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Complete XenoAlien CodexStar Ships

Author: Franken Kesey (talk)
Date Created: 10/23/10
Status: Fin
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Fleet Ship

A Fleet Ship

Ship Traits:

Planar Connections: Whenever a fleet makes a hyper-jump, it briefly visit the plane of shadow. But does not link to any other planes, including the astral or ethereal.

Movement and Combat: As an Earth-like planet.

City Ship Features[edit]

Description: A Fleet city.

Base City Ship Traits (Ex): All space cities possess the following traits:

  • Base Stats: A singe fleet has the following stats: 35HD, 1400 HP, and 300' fly speed (clumsy). It requires one minute and 5000’ to turn the ship 90 degrees.

Vehicle and Systems: The fleet has the following abilities and attacks:

  • Vehicle: As a vehicle, the fleet ship has no mental or Dexterity scores of its own, but takes the scores of its pilot, as well as initiative and skills. To operate the fleet ship, one must enter and close the cockpit door as a full-round action, To operate the fleet ship, one must succeed a DC35 pilot check, to start the system as a move action. Once active, it remains active until you depart.
  • Sensors: A ships' sensors give its pilots a +8 competence bonus to Listen, Search and Spot checks and allow it to make such checks in reaction to anything within range of the ship’s sight, regardless of direction or awareness and as long as the pilot or vehicle has line of effect. At a successful check against a creature or object, the pilot becomes immediately aware of it.
  • Each room can be individually quarantined from the rest of the ship at the bridge or an engine room (bridge overrides engine rooms). Those inside any room have 100% cover from the rest of the ship possessing their own air cycling unit, rendering them immune to gaseous effects (outside the room). If the overall HP of the ship drops below 70%, each room can be attacked separately. If the bridge is destroyed, an engine room can act as a secondary bridge. However, the secondary bridge is inferior, and has a -4 penalty to attacks, saves and skills.
  • Powerful Build: In many ways the fleet ship is treated as if it was one size category larger. Whenever an it is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as during a grapple, bull rush, overrun or trip), the ship is treated as one size larger. The ship is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature’s special attacks based on size (such as improved grab or swallow whole) can affect it. The fleet can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty (although it possesses no hands to achieve this). However, its space and reach remain those of a creature of its actual size. The benefit stacks with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject’s size category.
    • More than Massive: The sheer size of a fleet, means it always fails Hide checks, and fails AC checks against Siege weapons (but only siege weapons can harm it). The fleet ship has not attack of its own (outside of ramming), instead it fights with gun rooms (see below).
    • Gravitational Pull: The sheer magnitude of a fleet ship makes it have its own gravitational pull, acting in many ways like a tractor beam. This pulls in all objects smaller than it within five miles, at a rate of 100’/round. Ships caught this way are unable to hyper-jump, unless they beat a DC 30 escape artist check. Ships can still move away from the fleet ship if they have a speed greater than 100’. The fleet ship does not receive collision damage from objects or other ships hitting it in this way (though do from intentional ramming).
  • Crafting and Costs: A fleet cannot be bought or crafted.
  • XK20 Defensive System: A fleet ship has three FT20 Defense Systems (on rear, top and bottom).
    • Shields: A fleet ship has shields, granting them a +15 deflection bonus, 150 temporary HP, the shield regenerates 15 HP per round. The shield does not regenerate normal HP, only shield HP (damage to ship is not healed by this).
  • Offensive System: A fleet ship has six FT25 Assault Systems (1/side), two FT28 Ship Killers (on both sides) and two FT29 Moon Killers (on bottom and front).

Rooms: The fleet ship has the following rooms:

  • Bridge: Positioned in the front of the ship, with space for 8 humanoid pilots (15x20x10); the bridge has 70 HP.
  • Engine Rooms: A ship city has three engines next to the hyper drive in the rear of the ship. Each room needs two engineers to operate. Each engine rooms has 60 HP. If the combined HP is below 70% HP, reduce speed to 2/3s; if below 50% reduce to 1/2.
  • Hyper Drive: Positioned in the far rear of ship. Must have four engineers to operate; the hyperdrive is too internal to be directly targeted. The hyperdrive permits the ship to hyperjump. The bridge must be operational to go into a hyper-jump. The hyperdrive battery is powered by six FT11 cells.
  • Gun Rooms: The fleet has 10 gun room(s), each gun room protrudes out of the ship slightly, and has 360 turn rotation. A gun room has enough space for one humanoid gunner, can be sealed off just outside its door, and has 60 HP. The first gun room is by default on bottom of the ship, second is on the top, third and fourth on each side.
  • Docks: The fleet has 4 docks, which are massive rooms. A dock door is air-tight with the dimensions 10x70x40 (LxWxH), and has a hardness of 30 and 40 HP.
    • Exterior Elevator: Larger ships cannot fit within a fleet dock. They must move cargo and passengers through an elevator. This elevator is controlled from the bridge (or engineer room). And hooks up to another ship’s docks directly. The external elevator has a mobile room with internal dimensions of 30x30x20. The distance between docks is 1000’, and it takes two minutes to shuttle materials between.
    • Cargo Rooms: The fleet has 16 cargo rooms with a volume of 15x10x15 (LxWxH). At least two rooms are generally next to each other, the divider between the two rooms can be removed, to make the dimensions 15x20x15; cargo rooms are too internal to be directly targeted.
    • Loads: A light load is ≤25,000, medium 25,000–50,000, and max is 75,000 tons, total for the ship (not per room).

Ship Sections[edit]

Dock: A fleet ship dock is an ovular room (150x90x40). This room is has anywhere from 4-6 uon turrets, has purple lights emerging from where the floor and wall touch, and has a circular door (5x30x30) at the end of it. There always is a Uon Turret III at the end of the hall to ask for entry. Quite commonly a ship is pulled into the dock by the ship’s gravitational pull. This room has enough space for one deka-sized battle, transport or utility ship.

  • Vehicle Repair Center: There is a mechanics room which is attached to the dock.

Corridors: To go from one of the four docks to the commerce district requires passage through two different corridors:

  • First Corridor: Upon going through the second airtight door, one enters an ovular room (40x30x40), with a balcony encircling 30' above. The lighting is similar to the foray. Standard ships have two uon turrets, 2-3 speeders, 3-4 crescendos, and 2-3 scarab monarchs. The balcony is 5' wide, with a slight inward slant that curves at its extremities. The balcony possesses a similarly shaped door on one of its sides (not at the end like the lower one). This door opens to a serious of hallways that lead to the gun rooms and second corridor. The corridor ends in a strange doorway. The doorway is latterly round, though in a convex shape; while it starts with 10' diameter, it ends with a 30' diameter. Closer examination of the door shows a small unique rune imprinted on it. After passing through this doorway, one enters into a second corridor.
  • Second Corridor: Unlike the first corridor there is a customs/security office at the end of the room (and the second corridor has no balcony). The second defensive corridor is 20x30x30, and has four uon turrets, with a similar doorway, but different rune. The door leads to the commerce district of the ship proper. The inner commerce side of the door is colored yellow.

Commerce District: All second corridors link up to one commerce district. This is shaped shaped like an oval ring, with a ring-width of 40’ and height of 40’, and has a balcony 30’ above it on the outer and inner bands (5’ wide each). The commerce district has apothecaries, taverns, merchants and mechanics. The ring links to to the administrative, engineering, and living districts. Two doorways are at the front of the ring (on the external side), are blue in color, 3’ thick, and are heavily guarded; these link to the administrative district. Two doorways are at the rear of the ring (on the external side), are orange in color, 5’ thick, and also heavily guarded; these link to the engineering district. Lastly, there are eight doors (on the internal side) that link to the living district, which are red in color, and 2’ thick. All doors are convex in shape with a 30’ diameter.

Administrative District: The administrative district houses the bridge, barracks, armory, and prison blocks. The bridge is small, only 15x20x10 and able to seat 8 pilots. The barracks is much larger, able to house 300 soldiers and leaders. The armory is able to hold 500 medium-sized weapons.

  • Anti-magic prisons: Each fleet ship has two different cell blocks. Each cell block consist of eight 10x10x10 cells (made for two), a cafeteria, small recreation area; all surrounded by a larger 50x50x20 perimeter cell with an upper walkway. The bars consist of a quasi-metallic core, and anti-magic plasma coat that glows. The bars must be activated and deactivated individually, and there is a 2” square between each. Each prison has a small guard house to operate the bars; yet the uon turrets on every entrance are operated elsewhere.

Engineering District: The engineering district houses three different engine rooms, a hyperdrive and engineer housing. The engineer housing has enough space for 40 engineers.

Living District: The living District is at the center of the ship, and houses enough living quarters for 2000 medium-sized creatures, a government building, hospital, library, two theaters and an agricultural section.

  • Living Quarters: Living quarters are spread out throughout the living district. Standard quarters, have four beds in a 10x10x5 room; and a shared kitchen and bathroom. However fleets also have rooms designed for small, large and huge creatures.
  • Government Building: The government building is at the very center of the Living District. The government building houses a senate room, courtroom, document room, and three conference rooms. The senate room has 50 senator seats, and enough space for 300 observers. The courtroom can hold 40 observers. And the conference rooms can hold 30 creatures each. There are no official offices for bureaucrats. This means that most bureaucratic affairs occur in public space.
  • Hospital: The hospital has an emergency department with eight beds, a general ward with 20 beds, an intensive care unit with eight beds, a surgery room with two beds, and a pharmacy. To be fully staffed hospital requires eight doctors, 16 nurses and one pharmacist.
  • Theaters: Each theater can hold 500 medium-sized creatures, and have a small stage.
  • Agricultural Section: Fleet society prides itself on its independence. Thus within a fleet ship there is an agricultural area making a ship independent of supply runs to find food for its inhabitants. The agricultural area is on one of the outer parts of the living district. This agricultural area includes space for farming and animal husbandry. It is an airtight area keeping any toxic gasses from going elsewhere in the ship. The area also has a air filtering system to protect workers. This is the second largest area of the inner ship (after living quarters), and can produce enough food for 2000 medium-sized creatures.


Inhabitants: Octoxeno, Seppia, Uongo-mijusi and Zherihnghil make up most of the leadership of a Fleet Ship. They are the original races, and are most of the culture.

Small sects of Ethergaunt, Gear Actua, Human, Energon, Skandar and Tempus have inhabited The Fleet for at least a millennium. Allowing some to gain high seats of power in Fleet society.

There is a plethora of other species that inhabit fleet ships.

Government: Fleet Ship is a federal republic oligarchy. Meaning 3% of population is voted for to rule a government with divisions of power. This body has a commander, that it votes for to lead only with military affairs. The commander has no power over trade or inner ship affairs outside of security, and all powers can be challenged by the senate.

35 35 Mega(15,840x10,560x100/500,000 tons) cannot be bought

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