Steel And Spell Style (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 12/6/2016
Status: Complete; Open to suggestions
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Steel And Spell Style [Fighter] Hit people with magic, like Duskblade and Pathfinder's Magus.Prerequisites: Spellcraft 4 ranks, Combat Casting Benefits: This is a combat feat that scales with your Base Attack Bonus.

  • +0: You gain the effects of the Somatic Weaponry feat. Furthermore, you may cast any spell that affects only a single target other than yourself (such as Acid Arrow or Hold Person, but not Magic Missile or Shield) as a Touch spell instead.
  • +1: Arcane Channeling: When you cast a Touch spell, instead of making the normal free melee touch attack granted by the spell, you can make a single standard attack with a weapon you have in-hand (As part of the action of casting the spell), which is resolved as a normal attack instead of a touch attack. If the attack hits, you deal weapon damage in addition to the effects of the spell; If your spell has an Enhancement bonus, then the save DC of the spell attached to the attack is increased by an equal amount. If the attack misses, but still hits the target's Touch AC, the target is affected by the spell normally, but doesn't deal weapon damage, nor is the DC affected by the magic of the weapon. If you miss with a ranged weapon, the touch spell is wasted whether the ammunition is destroyed or not. Finally, when you use this ability, your weapon overcomes damage reduction as if it were magic.
  • +6: Arcane Combat: When you make a full attack with a weapon and you have at least one hand free (You're treated as having a hand free when you're using a longbow, shortbow, or sling, even though you don't actually have a hand free), you may cast any spell with a casting time of a standard action or less as a free action; But in doing so, you take a -2 penalty on attack rolls until the start of your next turn. You may cast the spell and then attack, or attack and then cast the spell, but you cannot cast the spell in between attacks. If your weapon has an enhancement bonus, you may add the weapon's enhancement bonus to any rolls made to overcome spell resistance against targets you've damaged with the weapon (So if you used this ability to make a full attack, using a +3 weapon, against a creature with spell resistance, at you hit it at least once and dealt damage to it - I.e., at least one point of damage overcame the creature's DR, for instance - And then cast Hold Monster on the creature, you would gain a +3 bonus on your roll to overcome its SR). This bonus ends at the start of your next turn; So you can't merely make a full attack one round, then cast a spell the next and still gain the bonus.
  • +11: Improved Arcane Channeling: As Arcane Channeling, but you may use it as a full attack (Casting the spell as part of the full attack action), even with touch spells that normally only allow one attack. You do so by using Arcane Combat to cast the spell (You don't incur the penalty on attack rolls, but you do add your weapon's EB to the roll to overcome SR if applicable) before making your attacks, then channeling the spell into the rest of your attacks. However, unless the spell provides multiple touch attacks (Like Chill Touch), then the spell ends immediately at the end of your turn. The spell affects extra attacks, such as attacks gained from Haste, Flurry abilities, Rapid Shot, the Cleave feat or the Sweeping Strike ability, but doesn't affect attacks made outside your turn (Such as attacks of opportunity). This cannot be used with thrown weapons (But normal Arcane Channeling works just fine with thrown weapons) because the thrown weapon leaves your hand and can't be attacked with again without retrieving it; Projectile weapons, however, hold the charge and apply the effect to their ammunition.
  • +16: Arcane Critical: Upon scoring a successful critical hit against a creature, you may immediately cast a single spell you know (If you're a spontaneous caster, you can't apply non-Sudden metamagic to the spell) with a casting time of one standard action or less. The spell must have the target against which you scored the critical hit as one of its targets and/or include the target in its area of effect.

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