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[ToP Skill] Feats[edit]

ToP Skill feats are a derivative of the [Skill] feats originally written up in Races of War, part of the Tome series of Homebrew, that scale with the revised skills instead of the SRD skills. They were created to replace feat chains entirely, in order to make the acquisition of additional thematic ability sets possible at higher levels and grant feat abilities more on par with spellcasting abilities regardless of acquisition level. As a result, they have no prerequisites and provide a significant benefit at whatever level they are taken.

The Tome of Prowess is not part of the Tome series, and places limits on the number of scaling feats a character can acquire.


Scaling ToP Skill Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Battlefield Apothecary As the man with the meds on the front lines, everyone pretty much loves you. None High
Beastmaster Creatures of all types have a thing for you. None Very High
Blood Magister You know of blood, and derive great power from it. None
Dilettante Necromancer You think the undead pretty neat, but might not be interested in all of that specialist spellcasting stuff. None Very High
Dimensional Wrangler You could wrangle a blink dog or a pocket dimension with the right knot. None Very High
Dread Chill The horror of your presence is so great that the air grows cold. None
Earth Diver You can treat earth as if it were a liquid, gaining assorted defensive and mobility benefits. None Very High
Enduring Physiology If things got really bad, you could always just hide under a rock for a century or two until they improved. None High
Master of Minds By mastering your own mind, you gain power over the minds of others. None
Metaphysical Escapist You can temporarily free yourself from gravity, the prime material plane, and (eventually) your physical form. None Very High
Shaman of the Land The spirits of the animals are your friends. None
Skin Like Armour You're so tough that you can walk around naked and people still can't hurt you. None High
Theologist Your learning of divine matters gives you power from a deity. None
Touch Me If You Can Nobody can quite put a finger on you. Or anything else, for that matter. None Very High
Traceless Stalker You might as well be incorporeal for all the traces you leave behind. None Very High
Trendsetting Xenophile You are gregarious, shockingly popular and humble too! None
Unseen Assailant You specialize in stabbing your opponent in the face while somehow remaining hidden. None Very High

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SummaryToP Skill feats are a type of scaling feat that grants increasing bonuses based on your ranks in a specific skill in the Tome of Prowess skill system. +