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Artificer Spells[edit]

Spells for the artificer class.

(0 Level)
1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level 4th Level 5th Level

Acid Splash
Booming Blade
Create Bonfire
Dancing Lights
Fire Bolt
Green-Flame Blade
Lightning Lure
Mage Hand
Magic Stone
Poison Spray
Ray of Frost
Shocking Grasp
Spare the Dying
Sword Burst
Thorn Whip

Absorb Elements
Arcane Weapon
Cure Wounds
Detect Magic
Disguise Self
Expeditious Retreat
Faerie Fire
False Life
Feather Fall
Purify Food and Drink
Tasha's Caustic Brew

Alter Self
Arcane Lock
Continual Flame
Enhance Ability
Heat Metal
Magic Mouth
Magic Weapon
Protection from Poison
Lesser Restoration
Rope Trick
See Invisibility
Spider Climb

Ashardalon's Stride
Create Food and Water
Dispel Magic
Elemental Weapon
Flame Arrows
Glyph of Warding
Protection from Energy
Tiny Servant
Vampiric Touch
Water Breathing
Water Walk

Arcane Eye
Elemental Bane
Faithful Hound
Freedom of Movement
Private Sanctum
Resilient Sphere
Secret Chest
Stone Shape
Summon Construct

Animate Objects
Arcane Hand
Greater Restoration
Skill Empowerment
Transmute Rock
Wall of Stone

Homebrew Artificer Spells[edit]

Alwin's Arcane Virus
Arc Loop
Arcing Blade
Chilling Blade
Crystal Blade
Impaling Conjuration
Kinetic Blade
Kiss of Vanti
Mass Mage Armor
Prismatic Burst
Quickening Blade
Thousandfold Strike
Twisting Blade
Z's Injury Levels

Sortable Table[edit]

The following is a sortable list of 115 artificer spells for 5th ed. (SRD, Canon (5e), and Homebrew (5e Spell)).

NameLevelSchoolRitualAction TypeRangeV,S,M¤Source
Absorb Elements1Abjuration SchoolReactionSelfSXanathar's Guide to Everything
Acid SplashCantripConjurationAction50 feetV, SSRD5
Aid2Abjuration SchoolOther30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Alarm1Abjuration SchooltrueOther30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Alter Self2Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV, SSRD5
Alwin's Arcane Virus4Necromancy SchoolActionSelf (20-ft cone)S, MCheezyfrys11
Animate Objects5Transmutation SchoolAction120 feetV, SSRD5
Arc LoopCantripEvocationAction30ftV, SZhenra-Khal
Arcane Eye4DivinationAction30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Arcane Hand5EvocationAction120 feetV, S, MSRD5
Arcane Lock2Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Arcane Weapon1Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfV, SUA Artificer 2019
Arcing BladeCantripEvocationActionSelf (5ft Radius)S, MZhenra-Khal
Artifice AssistantCantripConjurationAction30 feetV, SRlyehable
Ashardalon's Stride3Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfV, SFizban's Treasury of Dragons
Blink3Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV, SSRD5
Booming BladeCantripEvocationActionSelf (5-foot radius)M, STasha's Cauldron of Everything
Catapult1Transmutation SchoolAction150 feetSXanathar's Guide to Everything
Catnap3Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetS, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Chilling BladeCantripEvocationActionSelf (5ft Radius)S, MZhenra-Khal
Continual Flame2EvocationActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Create BonfireCantripConjurationAction60 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Create Food and Water3ConjurationAction30 feetV, SSRD5
Creation5IllusionOther30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Crystal BladeCantripAbjuration SchoolActionSelf (5ft Radius)S, MZhenra-Khal
Cure Wounds1EvocationActionTouchV, SSRD5
Dancing LightsCantripEvocationAction120 feetV, S, MSRD5
Darkvision2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Detect Magic1DivinationtrueActionSelfV, SSRD5
Disguise Self1IllusionActionSelfV, SSRD5
Dispel Magic3Abjuration SchoolAction120 feetV, SSRD5
Elemental Bane4Transmutation SchoolAction90 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Elemental Weapon3Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, SPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Enhance Ability2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Enlarge/Reduce2Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Expeditious Retreat1Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfV, SSRD5
Fabricate4Transmutation SchoolOther120 feetV, SSRD5
Faerie Fire1EvocationAction60 feetVSRD5
Faithful Hound4ConjurationAction30 feetV, S, MSRD5
False Life1Necromancy SchoolOtherSelfV, S, MSRD5
Feather Fall1Transmutation SchoolReaction60 feetV, MSRD5
Fire BoltCantripEvocationAction120 feetV, SSRD5
Flame Arrows3Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Fly3Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Freedom of Movement4Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
FrostbiteCantripEvocationAction60 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Glyph of Warding3Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Grease1ConjurationAction60 feetV, S, MSRD5
Green-Flame BladeCantripEvocationActionSelf (5-foot radius)S, MTasha's Cauldron of Everything
GuidanceCantripDivinationActionTouchV, SSRD5
HammerCantripEvocationAction60ftV, SZhenra-Khal
Haste3Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Heat Metal2Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV, S, MSRD5
House of Cards3ConjurationOtherTouchV, S, MUA 2022 Wonders of the Multiverse
Identify1DivinationtrueOtherTouchV, StrueSRD5
Impaling ConjurationCantripConjurationAction60ftV, S, MZhenra-Khal
Invisibility2IllusionActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Jump1Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Kinetic BladeCantripEvocationActionSelf (5ft Radius)S, MZhenra-Khal
Kiss of VantiCantripNecromancy SchoolActionTouch with ReachS, MRlyehable
Levitate2Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV, S, MSRD5
LightCantripEvocationActionTouchV, MSRD5
Lightning LureCantripEvocationActionSelf (15-foot radius)VSword Coast Adventurer's Guide
Longstrider1Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Mass Mage Armor3Abjuration SchoolOther30 ft.V, S, MRlyehable
Mage HandCantripConjurationAction30 feetV, SSRD5
Magic Mouth2IllusiontrueOther30 feetV, S, MtrueSRD5
Magic StoneCantripTransmutation SchoolBonus ActionTouchV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Magic Weapon2Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionTouchV, SSRD5
MendingCantripTransmutation SchoolOtherTouchV, S, MSRD5
MessageCantripTransmutation SchoolAction120 feetV, S, MSRD5
Poison SprayCantripConjurationAction10 feetV, SSRD5
PrestidigitationCantripTransmutation SchoolAction10 feetV, SSRD5
Prismatic Burst1EvocationAction30ftV, SZhenra-Khal
Private Sanctum4Abjuration SchoolOther120 feetV, S, MSRD5
Protection from Energy3Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV, SSRD5
Protection from Poison2Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, SSRD5
Purify Food and Drink1Transmutation SchooltrueAction10 feetV, SSRD5
Pyrotechnics2Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Quickening BladeCantripTransmutation SchoolActionSelf (5ft Radius)S, MZhenra-Khal
Ray of FrostCantripEvocationAction60 feetV, SSRD5
Resilient Sphere4EvocationAction30 feetV, S, MSRD5
ResistanceCantripAbjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Greater Restoration5Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Lesser Restoration2Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, SSRD5
Revivify3Necromancy SchoolActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Rope Trick2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Sanctuary1Abjuration SchoolBonus Action30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Secret Chest4ConjurationActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
See Invisibility2DivinationActionSelfV, S, MSRD5
ShadowCantripTransmutation SchoolActionTouchM, SRlyehable
Shocking GraspCantripEvocationActionTouchV, SSRD5
Skill Empowerment5Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Skywrite2Transmutation SchooltrueOtherSightV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Snare1Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Spare the DyingCantripNecromancy SchoolActionTouchV, SSRD5
Spider Climb2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Stone Shape4Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV, S, MSRD5
Stoneskin4Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV, S, MtrueSRD5
Summon Construct4ConjurationAction90 feetV, S, MTasha's Cauldron of Everything
Sword BurstCantripConjurationAction5 feetVSword Coast Adventurer's Guide
Tasha's Caustic Brew1EvocationActionSelf (30-foot line)V, S, MTasha's Cauldron of Everything
Thorn WhipCantripTransmutation SchoolAction30 feetV, S, MPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Thousandfold Strike5Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfVZhenra-Khal
ThunderclapCantripEvocationActionSelf (5-foot radius)SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Tiny Servant3Transmutation SchoolOtherTouchV, SXanathar's Guide to Everything
Transmute Rock5Transmutation SchoolAction120 feetV, S, MXanathar's Guide to Everything
Twisting BladeCantripEvocationActionSelf (5ft Radius)S, MZhenra-Khal
Vampiric Touch3Necromancy SchoolActionSelfV, SSRD5
Wall of Stone5EvocationAction120 feetV, S, MSRD5
Water Breathing3Transmutation SchooltrueAction30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Water Walk3Transmutation SchooltrueAction30 feetV, S, MSRD5
Web2ConjurationAction60 feetV, S, MSRD5
Z's Injury Levels1, Cantrip, 2, 3Necromancy School, Enchantment School, EvocationAction, Other, Bonus ActionSelf, 60ft, 60, TouchV, S, MZhenra-Khal

¤ (currency symbol) = component has a gp value, and must be provided in addition to a spell focus or other components.
V,S,M Verbal, Somatic, Material components

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