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These tables list all scaling 3.5e feats on the wiki. Scaling feats grant multiple benefits based on some aspect of a character (skill ranks, hit dice, base attack bonus, etc.), and are sometimes used to replace an entire feat chain. As a result, they are often more powerful than their standalone counterparts (which can be found at 3.5e Feats).

You may also view this page in category format if you wish. If you are looking for feats of a specific type, you may be interested in our glossary.

Scaling Feats[edit]

Name Type Description Prerequisites Article Balance
5-Seconds Cooking Skill The steak, the grain and the egg are in... now where did I put the carton of milk? None Moderate
ATRuns Extra Features Racial Gain additional ATRuns Model Features. ATRuns High
Abyssalcry Magic Spellcasting Infuse your magic words with the raw power of demons Ability to cast spells, ability to speak abyssal Very High
Acolyte of the Skin Skill Having found the skin of some strange creature, you have been able to bind yourself to the skin's original occupant, calling them forth in times of need. None Moderate
Acquirer's Eye Skill You know what you want, even if other people have it right now. None High
Acrobatic Skill You can totally flip out and kill someone with your gymnastic prowess. None High
Advanced Dark Companion, Scaling General Your dark companion becomes stronger and stronger. 5 HD, must have a dark companion. High
Advanced Familiar General Your normal familiar gets improved benefits. Must possess a base familiar (not an Improved Familiar). High
Aegis of Health, Tome Combat As long as you have not been brought low, you find yourself able to overcome even the worst effects thrown at you. None Very High
Airship Pilot Skill You are great at piloting an airship, whether you simply serve as pilot or have a ship of your own. None Moderate
Alchemical Experimentation Skill You brew strange serums and use yourself as a test subject, either in the cause of Science or for darker ends. None High
Alertness Skill Your ears are so sharp you probably wouldn't miss your eyes. None Very High
All Terrain Wheels General A feat for King of Racers that allows your astral car to travel over rough terrain, up walls, and across water. Astral Car class feature High
Amazing Magical Hair General You gain prehensile hair like a whip, it can even manipulate objects at range. 1st level only Very High
Ancestral Bloodline Racial You have powerful blood flowing in in your veins. 1st level only Very High
Angelic Appearance Celestial, Combat Your celestial heritage transforms you into a holy icon. None Very High
Animal Affinity Skill You're one of those people animals just won't leave alone for no apparent reason. None Very High
Anti-Communist Machine Archetype You were made to destroy Reds! Construct type, 1st level only Very High
Anti-Hero Archetype You commit not-so-heroic actions, but are still a (relatively) good person. Any non-good. Low
Anti-Villain Archetype You are not really evil; you know it. Killing people makes you sick... but it is necessary. Any non-evil. High
Apprentice of the Sublime Way Fighter, Skill, Job Master the sublime way. None or Sublime Inspired Unquantifiable
Arcane Patterns Innate The universe runs on patterns. You know this, and incorporate them into your magic. None
Arcane Study Spellcasting Your diligent research pays off in expanded magical potential. None Moderate
Archaeologist Archetype You are an Archaeologist Adventurer, which make you a bit like Indiana Jones. None High
Armored Tank Combat You are invulnerable, invincible tank while wearing heavy armor. Truly none can kill you. Must be proficient with heavy armor. Very High
Armoured Combat Combat You are more comfortable in armor than out of it. None Very High
Army of Demons Celestial, Fiend, Leadership, Skill You have an army of planar crazy crap. None Unquantifiable
Arrow Sniper Scaling, Combat, Range, Movement "The arrows never missed, but we never saw the archer!" None Very High
Art Major General, Skill By dabbling in the skilled art of painting you gain some of the powers of the mighty Painter. None
Augment Summoning Spellcasting Creatures you summon are more potent than normal. None Very High
Aura of Menace Skill "Hand me my wallet. It's the one that says "Badass motherfucker" on it" None Very High
Avenger Archetype Time to get revenge in the name of justice! None Very High
Backup System Racial You are constantly backed up, making reviving you easier. Construct Type Very High
Bag Full of Knick Knacks, Scaling Skill Your bag is always so full of stuff, it insane. None Very High
Battlefield Apothecary ToP Skill As the man with the meds on the front lines, everyone pretty much loves you. None High
Battlefield Surgeon Skill You like to cut people open with a saw. But it's good for them. Seriously. None Moderate
Battlesmith Archetype You are both a smith and a combatant, combining both trades into one. BAB +1, Craft (Metalworking) 4 Ranks High
Bearer of Terror Skill Remember kids! Every man knows when to... RUN LIKE A LITTLE BITCH!" None Very High
Beastmaster ToP Skill Creatures of all types have a thing for you. None Very High
Beastmaster, Red Rob Version Skill You have a loyal animal companion that shares your adventures. None Very High
Bender Dabbling Combat You've picked up a bit of the Bending arts in your spare time. None Very High
Big Guy Archetype You are a big guy, you swing weapon very hard. Str 16, power attack. Moderate
Big Guy, Variant Archetype You are simply big and built like a bull. Heck, people actually used you to pull the plow! 1st level character, Str 16+ High
Bio-Engineer Skill You can create life and various biological components with both mastery and ease. None Very High
Black Knight Archetype are a black knight, a mysterious rider travelling the countryside nameless. The power is in the black full-plate you are wearing... Armor Proficiency (Heavy). High
Blind Fighting Combat You don't have to see to kill. None Very High
Blind Master Style Archetype You are a master at fighting while blind, being able to keep up and even beat most warriors. Blind-Fight High
Blitz Combat You go all out and try to achieve goals in a proactive manner. None Very High
Blitzball Ace Blitzball Your skills as Blitzball Player and Fighter rise higher and higher as you grow, making you an Ace of the sport and felling enemies with the weapon Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Blitzball) High
Blitzkrieg, Tome scaling, Combat, melee, movement "sprinting through the hoards hitting as I go!" None
Blood Magister ToP Skill You know of blood, and derive great power from it. None
Bloodletting Blade General You channel part of your life force into a strike to deal extra damage. None High
Born of Thunders Combat You are connected to the primal forces of Nature. None Very High
Bottomless Tools General Gain additional Tools of the Trade. Bounty Hunter Moderate
Bounty Hunter Archetype You are a hunter of outlaws and bounty, whether you do this for or for the criminal underworld is up to you. BAB +1, Improved Unarmed Strike Very High
Boxer Archetype You enjoy punching people in the face. It's kind of nice to feel their blood spray across your palms as you beat them to a bloody pulp. Str 14, Improved Unarmed Strike, Proficient with Unarmed Strikes. Very High
Breath of the Dragon Draconic The blood of dragons flows within you. You gain various dragon themed powers. Sorcerer level 1st Very High
Broad Practice, Scaling General When you level up you gain ability score quickly and they apply to multiple ability scores. None Very High
Brutal Strike Skill Your precision strikes target the enemies’ weak points for massive damage. None Very High
Bundle of Joy Archetype You exhude happiness and hope. None
Bureaucrat Leadership, Skill You have a functioning guild that makes stuff for you and gives you money. None Unquantifiable
Burning Fist Combat You have fists of fire, daggers and short swords of fire too. None Very High
Buster Weapon Combat Yours is the sword that will pierce the heavens! None Very High
Catsuit Thief Archetype You are an expert thief who goes around in a very very tight outfit. Move Silently (4 ranks), Hide (4 ranks), charisma score of 13 or more. Very High
Celebrity Archetype You are a celebrity, it all about you! Charisma 15+ Moderate
Celestialprayer Magic Spellcasting By praising the higher powers you empower your own spells Ability to cast spells, ability to speak celestial Very High
Chain-Smoking Badass Archetype When defeating the hordes of darkness isn't enough, try lung cancer. Must be able to physically smoke and have the means to support such a habit. Very High
Chainsaw Fiend Fiend, Monstrous Take one feat. Be lots of chainsaws. Get lots of chainsaw powers. None Very High
Champion Wrestler Archetype You are a master wrestler, pushing people over and bending them in uncomfortable ways. BAB +1 High
Chaosbabble Magic Anarchic, Spellcasting Confuse and weaken your enemies with chaotic words Ability to cast spells, ability to speak anarch Very High
Cheerleader Archetype Go team PC! Give benefits with your performances. Cha 15 High
Child of the Heavens Combat You have some special connection to the forces of Good, whether you wish it or not. None Very High
Church Hunter Archetype You are hunter of supernatural threats. None High
Circus Performer Archetype You have performed in a circus and have learned tricks of the trade, you have a large palette of skills and many abilities when dealing with perils. Perform (Any) and Tumble 4 Ranks High
Clockwork Centurion Leadership, Skill You are served by an array of mechanical and magically-animated servants. None Unquantifiable
Cock Fighting Combat Rock out with your cock out. None High
Coiled Spring Skill You like to wait for others to act before interfering with them. None Very High
Combat Casting Skill Having a sword sticking out of your chest doesn't noticeably impede your ability to do... well, just about anything. None High
Combat Casting, Red Rob Version Skill You have managed to overcome your crippling personal space issues. None Very High
Combat Looting Combat You can put things into your pants in the middle of combat. None Very High
Combat School Combat You are a member of a completely arbitrary fighting school that has a number of recognizable signature fighting moves. None Very High
Combat Thief Combat A Combat-style feat based on the Pathfinder Steal maneuver. You are an expert at stealing things in the middle of combat, plundering your foes before their very eyes. None High
Command Leadership You lead tiny men. None Unquantifiable
Computer Wizard Skill You are a master at working with codes, hacking and other cybernonsense. None Moderate
Con Artist Skill You can fool some of the people, all of the time. None Very High
Con Man Skill Con men are experts at being the "face" of an operation, distracting others or getting places unnoticed. None High
Connected Skill You have friends in high place, low places too. In fact, it’s surprising anyone dislikes you. None Unquantifiable
Constricting Tail Combat, Fiend, Monstrous You have a serpentine tail that allows you to squeeze the life from your enemies. None High
Corpsecrafted Archetype Undead you create are more powerful, including yourself if you're also undead. Undead type or access to 1st level Necromancy spells Unquantifiable
Cowboy Archetype You are a cowboy or a cowgirl, that make you good at particular things. None High
Creepy Kid Archetype There are those in this world who have been born with unnatural forces coursing through their veins. These individuals, from even an early age, affect the world around them in terrible ways. Intimidate 4 ranks or Non-Good Very High
Crimson Blade Combat Your blade is red with the blood of your enemies. None High
Crit Fisher Combat You have a tendency to unexpectedly stab people in their important organs far more often and effectively than the average fellow. None High
Cryptographer Skill You're good at reading things no one intended you to. None Very High
Cutthroat Archetype You may or may not be a bastard, but you sure fight like one. None High
Cystic Magic Spellcasting Your magic's messed up, dude. You just gave that guy magic cancer. None Very High
Danger Sense Combat Maybe Spiders tell you what's up. You certainly react to danger with uncanny effectiveness. None
Dark Overlord Archetype You are a heavily-armored evil overlord, between you dark familiars and dark magic no one can stand in your ways. Nongood Alignment, Arcane Caster Level 1st Very High
Dark Witness Skill You witnessed some dark cosmological event which left you shaken but now aware of the eldritch truth of the multiverse. Must have a Dark Insight score. High
Darkstalker Skill You are one of the creatures creeping and stalking in the night. None Very High
Dashing Swordsman Skill Suits of armour and greatswords are for wimps. Real men wear silk. None Very High
Deathwhisper Magic Spellcasting Use the tongue of the dead when casting spells Ability to cast spells, ability to speak necril Very High
Debris Wielder Combat You enter battle unarmed, but not for long None High
Deceitful Fox Style Combat The Deceitful Fox Style combines a shoddy looking stance and overly flourishing move to make you look like an amateur and hiding your real skills. A master of the style learns how to feint her opponents and take advantage of their overconfidence. Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Feint High
Deflect Arrows Combat You can protect yourself and allies from ranged attacks. None High
Deflect Arrows, Red Rob Version Combat You are so fast you can hit projectiles before they hit you. None High
Deformed Archetype, Deformity Gain [Deformity] feats for free None High
Deft Fingers Skill Your amazing manual dexterity is the talk of princes and princesses. None High
Demolition Expert Skill Thing 'Go Boom!' when you are around, you are a master at explosion and making thing crumble. None High
Demon Summoner Archetype You like inscribing pentagrams and making new friends/slaves. Caster level 1st Unquantifiable
Demonic Appearance Combat, Fiend Your appearance changes to match the taint within. None Very High
Desert Commando Combat You fight better when surrounded by sand. Must have spent at least a year living in the desert.
Desert Dweller, Tome Skill You are a desert dude, born and raised. Because of this, you are adept at surviving in harsh conditions. Must have spent at least 1 year in the desert.
Detective Skill You're good at finding things out just by conversing with townsfolk. None High
Devil Magic Fiend, Innate Your innate magical abilities have been warped by your Fiendish taint. None Very High
Dhampir Blood Archetype Gain some vampiric traits, as you awaken your vampiric ancestry. Must be living. Very High
Diehard Combat You can take a licking and keep on ticking. None Very High
Diehard, Tome Combat You've been stabbed, poisoned, shot, dragged through the dirt and left in the freezing night to die. You didn't. And now you are back to kick some ass! None High
Dilettante Necromancer ToP Skill You think the undead pretty neat, but might not be interested in all of that specialist spellcasting stuff. None Very High
Dimensional Wrangler ToP Skill You could wrangle a blink dog or a pocket dimension with the right knot. None Very High
Disabling Strike Skill You are an expert at breaking things. None Very High
Divine Agent Combat Not every believer becomes a Paladin or Cleric. You're on a mission from God. None Unquantifiable
Divine Blooded Archetype You have the blood of a deity. It's not strong enough for you to be a demigod. But not thin enough to not have any effects. 1st level only High
Divine Defender Exalted Protect your allies from harm with your martial might. Any good alignment, Shield Proficiency High
Divine Might Spellcasting "And you will know my name is the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee." Must be able to Turn or Rebuke Undead. Very High
Divine Protection Spellcasting "Blessed is he who shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness." Must be able to Turn or Rebuke Undead. Very High
Domain Focus Spellcasting Your god helps you to help yourself. None Very High
Dominate Vestige Pact, Skill Your mastery of soul binding allow you to make vestiges subservient to you, of course if they do gain control it often mean trouble. None High
Doorman Skill You have complete mastery of portals. None Very High
Down to Earth Skill Your mind is skeptical towards magic and supernatural things, to the point that you resist them better than others. Must not have the ability to cast spells. If it later gains it, it loses the benefits of this feat, but another feat of the same type can be chosen. High
Draconic Heritage Combat Your grandmother was a Dragon. None Very High
Dragon Disciple Archetype Your inner dragon awakens, giving you dragon themed powers. Dragonblooded subtype, Spontaneous Arcane Spellcasting High
Dragontongue Magic Spellcasting, Draconic Use draconic words to empower your spells Ability to cast spells, ability to speak draconic Very High
Dread Chill ToP Skill The horror of your presence is so great that the air grows cold. None
Dreadful Demeanor Skill People know you're a badass motherfvcker the instant you enter the room. None Very High
Earth Diver ToP Skill You can treat earth as if it were a liquid, gaining assorted defensive and mobility benefits. None Very High
Eater of Souls Archetype When things die, you feel satisfied. Non-Good alignment. High
Edgelord Archetype People cut themselves on you, you're just that edgy. Any non-lawful, non-good alignment. High
Einhander Fighter You fight with one sword and little to nothing in your other hand. Somehow, you make this look good. BAB +1 High
Einhander, Variant Combat You fight with a one-handed or light weapon in one hand and nothing in the other. You mastered the ability to parry incoming blow and strike targets through their defenses. None High
Electro Fist Combat You have fists of electricity, daggers and short swords of electricity too. None Very High
Elemental Bodied Combat, Elemental Your body changes to resemble your elemental nature. None Very High
Elemental Focus Innate You have honed your ability to shape elemental forces. None Moderate
Elementalvoice Magic Spellcasting Cast spells with elemental languages as vocal components for added effects Ability to cast spells, ability to speak at least one elemental language (aquan, aura, ignan or terran) Very High
Elusive Target Combat You are very hard to hit when you want to be. None Very High
Endurance of Stone Combat Your ancestors were one with the earth. None
Endurance, Grimoire Skill You can carry the heaviest of loads, run for days, and ignore the tightest of armor. None High
Enduring Physiology ToP Skill If things got really bad, you could always just hide under a rock for a century or two until they improved. None High
Energy Reshaper Spellcasting You reshape the energies released by your magic, turning them to new uses. None Very High
Energy Specialization Spellcasting You are specialized in one form of energy over the others for some reason. None Very High
Epic Rapid Spellcasting Spellcasting You can cast your spells faster, without metamagic feats. Caster Level 21, Ability to cast spells of Rank 9, Rapid Spell feat, Quicken Spell feat. Very High
Epic Rapid Spellcasting 2.0 Caster Level 21, Ability to cast level 9 spells, Rapid Spell feat, Quicken Spell feat. Very High
Essential Arcanist Incarnum, Skill You wish you were a wizard, but all you've got is the ability to channel souls to gain power. You make do. None High
Evolved Cadaver Undead, Archetype You are stronger and more resilient than most undeads. Must be a Corporeal Undead High
Exalted Combat Style Exalted Gain arrows of light, or protective two weapon fighting powers, based on your ranger's combat style. Any good alignment, Ranger's combat style High
Exalted Warrior Exalted Some paladins bring a lot of feats to the table. In truth, they are fighters whose souls are pure. Any good alignment, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization High
Expanded Knowledge, Scaling Skill, Psionic You have tons of psionic powers from all over the place. None Very High
Experienced Adventurer General Become more competent, stronger, more dexterous, more responsive... but just a little more. Having at least 5 levels in a base class Moderate
Experimental Scientist Archetype You do what you can, with peer review and careful study. Knowledge (any) 4 ranks. High
Experimental Stock Combat Perhaps your parents were experimented on by mad arcanists. Or you've just been hit by one spell too many. None High
Expert Counterfeiter Skill You aren't a common forger, you're an artiste. None Very High
Expert Staff Fighter Combat You are a master of quarterstaff combat, learning both offensive and defensive technique while fighting with the grandfather of weapons. Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff or other staff-like weapon) High
Expert Tactician Combat You benefit your allies so good they remember you long time. None High
Extra Arms, Red Rob Version Combat, Fiend, Monstrous You have more arms than is normal for your race. None Very High
Extraordinary Spell Aim Skill You can sling spells better than the rest. None High
Fabulous Bizarre Spirit Archetype, Skill Now you can have a D&D Bizarre Adventure! Fabulous! Cha 13 Very High
Fairy Godmother Archetype You are a Fairy Godmother, for good or ill. Fey Type or Augmented Fey Subtype, must be Female Very High
Faustian Pact-Maker Archetype You make dark pacts for a living. Dark Pact-Bound High
Fearless Leader Archetype You are a leader of men. Must be the leader or spokeperson for a group of allies, Cha 15. Very High
Feint Attack Combat You juke enemies out of their shoes and onto your waiting blade. None Very High
Fell Animate Spellcasting You shoot people in the face so hard with magic, they feel obligated to get up and serve you later. The ability to turn undead. Very High
Femme Fatale Archetype You possess the ability to seduce other out of their mind. Must be a female, Cha 15+ Very High
Feral Child Archetype Maybe you were abandoned as a child by accident or maybe you have an ancient demon fox bound to your body that makes you shout stupid things and run around on all fours. Whatever it is, you're really quite feral. Any non-Lawful. High
Fey Archivist Archetype You are an historian among the fey, tolling away in their maze-like archives and preserving history. Fey Type High
Fey Heritage Heritage Your fey blood grant you inherent grace and resistance as well as magical abilities. Must be an elf or otherwise have fey blood. Very High
Feychant Magic Spellcasting Enhance illusions and enchantments with the sylvan tongue Ability to cast spells, ability to speak sylvan Very High
Field Researcher Archetype An expert that works in the field. Knowledge (any) 4 ranks. High
Fiendbinder Skill You are both extremely capable of binding fiend at your service and fighting them off, both come in handy in your life. None
Fire Dancer Combat, Skill Dance around your enemies and watch them burn. Inspired by Ignan Soul. None High
Flame of Ambition Archetype Emboldened by the flame of ambition, you resist through any adversities. None
Focused Psionic Psionic, Skill Gain scaling bonuses to becoming psionically focused. Able to manifest 1st level powers, power pool Very High
Forked Tongue Skill You have a forked tongue, which allow to provoke and piss off people off like no others. None Very High
Fortress Mage Spellcasting You're good at building magic items that stay in one place. None Very High
Fortune's Friend Skill You seem to have luck on your side almost all the time. None Moderate
Friendenstein Skill You get very attached to the results of your experiments. Puppet the Dead class feature
Frigid Snap Combat You have the innate ability to supercool the air around your body to channel it into your weapons. None High
From a Shrine of an Ancient Nature Elemental You become an ambassador of nature and earth. (Earth) Subtype, Level 1 only, Non-Evil alignment, Must have a tutelary god with the Nature Domain. High
Frostwalker Combat You are at home on the frozen wastes. None Very High
Frozen Fist Combat You have fists of ice, daggers and short swords of ice too. None Very High
Frozen Heart Combat, Elemental, Fiend Your icy aura freezes everything around you. Must have the [Cold] subtype. Very High
Frozen Soul Combat Your soul is linked to the elemental planes of Cold. None
Frozen Soul Combat Your soul is linked to the elemental planes of cold None
Gaia's Wrath Combat You channel the power of the Earth Mother through your body, empowering your weapons. None High
Gamer Archetype, Videogame Truly your are a gamer, the most oppressed minority None
Gatecrasher Skill You can go places and break through portals no mortal was meant to enter. None Moderate
Ghost Hunter Combat You smack around those folks in the spirit world. None High
Ghost Step Skill You might as well be incorporeal for all the noise you make. None Very High
Ghost-Touched Archetype You make ghosts seem noisy and garish. Must have a corporeal body, Dex or Charisma 15 Very High
Giant Slayer Combat Everyone has a specialty. Yours is miraculously finding ways to stab creatures in the face when it seems improbable that you would be able to reach that high. None Very High
Great Fortitude Combat You are so tough. Your belly is like a prism. None High
Abjuration General Greater spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Conjuration General Greater spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Divination General Greater spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Enchantment General Greater spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Evocation General Greater spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Illusion General Greater spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Necromancy General Greater spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Greenblooded Archetype You photosynthesize and breath through your skin or something. 1st level only or Knowledge Nature 8 ranks Very High
Greenbound Summoning Spellcasting You get plant badgers instead of angel badgers, It works out pretty nice for you. None Very High
Greentongue Archetype You can speak with all of nature. Knowledge Nature 4 ranks, able to speak Sylvan High
Grim Favored Archetype Resist undead and see ghosts. None High
Gundam Fight Participant Leadership You have the support and backing as an organization's, nation's, or plane's Gundam Fighter. Sponsored by an organization, nation, or plane participating in the Gundam Fight. Unquantifiable
Hammer and Sickle Style Fighter Optimize fighting with both hammer and sickle, for the motherland! Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (any hammer or sickle) High
Hard to Kill General You are harder to kill than your enemies Realize. None Moderate
Hatchet Hands Combat You chop down trees bare-handed None High
Hedge Witch Job, Skill You may not be a full hexer, but you certainly picked a trick or two when someone wandered in your abodes. No Levels in the Codex Witch class. Very High
Herb Mixer Skill With a lot of green herbs and a slight bit of red herb you can make those sword wounds go like it was nothing. Survival 4 Ranks, Craft (Alchemy) 4 Ranks
Hermit Martial Artist Archetype Become the old master who live by himself in the mountain. Survival 4 Ranks., Improved Unarmed Strike High
Holy Spellcasting Spellcasting Your spells reek of Holy Magic. And you can smite undead... well, dead. Ability to turn undead.
Horde Breaker Combat You kill really large numbers of people. None Very High
Hunter Combat You can move around and shoot things with surprising effectiveness. None High
Ignan Soul Combat Your soul is linked to the elemental planes of Fire. None High
Illithid Heritage Heritage, Psionic You are closely related to the illithids, whether through bloodline or through dark experimentation. Must be able to manifest 1st level Powers Very High
Immortal Archetype Stronger than death. None High
Improved Counterspelling Spellcasting You like to say no more than you say yes. None
Improved Familiar Spellcasting Your familiar is the envy of wizards for miles around. Must be able to summon a Familiar. Very High
Incessant Jumper Skill You really hate the ground, and hit it hard with your feet whenever you get the chance. None High
Infallible Combat You don't fail at things you could not fail at. None Very High
Infernal Taint Combat Your blood has the taint of the lower planes. Maybe you were born this way, or maybe you just stepped in some Evil. None Very High
Infernalspeech Magic Spellcasting Channel the cunning of devils into your spells Ability to cast spells, ability to speak infernal Very High
Inherent Initiator Fighter You gain general maneuver-like abilities over the course of your lifetime. 1st level only, Martial Lore 2 ranks High
Initiate of the Magnum Opus Skill You receive an increased learning of alchemy through a complete work which will make you an outstanding alchemist. Int 15+
Innate Invisibility Elemental, Skill You can conceal yourself from the world. Must have the [Air] subtype Very High
Inquisitor Psionic, Skill You are an adept at reading the thoughts of those around you, learning the truth and generally snooping around in the brain of people. None Very High
Insightful Strike Combat You hack people down with inherent awesomeness. None Very High
Investigator Skill You have an eye for detail and so much patience that going through a 100' by 100' room inch-by-inch doesn't even try it. None High
Invigorating Dance Skill Grant an ally an extra turn through the power of dance. Bardic music, bardic dance, or virtuous performance Very High
Ionic Spark Combat You have an ionic charge that can run through your natural and held weapons. None High
Iron Ram Fighter You are a living battering ram, using your bulk to charge through all obsticles. Heavy armor proficiency, Str 15 High
Iron Will Combat You are able to grit your teeth and shake off mental influences. None High
Item Master Skill You make magic items do things you want. None Moderate
Juggernaut Combat You are an unstoppable Juggernaut. None High
Ki Pool General You gain a Ki Pool Improved Unarmed Strike
King of Spirits Archetype chichei na. Ability to rebuke/create undead or undead type Very High
Knight in Shining Armor Archetype You are the rescuer of damsels in distress, the emancipater of maidens locked in high towers. You ride proudly upon your mount displaying your righteous do-gooder ways to the population and they love you for it! Lawful Good alignment, Charisma 13+, proficiency with heavy armor. High
Know Thy Enemy Combat Learn the habits of a particular quarry and put that knowledge to good use. None Very High
Know-It-All Skill Within you reside great repositories of knowledge just waiting to be called forth. None Moderate
Kraken Style Grappler Combat You have learned the kraken style of grappling, which show you how to crush your opponent into submission, much like the legendary beast itself. Tentacles optional. Improved Grapple Very High
Leadership Leadership, Skill You convince people that obeying you is a good career move. None Unquantifiable
Leap of the Heavens Skill You jump good. None High
Learned Archery Combat Your high intelligence lets you know just where to strike to penetrate an opponent's armor. Int 17 or higher. High
Legendary Wrangler Skill No one can tell where you end and your ropes begin. None Very High
Lightning Kick Fighter, Monk You are legendary for your ability to kick the shit out of people. Improved Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows Very High
Lightning Reflexes Combat You are fasty McFastFast. It helps keep you alive. None High
Lightning Soul Combat Your soul is linked to the elemental planes of Electricity. None High
Lingering Magic Innate You have learnt to prolong your powers. None High
Living Phantom Archetype You are a living being who carry strange ghostly abilities. Must be corporeal. Very High
Lord of Death Leadership, Necromantic, Skill A whole bunch of skeletons and crap show up to fight under your tattered banner. None Unquantifiable
Lord of Madness Skill Through research of the dark dreams from beyond, or perhaps you own tainted blood, you have found the way of becoming one of the nightmarish creature itself. None Very High
Lorekeeper Skill You are a delving scholar and keeper of knowledge, you acquire ancient lore and unlock the secret of the past. None Very High
Lucifer Bloody Morningstar Archetype Crime-solving devil, it makes sense Don't overthink it. Being of the lower planes. Moderate
MIB Archetype Who are they and why do they do what they do? Lawful Very High
Mad Corpsecrafter Necromantic Creation, Skill You are a master corpsecrafter, much like Doctor Frankeinstein. Any undead you create are tougher, stronger and overall better. None
Mad Scientist Archetype You do what you must, because you can. All in the name of SCIENCE! Knowledge (any) 4 ranks. Very High
Mage Slayer Combat You have trained long and hard to kill magic users. Maybe you hate them, maybe you just noticed that most of the really dangerous creatures in the world use magic. None Very High
Magekiller, Tome Combat You are adept at stopping magical creatures. None Very High
Magic Card Duelist Archetype You use your knowledge of Children's Card Game to increase your potent arcane powers. Bookish Wizard alternate class feature Very High
Magical Aptitude Skill You're crazy good at manipulating magic. None Very High
Magical Artifice Spellcasting You have learned the secrets of binding lasting effects into magic items. None Very High
Magically Aloft, Scaling Spelltouched You are under the effect of a magical effect that make you gently float in the air. Exposure to a levitate or fly spell. Very High
Magician Archetype You have the skills of a mage, but the heart of a performer. Ability to cast at least one Illusion or Enchantment spell. Very High
Many-Faced Skill You change identities so often even you don't remember what you look like anymore. None High
Marshal Archetype You are a commander of brave men and women, you lead them to victory or defeat. Bab +1, Charisma 15 High
Master Craftsman Skill The items you make are famous around the world for superior craftsmanship. None Unquantifiable
Master Inquisitive Archetype The character has decided to be Sherlock Holmes. None Very High
Master of Illusion Spellcasting Your mastery of illusions allows you to improve them. This is a magical feat that scales with the highest level spell slot you have. None Very High
Master of Judo Combat You are a master of moving your opponents and using their own Strength against them. Improved Unarmed Strike, Dex or Wis 13 High
Master of Masks Skill You are a master of masks, you have the ability to summon supernatural masks and gain great powers from them. None Very High
Master of Minds ToP Skill By mastering your own mind, you gain power over the minds of others. None
Master of Terror Leadership, Skill You scare people so bad they follow you around hoping you won't hurt them. None Unquantifiable
Mastered Ability General You have begun to master one aspect of your life. Pick one ability score upon taking this feat, which cannot be changed. This ability gains a myriad of benefits as you level up. Because of your focus on one ability, you must leave one behind. Choose two ability scores upon taking this feat. They must be above a 10 when chosen. They become 10, and cannot be increased by any means. Chosen Ability Score 18, Character Level 5
Masterwork Smith Skill You are a master smith, crafting items better and faster than any other man or woman. None High
Medium Archetype You are able to communicate with the dead and feel their presence. Must be a corporeal living creature. High
Megalomaniac Spellcasting You dabble in the abilities of the World Dominator and find them to your liking. None Very High
MetaPower Spellcasting Improves the uses of other metamagic feats 2 metamagic feats Very High
Metamagic Metamaster Metamagic, Scaling Gives metamagic feats and reduces the total spell level of spells enhanced with metamagic feats Caster Level 1st Very High
Metaphysical Escapist ToP Skill You can temporarily free yourself from gravity, the prime material plane, and (eventually) your physical form. None Very High
Metashape Metafeat, Spellcasting You can shape your area spells to better suit your immediate needs. Int 16 or Wis 16, ability to cast spells or manifest powers, any other Metafeat.
Miner Archetype You dig tunnels really fast. None Moderate
Mobster Archetype Whether you are a top of the notch hitman or simply a bootlegger, you are all part of one big family. None High
Monastic Fist General As a monk you can use you unarmed strike for a variety of purposes 1st level only High
Monkey Grip Combat When all else fails, get a bigger sword. None Very High
Monster Rancher Leadership, Skill You can breed and train a large number of crazy beasts. None Unquantifiable
Motivational Performer General, Skill Your performances inspire your allies beyond what they thought themselves capable of! You're like that Tony Robbins guy or something. Cha 13, Bardic Music class feature
Mounted Combat Skill You are at your best when fighting with an ally that you are sitting on. None High
Multiweapon Fighting, Tome Combat Why fight with only one or even two weapons when you have more than that many hands. Three or more hands. Very High
Murderous Intent Combat You stab people in the face. None Very High
Music Major Skill Through your performances you are able to evoke physical manifestations. None High
White Eyes of the Divine Heritage You have the all-seeing white eyes of a certain clan. Mystic Eyes Inheritor High
Mystical Expanse Spellcasting Your magic can cover a truly vast area. None Very High
Natural Empath Skill You read people like books. None High
Natural Fighter Combat Because sometimes you need to fight with what your mother gave you. None Very High
Natural Heavyweight, Tome Combat You are very strong for your size. None High
Natural Weaponry Combat, Fiend, Monstrous As your body grows, all of your Natural Weapons gain power along with it. None Very High
Negative Mender General Some menders learn to convert their positive energy into negative energy. This manifests in many ways Mender class Very High
Oath of Purity Exalted You took an Oath and can do magic. Good Alignment, must take an oath (see below) Very High
Occam's Duelist Combat Your wit is sharp enough to see through deceptions by pure analysis. This makes it evident when stabbing is a good plan - almost always. None Very High
Occultist Skill You play with power not meant to be played with, whether to destroy them or use them for your own gains. None Unquantifiable
Opportunist Combat You punish anyone who lets their guard down. None Very High
Order of the Great Owl Order The monks of the Order of the Great Owl are known for their insight. 1st level only, Stunning Fist High
Order of the Red Oni Order The monks of the Order of the Red Oni are known for their drunkenness and lewd behavior. 1st level only, Stunning Fist High
Ordersentence Magic Spellcasting, Axiomatic The power of law flows through your voice into your spells Ability to cast spells, ability to speak axial Very High
Outcast Archetype You were outcast from whatever society/guild/nation you used to belong to. Everyone knows that outcasts are serious badasses. Any non-lawful.1 High
Outdoorsman Skill You are a man who lives in nature, separated from the vices of civilization. None Moderate
Overland Rush Skill You've got some distance to cover. Best do it in a montage, it's faster that way. None Moderate
Paragon Archetype You are good... like very good. So good you can cure people with your touch... just try avoid to turn into a sue. Any Good High
Parkour General You can jump, climb, and fall with the style of a true master of free running. Dex 13 High
Pathfinder Skill You can find your way even when it would be impossible for others. None Moderate
Perceptive Skill You combine spot and listen to create a new skill called perception, freeing up skill points. Listen 4 ranks, Spot 4 ranks, both must be class skills. Moderate
Perceptive, Falin Version Skill Instead of choosing to listen for something or look for it, you can do both Spot & Listen must be class skills for you High
Persistent Spell Spellcasting Your spells stay around longer than the average mage. None Very High
Persuasive Skill When you tell you people something that contradicts the evidence of their own eyes, they believe you. None Very High
Phalanx Fighter Combat You fight well in a group. None High
Pit Fighter Archetype You were born as a slave; not to serve, but to fight. Or you're just a battle freak, fighting as a gladiator as a pastime. Bab +1, 1st level character. Very High
Platformer Skill, Videogame All those years of saving the princess finally paid off. Too bad that the princess was always in another castle. None Moderate
Point Blank Shot Combat You are crazy good using a ranged weapon in close quarters. None Very High
Pose Expertise Skill You are the master of the dramatic pose, which affects those around you with the power of your fighting spirit. Cha 13 Very High
Power Core General You are a literal power plant, able to emit energy for machines to use without need for a power source. Construct Type or able to use an at will electricity effect Very High
Powerful Metamagic Spellcasting Your spells are strong. Really. None Very High
Practiced Power Innate You have learnt how to use your powers to their fullest potential. None Moderate
Professional Luddite Skill You've learned to break machines because you're an antitechnology fanatic -- or maybe you just work for the local protection racket. None High
Professional Wrestler Combat Big, small, you grapple them all! Strength 13 or Dexterity 13, Improved Unarmed Strike Moderate
Progressive Were-Cephalopodia Archetype, Scaling You got bit by a Were-Cephalopod and it's been doing some stuff. None High
Promethian Breath Archetype Your soulfire has intensified, reaching into the primordial essense of itself, and bursting forth with even greater power. Must have a breath weapon that deals damage. Very High
Protected by Fate Archetype Things tend to work out your way in dangerous situations. None Very High
Protected by Spirits Skill You are watched over and protected by a Guardian spirit. None Very High
Psalmist Skill You are an expert singer and use your ability to praise the works of your god. Must worship a god. High
Psicrystal Rapport Psionic gain a psicrystal and scaling bonuses based on your highest level power known Manifester level 1st, power point pool Very High
Psionic Precognition Psionic, Skill Your psionic abilities have granted you significant precognitive powers. Must be able to manifest at least one power from the Seer discipline list. Very High
Punk Star Archetype You are a punk star, able to deliver performance which causes a rise in your allies. Perform (Any) 1 Ranks Very High
Purple Dragon Knight Skill You are a leader among men, disciplined and ready to lead others into battle. None Moderate
Quick Draw, Tome Combat You can draw items increasingly quickly, become difficult to disarm and can strike extremely quickly. None High
Radiant Champion Combat You are the light that stands against the darkness. None Very High
Rapid Fire Combat You shoot people in the face really fast. It leaves women disappointed, but your enemies quite dead. None Very High
Rapid Shot, Tome Combat You shoot extremely fast, like real fast. None Very High
Rapid-Strikes Style Combat You have learned the Rapid-Strike Style, allowing you to perform multiple high speed attacks! Improved Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows Very High
Sacred Healer Spellcasting You can channel positive energy to increase the power of your healing spells. Must be able to Turn Undead. High
Saddleborn Warrior Combat You are at your best when fighting with an ally that you are sitting on. None High
Scaling Masterwork Body General Your body double as a masterwork weapon and masterwork tool, and it just getting better from now on. None High
Scaling Ocular Laser Spelltouched A scaling version of the Ocular Laser feat. Exposure to a scorching ray spell. Very High
Scaling Spell Focus General It's the Spell Focus chain, plus a few other benefits. Must be able to cast three spells of the chosen school. High
Scholastic Prodigy Spellcasting You are particularly skilled at preparing spells, sometimes even on the fly. Must be a prepared spellcaster that uses a spellbook (or similar mechanics) to prepare spells. Very High
Secret Identity Skill You have built up a secret Identity, to help keep your loved ones safe. None High
Secrets of the Word General There is power in words. At least three languages known, Decipher Script 4 ranks or Knowledge Arcana 4 ranks. High
Self-Taught Chemist Skill, Job You may not have graduated from the Alchemist College, but your self-taught skills can make a potion or two. No Levels in the Chemist class. Very High
Sellsword Fighter You earn your living by fighting at service of those who pay the best None Moderate
Serial Killer Archetype You are a scary murderous thing. For some reason, no one seems to be able to stop you. Evil alignment Very High
Servo-Legs Warforged You have powerful servomotors in your legs, allowing you to move with extreme speed and take very high jumps as if they were nothing. None Very High
Shadow Claws Skill Thanks to magic or a curse, you may shape shadowcrafted claws as weapons. None High
Shaman of the Land ToP Skill The spirits of the animals are your friends. None
Shape of Nature Wild Magic, Skill Turn into the beast with in faster and more often. The ability to use Wildshape Very High
Shapechanger's Rejuvenation, Scaling Monstrous Gain out-of-combat HP regeneration at low HD and Fast Healing at higher HD. Shapechanger Subtype, Constitution 15 Very High
Sharky, Scaling Monstrous Take one feat. Be lots of shark. Get lots of shark powers. Corporeal Very High
Sharp-Eyed Skill Nothing escapes you. None Very High
Shield Resonance Fighter You have the ability to gain focus with your shield, increasing its ability to defend you from harm. BAB +1 High
Shield Specialization Combat You are an expert at putting a piece of metal between you and harm's way. None Very High
Shieldbearer Combat You are the ultimate master of sword-and-board. Or, if you're feeling creative, you could try board-and-board instead. None Very High
Sidestep, Red Rob Version Skill You can avoid attacks using your incredible acrobatics. None High
Siege Master Skill You are a keen master of siege warfare, able to guide ranged and siege fire, and eventually summons a magic cannon. None
Siege Shot, Combat Combat You can shoot a single, devastating shot. None Very High
Single-Blow Style Combat You have learned the Single-Blow Style, which allow you to perform a single extremely deadly attack. Flurry of Blows Very High
Sister of Battle Archetype A fighting nun enters the battlefield. She delivers mercy in one hand and death in the other. Non-evil, Knowledge Religion 4 ranks Very High
Skeletal Lord Combat, Undead Become an unkillable undead king! Must be able to cast at least 1st level necromancy spells and have the Corpsecrafter feat and already be an undead Very High
Skeleton Lord Archetype Hell yeah skeletons! Must be able to cast 1st level necromancy spells or have the CorpsecrafterLM feat Very High
Skin Like Armour ToP Skill You're so tough that you can walk around naked and people still can't hurt you. None High
Skychild Combat You are a creature of the air. None Very High
Slayer Combat There are worse things out tonight than Vampires. None High
Slippery Contortionist Skill Your childhood nickname was "Greasy the Pig," but now people call you "The Great Hamster." None Very High
Sniper Combat Your shooting is precise and dangerous. None High
Sonic Pulse Combat You have the ability to channel sound and sonic vibrations through your body and weapons. None High
Sorcerous Prodigy Spellcasting Your advanced focus on spontaneous magic allows you to progress faster than your peers. Must be a spontaneous caster (like a Sorcerer or Bard) with spells known. Very High
Soul of Entropy Spelltouched Your existence is antithetical to life itself. Gain auras of decay and doom. Exposure to a [Death] effect. Very High
Space Amazon-Blooded Racial The blood of powerful space amazons flows through you, and it has been awakened. None Moderate
Speedy Spells Spellcasting Your spells come out faster None Very High
Spell Focus Spellcasting The spells of your chosen school are more potent than normal. None Very High
Abjuration General Spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Conjuration General Spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Divination General Spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Enchantment General Spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Evocation General Spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Illusion General Spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Necromancy General Spell focus from the SRD, but it also adds on a few abilities related specifically to the spell school. None Very High
Spellbound Familiar Skill You possess the ability to summon a familiar as an extension of your will. None Very High
Spines of Fury, Red Rob Version Combat, Fiend, Monstrous Barbed spines cover your body. None Very High
Spirit Warrior Combat A variant of the Zen Warrior feat, use your wisdom in combat and do spirit-related stuff. None Very High
Spirit of the Forest Archetype I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees and if you don't listen ill break both your knees. Plant Type, Druid or Ranger level 1 Moderate
Spiritual Guide General You have a spiritual guide from beyond, aiding you in your quest. None Very High
Spontaneous Metamagic Metamagic Are you a spontaneous caster who likes metamagic? Of course you are. Here, have a feat. Int: 13, Spellcraft: 4 ranks, Must be able to cast arcane spells spontaneously. High
Spymaster Skill Who are you really? ...No one can tell. None Moderate
Stand Still, Tome Combat You can stop enemies in their tracks. None Very High
Steady Stance Skill You can fight just about anywhere. None Moderate
Stealthy Skill If someone sees you, you have to kill them. None Very High
Stealthy, Aarnott Skill You combine hide and move silently into a single skill. Hide 4 ranks, Move Silently 4 ranks, both must be class skills. Moderate
Steel And Spell Style Fighter Hit people with magic, like Duskblade and Pathfinder's Magus. Spellcraft 4 ranks, Combat Casting High
Steel Vanguard Style Combat The Steel Vanguard Style is practiced by those who protect others, even at the risk of their own lives. Combat Reflexes High
Store Magic Spellcasting You have mastered the secrets of storing your magic in external items, such as scrolls, potions, and wands. None Very High
Stormshaper Reserve, Spellcasting You are exceptionally adept at shaping weather-related effects. Ability to cast a spell with one of the following descriptors: [Air], [Cold], [Electricity], [Sonic], or [Water]. High
Street Punk Archetype You're a real troublemaker! Stay away from that kid, he's a bad influence. Any non-lawful alignment. High
Street Urchin Archetype You were raised by the street. You had your share of diseases, bullies, and bad luck. 1st level Only High
Student of Necromancy Archetype You made your first skeleton, now you are going to be a real necromancer! Must be able to cast 1st level necromancy spells or have the CorpsecrafterLM feat High
Stunt Driver Skill You can perform miracles with a good vehicle or mount. None Very High
Subdued Smiting Combat Gain a Smite Attack or just make your own better. Then use it to knock people out instead of finishing them off. Charisma 13, non-True Neutral Alignment or Smite special attack High
Sublime Disciple Job You have the ability to initiate maneuvers like a pro, or close enough anyway. No levels in a class that grant maneuvers Very High
Sublime Inspired Skill This feat is designed to add flavor to any class by exploiting one of their given class skills and further expressing said skill through the sublime arts without having to multiclass as a martial adept. if a martial discipline is desired that offers psi-like, spell-like, or supernatural maneuvers; then one must have a feat, racial trait, or class feature that already allows tapping into such energies., Cannot already be a martial adept. Also High
Subtle Cut Combat You cut people so bad they have to ask you about it later. None Very High
Summon the Legion Leadership, Spellcasting You can summon astounding numbers of creatures. This is a magical feat that scales with the highest level Conjuration (Summoning) or Conjuration (Calling) spell you can cast. None Unquantifiable
Summoning Mastery Spellcasting You're really good at pushing extraplanar creatures around. None Very High
Super Fighting Robot Archetype You're mega-useful, equipped with a bunch of mega-abilities. Construct Type Very High
Super Scaler Skill You stick to walls like glue. Or something. None High
Super Snipe Fighter You can shoot exceptionally well. So well, in fact, that you make melee fighters cry out of sheer impotence. None Very High
Surge of Ki Combat You have learned the ability to project your inner force in various applicable methods, including deadly blasts of energy. The monk benefit the most from this feat, but other character may as well. None Very High
Swift Feet Skill People are somewhat irritated by your tendency to walk in circles around them. None High
Swim Like a Fish Skill You're at least as home in the water as you are on land. None Unquantifiable
Systematized Initiation Initator Feat The feat standardizes Initation for a character and at higher levels gives them some benefits None High
Tainted Source Innate Your power flows from a dark source that taints your magical abilities. None Very High
Tattooed Monk Skill The mystical tattoos you carve on your body give you strange, arcane powers. None Moderate
Technologist Skill You are an expert at figuring out what technology does and how to make it work. None High
Telepathic Collective Psionic, Skill You have powerful telepathic abilities which you use to organize people and do networking. None Very High
Theologist ToP Skill Your learning of divine matters gives you power from a deity. None
Thrown Weapon Master Fighter, Combat Some warriors take their chosen style very seriously. You are a master of throwing your weapon at those who oppose you, and your countless hours of training show as you develop new abilities. Quick Draw, Dex 13 High
Tome Cleave Combat Cleave through your opponents with a series of cleave-related abilities. None High
Touch Me If You Can ToP Skill Nobody can quite put a finger on you. Or anything else, for that matter. None Very High
Tough Guy Archetype Through a life of taking blows, you have hardened your body to a fine degree. Con 16+ Very High
Toxic Fist Combat You have fists of acid, daggers and short swords of toxic waste, too. None Very High
Toxic Magic Innate Your magic is poisonous, causing those affected by it to sicken and die. None High
Traceless Stalker ToP Skill You might as well be incorporeal for all the traces you leave behind. None Very High
Traceur Archetype You can do parkour, that what being a traceur mean. None High
Track Skill You feel at home no matter where you are. None High
Track Star Archetype Rolling around at the speed of sound, Got places to go, Got to follow my rainbow. Dex 20 Very High
Trendsetting Xenophile ToP Skill You are gregarious, shockingly popular and humble too! None
Tricky Grappler Fighter, Skill Being a luchador isn't always about having the biggest muscles. Improved Unarmed Strike Very High
Two-Weapon Fighting Combat When armed with two weapons, you fight with two weapons rather than picking and choosing and fighting with only one. Kind of obvious in retrospect. None Very High
Two-Weapon Fighting, MS Variant Fighter A better, more-scaleable version of the PHB feat. BAB +1 OR Dex 13 High
Tyrant Leadership, Skill You push people around and get larger and larger groups trapped in the iron gauntlet of your brutal rule. None Unquantifiable
Unarmed Combat Combat None
Unarmed Fighting Style Fighter A more powerful version of improved unarmed strike. Base attack bonus +1 or more. Very High
Uncanny Deductions Skill It's the little details that give the most away. None Very High
Undertaker Archetype Living or undead, all must descend in the tomb None
Unearthly Flames Combat, Elemental, Fiend Your body burns with unnaturally hot fire. Must have the [Fire] subtype Very High
Unethical Scientist Archetype You are a scientist who cares little for the 'safety protocols' or the 'ethical constraints'. Any Non-Good, Knowledge (any) 4 ranks. Very High
Unflappable Archetype You are simply unflappable, too cool for this world. None Very High
Unholy Spellcasting Spellcasting Your spells are evil. Evil. and once more for emphasis: EVIL. Ability to rebuke undead.
Unseen Assailant ToP Skill You specialize in stabbing your opponent in the face while somehow remaining hidden. None Very High
Unstoppable Object Archetype You're always on the move, you just can't stop! Dex 15+ Very High
Vampire Hunter Combat You take the "Un" out of "Undead". None High
Variant Weapon Focus Fighter A variant of the general Weapon Focus feat that scales with levels. Proficiency with selected weapon, Base Attack Bonus +1. High
Verbose Assault Combat Make your opponents feel inferior to yourself in every way. None High
Veteran Archetype You are a veteran. You fought all your life, and yes, you are badass. Middle aged or older., BAB +3 High
Virtuoso Skill You are a virtuoso, your attract the attention of people and can move heart to hope and despair or perhaps do something truly magical. None Very High
Vital Strike Skill You can pinpoint an enemy's vitals when their guard is down. None Very High
Wanderer Archetype You have no home and wander the land; you are a drifter; a nomad; at home everywhere. None High
Wandmaster Spellcasting You are a master wand-user, capable of wielding a wand and magic with great grace. None High
Warp Seeker Skill Those pesky teleporting demons and Wizards won't get away from you so easily. None Very High
Warrior Princess Archetype You are a warrior, you are a princess, you are a warrior princess! 1st level only, must be of royal blood and preferably female Very High
Weapon Finesse Combat You are incredibly deft with a sword. None High
Weapon Finesse, Tome Combat You're good with your fingers None Very High
Weapon Focus Eiji Variant Fighter Like the weapon focus chain, but better. None High
Weapon Focus, MS Variant Fighter A better, more-scaleable version of the PHB feat. None High
Weapon Mastery Combat You have given your all to the mastery of a single weapon. None Very High
Weapon Splitter Combat "Are you fighting with a stick? That sword's at least going to break like one." Str 15
Weapon Training Fighter You are a master with a specific weapon, allowing you to use it with exceptional accuracy. Proficiency with selected weapon, BAB +1 High
Weapon of Righteous Destruction Combat Your hands make whatever is being held by them Magical and on Fire. For some reason this doesn't make them melt or burn up. None Very High
Whirlwind Combat You are just as dangerous to everyone around you as to anyone around you. None Very High
Willing Influence, Scaling Pact, Skill You gain access to great power when you surrender yourself to the influence of vestiges. None High
Wirework Fighter Archetype Your movements and actions defy physics. None High
Wise One Archetype There are those in this world with a natural connection with the magic forces that criss-cross underneath reality. These powerful individuals tend to be incrediblly calm, and incrediblly wise. Ability to cast 1st level spells, Wisdom 15. High
Wise Sage Archetype You are an incredibly wise figure who keep knowledge and guide those around you into becoming better. Wis 15+ Very High
Wolfpack Tactics Combat You like ganging up on people. None High
World-Shaker Spellcasting Your spells are so strong that the very fabric of reality shakes when they are cast. None Very High
Wrapped in Scars Archetype You're covered in scars. It's ugly but has some benefits. Must be corporeal. Very High
Wuxia Master Combat You fight like a character from a Wuxia. None High
Zen Archery Combat You are very calm about shooting people in the face. That's a good place to be. None Very High
Zen Warrior Combat Zen warriors uses wisdom and inner spirit to enhance their fighting. None Very High
Zen Warrior Variant Combat Using your inner peace, you strike with power and purpose. Use Wisdom on attack rolls and more. None High

Epic Scaling Feats[edit]

Name Type Description Prerequisites Article Balance
Epic Rapid Spellcasting Spellcasting You can cast your spells faster, without metamagic feats. Caster Level 21, Ability to cast spells of Rank 9, Rapid Spell feat, Quicken Spell feat. Very High
Epic Rapid Spellcasting 2.0 Caster Level 21, Ability to cast level 9 spells, Rapid Spell feat, Quicken Spell feat. Very High

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