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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Sylvan Occultist class.

Sylvan Occultist Spells

0th-Level Sylvan Occultist Spells

Firebreathing: You breathe a short line of fire.

Fluttery Things: You make some fluttering things, and they do something distracting

Last Words: Give a dead creature time to speak.

Levitating Weapon Assault: You attack someone with a weapon that's lying around somewhere.

Magical Aura Dowsing: You use a stick to find magical auras.

Telekinetic Tricks: You move things around a bit.

1st-Level Sylvan Occultist Spells

Alignment Aura Dowsing: You use a stick to find alignment auras.

Expand Area: Make a 5 ft. cube twice as big on the inside.

Fabricate Birdcall: Listen to the birds, and you won't be ambushed.

Protection from Swords: You use nearby objects to parry attacks automatically for you.

Riddle Door: You lock something so that only those who know the answer to your riddle can open it. You also forget the answer to your riddle.

Swallow Whole: You swallow someone whole.

Telekinetic Shout: You let loose a shout and your enemies are thrown backwards.

2nd-Level Sylvan Occultist Spells

Contract: You write up a contract, and anyone who breaks it feels very guilty.

Fool's Gold: You can trick people into accepting your trash as gold.

Increase Susceptibility: You make your hapless victim more susceptible to diseases.

Lose Face: Touched creature loses face; you gain it.

Reverse Cure: Effects that would cure the target wound them instead.

Spell's-Eye View: See from the perspective of your spells.

Sudden Spike: You zap someone in order to distract them.

Vine Trip: You trip someone with a nearby object.

Wakefall: The target wakes up the next day with the memory of falling clear in their mind.

3rd-Level Sylvan Occultist Spells

Amphibiate: You turn someone into a toad.

Create Hypercube: Create a cube of rock that exists on multiple planes.

Curse of the Annoying Speech Impediment: You doom someone to speak in an annoying way.

Disenchant: You attempt to remove or counter a spell.

Empower Royal Kiss: Give aristocrat the ability to break an enchantment with a kiss

Great Gout of Fire: You breathe a huge spray of fire.

Invulnerable Shield: You make yourself impervious to weaponry until the specified object is dealt with.

Locate Rift: You find small cracks in reality that you will later use to teleport.

Magic Mirror: You ask for an image of a creature who meets the specified requirements, and the mirror shows you an answer.

Obsession: Target becomes obsessed with subject.

Quasi-Eternal Rest: The target falls into an unapproachable sleep until the specified event occurs.

4th-Level Sylvan Occultist Spells

A Life For A Life: You sacrifice one life for another.

Accept Soul: Like Reincarnate, but all in your head. The target is reincarnated as a Sentient Illusion.

Animate Graft: Animated graft attacks its owner.

Bestow Voice: You grant a touched object the ability to think, feel, and speak.

Cold Gem: Gem radiates progressively stronger waves of cold.

Contingency Other: You set up a spell to be cast as though cast by the target when some trigger occurs.

Feelings of Generosity: Sharing is caring! Well, in this case, it's not caring.

Greater Contract: You write up a contract, and anyone who breaks it feels very dead.

Invulnerable Field: You protect an area with a force field linked to an object.

Magic Saturation: You fill the world with magic, and everybody can cast spells now.

Mask of Forbidden Horror: Creatures best not look at you, lest they gaze into an endless paradox which taxes the brain and sickens the body.

Morality Test: The target will die unless they do something you specify. Or maybe they'll only die if they do that thing. It's hard to know.

Motskalla's Magic Trigger: Creates a contingent effect upon an object or location that triggers a specific spell when conditions are met.

Plant of Madness: You enchant a plant with the ability to bestow confusion on all who sleep near it.

Summon Steed: You call a nearby mount to you.

Vengeance Plague: You cause a deadly contagion to spread rampantly through the population until someone comes up to you and apologizes.

Were-Curse: You curse your victim to transform into a terrible monster.

5th-Level Sylvan Occultist Spells

Animate Statues: You turn some statues into your minions.

Blood Brotherhood: Creatures permanently share a life total.

Contagion, Greater: Like contagion, but more spells to choose from.

Greater Invulnerable Shield: You make yourself impervious to everything until the specified object is dealt with.

Phantasmal Assassin: Implant a Sentient Illusion in the target's mind to assault their sanity directly, or just gather some information.

Sins of the Father: Bind a creature and their entire bloodline to your cause and inject a sense of urgency into their lives.

Sleeping City: You bind a sleeping spell to the life of one creature, and everybody else drifts off slowly.

Soul Crystal: You stick your soul in a rock and wait for a hapless victim to come and touch it.

Squaring the Circle: Distort diagonals and reshape reality to be more round.

Transfer Emotion: You remove the ability to feel an emotion from you or the target, and the other becomes more emotional in that way.

Transform Other: You transform things into other things.

Ultimate Doom: You promise death to a number of creatures, and they have only 8 rounds to stop you.

Use Rift: You make use of a rift you found with Locate Rift.

6th-Level Sylvan Occultist Spells

Mobius Portals: Create two double-sided portals.

7th-Level Sylvan Occultist Spells

Greater Magic Saturation: You fill the world with magic, and everybody can cast spells now.

Mirror Transformation: Flip an area and its occupants.

Transmute Stone to Delicacy: Convert cold, unforgiving stone into delicious delicious food.

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