink Sac Improved capacity and ability for the ink sac graft. A natural or grafted ink sac Moderate
Improved Magma Blood Your blood boil so hot that you no longer fear cold, your flames also burn hotter. Magma Blood High
Improved Rapid Natural Attack Give natural weapons a full set of iterative attacks. BAB +11, at least one natural weapon, Rapid Natural Attack. Moderate
Improved Scent Your scent improves to become more like blindsense. Scent ability, Survival 4 ranks High
Increase Size You grow one size category larger. 5 HD, Construct Type, Giant Type, Magical Beast Type or Outsider Type Very High
Jagged Edge Gain a rough skin or spines which deal damage to those attacking or grappling you. Con 15, +1 of natural armor or greater Moderate
Leech Bite Bite a foe, heal your wounds Must have a bite attack, BAB +6 High
Level Adjustment Adjustment Must have a Level Adjustment. High
Levitate Gain a hover speed. [Air] subtype, or knowing at least one [Air] spell Moderate
Lightning Rod You attract and absorb electricity Inherent resistance to electricity 10 or more Very High
Liquid Ooze Vampiric effects harm the attacker instead of healing them, and might apply a poison to them if you possess one. Poison Use or possess a natural poison special attack. Moderate
Magma Blood Ignore side effects of certain cold effects, and deal fire damage to attackers. [Fire] subtype. Moderate
Many Eyes Gain all around vision with all its benefits None High
Medusa's Eye You gain the power to partly petrify your opponents. Exposure to a flesh to stone spell. High
Monstrous Training You gain class level benefits from racial hit dice. must have two or more Racial Hit Dice., 1st Level Only Unquantifiable
Muscle Memory Your body can move on its own when you're otherwise unable. Con 15 or Regeneration or Undead type Low
Painful Energy Charge A creatures's Energy Charge ability can now harm the living and the undead. Energy Charge Moderate
Phantom Trespass you can drift through objects larger than you with ghostly ease incorporeal subtype High
Poison Point Just attacking you is enough to poison others. Con 13 Very High
Preferred Humanoid Shape You can shape change into a single humanoid form chosen when this feat is taken. 1st Level Only, Aberration, Dragon, Giant, Magical Beast or Outsider Type Moderate
Prehensile Tail You gain a prehensile tail. None Moderate
Pressure Your spiritual presence wears people down faster than normal, expending their resources at an accelerated rate. Cha 13 Unquantifiable
Project Breath Weapon You can turn you breath weapon into a fireball. Must possess a breath weapon High
Pushing Breath Weapon Your breath weapon push away those who fail to resist it. Must possess a breath weapon High
Quadrupedal Make a creature quadrupedal Must not already have four legs or more High
Quaking Terror Some monsters use their raw strength and charismatic power to deal with threats against them. Frightful Presence, Str 25, Cha 25, Gargantuan size or more, Must be corporeal, Must be quadruped (or more) High
Rage Point When you get hit you get really really angry. Anger Point High
Rapid Natural Attack Give natural weapons iterative attacks. BAB +6, at least one natural weapon. Moderate
Remote Limbs You can control your limbs if they have been lopped off, and put them on again. Regeneration or Undead Type Unquantifiable
Reverse Breath Weapon Your breath weapon drag creatures toward you., straight into your jaw. Must possess a breath weapon High
Rock Head Your head is very hard Con 13, Endurance or Great Fortitude High
Sandstream The surrounding weather around you is always in a sandstorm. [Earth] or [Air] subtype, or Knowledge Nature 9 ranks and Auran or Terran language known Very High
Scalable Growth Grow and grow again, becoming tougher and stronger. Str 21+, Con 21+, Int 17+, Maximized Growth, Toughness High
Scaling Breath Weapon Your breath weapon now scales with your HD Breath weapon which deals damage, 9 HD Moderate
Scaling Breath Weapon, Greater Your breath weapon dice now equal your HD scaling breath weapon, 15 HD High
Scaling Dragon Breath This feat greatly improve upon your breath weapon. None Very High
Scorching Fog Turn a simple fire creature to a deadly fire creature. (Fire) Subtype, Huge size or more, must have a Constitution Score, 8 HD or more High
Secondary Arms Your secondary arms are as powerful as your primary, and can do everything they can. A second pair of arms, which is weaker than your primary arms in function., such as the Qua-Vel High
Shapechanger's Cohesion Fall asleep, become goo. Shapechanger Subtype Low
Shapechanger's Rejuvenation Concentrate for a minute to start slowly healing. Shapechanger Subtype, Constitution 15 High
Sharky Be part shark. Get shark powers. Corporeal High
Sharky, Improved Be part shark. Get improved shark powers. Corporeal, Sharky High
Shoop da Whoop Your breath weapon cone becomes a line. You can charge it up to deal extra damage and push opponents back. A breath weapon. High
Shrug it Off Endurance, Die Hard Very High
Skin of the Aurora Veil Inflict a sudden and violent counterattack to the casters who attempt to damage the creature by spell. Dragon Type, Elemental Type, OR Magical Beast Type, Con 25, +10 or more natural armor bonus to AC, Able to cast at least one spell or spell-like ability. High
Snatch, Variant You are able to snatch an opponent with your natural attack, which open unique grappling option. Large Size or Larger or Improved Grapple High
Sniper Breath Weapon Your breath weapon becomes a very long distance ray. Breath Weapon, Con 13, Spot 6 ranks Moderate
Spell Devour Turn a Spell Immunity to a constant spell devouring ability Spell Immunity, 12 HD or more High
Sphere Focus You can draw on the power of a specific Sphere more easily. Access to at least one Sphere Moderate
Spiritual Arsenal You are able to manifest a weapon instead of your slam attacks. Must be a spiritualist's phantom None Assigned
Sticky Breath Weapon Your breath weapon stick to creature and immobilize them. Must possess a breath weapon High
Stinging Charge When you charge or dive you make a deadly sting attack. Must possess a sting attack. High
Superior Scent Your scent improves to the point you can smell text. Scent ability, Improved Scent, Greater Scent, Survival 15 ranks High
Toxic Corrosion Your poison can eat through dead flesh, wood and even metal. This allows it to affect creatures normally immune to poison. Poison Use or possess a natural poison special attack. High
Vital Spirit You never sleep. Like an elf. None Moderate
Walking Winter You constantly bring hail, snow and cold winds. You don't get invited to beach parties. [Cold] subtype, or Knowledge Nature 6 ranks and Aquan or Auran language known High
Wartrained Companion A feat for animal companions, special mounts, etc. They share proficiencies with their master. Must be an animal companion, special mount, or similar creature Moderate
Weapon Breakage Your skin becomes harder than weapons, and this incredible defense can breaks them. Have a natural armor bonus to AC of +5 or more High
Wing Block use your wings as a shield against physical attacks while on the ground 6HD or greater, medium size or larger, wings, natural armor bonus of +3 or greater Moderate
Wraith Sight See invisible and ethereal creatures while invisible in your darkvision range. Darkvision High

Scaling Monstrous Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Chainsaw Fiend Take one feat. Be lots of chainsaws. Get lots of chainsaw powers. None Very High
Constricting Tail You have a serpentine tail that allows you to squeeze the life from your enemies. None High
Extra Arms, Red Rob Version You have more arms than is normal for your race. None Very High
Natural Weaponry As your body grows, all of your Natural Weapons gain power along with it. None Very High
Shapechanger's Rejuvenation, Scaling Gain out-of-combat HP regeneration at low HD and Fast Healing at higher HD. Shapechanger Subtype, Constitution 15 Very High
Sharky, Scaling Take one feat. Be lots of shark. Get lots of shark powers. Corporeal Very High
Spines of Fury, Red Rob Version Barbed spines cover your body. None Very High

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SummaryMonstrous feats are for non-humanoid characters. +