Horn Gore (3.5e Feat)

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Adopter: Eiji-kun (talk)
Original Author: IGTN (talk)
Date Created: Mar 22, 2011
Status: First Draft
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Horn Gore [Monstrous] You're hornyhorned and bullish.Prerequisites: Magical Beast Type or Dragon Type or Outsider (Evil) TypeBenefit: You have a gore natural attack, which does 1d8 damage (piercing and bludgeoning), and all Disarm, Bull Rush, and Trip attempts with it have the Edge. It does double damage on a charge, like a lance. You cannot use this attack on a pounce. For each iterative attack you would be allowed, this attack does an extra 1x damage on a charge (3x at +6 BAB, 4x at +11, 5x at +16) Special: You cannot take both this feat and Facial Lance or Headbutt. You can only hurt people one way with your head, pick one.

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