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Author: the bluez in the dungeon (talk)
Date Created: 06/07/2021
Status: Complete
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Shieldsurfing [Fighter] Reaching rapidly its companions down the hill wasn't a problem with the fighter's trusty shieldboard.Prerequisites: Balance or Tumble 1 rankBenefit: You may use your shield (from a light shield for your size going up) to move extremely fast downhills. You may use a swift action to hop on your shield (which will have its front on the ground) and start moving down a slope at a speed of 15 feet (4,5 meters), increasing your speed each round by 15 feet x n rounds from when you started surfing your shield (not counting the round you are currently starting), up to 6 times your base land speed. This surfing counts as running for the purpose of Jump checks, when you reach a speed greater than your own land speed. You lose your Dexterity bonus to AC while shieldsurfing at an higher speed than your base land speed.

If you move along the same altitude (such if on flat land or having turned completely right or left) you decrease your speed by 15 feet (4,5 meters) each round. If trying to move uphill, you decrease your speed by half each round, eventually starting to go down, unless you get off the shield.

You may use Balance and Tumble checks to control your descent. Each round you may turn right or left, continuing to go down, up to half your base land speed, decreasing your downhill speed by 15 feet (4,5 meters) per each 15 feet you turn after the first.

If you want to stop surfing you may do so as a move action if your current speed is equal or less than your own base land speed, with no need for checks, and you may retrieve your shield as a swift action. If you want to do it while going faster you must make a Balance or Tumble check with DC 20 (higher or lower depending on conditions) to avoid falling. In this case your shield needs to be catched with a Dexterity or Sleight of Hand check with DC 15, or it will continue to slide. Special: Light shields give a +2 to Tumble checks for the purpose of this feat, while heavy and tower shields give a +2 to Balance checks for this feat.

A fighter may choose this feat as one of its fighter bonus feats.

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