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These tables list all standard 3.5e skill tricks on the wiki.

You can also view our skill tricks in category format, if you wish.

See this page for more information about skill tricks.


Name Description Prerequisites
Angry Glare Make an intimidate check to demoralize as a swift action or prevent people from speaking up against you. Intimidate 5 ranks
Compassionate Hug Give a truly heart-felt hug and make someone feel better. Sense Motive 8 ranks, Diplomacy 8 ranks
Counterbluff Make someone believe you swallowed their lie whole. Bluff 6 Ranks, Sense Motive 6 Ranks
Counterfeint You can trick tricksters and con conmen, and turn their dirty tricks right back upon them. Bluff 10 ranks, Sense Motive 10 ranks, Diplomacy 4 ranks, Gather Information 4 ranks, Spot 4 ranks, Listen 4 ranks
Cunning Suggestion You can make a suggestion sound particularly reasonable. Bluff 8 Ranks, must be able to cast suggestion or insidious suggestion.
Deriding Comment Make an incredibly hurtful comment or insult. Bluff 8 ranks
Disbelieve the Reality Treat a spell you are being affected by as if it was partially unreal. Must know at least one [Shadow] spell.
Don't Hurt Me You convince an enemy that you are too feeble to fight. Bluff 8 ranks, Diplomacy 5 ranks
Fear Itself With a mere glare, you cause extreme and intense fear to a single opponent. Intimidate 10 ranks
I Will Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse You intimidate another party into doing your biding. Intimidate 11 Ranks
Lasso Ensnare targets at range. Use Rope 5 ranks
Liar Instinct You use your acumen and instinct as a liar to spot a lie, of course if you are wrong it may cause you to honestly believe the lie. After all, your instinct and mastery can't be wrong. Bluff 6 Ranks
Play 'Possum You pretend to play dead (or at least unconscious). Bluff 10 ranks, Tumble 5 ranks
Predict Action Predict the opponent's action, forcing them to go through with it or be dazed from the revelation that they could be read so easily. Cha 13
Pretty Eyes You make pretty eyes to a creature, causing them to become temporarily enamored with you. Bluff 4 Ranks
Reinforce Compulsion You use cunning words to reinforce your mind control abilities. Must be able to cast at least one [Compulsion] spell.
Scare Them Back Scare foes back who try to scare you Intimidate 8 ranks, strength 13
Secret Identity You assume a secret identity. Bluff 9 rank, Disguise 9 ranks
Secret Society You are a member of a secret society and know how to communicate secretly with other member of your secret society. 1st Level only or Forgery 5 ranks
Sexy Distraction You make for a great distraction. Charisma 13+
Smooth Social Recovery You can recover from botched social checks handily and efficiently. Bluff 4 Ranks and Diplomacy 4 ranks.
Surprising Entrance You make a scene when you enter a room or into view, causing everyone to look at you. Bluff 8 ranks or Diplomacy 8 ranks
Tandem Initiative Synchronize with your team and act as a group. Teamwork 2 ranks
Terminator Walk You are really scary when you are walking slowly. Intimidate 6 ranks
There Is Logic In What He Says Gain a large bonus to bluff, but the lie only lasts for a short time before they realize what's up. Bluff 10 ranks


Name Description Prerequisites
Alchemize You turn some reagents into a magical potion Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks
Caltrop Panic Toss out caltrops as an immediate action. Sleight of Hand 8 ranks
Cheap Attack You make a single super cheap attack that leave your opponents open. Improved Unarmed Strike
Concussive Maintenance Fix an object temporarily, and recover broken items into a semi-functional state. Craft (any) 8 ranks, Knowledge Engineering 8 ranks
Etamina Stcejbo You use truespeak to instill life into lifeless objects. Truespeak 8 ranks
Flex Off You flex, and anything that is covering you is thrown off. Str 13 or Escape Artist 4 ranks
Going Bareback ride your mount without a saddle 9 ranks in ride or 8 ranks in handle animal
Hands-Free Grapple Grapple or pin creatures with appendages that shouldn't be well-suited for grappling, allowing you to use your more dextrous appendages for something else. Improved Grapple, BAB +5, Unarmed Mastery class feature or Str 16 and Dex 15 or Kickmaster
Human Shield You use another creature as a human shield. Improved Grapple
Improbable Shot You meant to hit the other guy all along. Point Blank Shot
Opportunistic Draw Draw a weapon when so you can make that attack of opportunity. Sleight of Hand 9 ranks
Quicker Picker Upper You can pick up dropped items in your reach as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity. Sleight of Hand 5 ranks
Sensual Robbery With a sensual gait, and a seductive smile, you approach him by mixing your gaze with hers, your hands wandering over his leather pants before grasping ... a key. Seduction 8 ranks, Sleight of Hand 8 ranks
Spitfire Pour alchemical substances into your mouth and then spit it at targets. Craft (Alchemy) 6 ranks
Switch Off Magic With a well placed strike, you turn off a magic item temporarily. Appraise 5 ranks, Disable Device 8 ranks
True Ability Actually three skill tricks (True Flex, True Agility, and True Vitality), it grants a +20 bonus on a single ability check made in the next round. Str 13 (for True Flex), Dex 13 (for True Agility), or Con 13 (for True Vitality).


Name Description Prerequisites
Accelerate Vestige Coax a vestige to replenish the cooldown of its abilities a bit more quickly. Pactcraft 9 ranks
Erif You use truespeak to create a small flame or control flames Truespeak 4 ranks
Etaminaer Ydob You use truespeak to create reanimate bodies. Truespeak 8 ranks
Harmonic Competence Combine inspire competence efforts to produce a stronger bonus. Inspire Competence Bardic Music, Perform 6 ranks
Harmonic Countersong Combine countersong efforts to produce a countersong that disrupts vocal components. Countersong Bardic Music, Perform 3 ranks
Harmonic Courage Combine inspire courage efforts to produce an inspire courage that has additional benefits. Inspire Courage Bardic Music, Perform 3 ranks
Harmonic Fascinate Combine fascinate efforts to produce a fascination with greater effects. Fascinate Bardic Music, Perform 3 ranks
Harmonic Freedom Combine song of freedom efforts to use the ability quickly. Song of Freedom Bardic Music, Perform 15 ranks
Harmonic Greatness Combine inspire greatness efforts to allow you to share feats and increase the number of targets. Inspire Greatness Bardic Music, Perform 12 ranks
Harmonic Heroics Combine inspire heroics efforts to produce Inspire Heroics Bardic Music, Perform 18 ranks
Holmesian Forensics Analyze what happened in a room depending on your Intelligence or Wisdom check result. Int or Wis 15, Search 12 ranks, Sense Motive 7 ranks
Just As Planned Plan for nearly unknowable factors. Like Holmesian Forensics, but...backwards. Int or Wis 20, Knowledge(nature, history, Sense Motive 15 Ranks, Spot 15 Ranks, and local) at 15 Ranks or Bard Level 12
Just a Flesh Wound Ah losing your arm isn't so bad, just gotta keep your head cool. Oh the head is gone too. Bab +3
Ki Double You use your ki to create an afterimage of yourself. Monk 4th level
Macho Mind You are scary and know how to protect from fear since you cause it Intimidate 10 ranks, must have successfully intimidated at least 20 different foes within 2 CR of your character level.
No Breath You can hold your breath for a long time using autohypnosis. Autohypnosis 5 Ranks
Professional Butcher Only a surgeon could sever that man's jugular vein with this spoon. Luckily, you're a surgeon. Heal 8 Ranks, BAB +5 or 5 levels in Expert
Rapid Dismissal Dismiss a spell as a free action. 1st level spells, Concentration 9 ranks
Spell Ward Your knowledge of how spells work helps protect you from them. Spellcraft 8 ranks, Intelligence 14
Spontaneous Telepathic Language Learning You are able to learn language telepathically. Autohypnosis 4 Ranks, must be able to cast detect thoughts or manifest read thoughts.
Structural Weakness Make it possible to critical hit objects and constructs. Appraise 10 ranks
Tfola You use truespeak to move you or objects aloft and maybe even fly away. Truespeak 6 ranks
Thought Trick You attempt various tricks to ward off a potential mind reader. Concentration 8 Ranks
Time to Think Retry a failed knowledge check, and remove the penalties of No Time to Think. Any Knowledge 5 ranks
Verbal Hacking Confound Bots and hack things with microphones. Program 5 ranks
Wobble Wobble a bit before you fall down when knocked unconscious. Autohypnosis 4 ranks


Name Description Prerequisites
Airborne Charge Ignore obstacles that would prevent you from charging by leaping right over them. Improved Charge, Jump 6 ranks
Anime's Teleportation If a creature moves in to flank you, you can teleport to flank them instead. Any one teleportation spell known, or Jump 8 ranks
Boneless Slide Briefly gain freedom of movement and pass through impossible spaces. Escape Artist 10 ranks
Combo Jump After a full-attack with an unarmed strike or monk weapon, you can jump back. Monk 3rd level, Jump 7 ranks
Corkscrew Fall You use your cloak/robe to greatly reduce the impact of your fall. Tumble 5 ranks
Dimensional Jump You can make a jump through folded space, teleporting instead. Jump 10 ranks
Dive for Cover You make a short withdraw and drop prone. Tumble 4 Ranks
Dive for Rescue Dive to save an endangered ally. Dive for Cover, Teamwork 5 ranks
Dodge Roll You roll through things to avoid getting hit. Tumble 8 ranks
Double Jump You make a second jump as you jump, double jump. Jump 5 ranks
Dynamic Entry No need to stop to break the window, when you can crash right through! Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) 8 ranks, Strength 13+
Expert Slide You slide to the ground and get up extremely effectively. Tumble 5 Ranks
Extreme Sprint You blitz across the battlefield so fast no one can react to you. Run
Houdini's Escape Escape from an inescapable situation and turn invsiible Escape Artist 15 ranks, Hide Skill 10 ranks
Intercept Attack You intercept an incoming attack, saving an ally. BAB +5, Tumble 8 Ranks
Interlaced Strikes In tandem with an ally, you make a series of intertwined attacks. Balance 5 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks, Teamwork 8 ranks
Limbo Dodge You limbo under the swinging blade, evading the attack but ending up prone. Balance 8 ranks, Escape Artist 5 ranks
Rocket Path When someone fires siege weaponry at you, you not only avoid it but use it as a leg up to your destination. Dex 15, Jump 10 ranks, Balance 10 ranks
Rolling Reload You reload when you tumble away. Tumble 7 ranks
Slide Into Frame Get into the scene when there's dialogue and immediately slide on over. Tumble 4 ranks
Super Suplex You suplex a creature, that it really. Improved Grapple
Trip Slide You can make a trip attempt when you tumble through an enemy's square. Balance 5 ranks, Tumble 9 ranks
Vicious Pounce Leap onto a foe that flies into your vicinity and bring it crashing down to the ground. Jump 18 ranks, Climb 6 ranks, base attack bonus of +12 or more
Wall Pounce When you run on a wall, you can jump from the wall to a horizontal surface. Walk the Walls, Wall Jumper, Climb 16 ranks, Jump 8 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks

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