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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "The DC for a special attack increased by 2". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • The Amazing Firecat (3.5e NPC)  + (The Amazing Firecat was originally an ordinary person, but he was bitten by a radioactive housecat that happened to be on fire, and transformed into a cat with the ability to fling tremendous fireballs.)
  • Anklet of the Coyote (3.5e Equipment)  + (The Anklet of the Coyote lets you ignore gravity for a few brief but critical seconds.)
  • Anulo Ra'a, Sky Drow Variant (4e Race)  + (The Anulo Ra'a Clan of Drow have pulled away from their evil Drow cousins, and now inhabit the skies of Nor Galad.)
  • Aquatoid (3.5e Monster)  + (The Aquatoid is a genetically engineered, ancient alien race closely related to their space/land based cousins, the Sectoid race.)
  • Aisled (3.5e Race)  + (The Artificial Intelligence Shell Light Em
    The Artificial Intelligence Shell Light Emitting Display, or AISLED, is a type of robot inhabited by the ghostly digital spirit of a robotic being, so that it may experience the world. It's humanoid body is noted for a face being naught more than a video screen, so that one mass produced form can take on many appearances.
    roduced form can take on many appearances.)
  • The Axe (3.5e Prestige Class)  + (The Axe is there axe and the best at using axes!)
  • Azal (5e Race)  + (The Azal are tall goat people with a perchance for dealing with extraplanar beings.)
  • Beginner's Quickspell Bracers (3.5e Equipment)  + (The Beginner's Quickspell Bracers allow beginners of the magical arts to quickly fire off a spell or two almost as though they were a full-fledged practitioner.)
  • Bender of Energy (3.5e Prestige Class)  + (The Bender of Energy talked to a big reptile, and can permanently remove people's abilities now.)
  • Tzeentch (3.5e Deity)  + (The Bird god of Change.)
  • Black Arrow Ninja (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Black Arrow Clan fought not using blades, but bows and arrows. They soon faded into legend but some schools of shinobi still teach their art.)
  • Blackguard, Project Heretica (3.5e Class)  + (The Blackguard as a 20-level class, using the same chassis and design process as the Project Heretica Paladin)
  • Blackthorn Punk (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Blackthorn Punk are brawler rogues who
    The Blackthorn Punk are brawler rogues whop fights with their fist combined with [[SRD:Spiked Gauntlet|spiked gauntlet]]. They are adept at unarmed combat and fighting in urban environments. However they lack the normal versatile proficiency of a rogue and do not deal with traps.
    ncy of a rogue and do not deal with traps.)
  • Messianic Soul (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Blood of the Gods run in your vein, making your abilities much more personal than the typical favored soul. This alternate class feature improve the Favored Soul at the cost of some of their martial abilities.)
  • Flavorless Blue Mage (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Blue Mage class was obviously created
    The Blue Mage class was obviously created with a specific campaign setting in mind, and many of its abilities reference creatures and organizations that are not defined in the given material; And because it's so ill-defined and specific, it doesn't fit the usual customization that D&D classes tend to exhibit. The class is absolute genius, using an obvious Incarnum theme with a completely unique set of rules. However, I'd like to draw inspiration from this and create my own variant, both with my own ideas and my takes on the original author's ideas, and with a more vague, malleable fluff that is closer to the Totemist/Necrocarnum in style.
    s closer to the Totemist/Necrocarnum in style.)
  • Calcinite (3.5e Monster)  + (The Calcinites are horrible masses of cybernetically enhanced protoplasm, with claws stronger than steel, hiding in the diving suits of captured human enemies.)
  • CODD (4e Quest)  + (The Camp of Destiny (Doom) is a level scaleable, tactical based combat oriented quest, focusing on wave based encounters (An advanced wave based dungeon crawl designed for all levels), very similar to a "Lair Assault")
  • The Caretaker (3.5e Deity)  + (The Caretaker serves the Creator by blessing the land and watching over the livestock.)
  • Cauldron Chanter (3.5e Prestige Class)  + (The Cauldron Chanter can cast spells from any distance, although it takes a lot of time. This is a pure casting prestige class that is casting system independent.)
  • Coastal Sphinx Paragon (3.5e Racial Paragon Class)  + (The Coastal Sphinxes Paragon is a racial paragon class whose purpose is to allow players to play strong, customizable and fun sphinxes without getting the shaft.)
  • The Commander (3.5e Deity)  + (The Commander serves the Creator by empowering the nobels and the warriors .)
  • Cool Mastermind (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Cool Mastermind is an extremely capable manipulator with a tendency to pull quick one. They however do not possess any alchemical abilities, simply relying on their moxie to get their job done.)
  • The Crafter (3.5e Deity)  + (The Crafter serves the Creator primarily by inspiring the mortal world with new crafts and techniques.)
  • Crazy Gadget (3.5e Martial Discipline)  + (The Crazy Gadget discipline is all about using tools, devices, and other oddities in combat, or augmenting pre-existing tools.)
  • Crimson Inheritor (3.5e Prestige Class)  + (The Crimson Inheritor has realized the power in combining the bloods of demons and dragons that run through they're veins, those who have fully realized this potential deign to use magic like a blunt instrument.)
  • Rocks Fall (3.5e Spell)  + (The DM's angry, rocks fall you die. This spell ensures the eventual death of those cursed with it.)
  • DaJinni (3.5e Race)  + (The DaJinni are a race of lesser genies hailing from the plane of dreams.)
  • Hollowblood Magus (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Death Magus draw her power from destru
    The Death Magus draw her power from destruction, feeding off death in order to fuel her abilities. While most do so like a cleric, using death and destruction as a channel of some sort. Others can manifest their abilities as a Sorcerer do, most likely due to fiendish or other dark bloodline dwelling in the Magus's family history.
    ne dwelling in the Magus's family history.)
  • Deathmoth Disciple (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Deathmoth Disciple hail from a forbidd
    The Deathmoth Disciple hail from a forbidden tradition, enshrining the Deathmoth, a terribly poisonous flying insect as a sacred being. The Deathmoth Disciple are skilled in the use of poison, including eventually creating the legendary toxin itself. Unlike the typical Iaijutsu Master, they sacrifice their ability to react quickly and instead become extremely skilled in delivering injury and contact poison through their favored weapons.
    tact poison through their favored weapons.)
  • Deceitful Fox Style (3.5e Feat)  + (The Deceitful Fox Style combines a shoddy looking stance and overly flourishing move to make you look like an amateur and hiding your real skills. A master of the style learns how to feint her opponents and take advantage of their overconfidence.)
  • Deep One (3.5e Monster)  + (The Deep Ones are captured humans perverted into monstrosities via the aliens science.)
  • Deities of Rom (3.5e Pantheon)  + (The Deities of Rom are comprised of three primary orders. Sosha Genia are at the top, followed by Sosha Orsa and Sosha Ixa. Additionally, there are various celestial and elemental lords filling the lower ranks.)
  • Dervish of the Dark Dance (3.5e Prestige Class)  + (The Dervish of the Dark Dance is the blade dance Personified, wielding his Greatsword with an almost unnatural grace.)
  • Dire Winter (3.5e Martial Discipline)  + (The Dire Winter disciple is an esoteric and magic martial discipline, whose main focus is cold, ice and cruelty.)
  • Dire (3.5e Template)  + (The Dire template is a template variant of dire animals that already exist. They are generally tougher, more ferocious and more cunning and prevalent in battle.)
  • Djinn,Variant (3.5e Race)  + (The Djinn are mostly spellcasters.The olde
    The Djinn are mostly spellcasters.The oldest of the race are completely changed into charwood constructs. The Djinn are a proud race of people that will do anything to get what they want. Or think they rightly deserve.

    They are a brutal race and are mostly mercenaries.
    >They are a brutal race and are mostly mercenaries.)
  • Dragonborn - Rewrite (5e Race)  + (The Dragonborn are underpowered and clunky; Here's a good rewrite of them.)
  • Dragoon Edgemaster (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Dragoon Edgemaster is a master combatant who does not bother with heavier armor and magic, instead possessing heightened weapon skills and the ability to strike with incredible speed.)
  • Dual Soul (3.5e Template)  + (The Dual Soul is a person that houses two souls within their body. One soul may communicate with the other, and provide assistance if needed.)
  • Dungeon Master (3.5e Class)  + (The Dungeon Master loves to have complete mystical control of the outcome of his life, he can change the world around him to fit his need.)
  • Publication:Dragon (magazine)/Dragon 304/Prestige Races  + (The Dungeons & Dragons rules create a
    The Dungeons & Dragons rules create a world where heroes can experience rapid advances in their skills and power. Surviving adventure and risk-taking are real learning experiences that cause physical and mental change. In this kind of world, creatures might even alter their forms by gaining experience. The ''Oathbound'' campaign setting, produced by [[Canon:Bastion Press|Bastion Press]], presented the concept of "prestige races," allowing characters to do just that. By expending XP, any creature can alter its form and gain new abilities.
    ure can alter its form and gain new abilities.)
  • Argonian (5e Subrace)  + (The Elder Scrolls variant of Lizardfolk)
  • Elf, Ur'Bosan (3.5e Race)  + (The Elves from Ur'Bos.)
  • Apocalypse Tarrasque (3.5e Monster)  + (The End of All Things)
  • Enduring Cardshark (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Enduring Cardshark is capable of lasting more than a single encounter at low level and is much like the warlock.)
  • The Entheomancer (3.5e Prestige Class)  + (The Entheomancer is anathema to outsiders and divine spellcasters.)
  • Epoch (3.5e Equipment)  + (The Epoch is an incredible flying machine which comes from the distant future; its recorded data indicates that the world of its origin time is a burnt-out husk.)
  • The Evil Eye (3.5e Witch Patron)  + (The Evil Eye is not a patron like most others, it is more of a concept which witches are capable of biding to in order to get their powers.)
  • Samyaza (3.5e Elder Evil)  + (The Father of Devils, The Fallen One, The Grigori Lord.)
  • Flowing Style Shinobi (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)  + (The Flowing Style Shinobi is practicing a
    The Flowing Style Shinobi is practicing a style of rapid strikes with her weapon, basing their movement on flowing water. Unlike their stealthy counterpart, they do not rely on sneak attack to get the job done. Rather they use consecutive deadly attacks used in quick succession to bring any foe down.
    in quick succession to bring any foe down.)