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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 9-16-13
Status: Complete
Editing: Mechanical changes on Talk
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A warlock class tuned for very high level campaigns. 20 0 Moderate Poor Poor Good Invocations Full

Bloodline Warlock[edit]

The warlock is an interesting and flavorful class, a spellcaster with infinite endurance but limited versitility and power. It works well enough, but pales in comparison to wizards, clerics, druids, and the like which dominate in the very high level campaigns. The bloodline warlock brings all the powers of a warlock, but augments then to keep up with their spellcasting brethern.

Making a Bloodline Warlock[edit]

Abilities: Charisma determine a great deal of warlock class features, DCs, and the like. However a strong Dexterity helps down defense and hitting, and Constitution helps anyone. Other scores can be important, depending on the needs and desires of the warlock in question.

Races: Any.

Alignment: Any. A warlock may gain their powers from fiends or fey, but their bloodline does not determine their fate any more than a sorcerer has the desires of their draconic kin.

Starting Gold: 5d4×10 gp (125 gp).

Starting Age: As rogue.

Table: The Bloodline Warlock

Hit Die: d8

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Invocations Known
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Bloodline (Power), Eldritch Blast, Invocation (Least) 1
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Damage Reduction 1/cold iron, Detect Magic 2
3rd +2 +1 +1 +3 Bloodline (Power) 3
4th +3 +1 +1 +4 Damage Reduction 2/cold iron, Deceive Item 4
5th +3 +1 +1 +4 Bonus Feat 5
6th +4 +2 +2 +5 Damage Reduction 3/cold iron, Invocation (Least or Lesser) 6
7th +5 +2 +2 +5 Synchronize Magic Item 7
8th +6/+1 +2 +2 +6 Bloodline (Power), Damage Reduction 4/cold iron 8
9th +6/+1 +3 +3 +6 Imbue Item, Improved Detect Magic 9
10th +7/+2 +3 +3 +7 Bonus Feat, Damage Reduction 5/cold iron 10
11th +8/+3 +3 +3 +7 Invocation (Least, Lesser, or Greater), Spell Resistance 11
12th +9/+4 +4 +4 +8 Damage Reduction 6/cold iron 12
13th +9/+4 +4 +4 +8 Bloodline (Power) 13
14th +10/+5 +4 +4 +9 Damage Reduction 7/cold iron 14
15th +11/+6/+1 +5 +5 +9 Bonus Feat, Timeless Body 15
16th +12/+7/+2 +5 +5 +10 Damage Reduction 8/cold iron, Invocation (Least, Lesser, Greater, or Dark) 16
17th +12/+7/+2 +5 +5 +10 Grand Perinarch 17
18th +13/+8/+3 +6 +6 +11 Bloodline (Power), Damage Reduction 9/cold iron 18
19th +14/+9/+4 +6 +6 +11 Eternal Pact 19
20th +15/+10/+5 +6 +6 +12 Ascension, Bonus Feat, Damage Reduction 10/cold iron 20

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Disguise (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (nature) (religion) (the planes) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Tumble (Dex), Use Magic Device (Cha).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Bloodline Warlock.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Bloodline warlocks are proficient with all simple weapons. They are proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

Although bloodline warlocks technically employ spell-like abilities, several of them still have an arcane spell failure chance. On the other hand, the somatic components to these abilities are simple, and a bloodline warlock may use their abilities in light armor with no spell failure chance, much like a bard.

Invocations: Bloodline warlocks draw from the same list of invocations as normal warlocks. They receive one least level invocation at 1st level, and one additional invocation at each level. As normal warlocks, a bloodline warlock does not prepare or cast spells and instead may use their invocations at will. These are spell-like abilities, but unlike normal spell-like abilities they have an arcane spell failure chance (except in light armor, as above). The save DC for invocations are 10 + 1/2 HD + Charisma modifier, and his caster level is equal to his bloodline warlock level.

The four grades of invocations in order of their power are least, lesser, greater, and dark. A bloodline warlock begins only able to obtain least invocations. As they gain levels, he gets access to lesser, greater, and dark invocations as listed on the table above. At any level a bloodline warlock learns a new invocation, he may replace a previous invocation he knows with a different invocation of equal or lower level than the invocation being replaced.

Bloodline: A warlock draws his power from things beyond, most often fiends, fey, and unspeakable horrors beyond the veil. Though the source of their power has no effect on their alignment, bloodline warlocks do gain additional powers related to the source of their dark energies. Choose a bloodline (see below). You gain powers associated with that bloodline at 1st, 3rd, 8th, 13th, and 18th level as well as the ascension ability. One a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.

Eldritch Blast (Sp): The primary power of a bloodline warlock is their ability to create destructive blasts of energy associated with the nature of their power. An eldritch blast is a ray with a range of 60 feet, as a ranged touch attack that effects a single target with no saving throw. An eldritch blast deals 1d10 untyped damage plus another +1d10 every odd level beyond, and is the equivalent of a spell whose level is equal to 1/2 the bloodline warlock's class level with a minimum of 1st and a maximum of 9th when the bloodline warlock reaches 18th level or higher.

Eldritch blast is subject to spell resistance, and deals half damage to objects before hardness. Metamagic feats cannot augment eldritch blast, but effects which affect spell-like abilities (such as Ability Focus) work just fine.

Damage Reduction (Ex): At 2nd level, a bloodline warlock is fortified by the supernatural energy in his body. He gains DR/cold iron equal to 1/2 his class level.

Detect Magic (Ps): At 2nd level, a bloodline warlock gains detect magic as a spell-like ability at will. This is a normal spell-like ability and thus does not have arcane spell failure.

Deceive Item (Ex): At 3rd level, a bloodline warlock may take 10 on a Use Magic Device check even if distracted or threatened.

Bonus Feat: At 5th level and every 5 levels beyond, a bloodline warlock gains a bonus feat from the following list; Ability Focus, Extra InvocationCA, Greater Spell Penetration, Improved Familiar, Magical Attacker, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Obtain FamiliarCA, Skill Focus (any class skill), or Spell Penetration. He must still qualify for the bonus feat as normal.

Synchronize Magic Item: At 7th level, a bloodline warlock gains Synchronize Magic Item as a bonus feat.

Imbue Item (Su): At 9th level, a bloodline warlock can use his supernatural power to create magic items, even if he does not know the spells required to make an item (though he must still have the required item creation feat). He can substitute a Use Magic Device check (DC 15 + spell level for arcane spells, or DC 25 + spell level for divine spells) in place of a required spell he doesn't know or can't cast. If the check succeeds, the warlock can create the item as if he had cast the required spell. If he fails, he cannot complete the item. He does not expend the XP or gp costs for making the item; his progress is simply arrested. He cannot retry this Use Magic Device check for that spell until he gains a new level.

Improved Detect Magic (Ps): At 9th level, a bloodline warlock's detect magic ability improves. They may now treat themselves as having concentrated for 3 rounds immediately. In addition, they may study an item with improved detect magic for one minute to duplicate the effects of identify.

Spell Resistance (Su): At 11th level, a bloodline warlock's eldritch essence surrounds and protects them from other forms of magic. They gain spell resistance equal to 10 + their HD. They may toggle their spell resistance as a nonaction to allow helpful spells through.

Timeless Body (Ex): At 15th level, a bloodline warlock's link to the supernatural grants them eternal youth. A bloodline warlock no longer takes ability score penalties for aging and cannot be magically aged. Any penalties he may have already incurred, however, remain in place.

Bonuses still accrue, and the bloodline warlock still dies of old age when his time is up.

Grand Perinarch (Ex) and (Sp): At 17th level, a bloodline warlock gains a strong bond to the home plane where his powers manifest from. Choose a plane, such as one of the lower planes for fiendish origin, or the feywild, or far realm, and such forth. You are considered a native to both your original home plane and the chosen plane and do not take penalties from the planar traits.

When on your chosen plane you may manipulate an area as if using planar perinarchSpC, with a range of Medium (100 ft + 10ft/level) and a duration of permanent. The order he imposes does not fade away if he leaves the area, but if he casts a second instance of planar perinarch the first fades away. This is a normal spell-like ability (thus with no arcane spell failure).

You gain the ability to use plane shift (self only) at will, only between your current plane and your chosen plane's divine realm. This is a normal spell-like ability (thus with no arcane spell failure).

Eternal Pact (Su): At 19th level, a bloodline warlock can choose to perish more like an outsider than a mortal. If they die, they can choose to have their body disintegrate in a spectacular fashion as appropriate for their bloodline. They re-appear on their chosen plane (see Grand Perinarch) alive, but banished from the plane they died on for a year and a day. However, others can bring him back in a ritual which takes 24 hours without any cost or loss of experience. As long as he has friends willing to bring him back, a bloodline warlock can prove to be difficult to keep dead.

Ascension: At 20th level, a bloodline warlock wins D&D. Just kidding, but the bloodline warlock does gain the ascension power of their bloodline. In addition to their ascension power, their type changes to Outsider, though they may still count as a member of their original type when beneficial. They become biologically immortal, and no longer have a maximum age.


A bloodline warlock gains his power from planar forces, and the nature of these planar forces changes him in strange and mysterious ways. Choose a bloodline from the list below. You can then select from any of the bloodline powers available at your level. Unless specified you may only select a bloodline power once. If a bloodline power has a saving throw, the DC is 10 + 1/2 HD + Charisma modifier.


Your powers step from the insane gibbering terrors which lurk in the far realm, forgotten half-deific abominations, and nightmares displaced from time. They always lurk in the back of your head urging you to insanity but you keep them at bay... for now.

Ascension: Your presence is unnatural and cannot be comprehended. You become immune to all Divination spells, any divination attempts registering clearly nonsensical information. In addition whenever someone speaks your name (or a title of your choosing) you become aware of their position, though you don't know any other information. This effect does not distract you.

Aberrant Biology (Ex): You look normal on the outside but inside you're a freak. You gain 25% fortification. This stacks with fortification from other sources (to a maximum of 100%) and unlike most bloodline powers you may select this multiple times.

Forbidden Knowledge (Sp): You gain knowledge of things you should not know. Once per day you can use commune as a spell-like ability. The casting time is only 1 round instead of 10 minutes. In addition you gain a +2 insight bonus to all Knowledge checks. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Incomprehensible Invocation (Ex): Your spell-like abilities (including your eldritch blast) are alien and difficult to comprehend. You gain a +4 bonus on effective caster level for the purpose of resisting counterspells and dispel attempts, and against successfully identifying the effect with Spellcraft.

Incomprehensible Psychology (Ex): Your alien mind makes controlling you difficult. You become immune to charm and compulsion effects. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Non-Euclidean Blast (Ex): Your eldritch blasts take impossible paths to their targets. You ignore cover and total cover as long as they are within 60 feet, though you suffer concealment as normal (including the 50% miss chance for attacking a creature you cannot see past total cover). Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Squamous Flesh (Ex): Your skin is covered in hardened scales not normal for your kind. You gain a +1 enhancement bonus to natural armor plus an additional +1 at 4th level and every four levels beyond.

Worming Tendrils (Ex): You gain two tentacles which grow out of some part of your body, each dealing 1d6 points of damage (for a medium creature). These tentacles have reach, but unlike most weapons with reach they can attack adjutant squares. The tentacles can hold objects, but not wield weapons or shields. You gain a non-standard body type and armor must be custom made for you (x2 normal mundane cost).

Yog-Sothoth Is The Gate (Sp): You gain passage of the warp as a spell-like ability at will, except you suffer no chance of wisdom damage. However other creatures still suffer potential wisdom penalties. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.


Your power stems from demonic blood, or a pact with some terrible abyssal entity. Your blasts are filled with destructive chaos, born from a hate of all things and an insatiable wrath. The power of the abyss fulfills your power needs, but one day you feel this same power may consume you as well.

Ascension: You become a demonic version of yourself, your appearance somehow more feral and terrifying. You become immune to poison and electricity, and gain telepathy out to 100 feet. You also gain the Summon spell-like ability of a demon, calling in any number of demons whose CR equals your HD or less a day, and none whose CR is greater than 1/2 your HD. For example, a level 20 warlock can have up to two CR 10 demons. Summoned creatures are actually called beings who otherwise follow your instruction and who exist for 1 hour before being sent back.

Abyssal Skin (Ex): You are more resilient than your typical warlock. Choose good or law. Your DR/cold iron becomes DR/cold iron and X, where X is the alignment you chose. You can select this power twice, the second time choosing the second alignment and giving you DR/cold iron and good and lawful.

Brutal Wounding (Ex): You deal brutal wounds. Add your Charisma modifier to all damage rolls, or your class level, whichever is less.

Demon Claws (Ex): You can grow long and sharp black claws out of your hands as a free action, giving you two natural claw attacks that deal 1d6 points of damage (for medium creatures). At 10 HD, the claws gain a critical threat range of 18-20/x2, and count as dealing chaotic and evil aligned damage.

Demonic Rage (Ex): You fill creatures with a furious hate. You gain rage as a normal spell-like ability (no arcane spell failure). At 10 HD, your rage gains an additional +2 Strength and Constitution and a +1 bonus to Will saves. At 20 HD, you gain another +2 bonus to Str and Con, and +1 to Will.

Murder Spree (Ex): Once per round, when you kill a creature whose CR was at least your HD -4 or greater (minimum CR 1), you can make a free attack with your eldritch blast against any creatures in range. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Strength of the Abyss (Ex): Only the strong survive in the depths of the abyss. You gain a +2 inherent bonus to Strength. At 13 HD your bonus rises to +4, and at 18 HD your bonus rises to +6 (breaking the usual cap of +5 for inherent bonuses). Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Venomous Slick (Su): You carry a potent and painful magical toxin. As a swift action you can coat one of your weapons in a special poison congealed out of your soul. It deals 1d3 damage to the ability score of your choice with no secondary effect, Fortitude negates. At 6 HD, it becomes 1d4 points of damage. At 12 HD it becomes 1d6 points of damage. At 18 HD, it becomes 1d8 points of damage. The poison only lasts for 1 round before evaporating. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Wild Blast (Ex): You can choose to turn your eldritch blast into a wild blast. Roll a die anywhere between 1d4 to 1d20 (your choice). Rolling higher than average gives you a bonus to your effective class level for eldritch blast damage, while below average lowers it. For example a 1d6 can either lower your damage by 3, 2, or 1 die (results 1, 2, and 3), or increase it by 1, 2, or 3 die (results 4, 5, and 6). The higher the die, the higher the risk and reward. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.


Your powers stem from the radiant heavenly beings of the universe; both the traditional humanoids with wings and the angels from deep within the light of the world, those multidimensional aberrant beings covered in eyes with unfathomable morality. Their good nature lets you fit in better than the typical Cthulthu-powered warlock, but their natures can also be uncompromising and seemingly cruel in the name of the greater good.

Ascension: You ascend to a higher plane of existence, and gain the [Good] subtype and may use greater teleport (self only) as a spell-like ability. You are always under the effect of tongues and gain the Protective Aura of an angel. Against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures, this ability provides a +4 deflection bonus to AC and a +4 resistance bonus on saving throws to anyone within 20 feet of the warlock. Otherwise, it functions as a magic circle against evil effect and a lesser globe of invulnerability, both with a radius of 20 feet (caster level equals warlock’s HD). This aura can be dispelled, but the warlock can create it again as a free action on its next turn.

If an ally would die within 30 feet of you from an attack, you can choose to sacrifice yourself in their place as an immediate action. Doing so causes the fatal action to your ally to be negated and your ally subject to a heal effect, but you "die" in their place and your body fades away. You respawn in the upper planes 3 days later unharmed, allowing you to try and travel back to the material plane.

Angel Wings (Ex): Your develop beautiful wings soft as down, but strong enough to lift you into the air. You gain a fly speed (good maneuverability) equal to twice your land speed. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Aura of Righteous Terror (Su): Your presence is at once awe inspiring and terrifying. The ability takes effect automatically whenever the warlock attacks, charges, or otherwise displays aggression. Neutral creatures within a radius of 60 feet are shaken for as long as long as they remain in the aura, and evil creatures are frightened for 1 round and then shaken for as long as they remain in the aura. A successful Will save negates for neutral creatures, and makes evil creatures only shaken for 1 round. Good creatures are unaffected.

Divine Resistance (Ex): Your soul is guarded by angels watching over you, granting you good fortune in your life. You gain a +1 resistance bonus to all saving throws plus an additional +1 at 4th level and every four levels beyond.

Eyes Inside and Out (Ex): Tattoos resembling eyes mark your body and grant your omniscient vision. They seem to move and twitch on their own when unobserved. You can see in all directions and cannot be flanked. You always act in a surprise round, and are immune to dazzling and blindness. Once per day you can use commune as a spell-like ability. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Fearless Crusader (Ex): You've faced such innumerable horrors fighting evil, nothing can phase you. You gain a paladin's Aura of Courage, becoming immune to fear. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Halo (Su): You can choose to display a halo over your head which sheds light as a torch as a standard action. It acts as a holy symbol and divine focus, and clearly marks you as an agent of good. While it is active, you can use detect evil at will and all evil creatures in 10 feet take a -2 penalty on saving throws. It can be discharged as an immediate action to provide an ally in 10 feet a reroll on a failed saving throw. They must accept the result of the reroll, even if it is lower than the first.

Holy Power (Su): The fires of purification run through you and all your weapons. Any weapons (including weapon-like spells such as eldritch blast) gain the benefit of the lesser holy enhancement. This turns into the holy weapon enhancement at 9th level and beyond. This stacks with the actual holy weapon enhancement. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Retribution (Su): One per day as an immediate action you can reduce rebound divine energy back on your attacker. The damage is the same type as the damage you receive. Evil creatures take the full damage they would have dealt, neutral creatures take half, and good creatures are unaffected. You gain additional use of this ability at 10 HD, and every 10 HD beyond (20th, 30th, etc).

If an attack kills you, this ability goes into effect immediately, with no action or daily use on your part.


Dragons are already well known for mucking things up with their magical bloodlines and amazing powers. Making magic contracts with them are also quite potent as you channel to power of these ancient scaled ones. Your powers seem intertwined with elemental power or the strength of alignment, and many effects some with a strange metallic or chromatic shine. As part of gaining this bloodline you gain the Dragonblood subtype.

Ascension: You gain the Dragon type with the augmented subtype, and are immune to the frightful presence of dragons. You also gain frightful presence, +5 natural armor, and spell resistance equal to 10 + HD. Dragons start out one step more friendly to you.

Awakening the Blood (Sp): You gain some of the spellcasting ability of dragons. You gain the spellcasting of a sorcerer equal to 1/4th your class level, and a caster level equal to your class level. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Claws of the Dragon (Ex): Your nails harden into adamantine claws. You gain two claw attacks which deal 1d4 damage (for medium creatures) and bypass DR/magic. When you gain class level 6th you also gain a bite attack which deals 1d6 damage.

Draconic Immunities (Ex): Your draconic blood protects you from danger. You become immune to paralysis and sleep effects. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Dragon Wings (Ex): Your develop scaled intimidating bat-like wings to lift you into the air. You gain a fly speed (good maneuverability) equal to twice your land speed. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Eldritch Breath (Su): Choose the breath weapon of a dragon of your CR or less. You gain it as a breath weapon usable every 1d4 rounds and unlike most bloodline powers you may select this multiple times, choosing a different breath weapon each time. However all breath weapons use the same cool down time. You can change your breath weapon each time you level up. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Energy in the Blood (Ex): The blood of dragons empower your energy effects. Choose an energy type. You gain +1 damage per HD on any abilities which deal this energy damage, including eldritch blasts and weapon enhancements. You may select this ability multiple times, choosing a different energy type each time.

Iron Scales (Ex): Your skin is covered in hardened scales or metallic or chromatic color. You gain a +1 enhancement bonus to natural armor plus an additional +1 at 4th level and every four levels beyond.

Pseudodragon (Ex): You gain the service of a pseudodragon familiar who gains a "breath weapon" of your eldritch blast. It may use any and all augments your eldritch blast has, but only deals half damage and may only use it once every 1d4 rounds. Familiar benefits are based on your character level. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.


The knowledge of the impending end of the universe has lead many to madness, however you draw your magical power from creature which strive on or seek to accelerate this steady universal decay. The power of entropy encourage steady but unstoppable progress that will eventually bring down anyone and everyone, even the warlock himself.

Ascension: You become one with the void and eternity. You no longer need to breath, eat or sleep and gain a fly speed equal to twice your land speed with perfect maneuverability. You become immune to entropy, you are healed by both positive and negative energy as well as immune to the disintegrate spell or similar effect. This immunity extend to the point that you can survive 1 round of exposure to a Sphere of Annihilation, allowing you to move away to safety or push it away.

Decaying Lifeforce (Ex): The power of entropy has taken a toll over your auras. You can no longer be detected by detect spells (such as detect evil or detect undead). You also gain the DarkstalkerLoM feat as a bonus feat.

Eternity is a Moment (Su): You gain the ability to pass time as an instant, causing your body to rapidly age and effects on yourself to decay. As a standard action you may have 1 hour worth of time suddenly happen on your body and any effects, positive or negative, affecting you. This can end a negative effect which would last a minute instantly, but if overused will cause you to grow hungry and tired.

Heat Death (Su): You understand that everything cool down and die, even the universe. Once per round, as a free action on your turn you may deal 1 point of cold damage to a creature within 30 feet of you. This increase by 1 point at each odd class level beyond 1st level.

Inner Void (Ex): You completely embrace the void within you, riding yourself of your emotions and changing your body permanently. You gain the Shades of Death feat even if you do not meet the prerequisites. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Master of the Sphere (Su): You gain the ability to shape your eldritch blast in the same shape as a Sphere of Annihilation. Your eldricth blast then behave just as a Sphere of Annihilation, except instead of instantly killing anyone who come in contact with it it simply deal five times your eldritch blast damage. There sphere must be conjured within 15 feet of yourself and not in an occupied square. While the sphere is in existence you cannot use your eldritch blast. You gain a +8 bonus on your control checks with your own sphere. This is an eldritch shape. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

As a side benefit you may use your Charisma instead of your Intelligence on your Sphere of Annihilation's control checks.

Nothingness Ever After (Ex): When you die you do not pass into any afterlives, you simply experience the sweet bliss of oblivion. This make you immune to any effects which would move or trap your soul and make it so a soul is not required for resurrection. In fact the lack of afterlife make it so that when you are brought back from the dead you do not lose a level or Constitution. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Snuff Lifeforce (Sp): You gain the ability to use death knell as an immediate action at-will.

Void Blast (Su): The Entropy Warlock firing bolt of raw entropy at her targets, tearing them apart. Your eldritch blast cause creature to rapidly decay, causing them to burn at the start of each of their turn, with a Will save allowed to end the effect. This is a 4th level eldritch essence. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.


Your power is a result of mischievous or sinister fey meddling in the affairs of the material world, or the unwitting deal with a fair folk which surely had or will have unexpected consequences. Like the fey, your power is random and capricious, seeming to act with a mind of its own. It is your good fortune that it chooses to obey you for now.

Ascension: You become more like a fey and may count as a fey when beneficial (though your type remains outsider). Your body is so in tune with the fey you gain regeneration 10 which is bypassed by cold iron and any attacks from aberrations or constructs. You may Hide in Plain Sight when in natural terrain like a ranger.

Animal Tongue (Sp): Perhaps you're a Disney princess, or maybe you're a furry. Whatever the case, you gain speak with animals as a spell-like ability at will, and you may use normal social checks in place of Handle Animal. You gain Handle Animal and Ride as class skills.

Champion of the Wild (Ex): You have a powerful hatred for unnatural beings. You gain a favored enemy as a ranger of your level, but can only choose between aberrations and constructs. You gain the full bonus as if it were your main favored enemy. You may select this power twice, the second time choosing the other enemy type as a ranger of your level -5.

Deceiving Noise (Sp): Around you, things are never as they seem. You gain ghost sound as a spell-like ability at will. If you have both this and Deceptive Vision, they can combine into one effect duplicating major image at will. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Deceiving Vision (Sp): Around you, things are never as they seem. You gain silent image as a spell-like ability at will. If you have both this and Deceptive Noise, they can combine into one effect duplicating major image at will. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Doppleganger (Sp): You create a doppleganger to trick your foes. As a move action you can duplicate the effect of mirror image, but only produce a single copy of yourself which lasts until destroyed or dispelled. You can have no more than one doppleganger at a time, and it does not stack with mirror image. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Fey Trickery (Ex): You are good at deceiving others in the heat of combat. You gain Improved Feint as a bonus feat, ignoring pre-requisites. In addition if you take a standard action you may take 10 on your bluff check to feint.

I Was Never There (Su): In the blink of an eye, you can appear somewhere else. As an immediate action, after you are missed by a melee attack, you can teleport up to 10 feet to a space that you can see. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Magical Performer (Su) and (Sp): You gain Perform as a class skill, and the countersong and fascinate abilities of a bard. Your class level stacks with bard for determining the power and effectiveness of various bardic music abilities, as well as the number of bardic music attempts per day. Finally you gain summon instrument as a normal spell-like ability at will (no arcane failure chance).


Your power come form the mysterious genies, great being from the elemental planes. The power of the genies have to do with the elements, changing size or consistency and of course granting wishes... or twisting them.

Ascension: You gain the ability to grant three wish per day to any other creatures. You cannot grant these wish to yourself and you need to pay any material or XP component.

Djinni's Whirlwind (Su): You gain the Whirlwind ability of a Djinni. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Gaseous Form (Su): As a move action you may turn into a gaseous form at-will. You may return to to your normal form as a free action. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Genies's Endurance (Ex) and (Su): You are constantly under the effect of endure elements. You are also constantly under the effect of adapt body but only on the elemental planes.

Grant Wishes (Ex): You gain Wishcasting as a bonus feat. You can learn minor wish as a lesser invocation and limited wish as a dark invocation. You need to pay any material or XP component of your wish and you cannot grant yourself a wish, it must be made through the Wishcasting for another creature.

Heatblast (Sp): You learn a new Eldritch Essence, which turn your eldritch blast into a blast of superheated air. Your eldricth blast deal fire damage and all creature caught in it are Bull Rushed away from the source (either you or the origin of the blast) using your Charisma instead of your Strength. You cannot move alongside the creature but it movement is not limited to 5 feet.

Janni's Change Size (Sp) You gain the Change Size ability of a Janni. This ability is usable a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Lamp's Home (Su): You can turn any mundane lamp into a home for yourself. This behave as the rope trick spell except the only entrance to the dimension is through the lamp and only you or gaseous creatures can enter it. If the lamp is destroyed you and any objects there are ejected. If a Magic Circle against Chaos is cast upon the lamp or if the lamp is placed in one you become trapped in it until the duration run out or the lamp is otherwise freed.

Wishing for Wishes (Su): Whenever you use wish or a Ring of Three Wishes you gain an extra wish out of it. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.


Your power has spooky ethereal origins, things related to ghosts, the undead, and forbidden rituals involving life and death itself. You often feel as if you're being haunted or there are unseen presences watching you and judging your actions, and may feel more comfortable with the dead than the living.

Ascension: You become half-dead, always dancing between this world and the next. As a standard action at will you may toggle between being material or gaining the incorporeal subtype. While incorporeal, you gain your Charisma modifier as a deflection modifier to AC (though you lose any natural armor or physical armor and shields). You can always see into the ethereal plane, out to 60 feet.

Ghost Touch (Ex): Things you wield shift between the planes and end up on both. Any weapons you wield are considered ghost touch weapons, and any armor you use adds its armor bonus against incorporeal touch attacks. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Jacob's Revolving Door (Ex): Going between living and dead is easy for you. If you die and your body is intact, you can still be healed back to life (such as with cure spells) no matter how far into the negatives you go. Destroying the body prevents you coming back in this way. Even so, revival attempts only cost half as much in gp and XP, and do not penalize you with lost levels or Con. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

One of Us (Ex): The undead treat you as one of their own. They do not inherently attack you unless commanded to do so, and you possess a +4 dodge bonus against the undead. You may use bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate on even non-intelligent undead and speak to them regardless of language. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Schrodinger's Warlock (Ex): You resonate with both the energies of the living and the dead. You can healed by both positive and negative energy, and are immune to energy drain. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

To Spooky For Me (Su): You can make a melee touch attack as a standard action which causes living creatures to become shaken for 1 round/level, Will negates. If you touch a shaken creature who has HD equal or less than you, they become frightened for 1 round. Against undead, it becomes a save vs being staggered for 1 round regardless of HD.

Turn/Rebuke Undead (Su): Show your mastery over the forces of the dead. You gain turn undead (or rebuke undead) of a cleric of your class level.

Undead Durability (Ex): You are more object than man. You gain DR/lethal equal to your class level, and you do not tire from any activity covered by the Endurance feat. For example, you may run without stopping.

Undead Resistance (Ex): You can shrug off many things as if you were undead. You gain your Charisma modifier or your class level, whichever is lower, to saves against ability damage, ability drain, death effects, energy drain, mind-affecting, and stunning. You also gain darkvision 60 ft, or improve your existing darkvision by +30 ft.


Time traveling psychic squids have been messing with you, altering your genetic code, stealing your brain, and augmenting you. Somehow you've gotten an illithid's psionic touch and channel the power of the elder brains in your eldritch might.

Ascension: You discard your body and become a floating brain with a psionic projection of a body in its place. You may count as three sizes smaller than normal when beneficial, and gain a fly speed of 90 ft (perfect). Being three sizes smaller you can fit through smaller places. If you are killed, you may immediately duplicate the effect of mind switch on your killer with a Will save to resist. If successful, you retain this body for 1d10 days. If not expelled before then, the stolen body transforms into a duplicate of your original body with your original abilities and other attributes.

Flayer Tentacle (Ex): You gain a long tentacle hidden in your mouth which deals 1d4 points of damage for a medium creature, and has improved grab. You may use your Charisma instead of your Strength for grapple checks with your tentacle. Unlike most powers, you can take this power up to four times, gaining a new tentacle each time. When you have four tentacles, your face transforms to resemble more like an illithid and successfully pinning a creature gives you the option to eat their brains on the next round. They must make a Fortitude save or die as their brain is eaten, a successful save instead deals critical hit damage for all the tentacles. If you eat a brain, you gain all their memories for 24 hours, allowing you to use their skill ranks in place of your own. You do not, however, obtain any class features or feats of the eaten creature. Memories not specifically recalled or written down fade after 24 hours.

Force of Intellect (Ex): All class features which run off Charisma now run off Intelligence. You also may use your Intelligence in place of Charisma based skill checks and ability checks.

Mind Blast (Sp): As a normal spell-like ability (no arcane spell failure), you can project a blast of disruptive psychic energy in a 60 foot cone, or a 30 foot radius burst centered on yourself. Creatures must make a Will save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. You may use a mind blast every 1d4 rounds. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Mind of Telepathy (Su): You gain the effects of wearing a helm of telepathy, including its interaction with certain spells such as phantasmal killer. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Obtain Psicrystal (Ex): You gain the Psicrystal Affinity feat. You may share your invocations with your psicrystal whenever you would otherwise use powers.

Psi Blast (Sp): Your eldritch blast can be fired as a psionic blast. It makes the blast a mind-affecting effect, but also destroys 1 power point per damage die (or 1 point of Int damage if they do not have any power points). For any effects which provoke a saving throw from your blast, you can change it from a Fort or Reflex save to a Will save when desired. Unlike eldritch blast, it suffers from no arcane spell failure. This counts as an eldritch essence.

Reflective Mind (Su): Whenever you are subject to a mind-affecting effect and it is caught by your spell resistance or you succeed on the saving throw, you redirect it at a new target (including the original caster) as if you had cast it yourself with a +4 bonus on the DC. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Thrall Master (Su): Whenever you use a charm or compulsion effect, you gain a +1 bonus to the DC and the effect is automatically extended. In addition, creature immune to mind-affecting effects are no longer immune, though they recieve a +8 bonus on their saving throws. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.


You or an ancestor made a deal with the devil, gaining fantastic infernal power at a high cost. Your infernal legacy gives you a commanding presence over others and fame and fortune in the now, but will you retain such prestige later when you are beholden to forces above you, forces who do not have your best interest at heart?

Ascension: You become a devilish version of yourself, your appearance somehow grim and heartless. You become immune to poison and fire, and gain telepathy out to 100 feet. You also gain the Summon spell-like ability of a devil, calling in any number of devils whose CR equals your HD or less a day, and none whose CR is greater than 1/2 your HD. For example, a level 20 warlock can have up to two CR 10 devils. Summoned creatures are actually called beings who otherwise follow your instruction and who exist for 1 hour before being sent back.

Aura of Fear (Su): Your very presence causes others to shake in their boots. You gain an aura of fear out to 10 feet whenever making any sort of aggresive or hostile threat or action. Creatures with less HD than you must make a Will save or be frightened for 1 minute and shaken for 1 round/level afterward, save negates. Creatures equal to your HD or higher instead save or are shaken for 1 round/level, save negates. Regardless of the result a creature is immune to your aura of fear for 24 hours afterward. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

General of War (Ex): Your tactical prowess is hell for your enemies. As a swift action you can target one creature within 60 feet and command others to attack them. You and any allies attacking this creature gains a +2 bonus to their attack rolls against this creature for 1 round.

Hellfire Blast (Su): You now channel the power of hell itself. You can convert any source of hp damage to deal hellfire damage instead. It counts as fire damage, but ignores resistance to fire and immunity to fire only halves the damage. In addition it works very effective against creatures with the chaotic or good subtypes, dealing +50% additional damage to them. This does not count as a warlock essence. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Infernal Branding (Sp): With a touch you can brand someone and mark them as your own. As a touch attack you inflict a mark similar to arcane mark onto a creature in a somewhat painful process. As a result you become aware of that creature as per status. You may do this at will, with a Will save to negate when performed on unwilling creatures. The mark lasts for 1 month, or until removed by dispel magic or any effect which removes arcane mark. This counts as a 2nd level spell. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Infernal Skin (Ex): You are more resilient than your typical warlock. Any instances of DR/cold iron from this class now grant DR/silver. In addition choose chaos or good. Your DR/silver becomes DR/silver and X, where X is the alignment you chose. You can select this power twice, the second time choosing the second alignment and giving you DR/silver and chaos and good.

Silver Tongue (Ex): You have a way with words. You gain Diplomacy and Speak Language as class skills, and whenever you use an effect from the charm or compulsion subschools the DC rises by +1.

Soul Stealer (Su): Souls are valuable, and they weren't using it anyway. Whenever you kill a creature with your eldritch blast or one of your invocations, you can choose to steal their soul. You can hold onto one soul at a time until you release it, use it (with any methods which involve souls), or seal it away in a crystal vessel worth 1000 gp for every HD the creature possessed (as per trap the soul). Possessing a soul gives you knowledge of how many HD it possesses. As long as the soul is imprisoned within you or a crystal, the creature cannot be revived. If you die, any soul you are currently holding within yourself is freed. Creatures attempting to revive the soul become aware it is trapped and who is trapping it, but nothing else. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Terrify the Masses (Ex): You may make intimidate checks against all creatures within 30 feet. In addition if you spend 1 minute making an intimidating speech, the effect applies to all creatures which can see and hear you. Finally if your intimidate check exceeds the DC by 20 or more, creatures will not become unfriendly or hostile afterwards as you successfully instill fear deep within their core.

Ki Force[edit]

Your bloodline reverberates with the very pulse of life known as ki. It transforms you from shadowy chaotic spellcaster to something more of a martial artist, whose attacks are the very essence of life itself. As taking this bloodline, your Reflex save becomes good and your Will save becomes poor, and your DR/cold iron becomes DR/adamantine.

Ascension: Your type changes to Outsider (Native) with the augmented subtype, and you count as both an outsider and your original type when beneficial. You also gain fast healing 5. When you die, you appear on the Astral Plane alive, but unable to leave until revived or a year and a day passes in which you respawn within 1 mile of your death. While you are on the astral, slain or not, you may use sending at will (with a standard action cast time) as your mind reaches across dimensional barriers. Killing you on the astral plane will kill you normally with normal revival methods.

Bonus Feat (Ex): Your combat training grants you any Fighter or Monk bonus feat you qualify for, and you count as a fighter and monk of your level.

Brick Breaker (Ex): Once per encounter as a free action, you may surge with power and augment any one sunder attack, break DC, or Strength check, and gain your class level as a morale bonus to the check (or to damage for a sunder attack). In addition as a constant effect, your unarmed strike and eldritch blast damage is not reduced before hardness. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Close Combat Ki (Ex): Your eldritch blast no longer provokes attacks of opportunity (either for being a ranged attack, nor a spell-like ability), and you can use your eldritch blast as a melee touch attack if you wish.

Evasive Reactions (Ex): You gain evasion. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd, and be taken a second time at 13th level and beyond to gain Improved Evasion.

Flash Step (Ex): Your movement speeds increase by +10 ft, and you count as being invisible while moving. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Perfect Body (Sp): You gain the unarmed strike and scaling of a monk of your level, and you gain Masterwork Body as a bonus feat. You may apply materials to your unarmed strike and body as if they were manufactured light weapons or light armor.

Strong Heart (Su): You may use your Constitution in place of your Charisma for the purpose of DCs with this class and its invocations, and you gain Endurance as a bonus feat. If you already have Endurance, you gain Diehard. If you already have Diehard, the range you can survive before dying increases by 10 hp.

Supercharge (Su): Once per day as a full round action, you enter a state of enhanced fighting ability not unlike a barbarian's rage (though your spellcasting is unhindered). You gain bonuses to two ability scores of your choice as a barbarian of your level would get with rage, as well as falling under the effect of haste. When using eldritch blast you can fire a second blast that deals half damage on a full attack. If you would be dropped to under 0 hp while you are in this state, you can sacrifice this state as a non-action and end it early, but remain at -1 hp and stable. After this ability is expended, you are exhausted for 10 minutes afterward. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.


Your powers stem from the underdark spores which have invaded your body. They carry the power of your eldritch might through the dust in the air.

Ascension: You now constantly emit microscopic spores from which your memories are retained. You gain regeneration 0 which is bypassed by fire and any effect which harms plants specifically. You count as a Plant for the purpose of interacting with spells and abilities. If you die, you will respawn in 1d10 days within a mile of your death, reborn from a mushroom that appears in the area. Your revival can be interrupted if the mushroom is found, it has hardness 2, as many hp as you do normally, and the same regeneration but increased to regeneration 5.

Eldritch Cloud: You release spores into the air which emit thousands of tiny eldritch blasts between themselves. Treat as fog cloud but it does not obscure sight, instead creatures within must make a Reflex save or receive your eldritch blast damage, save negates. The cloud lasts for 1 minute or until you make another eldritch cloud. This is considered a 5th level eldritch blast shape. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Healthy Mushroom (Ex): Every day your body produces useful mushrooms that you or others can eat. It has the effect of goodberry each day excempt the effect only remains viable for 24 hours. When you gain Lesser invocations, it also carries the effect of lesser restoration when eaten. When you gain Greater invocations, it becomes restoration and also can be crushed and used as a salve that cures petrification (as using stone to flesh). When you gain Dark invocations, it cures all status effects that would be cured by heal in addition to its restoration effect.

Itching Powder: Your eldritch blast causes people to become incredibly itchy. Creatures hit by your blast must make a Fortitude save or take a -1 penalty to attack rolls, ability checks, and skill checks for 1 minute or until they spend a move action to scratch themselves. The penalty increases by -1 at 3rd level and every odd level beyond to a maximum of -10 at 19th level. This is a 2nd level eldritch essence.

Reanimating Spores (Su): You can touch a dead creature and reanimate them as if they were a zombie, though they count as a Construct instead of an Undead. The creature remains animated as long as you Concentrate, and remains standing but goes inert when no concentrated on. Regardless how many you reanimate, you can only concentrate on one at a time and these creatures continue to decay as normal, typically becoming to rotten after 3 days in normal environments. This does not add to your control pool for the number of undead you can control.

Regenerating Earth (Ex): Whenever resting on earth or underground for at least 1 hour, you gain fast healing 5 and are considered to have eaten a full meal. It ends the moment you engage in any strenuous activity. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Sporemind (Ex): You can spread spores that links them to your fungal hivemind with a touch, with a DC 10 + 1/2 level + Charisma modifier Fortitude save to negate. You have telepathy to anyone so infected out to unlimited range on the same plane, and status effect on them. You can also employ any invocation or eldritch blast upon the target from unlimited range, but doing so burns out the infection and ends the effect. No matter how many creatures you have in your sporemind, you are not distracted by the surge of new information. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Spore Talk (Su): You become able to speak to plants and fungi as if always under speak with plants. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Stun Spore (Su): You can release a puff of spores out to 5 ft from your body, forcing a Fortitude save DC 10 + 1/2 level + Constitution modifier. Creatures that fail the save are stunned for 1 round, save negates. You may use this once per class level each day.


Your powers stem from far back in time, before life crawled the earth and outsiders battled in the heavens and hells. Before all things there were the primal elemental forces clashing and forming a grand cosmic maelstrom. Your soul is as conflicted and turbulent as the ancient cataclysms of the past and it links you to the strange and inhuman whims of elemental beings.

Ascension: You gain an elemental subtype (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water) and gain an immunity to an energy type (electric, acid, fire, and cold respectively). Any effect which deals damage, including your eldritch blast and magic items, may be converted to dealing the appropriate elemental damage you chose to be immune to. Lastly you may count yourself as the elemental type when beneficial (though your type remains outsider).

Captain Planet (Sp): With the elements combined, you are captain planet. You gain control weather as a normal spell-like ability (no arcane spell failure). However you can only have one instance of control weather at a time, a second casting dismisses the first. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Dampen/Excite Element (Sp): You can change how vigorous elemental energy is. As a standard action anywhere in Medium range (100 ft + 10ft/level), you can target a magical or mundane effect which deals energy damage (either acid, cold, electricity, or fire). You can either dampen its effect, causing the hazard to deal 50% less its typical energy damage or excite the effect, dealing 50% more energy damage. This has a duration of concentration. If used against an enemy spell effect or an creature which deals energy damage, they get a Will save to negate. A readied action can apply dampen or excite to instantaneous energy effects.

Elemental Movement (Ex): You gain a movement related to your element. Choose an element (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water). Air gains a fly speed of 60 ft, good. Earth gains a burrow speed of 30 ft and tremorsense out to 10 feet. Fire gains a +30 bonus to their base land speed and Run as a bonus feat. Water gains a swim speed of 60 ft and the ability to breath water. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Elemental Resistance (Ex): You can weather the elements. You gain endure elements as a constant effect. In addition choose an energy type (acid, cold, electric, or fire). You gain energy resistance 2 per class level you have. Unlike most powers, this may be selected multiple times, each time becoming resistant to a new element. When you ascend, if you become immune to an element you have resistance to by virtue of this power, you may select a new power in its place.

Elemental Resonance (Ex): You push out more damage than normal hen it comes to energy damage. Choose an energy type (acid, cold, electric, or fire). When dealing this type of damage through any means you add your Charisma modifier or your class level, whichever is lower, as additional energy damage. Unlike most powers, this may be selected multiple times, each time augmenting a new kind of energy damage.

Natural Blast (Sp): Your eldritch blast isn't unnatural. If anything, it's too natural. You can choose to have your eldritch blast phase through unworked natural terrain such as stone, trees, and other obstructions. This ignores cover or concealment from natural terrain. Elementals are immune to any natural blasts, and constructs take 50% more damage. This is considered a blast essence. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Turn/Rebuke Elemental (Su): You can command or destroy the elements at your whim. Choose an elemental subtype (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water). You can turn creatures with this subtype as with turn undead, and rebuke creatures of the opposing type (Fire vs Water and Air vs Earth). You turn/rebuke as a cleric of your level.

World Speaker (Sp): You can listen to the long slow voice of the planet. You gain commune with nature as a normal spell-like ability (arcane spell failure does not apply) at will. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.


In the plane of dreams, nightmares become reality in the form of the quori. They plot against the material plane, seeking to harvest more mental energy from the unsuspecting populace. Perhaps you play host to one, or have made a deal with one to gain access to the minds of others. But can you trust something that feeds on your fears?

Ascension: You become half-unreal, formed of the very stuff of dreams themselves. You gain the dreambornHyper subtype, which grants you a 20% miss chance from Unreality. You count as both native to your original home plane and the plane of dreams. In addition whenever you go to sleep (or rest if you are a creature that does not sleep) you may vanish into the plane of dreams and travel up to 1000 miles for every hour you are asleep, as if teleporting. You can also reach other planes after 1d4 hours of sleeping. This operates similar to shadow walk, but you travel through the plane of dreams.

Dream Touch (Sp): You can invoke dream states in others. At will as a touch attack you force a Will save or fall asleep for 1 round/level, save negates. Regardless of the success or failure of the ability a creature can only be affected by this power once every 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting effect. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Dreamcrafter (Sp): You can manipulate the dreamscape of others, drawing forth or tampering with their subconscious minds. This power allows you to tamper with the target’s memories as if using modify memory, or you may ask questions as if using speak with dead upon a corpse. A successful Will save negates the effect. Regardless of the success or failure of the ability a creature can only be affected by this power once every 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting effect. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Latent Talent (Ex): Dreams and the mind are the domain of psionics. You gain Hidden TalentXPH as a bonus feat. If you multiclass with any psionic class you may add your class level for the purposes of determining your manifester level.

No Fear (Ex): Others manipulate fear, but you were born in it. You become immune to fear. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Primal Terror (Ex): Any fear effect you produce, by spell or through mundane means, works on anything regardless of immunity. Creatures which are normally immune instead gain a +8 bonus on the save against fear, or the DC against intimidation.

Sleep It Off (Ex): You can burn through mind-affecting compulsion or charm effects by willingly falling asleep as a free action. If you do so, any mind-affecting compulsion or charm effects are suppressed but continue to burn through their duration. Nothing can force you to unwillingly wake up. Combined with sleepwalker, you can act and shield yourself from charms and compulsions.

Sleepwalker (Ex): When you are asleep, by choice or forced, you are not helpless and retain all your senses. You may even continue standing, and can only take move actions but you are not flatfooted. At 8 HD, you can take your normal actions, but still cannot attack or do anything requiring concentration. At 16 HD, you gain your full actions each round effectively rendering you immune to sleep.

Dream Precognition (Sp): When you dream, you see the future. You mimic the effects of moment of prescience, though with a casting time of 10 minutes as you must rest and actively daydream or sleep to gain the bonus. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.


Darkness is where you have made your home. Far away from the terrible blinding light of the sun, you have found strength in the Plane of Shadows and its familiar, but distorted inhabitants. It may seem fake and insubstantial, but to you its as real as anything the material world has to offer, and perhaps even more so.

Ascension: You become one with darkness, always outlined in the darkest shadows. You become native to both your original plane and the Plane of Shadow. You benefit from a constant 20% miss chance from concealment in bright light and total concealment (50%) in shadowy illumination or lower. If using shadow walk, you travel 100x times as quickly, and change planes in 1d4 rounds rather than 1d4 hours.

Chilling Dark (Su): Your darkness seems to sap the life out of those inside. You can choose to have any [Darkness] effect you produce deal 1 point of cold damage per level for its duration, in addition to any other effects it creates.

Dark Creation (Sp): You can craft things out of darkness. You gain minor creation as a normal spell-like ability (no arcane spell failure), but it is an Illusion [Shadow] spell. When interacting with creatures, magical objects, or attended objects they must make a Will save. If they succeed on the save the item is only 20% real to them, which may make the item deal less damage or not function correctly. At 10 HD, it becomes major creation and the amount on a save goes up to 50%. At 20 HD, the amount on a save becomes 80%.

Hide In Shadows (Ex): The darkness is enough to conceal you. You gain Hide in Plain Sight as an assassin. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Negate Light (Su): You seem darker than you should be, as if you were always in shade. You are immune to any [Light] spells of a spell level equal to 1/2 your level or less (minimum 0th level, maximum 9th level spells at class level 18th).

See In Darkness (Ex): Your eyes can see through darkness as well as it were full daylight. You can even see through magical darkness effects, including blacklightSpC. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Shadow Pin (Sp): You toss a dagger-shaped bolt of force at a creature's shadow and pin it to the ground. Make a ranged touch attack to a creature in 60 ft. A successful hit immobilizes them, rendering their movement speed to 0 ft, though they can still move and perform other actions. They can free themselves as a standard action to dislodge the dagger from their shadow, or if their square is subject to a [Light] spell, which disrupts the dagger. This does not function on flying creatures. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Shadow Walk (Sp): The plane of shadow is a familiar home to you. You gain shadow walk as a normal spell-like ability (no arcane spell failure) at will. In addition, you suffer no chance of being off target. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Touch of Darkness (Su): As a melee touch attack, you can cause a creature's vision to be fraught with shadows and darkness. The creature touched treats all other creatures as if they had concealment, suffering a 20% miss chance on all attack rolls. This effect lasts for 1 round/level, and the creature can remove the dark miasma from their vision with a move action.

Time Lord[edit]

A time traveler from the distant future or mysterious past has contacted you and granted you strange and alien powers not from your time. Sometimes it is granted by accident, the result of a paradox that involved (or resulted in) your existence.

Ascension: You are outside of the concept of time itself. You can choose to be immune to any time based effects such as slow. You can also act within the effect of time stop which occurs within 500 ft. In addition the actions of your alternate timeline selves will revive you from death 1d10 days after you die in a random location on the same plane, though you can only benefit from this once per year. If you die again before the year's end you are not revived.

Altered Progression (Ex): As a swift action you enter either accelerated or slowed progression of durations. The duration of any effects upon you such as spells or poison and disease count as either 2 rounds or 1/2 rounds, regardless if it is positive or negative. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Delayed Blast: You can delay your eldritch blasts up to 5 rounds. As long as your target is still within range at the end of the delay, the eldritch blast goes off as normal emanating from where you cast your eldritch blast.

Entropic Aura (Sp): A shell of entropic energy envelops you. Treat it as an at will spell-like ability of fire shield with 24 hour duration but protects against negative energy and entropy damage, and deals entropy damage (damage die is one size smaller, 1d4 + caster level). This form of entropy damage does not cause targets to age. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Entropic Miasma (Su): You gain a special essence for your eldritch blast. Your eldritch blast now deals entropy damage, but its damage die drops by one step (typically d8s). This form of entropy damage does not cause targets to age. In addition as a touch attack any non-magical unattended object up to a 10 ft cube and deal damage to it via erosion, age, and decay. Hardness applies, but damage is not reduced before hardness.

Eye of Past and Future (Sp): You gain the following spell-like abilities: At will- object reading; 3/day- augury. You gain +1 CL on any divination effects.

Quickening (Su): You gain haste up to 1 round per class level per day, as per the Boots of Speed. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Tintalos Step (Ex): You can shutterwalk, becoming difficult to target. You gain the effect of Mobility which stacks with the feat. At 6th level you no longer provoke for the first square of movement you make. At 12th level you no longer provoke for moving.

Unchanging (Ex): You are unable to decay as if always under gentle repose and you cannot be raised as an undead. You become immune to negative energy. At will you can cast an extraordinary temporal stasis (self only), and are able to escape your or any other's temporal stasis effect as a 1 round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. You may take this action even though you are normally disallowed. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.


You've made a blood pact with a vampiric being, perhaps as a thrall or as a botched attempt to become a vampire yourself. Or you could just BE a vampire. Be it through blood transmission or demonic interference, vampiric power flows within you and empowers you with the power of the undead.

Ascension: You become pale as a vampire and gain many of their traits. You may count as undead when beneficial (though you do not gain undead immunities), and gain fast healing equal to your Charisma modifier. You are immune to any Necromancy spell, energy drain, or death effect. If you are undead, you gain your Charisma modifier as a bonus to turn resistance.

Blood Drinker (Ex): You gain a bite attack which deals 1d6 damage (as a Medium creature). If you bite while in a grapple, you can drink their blood dealing 1d4 points of Con damage, and healing 5 points of hp for every point of Con damage dealt. You can survive off blood alone and do not need to eat or drink otherwise.

Blood Scent (Ex): You gain the scent special quality to any blood-bearing creatures. At 10 HD the scent is so accurate you can pinpoint creatures as if using blindsight.

Cloak of Darkness (Sp): You cover yourself in dark shadows, giving yourself a +4 armor bonus, plus an additional +1 at 3rd and every odd level beyond (5th, 7th, etc). While wearing the cloak you are protected from the light temporarly. Natural sunlight strips away 1 point of armor bonus each round, and [Light] spells strip away 1 point of armor for every spell level it possesses. You are not dealt any harmful effects these light sources until the armor is gone. The armor can be returned as a standard action, and otherwise lasts for 24 hours like a normal invocation. It also regenerates 1 point of armor bonus a round in shadowy illumination and darker up to its maximum.

Dominating Gaze (Sp): As a standard action you can make a creature within 30 ft become fascinated for 1 minute. If used on a fascinated creature, they become charmed instead as per charm person. If used on a charmed creature you can employ the effect of suggestion. A Will save negates each instance. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Resist Death/Resist Life (Ex): You empower yourself against negative energy effects, gaining negative energy resistance equal to 2x your class level, and becoming immune at 20th level. If you are undead, you instead gain positive energy resistance.

Vampiric Blast (Su): Whenever you hit a creature with your eldritch blast, you heal 1 hp for every die of damage it deals. This only counts as an essence, and only functions on living creatures. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Vampiric Mist (Sp): You gain gaseous form as a normal spell-like ability at will (no arcane spell failure). In addition if you are brought below 0 hp, you can make a Will save as an immediate action (DC equals to the amount of damage past 0 hp). If successful, you remain at 1 hp and immediately assume gaseous form. You can continue to make Will saves to negate damage, but the DC rises by +5 each time until you revert to solid form. Reverting from this semi-involuntary change takes 1 minute. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Vampiric Transformation (Su): You gain the alternate form ability, though you may only transform into a bat, a Small or Medium monstrous spider, a rat, araven, or a wolf. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.


You are descended from a strange specie of outsiders and fey, the yokai. You possess the ability to easily trick others and tap into your strange abilities.

Ascension: You master the trickery of the yokai, gaining the ability to use any non-damaging invocations as a swift action.

Bakeneko's Control (Su): You gain Rebuke Undead as a Cleric of your level.

Foxfire Blast (Su): You can make your Eldritch Blast deal fire or electricity damage (chosen at time of use). If you use this as an essence, it deals mixed fire and electricity damage and leave a faerie fire effect on any creature damage by your eldritch blast, lasting for 1 round per class level.

Kamaitachi's Fury (Su): As a full round action, you can unleash you fullest fury. You automatically hit all enemies within 60' with your eldritch blast. After you do this, you become fatigued and cannot use your eldritch blast (both for 1d4+1 rounds). Any foes killed by this blast is sliced in half, rendering their body unsuitable for raise dead. This counts as a blast shape. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Kappa Skin (Ex): You gain the Aquatic subtype and the Amphibious Special Quality, as well as the Dry Skin feat. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Oni's Fortitude (Ex): You can never get intoxicated from alcohol, never getting more than slightly buzzed no matter how much you drink. Additionally, you gain a bonus to saves against poison and disease equal to your class level (minimum +3).

Neck of the Rokurokubi (Ex): Your neck can stretch to extreme lengths. You gain a bite feral strike (1d4 damage, +1 Con damage on a crit threat) which you can use out to your normal reach +10'. You only threaten with this bite out to your normal reach. Additionally, you can use your long neck to look at things from further away or from different angle within your normal reach +10 by moving your head in position.

Spirit Nobility (Ex): You have gained a lordship in the lands of the spirits. You are constantly affected by regal presence, although you cannot use the sanctuary portion of this spell and it does not apply to humanoids or animals. Additionally, you gain Commoner Authority as a bonus feat, with the same type restrictions as above. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Tanuki's Touch (Su): You can transform leaves you touch into mundane equipment with a total net worth no more than ten times your class level. You can do this at will, but the transformation lasts only while you are touching them. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Tengu's Fan (Su): As long as you have one hand free, you may manifest a magic fan that allows you to use gust of wind at will. Only you can use the fan for this purpose, and if it is broken or stolen, you may manifest it at will. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Yokai Tail (Ex): You grow a magical tail, which further increases your potential. Gain an extra invocation known at each level you have access to. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Yokai Trickery (Su): You can replicate disguise self at will. This counts as a transmutation effect rather than an illusion effect, but is still seen through by True Seeing.


In the ancient days where mankind was still very young, an ancient race of snake people ruled over the earth. They took men and women as slave and bred with them, while their empires have fallen from power the trace of their heritage still remain. As a warlock you draw power form the same source as the Yuan-Ti Anathema, the godlike being who now rule over the Yuan-Ti and used to rule over mankind so long ago.

Ascension: You unlock the full power of your Yuan-Ti heritage and effectively become a Yuan-ti Anathema. You gain Regeneration 5 bypassed by admantine and force. As a swift action you may replace your head with six snake heads, granting you the all-around vision ability and increasing the reach of any bite attack you possess by 10 feet. This ability automatically activate if you are ever beheaded and you may return to normal as a standard action.

Forked Tongue (Ex): You gain a +4 bonus to bluff, the Goad feat and you are also under a constant speak with animals effect (snakes only).

Form of the Serpent (Su): You may use the Alternate Form ability to turn into any kind of snake-like animals whose CR is equal or less than half your class level (minimum 1). You gain the Shapechanger subtype.

Grow Tail: You become much more like a Yuan-ti Abomination, gaining the Snake Tail feat even if you do not meet the prerequisites.

Hypnotic Gaze (Su): As long as you maintain eye contact (treat this as a gaze attack), increase the caster level and DC of any spells or spell-like ability of the (charm) or (compulsion) subschool by 1. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Poisonous Fangs (Ex): You gain a basic bite feral strike which inject a poison when successfully used. The poison deal 1d6 Constitution damage as primary damage on a failed Fortitude save with no secondary damage. Your bite attack also possess the Improved Grab special ability. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd

Pureblood Form: The warlock unlock part of her yuan-ti heritage and become much like the pureblood. You gain Scent and may use detect poison as a spell-like ability at-will. When you gain spell resistance it increase by 2. Finally snake animals are friendly toward you unless you attack them.

Serpentine Biology (Ex): Your body become more and more serpentine, even if the changes are subtle. You gain a +1 Natural Armor bonus to AC, immunity to poison and count as one size category smaller for the purpose of squeezing. You become cold-blooded and only need to eat once per month, assuming you previously had a normal metabolism.

Shed Skin (Ex): As a move action you may shed your skin, doing so remove any negative status effect currently affecting you. This does not apply for ability burn or any effect with a instantaneous or permanent duration. You may use this ability once per day plus an additional time per day at 5th level and each 5 level thereafter. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Snake Pit (Su): Whenever you kill a creature with your eldritch blast, you use your dark magic to force their body into becoming your minion. They effectively become Simple Zombie under your control. When the zombie is slain, the body is instantly devoured by what was dwelling under it skin, a swarm of venomous snake. The swarm is under your control for 1 round per level after which is disperse. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.


Alien forces exist beyond your planet and they have been manipulating things upon the surface without others knowing. You were likely one of their victims, spirited away into a hazy nightmare and dropped back onto the world with new powers and an unknown purpose. What could these alien invaders desire with you and the world?

Ascension: You gain the Xenotheric subtype and all the traits that go with it. You may now survive in any natural environment, from the depths of space to the surface of the sun and not take damage or suffer any side effects (though non-environmental effects still take their toll). This includes the environmental effects of gravity letting you ignore fall damage. It's still a bad idea to cross the event horizon of a black hole though... you won't come out.

Active Deflector (Sp): When attacked by a ray or a projectile, you can make an attack roll with your eldritch blast as an immediate action. This is your new AC against the attack. Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Alien Abduction (Sp): I'm not saying it's aliens, but its aliens. Twice per day, you can duplicate phantasmal killer as a normal spell-like ability (no arcane spell failure) with the DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Charisma instead of its intended spell level. At 16 HD, it becomes weird. When creatures fail their saves, aliens steal their brain leaving their empty bodies behind. Unlike both spells, this is neither fear nor mind-affecting and is instead considered a transmutation effect. Against mindless creatures it steals whatever passes for a brain. Requires a minimum class level of 8th.

Global Positioning (Ex): The aliens put something in your brain. You always know your exact position within the universe as long as you can see the sky.

Mind Probe (Sp): You can extract knowledge forcefully from others. Make a touch attack against a target, who must make a Will save. On a failed save they are affected as if you had used detect thoughts for a full 3 rounds, and deal 1d6 + your Charisma modifier in nonlethal damage. It lasts as long as you concentrate up to 1 minute/level. A failed save negates the thought detection, and halves the mental damage. A willing target can have their mind read without taking damage by willingly failing their save.

Tech Knowledge (Ex): You remember things from your otherworldly experiences. You may use your class level + your Intelligence modifier as your effective ranks in Disable Device, and for the purpose of determining the function or purpose of complex machines, even if you have never seen one before.

Void Breath (Ex): You're Batman, and you can breath in space. You do not need to breath, and you may talk even in a vacuum or a silence spell (though the silence spell still impedes vocal spell components). Requires a minimum class level of 3rd.

Warp Drive (Su): You can briefly enter FTL speeds, effectively moving from place to place instantly. When you make a move action, you can teleport that distance as long as you have line of effect as part of the movement. As a result, you can move out of grapples and do not provoke attacks of opportunity for movement. You can also stand up from prone without provoking. Requires a minimum class level of 13th.

Xenoblooded (Ex): You're not quite normal, alien genes flow inside you. You gain the Xenoblooded subtype, and also gain a bio-energy pool, allowing you to take feats normally restricted to xenotheric creatures. When you gain your ascension power, you gain a +2 additional points of bio-energy.

Epic Bloodline Warlock[edit]

Table: The Epic Bloodline Warlock

Hit Die: d8

Level Special
21st Eldritch Blast, Invocations
22nd Damage Reduction 11/cold iron
24th Damage Reduction 12/cold iron
25th Bonus Feat
26th Damage Reduction 13/cold iron
28th Damage Reduction 14/cold iron
30th Bonus Feat, Damage Reduction 15/cold iron

4 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Human Bloodline Warlock Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: Longspear.

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 5 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor
Bluff 4 Cha
Concentration 4 Con
Knowledge Arcana 4 Int
Spellcraft 4 Int
Use Magic Device 4 Cha

Feat: Improved Initiative.

Bonus Feats: Dodge.

Gear: Chain Shirt.

Gold: 20 gp.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Bloodline Warlock[edit]

Religion: Like warlocks, bloodline warlocks are keenly aware of the supernatural and the effect they have on their lives. They may worship or not worship, but almost all respect the power of the outer planes.

Other Classes: Warlocks often come into conflict with paladins and clerics, the "status quo" who disapprove of their presence. Yet they know not to anger those who can heal them, or smite them. They share much in common with sorcerers in terms of power source and social acceptance.

Combat: A warlock is a selfish caster whose abilities rarely help the team, but they can still help through blasting and battlefield control, all based on their invocations, essences, and shapes chosen.

Advancement: Any class which can advance warlock can advance bloodline warlock.

Bloodline Warlocks in the World[edit]

Spooky Star Love Eye BEEEEEAAAAAAMMMM!!!!
—Pneuma, Halfling Bloodline Warlock

Daily Life: What do you do when you have infinite ammo? Everything begins to look like a nail to the hammer that you possess, and often you'd love to use your power often as if to snub it in the face of those limited-per-day casters. The problem is a lot of people find your methods spooky, and rightfully or not you often must hide your power.

Notables: Supposedly a whole army of bloodline warlocks who are also good at martial arts exist, under some sort of "Chilly" or "Frosty" alien fellow.

Organizations: Due to their stereotype as being evil and cruel, most warlocks do not collect en masse. Each is his own being, forging his way in the world.

NPC Reactions: Casters are scary enough, but casters who never run out of ammo are terrifying, and many treat them as such.

Bloodline Warlock Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge Arcana can research bloodline warlocks to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge Arcana
DC Result
10 Bloodline warlocks are like warlocks, but stronger. They can shoot pew pew lasers all day long and don't even give a damn.
15 Bloodline warlocks gain their power from various occult sources like elder evils, outsiders, and fey. Their bloodline gives them special unique powers appropriate for their origin.
20 Powerful bloodline warlocks can even alter the outer planes like a archdevil or deity, and are banished from the material instead of dying like an outsider as well.
30 Those who reach this level of knowledge can research specific bloodline warlocks, their whereabouts, motives, recent activity, and other lore.

Bloodline Warlocks in the Game[edit]

Adaptation: The original stronger form of this class had 1d6 eldritch blast per level. This may not work well with abilities which have multiple blasts a round, but is balanced as a single-shot effect.

Sample Encounter: A powerful warlock has been released from his prison after 10,000 years! Now it's time to conquer Earth!


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