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Franken Kesey's Homebrew (123 Articles)
Franken Keseyv
Classes Antitheist, Apex, Dream Lord, Evolutionist, Explorer, Force Conduit, Guide, Helraiser, Intelligent Item, Judge of Existence, Judge of Existence, Magical, Psyblade, Raging Hulk
Races Uongo-mijusi, Zeitgeist
Spells Chill Object, Cloth Shape, Crystal Shape, Density, Enchant Item, Fallacy, Heat Object, Metal Shape, Profanity, Sedah’s Counterspell of Superfluous Detail, Shenanigans, Summon Elemental, Taunt
Powers Astral Elemental, Biological Regeneration, Change Alignment/Energy, Change Earth, Change Energy Damage, Change Gravity, Change Magnetics, Change Psionics, Cure Conditions, Detect Status, Frankenstein's Monster, Psionic Jelly Floor, Recall Past Life
Character Options Block Evasion, Chimera, Craft Explosives, Craft Xeno-, Greater Hothead, Hothead, Improved Hothead, Jiu Jitsu, Masochistic, Program
Equipment Atomic Stink Grenade, Detonator, Energy Attunement, FT01 Clip, FT02 Pistol, FT04 Energy Sword, FT05 Battlerifle, FT06 Sniperifle, FT07 Gravity Pick-Hammer, FT08 Force Ray, FT11 Cell, FT12 Ice Pistol, FT14 Plasma Sword, FT15 Laser, FT16 Launcher, FT18 Ice Ray, FT19 Siege Weapon, FT20 Defense System, FT25 Assault System, FT28 Ship Killer, FT29 Moon Killer, FT40 Energy Armor, FT41 Space Suit, FT42 Plasma Armor, Future Technology, Gas Mask, Howitzer, IED, Joke Kit, MK14 Battlerifle, Mine, Mortar/Ammo, Reinforced Plastic, Specialized Grenade, Star Ships, Sticky Grenade, Uzi
Monsters, NPCs, Abilities & Templates Admirali, Battle Ship, Crescendo, Fighter Ship, Gremlin, Joker, Krampus, Medic, Scarab Monarch, Speeder Ship, Stealth Ship, Thermalsight, Transport Ship, Uon Turret, Utility Ship, Valentine, Wadogo-mijusi, Zatoichi
Other Alien Codex, Alien Galaxy, Bot, Colony Ship, Complete Xeno, Feature Trading, Fleet Ship, Greater Character Sizes, Limb Manifesto, Races by Ability Bonus, Spells Like Powers, Vehicle, Zone of Mundane
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Franken Kesey

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