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These feats were never introduced in a Tome, but are commonly used in such games. They scale with the highest spell level you are capable of casting. The Book of Elements discusses this type of feat.

Spellcasting Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Abyssalcry Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak abyssal Infuse your magic words with the raw power of demons
Arcane Study None Your diligent research pays off in expanded magical potential.
Augment Summoning None Creatures you summon are more potent than normal.
Celestialprayer Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak celestial By praising the higher powers you empower your own spells
Chaosbabble Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak anarch Confuse and weaken your enemies with chaotic words
Cystic Magic None Your magic's messed up, dude. You just gave that guy magic cancer.
Deathwhisper Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak necril Use the tongue of the dead when casting spells
Divine Might Must be able to Turn or Rebuke Undead. "And you will know my name is the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee."
Divine Protection Must be able to Turn or Rebuke Undead. "Blessed is he who shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness."
Domain Focus None Your god helps you to help yourself.
Dragontongue Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak draconic Use draconic words to empower your spells
Elementalvoice Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak at least one elemental language (aquan, aura, ignan or terran) Cast spells with elemental languages as vocal components for added effects
Energy Reshaper None You reshape the energies released by your magic, turning them to new uses.
Energy Specialization None You are specialized in one form of energy over the others for some reason.
Epic Rapid Spellcasting Caster Level 21, Ability to cast spells of Rank 9, Rapid Spell feat, Quicken Spell feat. You can cast your spells faster, without metamagic feats.
Fell Animate The ability to turn undead. You shoot people in the face so hard with magic, they feel obligated to get up and serve you later.
Feychant Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak sylvan Enhance illusions and enchantments with the sylvan tongue
Fortress Mage None You're good at building magic items that stay in one place.
Greenbound Summoning None You get plant badgers instead of angel badgers, It works out pretty nice for you.
Holy Spellcasting Ability to turn undead. Your spells reek of Holy Magic. And you can smite undead... well, dead.
Improved Counterspelling None You like to say no more than you say yes.
Improved Familiar Must be able to summon a Familiar. Your familiar is the envy of wizards for miles around.
Infernalspeech Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak infernal Channel the cunning of devils into your spells
Magical Artifice None You have learned the secrets of binding lasting effects into magic items.
Master of Illusion None Your mastery of illusions allows you to improve them. This is a magical feat that scales with the highest level spell slot you have.
Megalomaniac None You dabble in the abilities of the World Dominator and find them to your liking.
MetaPower 2 metamagic feats Improves the uses of other metamagic feats
Metashape Int 16 or Wis 16, ability to cast spells or manifest powers, any other Metafeat. You can shape your area spells to better suit your immediate needs.
Mystical Expanse None Your magic can cover a truly vast area.
Ordersentence Magic Ability to cast spells, ability to speak axial The power of law flows through your voice into your spells
Persistent Spell None Your spells stay around longer than the average mage.
Powerful Metamagic None Your spells are strong. Really.
Sacred Healer Must be able to Turn Undead. You can channel positive energy to increase the power of your healing spells.
Scholastic Prodigy Must be a prepared spellcaster that uses a spellbook (or similar mechanics) to prepare spells. You are particularly skilled at preparing spells, sometimes even on the fly.
Sorcerous Prodigy Must be a spontaneous caster (like a Sorcerer or Bard) with spells known. Your advanced focus on spontaneous magic allows you to progress faster than your peers.
Spell Focus None The spells of your chosen school are more potent than normal.
Store Magic None You have mastered the secrets of storing your magic in external items, such as scrolls, potions, and wands.
Stormshaper Ability to cast a spell with one of the following descriptors: [Air], [Cold], [Electricity], [Sonic], or [Water]. You are exceptionally adept at shaping weather-related effects.
Summon the Legion None You can summon astounding numbers of creatures. This is a magical feat that scales with the highest level Conjuration (Summoning) or Conjuration (Calling) spell you can cast.
Summoning Mastery None You're really good at pushing extraplanar creatures around.
Unholy Spellcasting Ability to rebuke undead. Your spells are evil. Evil. and once more for emphasis: EVIL.
World-Shaker None Your spells are so strong that the very fabric of reality shakes when they are cast.

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