Bound Castle (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 4-12-19
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Bound Castle [Spelltouched] The castle of chaos has re-appeared upon Mount Doombad. The dread impaler has risen again!Prerequisites: Exposure to mage's magnificent mansion, 9 HD, either Craft Wondrous Item or LandlordSBGBenefit: You gain a mansion, small castle, or large castle or similar grandiose living structure connected to your lifeforce, which you can purchase unadorned at 1/3rd the market cost. While it functions as a normal structure it only persists while you do. If you die, your structure crumbles to rubble after 1 minute of shaking and all items under your ownership within turn to dust.

However, if you are brought back so to does your castle and its objects within after 1 minute, provided the land is unoccupied, back in the state it was just before you perished. If your structure is destroyed itself, it can be respawned as it was 10 minutes before destruction after 1 month has passed.

You can choose to move your structure to a new spawning point with an 24 hour ritual in any unoccupied terrain large and stable enough to support it. If the structure already exists, it will be moved in its entirety at the end of the ritual.

Creatures inside the castle at the time of its destruction, regardless of the cause, are not respawned. Objects under your ownership do respawn if they were in the castle at time of destruction. However any charged items will have their charges expended regardless how far back the castle was reverted.

If you have the Landlord feat, your building provided by Landlord can act as the structure in question. You can also upgrade from a mansion to a small castle to a large castle by paying the difference. Example: The Princess of the Black Wyrm owns the Floating Fortress over the town of Everywhere. She is slain by plucky adventurers and 1 minute later the Floating Fortress falls to pieces, along with her collection of troll skulls. Her castle minions escape into a portal to the Dark World. Fortunately for the princess, her minions restore her to life. The castle returns to the skies of Everywhere, and its populace knows their troubles are not yet over, and the castle is already repopulating from the Dark World portal.

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