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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 8-5-11
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Symbol: An orange sphere on a black void
Home Plane: Moon of Noosphere (Material Plane)
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Curiousity, Exploration, Fecundity, Knowledge, and the Noo species
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: Acid, Devouring, Community, Knowledge, Ooze, Travel
Favored Weapon: Natural Weapons

Global sapient ooze drifting through space, it is the central body of the Noo species and the overmind which they are all bound to.


On a distant moon orbiting a gas giant in the deepest depths of space, an ooze of fantastic viability grew. Intelligent and curious, it grew and expanded until it dominated the planet, indeed becoming as much of a part of the landscape as the trees, the ocean, the rocks themselves. Finding itself alone of anything sapient beside itself and having covered the planet its senses turned skyward to the depths of space. From there it set about to engineer its own buds to escape its form, fly into the darkness above, and seek out new life, new planets, no civilizations to meet, discover, and occationally devour and dominate. Through its children, Noo can see the universe and know it is not truely alone.


The original ooze which dominated the moon of Noosphere is fantastically old, having grown from a single creature which shared its mind with all other copies of itself and now is a single being embedded within the landscape, the oceans, the rocks and trees as a ever-present mat of gel and fur. Other animals and plants grow on and feed on and inside it, though they provide no more discomfort than the biosphere of bacteria contained within the human body. With its ancient presence, powerful mind, and ever-expanding bubble of knowledge it has earned divine rank through sheer age and power. It appears typically as an orange gel or furry mat which seems to fuse with rock and stone as easily as one swims through water. As a genius loci it much resembles, it is capable to transforming parts of itself for the purposes of interaction with others.

Its main form is seen in the Noo species, buds of Noo which are flung into space by the functional equivallent of organic mass drivers or cannons. The noo all continue themselves one being, that of Noo, though they recognize others may see themselves as individuals of Noosphere and its will.


Noosphere's ultimate quest is knowledge, especially in the exploration of the world and its people. It loves company and the interaction of other sapient beings, and so it attempts to befriend all. However it is also interested in growth and the perpetuation of its being, especially since it is aware that one day its sun will die. Noosphere will live on if its memories exist everywhere as a backup, and so eventually all planets which Noo will eventually be compelled to create another Noosphere to act at the body of the deific mind.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Few non-Noo worship Noosphere, and Noo which do see it less as worship and more as the ability to draw energy and skill from the rest of their being. Still, non-Noo are capable of worship and often praise it as a non-sinister alternative to Jubileex, the Demon of Ooze. Noosphere itself seems to care very little, granting spells when requested and not being picky of alignment so long as it furthers its goals of either exploring, making allies, or taking over the world's biosphere.

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AlignmentTrue Neutral +
Allowed AlignmentsAny +
AuthorEiji-kun +
DomainAcid +, Devouring +, Community +, Knowledge +, Ooze + and Travel +
Favored WeaponNatural Weapons +
Home PlaneMoon of Noosphere (Material Plane) +
Identifier3.5e Deity +
PortfolioCuriousity, Exploration, Fecundity, Knowledge, and the Noo species +
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SummaryGlobal sapient ooze drifting through space, it is the central body of the Noo species and the overmind which they are all bound to. +
SymbolAn orange sphere on a black void +
TitleNoosphere +
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