Enduring Physiology (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Tarkisflux (talk)
Date Created: December 4, 2011
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Enduring Physiology [ToP Skill] If things got really bad, you could always just hide under a rock for a century or two until they improved. Benefits: This is a skill feat intended for use with the Tome of Prowess. It scales with your ranks in Endurance.

  • 4 ranks: Your body processes slow substantially. You only need to eat and drink half as much as normal, and can hold your breath for 4 rounds per point of Endurance bonus or your Constitution score, whichever provides the larger time. You may make an Endurance check in place of a Fortitude save against poisons or diseases. You no longer suffer attribute penalties for aging as deterioration simply doesn't happen at the same pace.
  • 9 ranks: You no longer require food or water to sustain your body, or whatever other crude physical matter would otherwise sustain you. You can still eat and drink if you want to; refreshment tastes as it would normally, and your body still processes it normally if you do take it in. You can hold your breath for 1 minute per point of Endurance bonus. You also gain immunity to mundane diseases, ingested poisons, and contact poisons, but not injury or inhaled poisons. Your maximum age limit is doubled.
  • 14 ranks: You no longer need to breathe to sustain your body, and can hold your breath indefinitely. You become immune to any effects that require you to inhale them first, as well as immunity to magical diseases and all poisons. Your maximum age limit is quadrupled.
  • 19 ranks: Your body resists attempts to weaken it exceedingly well. You do not suffer Ability Damage and Ability Drain that would be applied to your Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution scores. You have no maximum lifespan and are immortal barring magic, violence, or other things of that sort. If you ever feel like passing on "naturally", you may do so with 8 hours of meditation.

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