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All Equipment

Item Templates[edit]

Item Templates

Magic Items[edit]



Item Sets[edit]

Naturalist's Uniform
Bladegrass Coat
Moss Boots
Trunk Shirt
Predator's Armament
Beast Claws
Raptor Earring
Tail Belt
Wolf Pelt

Magical Food and Drink[edit]

Prestige Weapon Enhancements[edit]

Prestige Weapon Enhancements

Shield Enhancements[edit]

Shield Enhancements

Specific Armors[edit]

Specific Shields[edit]

Specific Shields

Specific Weapons[edit]

Specific Weapons


Weapon Crystals[edit]

Weapon Crystals

Weapons of Legacy[edit]

Weapons of Legacy

Wondrous Items[edit]

Wondrous Items

Weapon Enhancements[edit]

Weapon Enhancements

Mundane Items[edit]

Alchemical Components[edit]

Item Templates[edit]

Item Templates



  • Ki Enhanced
  • Elemental item template
  • two items that give the rampaging and giant robot templates once per day for some time.
  • Holy Hand Grenade
  • Old Rusty Nail
  • Poultry Staff - summon chicken 0 at will, spend one charge per spell level to overcast it, chicken scratch, some summon coot power?
  • Staff of the Storyteller - Legend Knowledge (as bardic knowledge but for legends and stories). Increase by +2 the DC of language-dependant spells. ghost sound, legende lore, tongue
  • Garlic Cudgel
  • Rage (shield)