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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Assassin class. For the full SRD spell list, please see the class description.

Assassin Spells

1st-Level Assassin Spells

Bond of the Obnoxious Commander: A spirit of an ancient legend of war guides your martial maneuvers.

Dark Shadows: A basic darkness spell that creates non-magical darkness.

Desolate, Lesser:

Fast Reload: You reload fully a firearm.

Ink Blot: Splash enemies with sticky ink and reveal their position.

Ink Splash: Coalesce a blob of ink and then shoot it as an arrow.

Naked Invisibility: As the invisibility spell, but only affects your body.

Poison Needle: Conjure a poison dart to throw at your enemy.

Red Line: You form a line that no one should cross.

Retort: Gain a barrier which damages those who strike you in combat.

Salt in the Wound: Inflict even more pain on damaged foes.

Shadowknife: Summon a shadowy magic knife. It can never leave your person, and becomes hard to see in the dark.

Suppress Power Level: Hides your life signs, making some detection and targeting impossible.

Thorns of Relentless Darkness: Attack with dark thorns, and take advantage of the surrounding shadows to increase the power of your attacks.

Wall of Text: Covers surface with text that dazzles those who search or read.

Wandering Soul: Separate body and soul to send the second out exploring, with a great risk.

White Noise: Reduce stress and cover noises.

2nd-Level Assassin Spells

Assassin's Escape: When you attack, you teleport back to safety.

Bond of the Harden Crusader: Learn to model your martial techniques with magic.

Corpse Patrol: With a few silent gestures, the corpse of the guard you just quietly dispatched gets up and resumes his rounds, fooling casual onlookers into thinking everything's normal.

Covert Transposition: Two target creatures swap positions and assume each other's likenesses at the same time.

Create Corpse: Creates a fake corpse of a pre-existing creature, which can fool others who do not make the Disguise check.

Dark Edge: You imbue your weapon with shadow magic, making it deal more damage and allowing it to strike incorporeal creatures.

Denial: You deny a creature use of its special abilities, or deny an object its intended function.

Expeditious Invisibility: Gain the benefits of invisibility and expeditious retreat, but at reduced duration.

Fallacy: Use logical fallacies to distract and aid in social checks.

Grave's Chill: Call the coldness of the grave upon your enemies.

Impossible Cover: When using this spell you can gain total cover from objects which otherwise are too small or thin.

Invisibility, Grimoire: A different kind of invisibility for High-level games.

Last Word: deal damage and silence target.

Mass Backstab: Backstab everyone at once, dealing your sneak attack damage!

Obscure Murder: Hide the evidence of your murder, making those pursuing an investigation have a much harder time.

Quickmite: Shrink two sizes smaller, yet become much much faster.

Shadow Haunter: You turn into a shadow and can do cool stuff.

Spell's-Eye View: See from the perspective of your spells.

Still Invisibility: Become invisible forever, provided you never move.

Sudden Weakness: You cause a creature to take a large penalty to strength and possibly fall prone.

Suffocating Darkness: Darkness thickens and suffocates.

Supercharge Bullets: Enhance the damage from your shots.

Tazer Beam: Zap a creature with an electrical pulse that overloads their muscles, robbing them of the ability to do anything but feebly convulse for a short time.

Voodoo Doll: You stab a duplicate of the target with special needles, and the target suffers for it.

3rd-Level Assassin Spells

Concealing Sphere: Create a bubble where the events inside are unseen by those on the outside.

Flying Swarmshape: For the duration, turn into a flying swarm.

Mark of the Shadowstalker: You may use teleportation spells to arrive the exact location of the marked creature or object.

Noclip: Pass through objects like a ghost, minus the incorporeal benefits.

4th-Level Assassin Spells

Alter Memory: A different version of modify memory.

Analyze Event: You enhance a crystal orb to record a 360 scene for you in full detail.

Curse of the Silent: The target will lose hp and spells until it casts a spell.


Eye Scream: Pop goes the eyeball!

Greater Invisibility, Grimoire: An improved version of the Grimoire Invisibility spell.

Greater Invisibility, Variant: A different kind of invisibility for High-level games.

Heartstop: You stop the heart of a target, causing an assured death unless others intervene.

Ipsophagia: You inhabit the body of a recently dead sapient creature, and become them.

Legally Dead: Save or die! For a round or two, that is.

Persistent Invisibility: As invisibility but the effect is re-applied each round. Not as strong as greater invisibility, but longer lasting.

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