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This page contains the homebrew class power list for the Psychic Warrior class. You may instead be looking for the SRD Psychic Warrior Powers.

Psychic Warrior Powers

1st-Level Psychic Warrior Powers

Adaptive Shell: Slowly adapt to your environment.

Astral Mount: Summon a mount which you can ride made out of ectoplasm.

Aura of Poison: Give off a poisonous aura which drains the health of those afflicted by it.

Cat's Feet: Your feet and boots meld and transform into the hind paws of a cat.

Concussive Fist: A favorite of psionic monks, this power allow you to deliver a unarmed strike with a lot of power behind it.

Crystal Frightful Blow: A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and shakes their morale.

Crystal Strike: A hit point consuming power which deals physical damage to one or more targets.

Discover Weak Spot: Discover their weak point, allowing your next attack to qualify for sneak attack and deal some extra precision damage.

Hovering: You calmly hover in place using your psionic powers.

Magnetic Oscillation: It's difficult to hit opponents when your metal weapons keep shaking.

Manifest Blade: A power which replicate the effect of a mindblade.

Mental Ping: A lesser form of touchsight which gives blindsense, provided you use move actions to retain it.

Mental Watchguard: Detect dangers around an ally and their general status, even if you're not in the same room.

Power Flower: Hold the charge on one touch power per forelimb.

Psionic Jelly Floor: This power turns the floor into a thick layer of bouncy jelly.

Psychic Strike: A replacement for the Soulknife ability to be used with manifest blade.

Puppet Weapon: Puppet around and use a weapon with telekinetic force.

Regenerate Flesh: You expend power from your psionic well, forcibly causing your flesh to regenerate.

Sinclair's Sacrificial Mental Conduit: Create a mental link between you and an ally, and take some of their mental pain.

Soulblade: After the manner of Mind Blade, but as an augmented power instead of a supernatural ability.

Teleport to Hand: You teleport an item to your hand.

Velocity Trap: You generate a "boost pad" which launches creatures walking upon it in a direction of choice.

Weaponkinesis: Attack in melee, at range, by telekinetically controlling your weapon.

2nd-Level Psychic Warrior Powers

Blinding Flash: You bend light to create a powerful blinding cone.

Cancel Momentum: As you manifest this power you cause a creature's momentum to slow down and preventing them from moving.

Change Energy Damage: Convert energy damage type.

Crystal Gutwrenching Blow: A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and renders them sickened or nauseated.

Crystal Maneuver: A hit point consuming power which deals minor physical damage to one or more targets, and perform a combat maneuver on them.

Crystal Stunning Strike: A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and renders them stunned or staggered.

Detect Status: Highlight allies and enemies that are below 30% HP in a small area. With investment, will also show conditions.

Ectoplasmic Scuttler: Give yourself ectoplasmic legs which move you independently of your own movement.

Extreme Burst: You gain an extreme burst of speed by slowing down time.

Foresee Weakness: The next hit you make will be a critical hit.

Imagined Copy: Appear to duplicate yourself, at least for one creature. They won't know which one is the real you until forced to interact with your mental trickery.

Instant Calculation: Become able to crunch numbers in your head instantly, allowing you to dodge incoming attacks with the power of your mind.

Marathon: Double overland speed.

Metal Shell: Make a highly protective suit of armor for yourself, or trap your opponent in a prison of iron.

Personal Reconstruction: You cause your body to rapidly regenerate it cellular structure

Phantom Flanker: You teleport behind your opponent, leaving smoke and an illusory monster in your previous position.

Physical Chronorestoration: You partially rejuvenate your body, allowing you to keep going with your activities.

Psionic Leash: Form a tangled net of ectoplasm which you can teather and pull upon.

Psionic Mass Charge: Telekinetically move with near light speed, flinging creatures out of your way.

Warp Light: Target creature or object became invisible

3rd-Level Psychic Warrior Powers

Biotic Inversion: Burn away your max hp to gain additional temporary power points.

Charged Bubbler: Summon one, many, or a cloud of charged bubbles to attack or shield yourself with.

Claws of the Vampire, Revised: A version of Claws of the Vampire that doesn't suck.

Complete Telekinesis: A good, united version of all the telekinesis powers for the psionicists.

Crystal Knockdown Strike: A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and renders them prone.

Crystal Spindizzy Strike: A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and renders them confused.

Death Ray: You fire a beam of energy which deal high amount of piercing damage.

Ecto Bubble: Create a bubble of ectoplasm of entrap the target, or to save yourself.

Electromagnetic Shield: Deflect mundane arrows, and resist mundane and magical attacks from metal weapons.

Ethereal Permeation: Pass through barriers (provided they are thin enough) for 1 round/level.

Monomolecular Blade: You create a monomolecular blade of ectoplasm and force which devastate your opponents.

Muscle Fission: You use the power of psychometabolism to quadruple your muscle mass, making you intensely strong.

Power Shield: Create a psionic shield capable of withstanding impacts; at the start of your turn, the shield explodes, knocking adjacent targets prone.

Stop Hitting Yourself: Enemies will think twice about making a full attack on anyone anytime soon.

TK Pressure: You exude a massive amount of telekinetic creature which pushes them away and deflect incoming projectile.

Thousand Blades Stance: You create a thousand daggers made of psionic energy.

Vampiric Blade, Revised: A version of Claws of the Vampire that doesn't suck.

Warp Cloak: Become invisible.

4th-Level Psychic Warrior Powers

Chainsaw Arms: You get chainsaw arms. What could be cooler?

Claw of Energy, Revised: A version of Claw of Energy that doesn't suck.

Ego Shield: Create a shield which absorbs damage.

Inhibiting Strike: Your weapon's next strike gains extra damage, and inhibits the use of complex actions for 1 round.

Temporal Recall: You revert your own personal time, returning to a state you were in 1 round ago.

Truevenom Weapon, Revised: Deal constitution damage with your weapon attacks.

Truevenom, Revised: Deal constitution damage with your claw attacks.

Weapon of Energy, Revised: A version of Weapon of Energy that doesn't suck.

5th-Level Psychic Warrior Powers

Arcane Replication: Replicate the effect of a single arcane spell.

Cadence of the Last Breath: You shut down the lungs of up to 10 creatures and deprive them of their will to live. The lonelier the target, the better.

Chakra Purification: Remove all status effects and heal yourself.

Psi Kick: Kick a creature with the power of psionic might, and bull rush them far away.

Psychic Explosion: You unleash your psionic energy in a massive burst of energy.

Psychic Point Singularity: You create a singularity of pure psychic might, greatly harming any creatures caught in it.

Vital Fortress: Convert your hp into temp hp. You can double your hit points, but recovery will be very difficult.

6th-Level Psychic Warrior Powers

Astral Phantom: Duplicate astral assistance, astral protector, and astral invader.

Gauss Whip: A powerful whip which drags out temp hp from the opponent, and make them explode on death.

Image of Fear: Take on the image of what they fear the most, gaining an aura of fear or expending it to scare someone to death.

Psychic Halo: As repulsion with a concealment effect.

Segment Body: Separate yourself into pieces which float around on their own.

Sky Hammer: Conjure a giant column to crush your foes under its weight.

Unavoidable Strike: Your next attack will hit and deal damage, no matter what.

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