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I am an admin on this wiki, so feel free to contact me with any wiki problems. I also try to be a helpful guy in general, so contact me with whatever other problems too, if you'd like.

However, I don't hang around here much any more, so you should probably check the bottom of the page if you want to get in touch.

My Articles[edit]

You may consider any material for which I am listed as the sole author to be licensed under CC-BY 3.0 Unported, rather than the default CC-BY-SA. Essentially this means that you are much freer in choosing what license to use for your own derivative works.

Name Type Balance Date Created
Arcing Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Banhammer Magic Weapon &2008-07-12July 12, 2008
Bear-chucks Weapon &2009-01-03January 3, 2009
Boots of the Swift Step Wondrous Item &2008-07-10July 10, 2008
Clinically Depressed Robot Flaw &2008-04-01April 1, 2008
Coin of Mortality Cursed Item &2007-10-15October 15, 2007
Dark Arcana Invocation &4VH &2007-11-10November 10, 2007
Detect Disease Spell &1L &2007-07-04July 10, 2007
Dihiryn Race &2007-04-30April 30, 2007
Dust of Magic Finding Wondrous Item &2007-07-13July 13, 2007
Eidolon Aspirant Prestige Class ??? &2009-06-05June 5, 2009
Elsebane Weapon Enhancement &2012-08-23August 23, 2012
Enduring Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Fell Archery Invocation ??? &2007-11-10November 10, 2007
Fell Warrior Prestige Class ??? &2007-11-09November 9, 2007
Force Blast Invocation &2M &2008-02-03February 3, 2008
Full of Surprises Feat &3H &2008-06-19June 19, 2008
Gentleman Explorer Base Class &3H &2012-08-17August 17, 2012
Gravitist Prestige Class &4VH &2007-06-08June 8, 2007
Greater Manyspell Storing Weapon Enhancement &2007-12-11December 11, 2007
Source-Limited Bonuses Variant Rule &2012-10-28October 28, 2012
Greater Spell Heightening Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Greater Spellcatching Weapon Enhancement &2008-05-10May 10, 2008
Hellscorched Spell Feat &3H &2008-12-06December 6, 2008
Improved Whip Proficiency Feat &2M &2008-06-30June 30, 2008
Improved Spell Heightening Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Least Spell Heightening Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Lesser Spell Heightening Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Magician Feat ??? &2009-06-16June 16, 2009
Mystic Revenant Template &2007-11-30November 30, 2007
Quadrimurfractiphobia Flaw &2008-03-17March 17, 2008
Rhodotauric Elixir Wondrous Item &2008-11-27November 27, 2008
Soul Collector Prestige Class ??? &2007-05-08May 8, 2007
Spell Empowering Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Spell Extending Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Spell Maximizing Weapon Enhancement &2007-09-05September 5, 2007
Spellcatching Weapon Enhancement &2007-12-11December 11, 2007
Unarmed Mind Blade Feat &1L &2008-04-30April 30, 2008
Wastecrawler Race &2008-06-02June 2, 2008
Weapon Fineness Feat &3H &2011-08-14August 14, 2011

As Contributor[edit]

Works in progress[edit]

Unseen (3.5e Prestige Class) / old
Daunting Assailant (3.5e Class) / old
Artifice Adept (3.5e Prestige Class) / old
Somnoccultist (3.5e Class) / old
Negative Energy Revamp (3.5e Variant Rule) / old
Sonic Mage (3.5e Prestige Class) / old
Sublime Incarnate (3.5e Prestige Class) / old
Mystic Leech (3.5e Monster)
Evil Clown (3.5e Class) / old
Mystic Knight (3.5e Class)


Random Character Concept Generator - picks two random classes from all viable WotC 3e base classes and a few classes on the wiki
WotC Failures - classes that WotC made and are viable concepts, but didn't work out

Character Sheets[edit]

Gred - Eternal Night
Ivan - Eternal Night
Dalen - Faltharis
K'zekti - Legacy of Darkness
Nit - Animerron
Wobaita - Broken Planet
Dob - Eternal Night
Wisixu - Eternal Night
Squish - Haven
Varbolna - Legacy of Darkness
Giavi - The Mourners
Bregen - World of Lore
Phineas - World of Lore
Taewo - Reclaimed
Tik - Ancestry
Ktenkath - Divine Quest
Glevend - Divine Quest (cohort)
Clang - World of Ruin
Dorian - Sky Pirates



  • Aarnott: I KNEW IT. TK stands for "The King". TK is from Britain. Therefore, he is Prince William: The next in line to be king. QED
Aarnott: The squared part refers to the inbreeding.

Bunkie (Bunnie)[edit]

  • Bunnie: I has a wiener now
  • Bunnie: DD, you make my penis hard.
  • Bunnie: I have penis butter filling
Bunnie: peanut
  • Bunkie: Lol omg. I just told Gan we had a poop party. I meant 'pool party'

Thundergod Cid[edit]

  • BGCid stops beating off to images of a donkey

Eiji-kun (Eiji)[edit]

  • Eiji: Eiji is the terror which faps in the night.


  • G---\\: i made my brother eat a sock filled with raw hamburger meat

Ganteka Future (Ganteka)[edit]

  • Ganteka: I appear to be the straight man in this comedy routine somehow
  • Ganteka: I have cactus-like reflexes
  • Ganteka: The Present: Inspired by the future of the past.


  • GoldDragon: dammit TK, you really bring out the gay in me.

Leziad (Lord Dhazriel)[edit]

  • Lord_Dhazriel: it why Charsima is no longer considered physical attractiveness
Lord_Dhazriel: because having big boobs shouldn't make your spells more difficult to resist

LordSalazar666 (Salazar666)[edit]

  • Salazar666: oh fuck off, If you can't handle the heat, don't stick your penis in a fire elemental


  • Lothar: now remember everyone eat your vaggies!


  • Portiapendragon: Now, now. Violence is not the answer.
Portiapendragon: Violence is the question. Yes is the answer.


  • Risek: Actually, the last time I kissed a guy I felt pretty gay..

Silver Tongue[edit]

  • Silver_Tongue: I have something of a penis.


  • Spanambula: When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to factor in the exploding penises.


  • SteelOrochu: i have an unexplained urge to hump spans leg
  • SteelOrochu: I SAID PENIS BITCH
  • SteelOrochu: im bored enough i could choke a kitten right now


  • Sulacu: You fat, swollen stump of an inbred pygmea fuckchat
  • Sulacu: Xuan's mind is all like 'brb, epiphany'
  • Sulacu: My ego is nursing a semi now
  • Sulacu: Argh, again, the great pulsating wang of life shoots a fat, boiling wad of reality on my face.


  • TK-Squared: That's it.
TK-Squared: kicking time.
*** TK-Squared was kicked by TK-Squared (INSOLENCE IS NOT PERMITTED)
  • TK-Squared: Someone
TK-Squared: weigh your cock


  • Undead_Knave: Analogies are not like sandwiches in that I'm making one now.


Sulacu: Hm. I ttly want to <╝ that
  • Valentine_the_R: Why
Valentine_the_R: Are
Valentine_the_R: Some
Valentine_the_R: People
Valentine_the_R: So
Valentine_the_R: Re
Valentine_the_R: Tar
Valentine_the_R: Ted
TK-Squared: Retarded, dumbfuck.
  • Bunnie: Because Bunnie answers to NO ONE
Daniel_Draco: hey Bun?
Bunnie: Hey DD
Daniel_Draco: you just answered to me
Bunnie: ...
Bunnie: Fuck you DD
  • I99_3_181_66: Let's just stop fighting for a minute.
TK-Squared: Fight would imply you have a chance.
  • I99_3_181_66: At least my mom wasn't in crack whore magazine, TK.
TK-Squared: They have a magazine about Crack Whores?
TK-Squared: Holy shit, that's awesome!
  • I99_3_181_66: I'm above this I'm above this. Shout up you cock sucking thnder cunt.
Surgo: best quote ever
Surgo: "I'm above this...wait I'm not"
TK-Squared: I shall shout up!
I99_3_181_66: You keep talking 'bout insest, TK.
TK-Squared: Dude, I spelt it right for you.
TK-Squared: How do you spell it wrong?
  • I99_3_181_66: No. I have no family issues. You on the other hand... I'm not so sure.
TK-Squared: Of course you're not sure.
TK-Squared: You don't know my family.
TK-Squared: Dumbass.
  • I99_3_181_66: You're a sick fuck, you know that?
TK-Squared: You're like captain obvious on steroids.
  • I99_3_181_66: I have an IQ of 210.
TK-Squared: You got a 0 on your 21.
  • I99_3_181_66: I'm sorry.
I99_3_181_66: That you're a BTARD!
TK-Squared: Is that like Bastard with the as?
I99_3_181_66: I'm insulting up. and if you're to slow to get that, you shouldn't be on the computer with out perental supervison.
TK-Squared: You're insulting up?
TK-Squared: Is it like... A ladder?
TK-Squared: Was "Btard" the next level?
  • GarfieldofBorg: Good riddence that TK is gone.
TK-Squared: Hi
  • TK-Squared: Daniel.
Daniel_Draco: yes?
TK-Squared: My one true love.
Daniel_Draco: ...
TK-Squared: Let us elope.
Daniel_Draco: o.o
  • ElderBiniChild: dude what is there not to like about a monk?
TK-Squared: What is there to like?
TK-Squared: Multiple Ability Dependacies?
TK-Squared: Lack of proficincy in unarmed attacks?
TK-Squared: Dependancies on magic items like no other?
TK-Squared: A medium attack bonus for a melee class?
TK-Squared: d8 HD?
TK-Squared: Subpar damage?
TK-Squared: Maybe... Maybe... The ability to not wear armour?
*** ElderBiniChild [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
TK-Squared: the truth is always hard.
  • A_Mysterious_Cl: And you assume that I have a desire for sex. You are incorrect.
TK-Squared: Because you're fat.
A_Mysterious_Cl: Irrelevant.
TK-Squared: Butterball.
TK-Squared: It's not really a lack of desire for sex, it's more the fact that no-one WANTS to have sex with you. amrite or amirite?
A_Mysterious_Cl: No, TK, you are quite wrong.
A_Mysterious_Cl: I have had a girlfriend once. Broke my heart to have to break up with her.
TK-Squared: "Griflriend".
TK-Squared: Do you mean
TK-Squared: a real doll?
TK-Squared: Did she break under your MOUNTAINOUS WEIGHT?
A_Mysterious_Cl: No, a living breathing human being with thoughts and feelings of her own. And your assumption makes no sense. Why in hell would I sit on her?
  • Dragon_Child: Who the hell sends their first email to a class that you've never talked to yet with the subject: <From the desk of (teacher name)>
Daniel_Draco: (teacher name) does
TK-Squared: (teacher nmae) does.
Dragon_Child: Go fuck yourselves
  • Ganteka: 4 is a manly number
Ganteka: 8 is totally girly
Daniel_Draco: Yup. 4 has a hole and a shaft, and 8 has two holes.
Ehsteve: then what the fuck is 9?
Daniel_Draco: a guy with a curved wang
Ehsteve: what about 6?
Daniel Draco: same guy facing the other way
Ehsteve: what about 69?
*** Lord_Dhazriel [[email protected]] has joined #tavern
Ehsteve: GAY!
Daniel_Draco: gay
Lord_Dhazriel: back<
Ehsteve: wow
Lord_Dhazriel: ...
  • Sulacu: I don't really have anything to say to the guy.
Sulacu: The one post I made on the subject got me the boot, so that has given me more than enough clarity on the matter
Dragon_Child: Alec- You just have gestures, right?
Sulacu: Gestures, DC?
Dragon_Child: As in, a finger.
Dragon_Child: Or possibly an ass.
Dragon_Child: Mooning is underrated
Sulacu: I have those, yes
Sulacu: But those are reserved for use against better people.
Sulacu: Than GD, that is
Daniel Draco: he's not worthy of viewing your superior ass?
Sulacu: Why would I show my ass to a guy that banned me?
Sulacu: You know what happens anyway when you show your ass to a dick.
Sulacu: It can be painful.
  • Bunkie: I am looking on the sex offenders website...
Ganteka: looking for dates?
  • TK-Squared: Time to play M:TW
*** Jared joined #dnd
DanielDraco: Mothers: The Wankening?
TK-Squared: Hot.
Jared: O_O
  • Surgo: aha, a sidebar that explains what a "tank" is
TK-Squared: What is a tank?
DanielDraco: a large receptacle, container, or structure for holding a liquid or gas
TK-Squared: No, it's a military vehicle.
TK-Squared: dumbass.
TK-Squared: Words don't have multiple meanings.
DanielDraco: That's a humvee, idiot.
TK-Squared: When you get blown up by a Humvee's cannon, call me.
Cidolfas: A military vehicle with a co-axial turret, treads, and a large cannon
DanielDraco: Official literature is not capable of blowing things up.
TK-Squared: Cannon, not canon.
DanielDraco: Words don't have the same sounds but different meanings.
DanielDraco: Or spellings.
TK-Squared: Don't bring homonyms into this.
TK-Squared: or the lack thereof.
DanielDraco: Don't call me a homonym!
TK-Squared: That's what she said.
DanielDraco: To your mother.
TK-Squared: In the butt.
DanielDraco: Last night.
TK-Squared: In bed.
DanielDraco: While you watch.
TK-Squared: The Fresh Prince.
DanielDraco: On TiVo.
TK-Squared: With a cat.
DanielDraco: On your lap.
TK-Squared: Purring.
DanielDraco: Sexually.
TK-Squared: With your father.
DanielDraco: Purring.
TK-Squared: Sexually.
DanielDraco: At Will Smith.
TK-Squared: True facts.
  • *** Novaform joined #dnd
Aarnott: Wait -- if they are ponies, then I was right about the phallus.
Novaform: Sorry 'bout the wait.
Novaform: What... Did I just walk into...


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