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Author: Franken Kesey (talk)
Date Created: 03/17/19
Status: Fin
Editing: Put ideas for additions in talk.
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Future Technology[edit]

A listing of all FT equipment. 0 to 10 series (0-19) are weapons, ammo and shields; 20 series are vehicle systems (20-29); 30 series are bot mods; and 40 series and above are everything else. Generally the higher the number in the series the more powerful and costly the equipment is.

Certain numbers have a theme: shields end in 0, ammo ends in 1, one handed end in 2-4, two handed end in 5-7, and siege end in 8-9; 00-09 are martial, 10-19 are exotic.

Name Cost Damage Range Damage Type Summary
FT00 Energy Shield 300 gp 1d4 Bludgeoning A circular one-handed energy shield, which is 3’ wide.
FT01 Clip 200 gp Various Ammo for most FT weapons.
FT02 Pistol 300 gp 1d6 40 Piercing A small pistol.
FT04 Energy Sword 500 gp 1d8 Varies A two-foot long energy sword.
FT05 Battlerifle 400 gp 2d8 200 Piercing A high-range assault rifle.
FT06 Sniperifle 600 gp 3d6 300 Piercing An accurate sniper rifle.
FT07 Gravity Pick-Hammer 700 gp 2d8 Bludgeoning, Piercing One side of head has a pick the other has a hammer.
FT08 Force Ray 5000 gp 1d6/3d6 300 Force A powerful force ray.
FT10 Plasma Shield 600 gp 1d6 Bludgeoning An oval one-handed energy shield, which is 4’ long and 3’ wide.
FT11 Cell 600 gp 3d4 Varies The ammo used for all FT series siege weapons, and powers hyperdrives. They can also be used as mines.
FT12 Ice Pistol 600 gp 2d6 40 Cold A pistol with cold damage.
FT14 Plasma Sword 1000 gp 2d6 Electric, Fire A 3' blade that can cut through most materials and block ranged attacks.
FT15 Laser 800 gp 3d6 300 Electric A high energy laser weapon.
FT16 Launcher 1200 gp 3d6 200 Fire A rocket launcher.
FT18 Ice Ray 10,000 gp 2d6/5d6 300 Cold A freezing ray, which slows creatures within its effective area (20’ ray).
FT19 Siege Weapon 20,000 gp 2d6/6d6 1000 Piercing, Electricity, Fire A crew-served siege weapon.
FT20 Defense System 2000 gp 3d8 300 Electricity A FT20 has missile defense, an energy shield and defensive weapon.
FT25 Assault System 4500 gp Varies Varies Varies A multi-weapon system with an energy shield, sniperifle, laser and launcher.
FT28 Ship Killer 60,000 gp 3d8/9d8 3000 Electricity, Fire, Piercing Designed to break through most ships.
FT29 Moon Killer 120,000 gp 3d12/12d12 5280 Piercing, Fire, Electricity Does not in fact destroy moons but destroys most ships in its path.
FT40 Energy Armor 400 gp Light alien armor.
FT41 Space Suit 200 gp A FT41 is a self-contained individual suit with its own air cycling unit
FT42 Plasma Armor 600 gp Medium alien armor.

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