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Author: IGTN (talk)
Date Created: 2010
Status: Essentially complete
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Energy Specialization [Spellcasting] You are specialized in one form of energy over the others for some reason. Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: Select an energy type: Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire. Whenever you cast a spell, you may change all energy damage it deals to that energy type, and adjust its descriptors accordingly. This does not affect spells that summon creatures. This counts as the Energy Substitution feat for purposes of meeting prerequisites for things.
  • 1: Whenever you do damage of your selected energy type to a creature with your spells, its resistance to that type drops by half the damage done. Its resistance recovers at a rate of one point per full minute spent without being further decreased. You inflict half damage to creatures immune to your energy type when attacking them with that energy type.
  • 3: You may change half of the energy damage you inflict with your spell to another type. You also can add a negative condition to your damaging spells, depending on the energy type you choose:
  • Acid: Poisoned Acid: Half of all Acid damage is instead poisonous (creatures with no metabolism are immune, but no resistances apply). Creatures hit are poisoned (1d4 to STR, primary and secondary ability points.If primary or secondary ability points are STR, then 2d4 for STR. Save DC equal to that of the spell).
  • Cold: Uttercold: Half of all Cold damage is instead negative energy. Creatures that fail their saves are fatigued. This counts as the Lord of the Uttercold feat for purposes of meeting prerequisites.
  • Fire: Brightfire: Half of all Fire damage is instead dealt by light (undead and oozes take double damage; fire resistance and immunity don't work but light resistance does), and the spell gains the [Light] descriptor. Creatures that fail their saves are blinded for 2 rounds.
  • Electric: Three Thunders: Half of all Electric damage is instead Sonic, and the spell gains the [Sonic] descriptor. Creatures that fail their saves are dazed for one round. This counts as the Born of Three Thunders feat for purposes of meeting prerequisites.
  • 6: A number of times per day equal to the ability modifier you use to set your spell saving throw DCs (highest one, if you have multiple qualifying spellcasting classes), your damaging spells may inflict full damage in both their original type and in the damage type you are specialized in.
  • 9: Creatures that take damage from your spells lose immunity and resistances to your selected energy type until the end of your next turn, especially if it doesn't make sense (i.e., being able to fireball a fire elemental on the plane of fire and then having the plane burn it to death). Any vulnerabilities that they have stay. Your spells do lethal damage to creatures with regeneration, as long as any energy type does.

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