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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "These bards know something about most things". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Johnnya4344/sandbox/Master of Unlife  + (There is an art to creating undead. Some do it the simple way, while you sacrifice all diversity in your undead armada to have crazy awesome zombies.)
  • Dread Knight (3.5e Class)  + (There is evil and then there is Evil, there are Paladins of Evil and then there are the Dread Knights.)
  • Quasinaught (3.5e Class)  + (There is no such thing as a quasinaught, y
    There is no such thing as a quasinaught, yet this does not stop them from affecting the world. This makes a quasinaught infinitely dangerous, something to be avoided at every expense, for fear of being touched by that which isn't real, for fear of being doused in unexistance.
    , for fear of being doused in unexistance.)
  • Nubian Fury (3.5e Feat)  + (There is nothing scarier than a naked barbarian leaping at you with a greataxe.)
  • Secrets of the Word (3.5e Feat)  + (There is power in words.)
  • Lethologica (3.5e Power)  + (There is something you're forgetting. It's right on the tip of your tongue...)
  • Murderborn (3.5e Equipment)  + (There once was a string of horrific murder
    There once was a string of horrific murders within the sleepy victorian town of York, a sadistic killer known as the Red Queen who would dismember her victims and steal body parts away. Witnesses, what few their were, claimed that she would use a signature oversized butcher knife for her crimes.
    re oversized butcher knife for her crimes.)
  • Phizbirro the Blasphemous (3.5e Vestige)  + (There once was an infamous case of a man possessed by demons. He sowed chaos and discord amongst his fellow man, and in the attempt to exorcise him, he and those nearby were thrown out from reality to an unknown fate.)
  • FATAL Grenade (3.5e Equipment)  + (There's a point where a bad joke goes too far; we clearly passed and weaponized it.)
  • Single Weapon Fellow (3.5e Feat)  + (There's only really one weapon type you like. You like it a lot.)
  • Alien Blood (3.5e Trait)  + (There's something off about you. You're not a natural part of this biosphere...)
  • Thermalsight (3.5e Creature Ability)  + (Thermalsight gives creatures the ability to sense heat sources visually.)
  • Theran Medusa (5e)  + (Theros medusas have serpent-like bodies from the waist down with humanoid-like torso, arms, and head.)
  • Gloves of Mediocre Dexterity (3.5e Equipment)  + (These "Gloves of Mediocre Dexterity" gives you the flexibility of the average man!)
  • Omnigoggles (3.5e Equipment)  + (These Aperture Magic manufactured goggles are inlaid in a small, but complex magical device containing an array of lens fixtures and light filters, that is strapped in front of the face and translates optical input to a better suited form.)
  • Canin Bully Breed (3.5e Template)  + (These Canin suffer from a mutation that causes them to become "double muscled" making them bigger and stronger than the typical member of the breed)
  • User:Timplate/Elemental Avatar (3.5e Template)  + (These Creatures are the physical embodiment of the natural elements. Either by experimentation or being born this way, they are able to control and utilize an element of nature.)
  • Forest Gnome (5e)  + (These [[SRD5:Gnome|gnome]]s are natual illusionists that speak with small animals.)
  • SRD:Half-Orcs (Race)  + (These [[SRD:Orc|orc]]–[[SRD:Humans (Race)|human]] crossbreeds can be found in either [[SRD:Orc|orc]] or [[SRD:Humans (Race)|human]] society (where their status varies according to local sentiments), or in communities of their own.)
  • Forisel (3.5e Monster)  + (These alien looking celestials were created as transporters for celestial troops and general mobility. Composed of rings within rings, with 84 faces that peer in all directions, their biggest threat is the allies they bring.)
  • Cnidary (3.5e Race)  + (These aquatic, jellyfish-like aberrations in a humanoid shape have a penchant for crafting.)
  • Eladrin Subrace (5e)  + (These are elves from the [[SRD5:Feywild|Feywild]])
  • Draconic (3.5e Subtype)  + (These are the most quintessential and badass creatures in D&D (depending on who you ask).)
  • Armorer (5e)  + (These artificers specialize in armor and protection.)
  • Rocket Legs (3.5e Equipment)  + (These artificial legs transform into powerful rockets for jumps and flight.)