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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Psychic class from Pathfinder.

Psychic Spells

1st-Level Psychic Spells

Hurl Debris: You pick up and throw thrash and rocks telekinetically. It can be undercast.

Thought Seed: You insert a thought in the mind of the target, who may believe it her own.

2nd-Level Psychic Spells

Gravitational Distortion: You cause a gravitational distortion which bend incoming ranged attacks and line and is dangerous to go through.

3rd-Level Psychic Spells

Kinetic Mine: You create a orb of kinetic force, which explode dramatically.

Null Barrier: You create a vortex which turn non-physical damage into a magical barrier.

Reveal Doom: You overload your target's mind with harmful forbidden knowledge.

4th-Level Psychic Spells

Quantum Clone: You create a duplicate of yourself, which share your abilities and resource.

Supersonic Flight: You fly through the air at extreme speed, covering miles in short span of times.

5th-Level Psychic Spells

Hypersphere: You fold space into a ball, which can be used to capture pokemon opponents.

Starstorm: You call down a meteor to obliterate your enemies.

Temporal Hold: You stop a target in time, causing it freeze mid movement and it perception of time to halt.

6th-Level Psychic Spells

Restore Past: Send an area to how it was in the past.

7th-Level Psychic Spells

Kinetic Rending: You create a field of sheer telekinetic energy which you may use to tear opponents asunder.

8th-Level Psychic Spells

Temporal Wormhole: You summon your future self, and both act at once for 1 round.

9th-Level Psychic Spells

Chaotron Beam: A terrible spell which warp reality and tear opponents apart.

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