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This page contains the homebrew and rebuilt utterance for the rebuilt truenamer

Truenamer Utterances

0th-Level Truenamer Utterances

Command Function: Use an object with a function such as a door or a button from afar, or inhibit function of something in use.

Far Whisper: Speak or whisper up to 60 ft away, or obscure your whisper attempts up close.

Hydration: Dampen or dry objects, and satisfy or provoke thirst.

Illuminated Toxin: Gain the effects of detect poison, or falsely make an object or creature appear to be poisonous.

Luminaire: Cause an object to glow, or absorb light from the area.

Mend Object: As mending, or alternatively applies the broken condition.

Muffle: Muffle the noises on a creature, object, or in a point of space, or make them louder.

Reveal the Supernatural: Gain the effects of detect magic, or suppress one's own magical aura while concentrating.

Stabilize Wound: Stabilize dying creatures, grant temporary hit points, or wound creatures and bleed them out.

Turbulence: Create a small breeze, or make an area of air stagnant and unmoving.

1st-Level Truenamer Utterances

Bind Spirit: Summon an elemental or outsider, or dismiss summoned elementals or outsiders.

Contingent Message: Duplicate the effect of magic mouth or do so in text format.

Defensive Edge: Gain a +4 armor bonus to AC, or apply a -4 penalty to AC.

Fog From the Void: Create a fog cloud effect, or remove cloud effects from an area.

Fortify Armor: Gain fortification, or strip critical hit immunity from a target,

Fortify Resistance: Gain a scaling resistance bonus, or apply a penalty to a creature's saves.

Inertia Surge: Gain freedom of movement but for a brief moment, or entangle your opponents in the fabric of space and time.

Insightful Shield: You gain an Insight bonus to AC and reflex or make yourself hard to predict.

Keen Weapon: Gain the benefits of keen edge, or greatly reduce the effectiveness of critical hits from other weapons.

Knight's Puissance: Gain +2 to attack, or apply a -2 penalty to attack.

Minor Word of Nurturing: Gain fast healing 1 or degeneration 1 for 1 minute.

Shield of the Landscape: Obtain cover or concealment from the environment, or remove cover and concealment for opponents.

Shockwave: Create a powerful shockwave to knock creatures off their feet, or a loud sound wave to harm and deafen them.

Universal Aptitude: Grant a +5 bonus on a skill check, or a −5 penalty.

Weighty Utterance: Double the weight of an object or creature, or halve the weight of an object.

2nd-Level Truenamer Utterances

Agitate Metal: Heat up objects and creatures as if using heat metal or chill metal

Analyze Item: Identify magic items, or hide them under a magic aura.

Archer's Eye: Ignore concealment for 1 minute, or gain concealment against ranged attacks.

Energy Vortex: Produce a vortex of energy which deals damage and draws creatures into its center... or blasts them away!

Hidden Truth: You can make a bardic lore or knowledge check with a +10 bonus as a swift action, or you can gain a +10 on a bluff check instead.

Inertial Strike: You imbue a melee attack with inertia and strike your opponent with great force, or dampen their own melee attacks.

Invigoration: Remove or create fatigue or exhaustion.

Lesser Word of Nurturing: Gain fast healing 3 or degeneration 3 for 1 minute.

Percieve the Unseen: You gain the effects of Blind-Fight, or you gain +10 on Hide and Move Silently checks.

Silent Spell: You grant a use of Silent Spell metamagic until discharged, or silence a creature and make them incapable of noise.

Soul Lance: You fire spears made of blue soulfire, dealing magic damage

Speak Rock to Mud: You duplicate the effects of transmute mud to rock or transmute mud to rock

Speed of the Zephyr: You gain a +20 bonus on movement speeds and the benefits of the Up The Walls feat, and ignore difficult terrain. Alternatively, you can slow someone else down as well.

Strike of Might: Empower yourself with the ability to strike for massive damage, or sap away an opponent's damage.

Temporal Twist: Bend time to allow for extra attacks to occur, or decrease the number of attacks opponents can make.

Transform the Landscape: Create, or remove, difficult terrain in an area.

True Tongue: You can speak and understand any language, or read and write any language.

Unstoppable Force: Send a powerful shockwave that know your enemy off their feet or pull them toward you.

3rd-Level Truenamer Utterances

Accelerated Attack: Benefit from Spring Attack, or gain an extra attack in the round.

Blue Flames: You conjure a jet of blue flames, which scorch everything around them.

Energy Negation: Gain scaling energy resistance, or strip away energy resistance and immunity.

Greater Speed of the Zephyr: You gain the benefits of haste, or the penalties of slow, with a few extra bonuses.

Incarnation of Angels: One willing creature gains the Celestial or Fiendish templates added.

Lore of the World: Listen to the words of the environment around you, or leave a message of your own.

Master the Four Winds: Duplicate control winds, or dampen wind and sound in an area.

Moderate Word of Nurturing: Gain fast healing 5 or degeneration 5 for 1 minute.

Rebuild Item: Revert the damage to an item, or damage an item with a touch.

Rewrite Golem: You 'hack' a non-mindless construct or golem or cause it to become inert.

Seek the Sky: You can fly, or you can deny flight to others.

Spoken Malediction: You inflict a powerful curse at an enemy or remove it from an ally.

Suppress Weapon: Prevent the use of a weapon, or force it to deal nonlethal damage.

Temporal Spiral: Grant an extra move action, or stagger a target for the round.

Thwart the Traveler: Prevent teleportation as per dimensional anchor, or prevent them from running in normal space.

Twilight Architecture: You create a structure such as a bridge, stairwell or a wall, or make another structure passable.

Vision Sharpened: Duplicate the effects of see invisibility, or become invisible yourself.

Voice of Distant Thunder: Amplify your voice to nearly deafening volume, or speak to someone an unlimited distance away as if you were next to them.

Whispers of the Dark: Listen to the words of the environment around you, or leave a message of your own.

4th-Level Truenamer Utterances

Anger the Sleeping Earth: Duplicate the effects of earthquake, or reshape the land with reticulating splines.

Breath of Cleansing: Give someone another chance at a save, or force another save against a dangerous effect.

Caster Lens: Increase the target's caster level by 2, or decrease it (and their DCs) by 2.

Confounding Resistance: Gain evasion and mettle, or remove it from another creature and possibly make them vulnerable.

Conjuncutive Gate: Employ the travel only function of gate, or duplicate the planar binding series of spells.

Deny Passage: Deny an area to others, or prevent others from leaving the area.

Magic Contraction: Gain spell resistance, or take it away from others.

Morale Boost: Remove confusion and fear and render the target immune, or create fear yourself.

Potent Word of Nurturing: Gain fast healing 10 or degeneration 10 for 1 minute.

Spell Rebirth: Restore a dispelled effect, or dispel an effect instead.

Suppress Item: Suppress the effects of an item, or allow magic items to work in an antimagic field.

Transmute Weapon: Alter the material, or even the shape, of weapons and armor.

Word of Bolstering: Alter the material, or even the shape, of weapons and armor.

5th-Level Truenamer Utterances

Critical Word of Nurturing: Gain fast healing 15 or degeneration 15 for 1 minute.

Eldritch Attraction: You drag an opponent towards you, or reject them and fling them away!

Essence of Lifespark: Remove, or apply, negative levels to a target.

Greater Energy Negation: Gain energy immunity, or strip away all energy resistance and immunity.

Greater Seek the Sky: You can fly faster, or you can slam other fliers into the ground.

Metamagic Catalyst: Augment potions and scrolls with spontaneous metamagic effects, or reduce the effects for others.

Preternatural Clarity: Gain a benefit like moment of prescience, or turn it around and use it as a debuff!

Seize Item: Disarm at range, or prevent yourself from losing your items.

Sensory Focus: Briefly sense everything around you perfectly, or blind the senses of another.

Ward of Peace: Invoke peace by duplicating sanctuary, or create war through a forced rage.

6th-Level Truenamer Utterances

Breath of Recovery: Remove all status effects, or create a ton of status effects.

Ether Reforged: Gain ghost touch weapons and armor, or become ghostly yourself.

Greater Knight's Puissance: Gain +6 to attack, or apply a -6 penalty to attack.

Greater Word of Nurturing: Gain fast healing 20 or degeneration 20 for 1 minute.

Mystic Rampart: Gain +5 AC, +5 saves, and DR 5/-, or strip away 5 AC, saves, and DR from a target.

Singular Mind: Remove all forms of control and curses from a creature, or dominate them to your will instead.