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Welcome to Nolan's user page.


For Players[edit]

Classes: Spider-Monk, Alternative Pirate, Snake Handler Priest, Animal Evolutionist, Stormbringer, User:Nolanf/Stormbringer (3.5e Class)

Prestige Classes: Spider Savage, Skyward Sword, Mage Monk, Mage Monk (Cleric Variant)

Evolutions: Ape, Riding Dog, Velociraptor, Eagle, Giant Ant, Horse, Lion, Monstrous Spider, Pseudodragon, Snake, Nixie, Wolf, Polymorph Symbiote
Abra, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Eevee, Kakuna, Mareep, Magnemite, Metapod, Mudkip, Nidoran, Pichu,

Races: Loganian, Micoyan, Summersite, Worthingtonian

Feats: Power Animal, Animal Sight, Animal Avatar, Life Animal

Powers: cold front, warm front


Sourcebook: Complete Superhero

For GMs[edit]


Monsters: Infernal Couatl, Compsognathus (adopted), Velociraptor, Mega Ampharos, Juvenile Polymorph Symbiote, Young Adult Polymorph Symbiote, Mature Adult Polymorph Symbiote

Templates: Symbiote Host

Extra: Evolutions Template

In the Works[edit]

Personal Reference[edit]

Ratings (my personal ratings)

(Any pages that you would like to more easily reference, or really like. Would advise using this area for guides and “Other” pages, “favored" pages can be referenced in the ratings subpage. The following are all good references: Dice Roller, Classes by Ability Score, Standardized Monster Scores by Level, Classes by BAB, Save, & Features, Wiki Colors, and any variant rules you expect to use often.)