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Blood-Tinged Equipment[edit]

Accolade is home to Accursed Beasts, which have a particular affinity to and weakness to blood. These creatures often have damage reduction or regeneration bypassed by fresh blood. One can apply fresh blood to a weapon as if one was applying a poison (except without any chance of poisoning yourself) and dealing at least 1 point of lethal damage to yourself. Other weapons such as sacrificial weapons and certain materials automatically have the blood-tinged effect.


The Bleeding Edge setting is settled into a pseudo-Victorian setting, one of large empires and ships exploring the world, with pirate galleons and early science. Beyond normal items and gear one might expect in such a setting, including cannons and primitive firearms like blunderbusses, there is a significant focus on the elements of blood, occult knowledge and insight, strange transforming weapons, and fantastic artifacts. The following are particular items of note which may be found in the world.

Vehicles and Mounts[edit]

Most travel within the Bleeding Edge setting takes place with horse and carriage, and on giant wooden sailships. There are exceptions, and primitive ironclads or steamships may be found but they are an oddity. More commonplace are the magically reinforced ships of various militaries, some which have obtained flight. Airships are rare but powerful vehicles on par with an aircraft carrier in a fleet, or a zeppelin.

Magic Items[edit]

In general, while consumable items are commonplace, permanent magical gear is a bit more scarce usually involving either the upturning of lost items from ruins, or special crafting materials beyond the required spells involved. There is no constant formula for these things. One blacksmith may need dragon's blood to make a flaming sword, while another might require the ash of a magical tree.

The following are particular magic items of note (or enhancements to items) which may be found in the world.