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I enjoy creating homebrew for DnD 3.5, most of which can be found by following this link:

As I am inexperienced with using wikis, most of my homebrew on this site was put here through Havvy's service here:

My work[edit]

  • Alea Iacta Est! (Get a random outcome that increases damage.)
  • Bearly Legal Grizzly Swarm (Before you a strange yet terrifying sight appears. Giant bears! With upon them: less giant bears! And stacked further on top of those are more bears, ultimately controlled and directed by a bunch of small black bears at the very top. In perfect simultaneous unison, the bears roar and it is like a sonic tsunami rolls over you. The bear armies of the wild have arrived.)
  • Challenge-Obsessed (Initiate multiple Duel of Wills per battle and gain ability to parry using Iaijutsu Focus)
  • Crave Misteak (Parry and attack twice, gaining bonus hp.)
  • Crowning Moment of Punny/Pawsome (Use Truespeech to reach a foe and utterly slaughter him verbally with your actions.)
  • Cutting Remark (Gain bonus damage dice depending on Truespeak result.)
  • Eternal Soliloquy (Time stop effect on you and one foe, Truespeak checks deal damage.)
  • Fare Trade (Give your target the disease or poison in your own body. Gain bonus damage depending on relationship with target.)
  • Fightin’ Shade (Create an area of darkness that does not affect your sight.)
  • Freez’n’fire It Up (Hold person for one round, plus cold and fire damage.)
  • Goron (A race of strong but peaceful mountain-dwelling rock-eaters.)
  • Hypurrcane of Puns (Become an objectionable subject to air walk and haste. Grow whiskeys.)
  • I came, I saw, I Concorde (Spring attack with increased speed.)
  • Just A Henchman (You can carry things, despite being weak.)
  • Just A Linguist (Be unintelligent and talkative)
  • Just A Meatshield (Take punches, gain HP)
  • Just A Messenger (Use someone elses words)
  • Just Acknowledgeable (Gain better untrained knowledge checks, re-roll certain other checks, using lower.)
  • Just Ice (Smite evil with your cold dumb greatness.)
  • Koopa (Koopas are bald turtle like creatures from the Mario videogames.)
  • Koopa Throwing Hammer
  • Koopa, Winged (Winged versions of Koopa.)
  • Korok (Koroks from the Legend of Zelda series.)
  • Lexical Innuendo (Grant +4 bonus on Bluff and Perform checks or make an opponent flat-footed.)
  • Molon Labe! (Gain protection from ranged attacks and shield and dodge bonuses to AC depending on your Truespeak result.)
  • Ow, My Puncreas! (Opponent who attacks you takes 1d4 Con or Cha damage.)
  • Pay Back In Mind (Truespeak check to attack someone who attacked you or your allies. May take damage voluntarily to boost damage.)
  • Proper Punctuation (Spellcaster must make a Concentration check or fail.)
  • Pun Fursonified (Get a natural armour bonus to AC or an enhancement bonus to Str, Dex, Con or Wis. Grow fur.)
  • Pun-punk (Summon a weapon with magic bonuses for a single round.)
  • Pundemonium (Foes you strike will save against permanent confusion and petrifaction.)
  • Pungeon Pendragon (Swashbuckling heroes are fond of using rapier wit alongside their rapiers, shooting arrows accompanied by shooting puns and even when things look bleak, they throw in a joke before throwing in the towel. Bards and wise men often recall famous words by famous men, used in the past to great effect in orations and battle speeches: all the more proof that the power of wordplay lies and speaks true in all languages, even the most ancient and intricarious ones. Those who learn the most ancient and most intricatastrophic of all and weave it into their combat routines are the practitioners of the Pungeon Pendragon style: their very actions speak truer than Truespeech.)
  • Puny Man’s Defiance (Establish subconscious telepathic links with your allies for knowledge of speech. Gain bonus on attack.)
  • Purricane of Huns (Create copies of yourself who, along with yourself, fly into a rage. Grow whiskeys.)
  • Pyrefly (Single pyrefly of a Pyrefly Rift)
  • Pyrefly Rift (A pyrefly rift may be created when a certain kind of monster dies. Its soul is transported to the outer plane appropriate for it, forced through a zero-dimensional rift in space-time where it died.)
  • Pyrefly Rift Raven (Raven with the Pyrefly Rift template.)
  • Rapier Wit (Double your crit range and may use your Dex modifier instead of Str for attack.)
  • Rito (Rito race from Legend of Zelda)
  • Shanks for the Memories (Enemy that attacked you becomes flat-footed and provokes attacks of opportunity.)
  • Sudden Challenge (Force a duel of wills any time during combat, gain bonus damage upon success of duel.)
  • Survivalar Evolution (Reach the peak of ability of surviving a battle, but become incapable of attack.)
  • Three Times’ the Harm (Make three Truespeak checks instead of attack rolls. Use your highest roll with a bonus.)
  • Truelepathic Interfearance (Stabilize an ally or allow him to throw off the effects of fear or poison.)
  • Unspirited (The Unspirited are a race that has its roots in ages beyond human memory, but whose existence took a long time to manifest into the shape their race has today.)
  • We Chappy Few (Give some allies within 60 feet special bonuses which you may change for the situation.)
  • Yoshi (Yoshi from the Mario Series)
  • Zola Defiance (Be evil as a Zora and gain a breath weapon.)
  • Zora (Zoras from Legend of Zelda)