Phynasm, Hungering Horror (3.5e Monster)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 29th October 2015
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Phynasm, Hungering Horror
Size/Type: Macrofine Outsider (Eldritch, Xenotheric)
Hit Dice: 30d12+1200 (1560 hp)
Initiative: +1
Speed: Fly 360 ft. (Perfect)
Armor Class: 68 (10 Base, -32 Size +1 Dex, +89 Natural Armor), touch -21, flat-footed 67
Base Attack/Grapple: +30/+85
Attack: Claw +61 Melee (12d6+46 18-20/x2) or Tentacle +61 Melee (6d6+14 20/x4) or Bioweapon (12d6 Typeless, Will DC 45)
Full Attack: 2 Claw +59 Melee (12d6+46 18-20/x2) plus 8 Tentacle +59 Melee (6d6+14 20/x4)
Space/Reach: 120 ft./270 ft.
Special Attacks: Aura of Hunger, Devour Lifeforce, Bend Space, Improved Grab, Non-Euclidean Reach 150 ft., Spell-Like Abilities
Special Qualities: Bio-Energy Pool (46), DR 30/Epic, Extradimensional Perspective, Fast Healing 20, Immunities, Positional Uncertainty, Regeneration 40/Epic, Telepathy 10,000 ft., Transcendence
Saves: Fort +53, Ref +19, Will +38
Abilities: Str 72, Dex 12, Con 80, Int 40, Wis 50, Cha 30
Skills: Intimidate +40, Listen +50, Sense Motive +50, Spot +50, Knowledge (All) +45
Feats: MindsightLoMB, MultiattackB, Why Won't You DieB, Improved Bio-Regeneration, Healing Surge, Increase Biocapacity, Astroadaptation, Improved Resistance, Bio-Restoration, Empower Bioweapon, Bioweapon (Mind Tremors), Quicken Bioweapon, Supercharge Bioweapon, Epic Toughness x5
Environment: 0% Warped Plane
Organization: Unique
Challenge Rating: 33
Treasure: Quadruple Standard
Alignment: True Neutral
Level Adjustment:

Existing only in the deepest recess of the twisted plane exist Phynasm, the Hungering Horror. Phynasm, for thousand of years organized the rise and fall of civilization only to feed it everlasting bottomless hunger. It strategy is simple, it will contact and find potential minions, grant them vast power and riches and have them create or elevate a civilization to greatness. Then Phynasm, safe in the twisted plane simply move in the heart of said civilization, feeding of the lifeforce of it denizen until the drain cause the civilization to falter and eventually collapse. Despite this insidious strategy, Phynasm is not actively malevolent, it will fulfill any promise it make and honor pacts, if the mind contacting it can manage it presence. After Phynasm is done with a civilization it will typically go into hibernation, not wishing to exhaust the mortal it feed on.

If Phynasm is 'killed' it essence will scatter and reform in countless eon. A cosmically short time, but more than enough to secure any civilizations for the duration of their existence and well beyound.

Physnasm's body is of a dull gray color, possessing a vaguely female humanoid torso with monstrous arms and legs. It bald faceless head is bulbous and tumorous, with countless extremely long tentacles extending from where it mouth should be. Counting is very long limbs compared to it torso, Phynasm is about 150 meters tall, it is essentially weightless however as it does not obey the laws of physic. Phynasm is especially harmful to the mortal mind as it body obey no known geometry


Phynasm the Hungering Horror can only be confronted, encountered and fought on the warped plane with 0% miss chance. There is no material evidence of her presence on the normal plane and increasing evidence of it presence the more a creature venture into the twisted plane.

Aura of Hunger (Ex): Phynasm the Hungering Horror project an aura reaching both on the warped plane and one the normal world and it extent 10 miles from her. Creatures within the aura age twice as quickly past adulthood and take a -2 penalty on all rolls and checks.

On the warped plane the aura is stronger, at 50% miss chance and below any creatures within the aura also lose a single hit point every round and all healing (including fast healing and regeneration, are halved). At 25% miss chance and below, creatures within the aura lose 10% of their maximum health every round. Both are in the addition the aura's normal effect. At 0% miss chance creature no longer suffer from the aura, being so close has an 'eye of the storm' effect.

Bioweapon (Su): Phynasm's mind tremors is stronger than the usual bioweapon, she instead project it as a 90 ft. cone and it deal 2 madness in addition to it normal effect. As per it feats, Phynasm can spend up to 15 bio-energy charges to empower her bioweapon.

Phynasm can also exclude any creature from he aura as a free action, which it usually does for creatures with dark brand (Phynasm) and it other minions, devoted or servant in some way or the other.

Devour Lifeforce (Su): Phynasm the Hungering Horror is capable of devouring the ebbing lifeforce of any creature it tears apart or otherwise die within it vicinity. Whenever a creature die within Phynasm the Hungering Horror's aura of hunger it regain 10 hit point per point of CR the creature had. This has no effect on the soul of the creature and thus do not hamper resurrection.

Hyperdimensional Trait: Phynasm possess all the trait of the Hyperdimensional template.

Immunities (Ex): Phynasm the Hungering Horror is immune to ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, acid, electricity, blindness, confusion effects, critical hits, dazzling, death effects, divination, harmful [light] effect, mind-affecting effects, radiation, poison, polymorphing, petrification, form-altering effects and cannot accumulate madness or mindbreak.

Incomprehensible Nightmares (Su): The mere sight of Phynasm the Hungering Horror is a mind destroying experience, every creature with line of sight to it gain 2 points of madness at the start off their turn. Any creatures grappled or otherwise in direct contact with Phynasm instead take 5 points of madness. Finally any creature falling under the effect of Phynasm's brain spider immediately take 3 points of madness as the abomination probe their mind with it own vast alien intellect.

Any creatures foolish enough to target Phynasm to attempt to read it mind or memory immediately take 20 madness.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will - brain spider, came back wrong, dominate monster, forbidden call, greater dispel magic (can be used as a swift action), host to madness, implosion, improved telekinesis, insanity, limited wish, passage of the warp, that which hungers, vile word; 1/day - banishment, gate, moment of prescience, reverse gravity, time stop, wish. Caster level 40th, DCs are Charisma-based (default 35 + spell level). Phynasm never take ability burn, damage or drain from casting it spell-like abilities nor does being immune prevent it from using them. This is not including the redundant spell-like abilities it gain from being hyperdimensional.

Transcendence (Ex): Phynasm is a transcendent being, far above the natural creatures of this world. Phynasm always has maximum hit point per hit dice, all it hit dice are d12s and it never fail attack rolls or saving throws on a natural 1. It also receive feats at each odd level instead of each 3 level.

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AuthorLeziad +
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