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Tome Skill Feats[edit]

These feats were introduced in Races of War and scale with your ranks in a given skill.

Skill Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Skill Summary
Acquirer's Eye None Appraise You know what you want, even if other people have it right now.
Acrobatic None Tumble You can totally flip out and kill someone with your gymnastic prowess.
Alchemical Experimentation None Craft (Alchemy) You brew strange serums and use yourself as a test subject, either in the cause of Science or for darker ends.
Alertness None Listen Your ears are so sharp you probably wouldn't miss your eyes.
Animal Affinity None Handle Animal You're one of those people animals just won't leave alone for no apparent reason.
Apprentice of the Sublime Way None or Sublime Inspired Martial Lore Master the sublime way.
Army of Demons None Knowledge (The Planes) You have an army of planar crazy crap.
Art Major None Profession (Painter) By dabbling in the skilled art of painting you gain some of the powers of the mighty Painter.
Aura of Menace None Intimidate "Hand me my wallet. It's the one that says "Badass motherfucker" on it"
Battlefield Surgeon None Heal You like to cut people open with a saw. But it's good for them. Seriously.
Bearer of Terror None Intimidate Remember kids! Every man knows when to... RUN LIKE A LITTLE BITCH!"
Beastmaster, Red Rob Version None Handle Animal You have a loyal animal companion that shares your adventures.
Bio-Engineer None Knowledge (Nature) You can create life and various biological components with both mastery and ease.
Brutal Strike None Hide Your precision strikes target the enemies’ weak points for massive damage.
Bureaucrat None Appraise You have a functioning guild that makes stuff for you and gives you money.
Clockwork Centurion None Craft You are served by an array of mechanical and magically-animated servants.
Combat Casting None Concentration Having a sword sticking out of your chest doesn't noticeably impede your ability to do... well, just about anything.
Combat Casting, Red Rob Version None Concentration You have managed to overcome your crippling personal space issues.
Computer Wizard None Program You are a master at working with codes, hacking and other cybernonsense.
Con Artist None Bluff You can fool some of the people, all of the time.
Con Man None Bluff Con men are experts at being the "face" of an operation, distracting others or getting places unnoticed.
Connected None Diplomacy You have friends in high place, low places too. In fact, it’s surprising anyone dislikes you.
Cryptographer None Decipher Script You're good at reading things no one intended you to.
Darkstalker None Hide You are one of the creatures creeping and stalking in the night.
Dashing Swordsman None Tumble Suits of armour and greatswords are for wimps. Real men wear silk.
Deft Fingers None Sleight of Hand Your amazing manual dexterity is the talk of princes and princesses.
Demolition Expert None Knowledge (Engineering) Thing 'Go Boom!' when you are around, you are a master at explosion and making thing crumble.
Desert Dweller, Tome Must have spent at least 1 year in the desert. Survival You are a desert dude, born and raised. Because of this, you are adept at surviving in harsh conditions.
Detective None Gather Information You're good at finding things out just by conversing with townsfolk.
Disabling Strike None Disable Device You are an expert at breaking things.
Dominate Vestige None Knowledge (The Planes) Your mastery of soul binding allow you to make vestiges subservient to you, of course if they do gain control it often mean trouble.
Doorman None Open Lock You have complete mastery of portals.
Dreadful Demeanor None Intimidate People know you're a badass motherfvcker the instant you enter the room.
Expert Counterfeiter None Forgery You aren't a common forger, you're an artiste.
Extraordinary Spell Aim None Spellcraft You can sling spells better than the rest.
Fiendbinder None Knowledge (The Planes) You are both extremely capable of binding fiend at your service and fighting them off, both come in handy in your life.
Fire Dancer None Perform (Dance) Dance around your enemies and watch them burn. Inspired by Ignan Soul.
Focused Psionic Able to manifest 1st level powers, power pool Autohypnosis Gain scaling bonuses to becoming psionically focused.
Forked Tongue None Bluff You have a forked tongue, which allow to provoke and piss off people off like no others.
Friendenstein Puppet the Dead class feature Knowledge(Arcana) You get very attached to the results of your experiments.
Ghost Step None Move Silently You might as well be incorporeal for all the noise you make.
Hedge Witch No Levels in the Codex Witch class. Spellcraft You may not be a full hexer, but you certainly picked a trick or two when someone wandered in your abodes.
Herb Mixer Survival 4 Ranks, Craft (Alchemy) 4 Ranks Heal With a lot of green herbs and a slight bit of red herb you can make those sword wounds go like it was nothing.
Initiate of the Magnum Opus Int 15+ Craft (Alchemy) You receive an increased learning of alchemy through a complete work which will make you an outstanding alchemist.
Innate Invisibility Must have the [Air] subtype Hide You can conceal yourself from the world.
Inquisitor None Sense Motive You are an adept at reading the thoughts of those around you, learning the truth and generally snooping around in the brain of people.
Investigator None Search You have an eye for detail and so much patience that going through a 100' by 100' room inch-by-inch doesn't even try it.
Invigorating Dance Bardic music, bardic dance, or virtuous performance Perform (dance) Grant an ally an extra turn through the power of dance.
Item Master None Use Magic Device You make magic items do things you want.
Leadership None Diplomacy You convince people that obeying you is a good career move.
Leap of the Heavens None Jump You jump good.
Legendary Wrangler None Use Rope No one can tell where you end and your ropes begin.
Lord of Death None Knowledge (Religion) A whole bunch of skeletons and crap show up to fight under your tattered banner.
Lord of Madness None Knowledge (Dungeoneering) Through research of the dark dreams from beyond, or perhaps you own tainted blood, you have found the way of becoming one of the nightmarish creature itself.
Lorekeeper None Knowledge You are a delving scholar and keeper of knowledge, you acquire ancient lore and unlock the secret of the past.
Mad Corpsecrafter None Knowledge (Religion) You are a master corpsecrafter, much like Doctor Frankeinstein. Any undead you create are tougher, stronger and overall better.
Magical Aptitude None Spellcraft You're crazy good at manipulating magic.
Many-Faced None Disguise You change identities so often even you don't remember what you look like anymore.
Master Craftsman None Craft The items you make are famous around the world for superior craftsmanship.
Master of Masks None Perform (Acting or Comedy) You are a master of masks, you have the ability to summon supernatural masks and gain great powers from them.
Master of Terror None Intimidate You scare people so bad they follow you around hoping you won't hurt them.
Masterwork Smith None Craft You are a master smith, crafting items better and faster than any other man or woman.
Monster Rancher None Handle Animal You can breed and train a large number of crazy beasts.
Motivational Performer Cha 13, Bardic Music class feature Perform Your performances inspire your allies beyond what they thought themselves capable of! You're like that Tony Robbins guy or something.
Mounted Combat None Ride You are at your best when fighting with an ally that you are sitting on.
Music Major None Perform Through your performances you are able to evoke physical manifestations.
Natural Empath None Sense Motive You read people like books.
Occultist None Knowledge (Forbidden Lore) You play with power not meant to be played with, whether to destroy them or use them for your own gains.
Outdoorsman None Survival You are a man who lives in nature, separated from the vices of civilization.
Overland Rush None Survival You've got some distance to cover. Best do it in a montage, it's faster that way.
Pathfinder None Survival You can find your way even when it would be impossible for others.
Perceptive, Falin Version Spot & Listen must be class skills for you Perception Instead of choosing to listen for something or look for it, you can do both
Persuasive None Diplomacy When you tell you people something that contradicts the evidence of their own eyes, they believe you.
Pose Expertise Cha 13 Perform You are the master of the dramatic pose, which affects those around you with the power of your fighting spirit.
Professional Luddite None Disable Device You've learned to break machines because you're an antitechnology fanatic -- or maybe you just work for the local protection racket.
Protected by Spirits None Knowledge (Religion) You are watched over and protected by a Guardian spirit.
Psionic Precognition Must be able to manifest at least one power from the Seer discipline list. Autohypnosis Your psionic abilities have granted you significant precognitive powers.
Secret Identity None Disguise You have built up a secret Identity, to help keep your loved ones safe.
Self-Taught Chemist No Levels in the Chemist class. Craft (Alchemy) You may not have graduated from the Alchemist College, but your self-taught skills can make a potion or two.
Sharp-Eyed None Spot Nothing escapes you.
Sidestep, Red Rob Version None Tumble You can avoid attacks using your incredible acrobatics.
Slippery Contortionist None Escape Artist Your childhood nickname was "Greasy the Pig," but now people call you "The Great Hamster."
Spellbound Familiar None Spellcraft You possess the ability to summon a familiar as an extension of your will.
Steady Stance None Balance You can fight just about anywhere.
Stealthy None Hide If someone sees you, you have to kill them.
Stunt Driver None Ride You can perform miracles with a good vehicle or mount.
Sublime Inspired if a martial discipline is desired that offers psi-like, spell-like, or supernatural maneuvers; then one must have a feat, racial trait, or class feature that already allows tapping into such energies., Cannot already be a martial adept. Also the key skill of the Martial Discipline desired This feat is designed to add flavor to any class by exploiting one of their given class skills and further expressing said skill through the sublime arts without having to multiclass as a martial adept.
Super Scaler None Climb You stick to walls like glue. Or something.
Swift Feet None Tumble People are somewhat irritated by your tendency to walk in circles around them.
Swim Like a Fish None Swim You're at least as home in the water as you are on land.
Technologist None Knowledge (Engineering) You are an expert at figuring out what technology does and how to make it work.
Telepathic Collective None Psicraft You have powerful telepathic abilities which you use to organize people and do networking.
Track None Survival You feel at home no matter where you are.
Tricky Grappler Improved Unarmed Strike Escape Artist Being a luchador isn't always about having the biggest muscles.
Tyrant None Intimidate You push people around and get larger and larger groups trapped in the iron gauntlet of your brutal rule.
Virtuoso None Perform You are a virtuoso, your attract the attention of people and can move heart to hope and despair or perhaps do something truly magical.
Vital Strike None Move Silently You can pinpoint an enemy's vitals when their guard is down.
Willing Influence, Scaling None Knowledge (The Planes) You gain access to great power when you surrender yourself to the influence of vestiges.

Tome of Prowess Skill Feats[edit]

These feats follow the same format and style, but assume you are using the Tome of Prowess. Feats in this section may be used in games that do not use that work, but will need to be adapted to SRD skills and may need minor power changes as well.

Tome of Prowess Skill Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) ToP Skill Summary
Battlefield Apothecary None Healing As the man with the meds on the front lines, everyone pretty much loves you.
Beastmaster None Creature Handling Creatures of all types have a thing for you.
Blood Magister None Healing You know of blood, and derive great power from it.
Dilettante Necromancer None Arcana You think the undead pretty neat, but might not be interested in all of that specialist spellcasting stuff.
Dimensional Wrangler None Survival You could wrangle a blink dog or a pocket dimension with the right knot.
Dread Chill None Intimidation The horror of your presence is so great that the air grows cold.
Earth Diver None Athletics You can treat earth as if it were a liquid, gaining assorted defensive and mobility benefits.
Enduring Physiology None Endurance If things got really bad, you could always just hide under a rock for a century or two until they improved.
Master of Minds None Concentration By mastering your own mind, you gain power over the minds of others.
Metaphysical Escapist None Escape Artistry You can temporarily free yourself from gravity, the prime material plane, and (eventually) your physical form.
Shaman of the Land None Geomancy The spirits of the animals are your friends.
Skin Like Armour None Endurance You're so tough that you can walk around naked and people still can't hurt you.
Theologist None Thaumaturgy Your learning of divine matters gives you power from a deity.
Touch Me If You Can None Acrobatics Nobody can quite put a finger on you. Or anything else, for that matter.
Traceless Stalker None Stealth You might as well be incorporeal for all the traces you leave behind.
Trendsetting Xenophile None Affability You are gregarious, shockingly popular and humble too!
Unseen Assailant None Stealth You specialize in stabbing your opponent in the face while somehow remaining hidden.