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Magic Rings[edit]

Name Cost Summary
3.5e Magic Item Preload
Ancient Beastform Rings Varies These many mysterious rings grant the forms of great ancient beasts.
Antiring of the Underdog 9,000 gp You are immune to all spells with a caster level more than twice your level that allow spell resistance.
Arcstone 40,000 gp Imbues the wearer with electrical power, and arcs lines of harmful energy between itself and other arcstones.
Band of Graft Disguise 1,500 GP A ring which hide grafts while worn.
Bellowstone 40,000 gp Imbues the wearer with the power of sonic shockwaves, and the ability to warp sound.
Binding Ring 3,000 gp (master), 500 gp (slave) Comes in master and slave rings. Master rings can order slave ring wearers.
Bite Ring 500 gp This cursed ring will make sure you own one finger less.
Blazestone 40,000 gp Imbues the wearer with firepower, and the ground he treads upon becomes embroiled in fire.
Blood Rallying Ring 20,000 gp While wearing this ring, you can recover from your freshest injuries by drawing the blood of foes.
Bloodbite Ring 3,500 This ring helps knit shut those pesky bleeding wounds.
Bloodbite Ring, Greater 11,000 gp This ring helps knit shut those pesky bleeding wounds even better.
Blue Ring 200,000 gp A ring that double your hit points.
Blue Tearstone Ring 12,000 When reduced to 20% health or lower, you take 50% less damage from attacks.
Calamity Ring 6000 gp This cursed ring causes the user to take double damage.
Cloranthy Ring 8000 Be immune to fatigue (and turn fatigue into exhaustion), and the penalty on iterative attacks is reduced to -4.
Dark Wood Grain Ring 11,000 Turn a 5 foot step into a 10 foot step, as long as you are unencumbered.
Deadman's Ring 1,500 GP A ring that sever the finger of a slain wearer and sending it finger to a predetermined location upon death.
Death Aegis Ring 1500 gp This adamantine ring transforms the wearer's corpse, upon death, into a tiny statuette for easy transport.
Deep Worm Ring 18000 gp Move unhindered through mud, quicksand, and other liquid or semi-solid materials. Grants tremorsense in these terrains, and the ability to burrow by melting earth into mud and ooze.
Elemental Chimeband 10,000 gp An elemental ring that grants the wearer elemental powers of sound.
Elemental Combustband 10,000 gp An elemental ring that grants the wearer elemental powers of fire.
Elemental Rimeband 10,000 gp An elemental ring that grants the wearer elemental powers of cold.
Elemental Shockband 10,000 gp An elemental ring that grants the wearer elemental powers of electricity.
Elemental Sizzleband 10,000 gp An elemental ring that grants the wearer elemental powers of acid.
Enslavement Rings 33,000 gp (master), 500 gp (slave) Comes in master and slave rings. Master rings can communicate back and forth with slave rings, instill suggestions, or wrack them with pain.
Evil Maw Ring 9,500 GP A ring which allow deadly touch and touch of corruption) to absorb health from foes.
Fool's Hope Ring 7500 gp A diamond ring that returns the wearer to life. Sometimes.
Forcemaster Ring 10,000 GP A ring which allow the user to create sustained force, and deal extra force damage.
Golden Halo Ring 220,000 gp A ring seemingly made of pure light, legend say it is made of trapped light from a distant star. The ring possess many powers and is very powerful in the right hands.
Havel's Ring 4000 gp Increase your effective carrying capacity and move normal speed in medium armor.
Honey Ring 5000 gp You become sticky, capable of grappling better but being easier to grapple, and gaining bonuses on climbing and stability. You can also make honey for yourself, and hold more objects. Beware of swarms.
Horian Ring 90,000 gp Horian rings are thin bronze bands with motifs bearing the likeness of bird and ornamented by a pale green gems.
Jade Moth Ring 5,000 gp Boosts caster level of Transmutation effects on the wearer.
Lifebloom Ring 2000 gp Extend the casting time of your healing spells to maximize the effect.
Lineage Safeguarding Ring 800 GP A ring with a unique, lineage safeguarding magic placed upon it.
Lucky Pig Ring 3600 gp When activated this pig themed ring seeks out a type of item which may be in the area.
Magic Essence Ring 6000 Increase the damage of your magical attacks, but take more damage from magical attacks.
Mirrored Ring of Revival 6,100 GP This ring will revive you from the dead as per raise dead, but in the process it creates a problem for you in due time.
Nemesis Ring 100,000 GP A a powerful cursed ring that allow it user to find and kill someone.
Orange Charred Ring 3000 gp This ring reduces the damage of lava and other environmental fire damage.
Personal Positive Planar Sustainer 2500 gp Allows you to survive on the plane of positive energy.
Pixitte Ring 6000 gp A sparkly ring that grants sensory acuity and the ability to transform into a tiny sprite.
Planar Gravity Control Ring 2500 gp Allows you to control subjective gravity easier.
Purple Tearstone Ring 27,000 When reduced to 20% health or lower, you deal 50% more damage with physical attacks and take 50% less damage from attacks.
Rare Ring of Sacrifice 10,000 If you die while wearing the ring you can be raised with no losses and you keep all your items, but the ring breaks. It even works on effective-deaths such as petrification, curses, and imprisonment.
Red Tearstone Ring 12,000 When reduced to 20% health or lower, you deal 50% more damage with physical attacks.
Rimestone 40,000 gp Imbues the wearer with the power of cold, and his surroundings become suffused with coldness.
Ring of Absolute Submission 44,500 GP A powerful ring which is used to force your authority upon others.
Ring of Blades 1000 gp (lesser), 9000 gp (normal), 64,000 gp (greater) Wearing this ring adds +1, +5, or +10 damage to all your attacks.
Ring of Blind Invisibility 20,000 gp This ring grants greater invisibility with no duration, but the user must be blind too.
Ring of Bound Health 600 gp (lesser); 13,000 gp (normal); 60,000 gp (greater) This ring stores hit points for later use. Comes in 10, 50, and 100 hp sizes.
Ring of Clean 150 gp The Ring of Clean always looks immaculately shiny and untarnished. When worn, you fall under the cleaning effect of prestidigitation.
Ring of Colorbody 100 gp With a command, change your skin color.
Ring of Compliance 2000 gp A ring that makes the wearer enjoy following instructions.
Ring of Delayed Damage 9000 gp If you receive a killing blow while wearing this ring, you are left at -1 and stable. However, you must act to heal quickly or you will surely die.
Ring of Disguise, Cursed 900 gp This ring allows one to use disguise self at will. However, after it's third use...
Ring of Durability 4500 Convert 5 points of damage you take into non-lethal damage. You still get hurt, but its better than dying.
Ring of Enlargement 10000 With this ring you are under the constant effects of enlarge person.
Ring of False Alignment 1000 gp This ring confuses aligned magical items, letting you pretend you are an alignment you are not.
Ring of Fast Healing 12,000 gp, 18,000 gp, 28,000 gp, 42,000 gp, 60,000 gp, 82,000 gp, 108,000 gp, 138,000 gp, 172,000 gp, 210,000 gp Gain fast healing 1, 2, 3, or more.
Ring of Fat Disguise 180 gp Increases the wearer's weight with a command.
Ring of Fateful Escape 2000 A ring that allow you to instantly escape to another plane.
Ring of Force Shield, Variant 8,500 GP A remake of the Ring of Force Shield, mostly utilitarian.
Ring of Free Love 500 gp A ring that protect one, although not in the typical way.
Ring of Gravity Adaptation 1,100 GP A ring, which after 10 minutes of exposure allow the wearer to ignore penalties of light or heavy gravity.
Ring of Gray Life 10,000 A cursed ring, it hurts you when you're up and helps you when you're down.
Ring of Haunting 3,000 GP A ring which allow the user to summon a unseen servant-like creature.
Ring of Homefinding 3000 gp This charm will guide you home.
Ring of Insidious Geas 18,000 GP A powerful cursed ring which cause the wearer to obey everything anyone say to them.
Ring of Lesser Warmth 250 gp The ring of warmth makes the wearer feel a minimum temperature of what is necessary to feel warm.
Ring of Life and Death 10,000 A cursed ring, it gives fast healing... but also takes that healing away if you're failing.
Ring of Lordship 52,000 GP A powerful Ring of Protection +4, which has the ability to command lesser creature and save the user's life.
Ring of Magic Renewal 64,000 gp Wearing this ring builds up charges which let you refresh your spells as a free action.
Ring of Mental Transformation 40,000g Gain a Spellstrained level to gain a spell slot or excess power points.
Ring of Miraculous Failure 40,000 gp This wondrous ring increases your effective caster level, but comes with a heavy price...
Ring of Moods 50 gp A ring that betrays the wearer's moods and thoughts.
Ring of No Mercy 1,500 GP (Lesser), 15,000 GP (Greater) A ring which convert nonlethal damage dealt to you into lethal damage and make you unable to deal lethal damage.
Ring of Power 500 gp (1st), 2,000 gp (2nd), 4500 gp (3rd), 8,000 gp (4th), 13500 gp (5th), 18,000 gp (6th), 24,500 gp (7th), 32,000 gp (8th), 40,500 gp (9th) Holds a pearl of power, which can be refreshed as a swift action.
Ring of Preservation 2,500 GP A ring which preserve perishable worn or carried by the user.
Ring of Repentance to Loviatar 16,660 gp A ring to compel the weak to obey the omnipotence of Loviatar.
Ring of Retributive Fireball 3,000 gp Sets off a fireball when the wearer dies.
Ring of Riposte 3000 gp If you interrupt an attack with an attack of your own, you will deal extra damage.
Ring of Sacrifice 5000 If you die while wearing the ring you can be raised with no losses, but the ring breaks.
Ring of Shrinkage 10000 With this ring you are under the constant effects of reduce person.
Ring of Solomon 6000 gp A ring which summons and commands a minor specific demon or devil.
Ring of Subtitles 1000 gp When worn, all your words are also displayed as text. The text can be in a language you are not speaking.
Ring of Sun Protection 400 GP A ring that protect against sunburns and prevent tanning, grant minor protection against light damage.
Ring of Tirelessness 4,000 GP A ring which increase the amount of time you can run or march as well as cure fatigue.
Ring of Toplessness 1,000 GP A ring which increases the amount of time you can run or march as well as cures fatigue. And having a clothed torso.
Ring of Vengeful Death 16000 gp This cursed ring grants the user finger of death nearly at will, but this proves to be the user's undoing.
Ring of the Bat Friend 4,000 GP A small ring which summon a bat familiar, and potentially a friendly bat swarm.
Ring of the Bold and the Coward 15,000 A particular ring made of gold and bronze, it turn the wielder invisible in certain circumstance.
Ring of the Celestial 166,250 gp This resplendent ring is a triple forging of interwoven mithral bands inset with a pristinely polished beljuril stone.
Ring of the Dragon's Heir 65,000 GP A powerful ring which grant a breath weapon and scales to the wearer, and more if the wearer is dragonblooded.
Ring of the Early Riser 1,000 gp The wearer gains the benefit of a whole night's rest in half the time.
Ring of the Evil Eye 6,000 Each time you attack, you gain 2 hp.
Ring of the Favorite Spell 8,000 gp Make small changes in how you cast your favorite spell.
Ring of the Glass Eye 4000 gp Wearing this ring causes one of your eyes to become glassy and able to be removed, yet you can still see from it.
Ring of the Mantis Shrimp 16,000 A ring made by the monk-sorcerers of an old underwater monastery, give the ability to survive underwater and incredible punching power to whoever wear it.
Ring of the Nosferatu Bat 7,000 GP A ring that allow the wearer to turn into a gigantic bat.
Ring of the Ram, Variant 8,600 GP A alternate version of the ring of the ram that make it more usable as an item.
Ring of the Rat 13,000 GP
Ring of the Red Condor 20,000 GP A ring which greatly enhance the stability of shields and allows the wearer to turn back a spell.
Ring of the Red Hand 5000 gp Transform your arm into a powerful slam attack that deals double strength damage.
Ring of the Rock Dodger 5,000 gp A ring that protect you from thrown rocks and the wrath of the DM.
Ring of the Rotten Tomato 500 gp With a command, create and throw a rotten tomato.
Ring of the Skull Warlock 8,000 GP A ring that allow it wearer to use their charisma on touch attacks.
Ring of the Sun's Firstborn 90,000 A ring which makes all divine spells automatically Empowered.
Rings of Matrimony 500 gp Rings of Matrimony come as a set. They represent the bond of marriage, and let the significant other know when the bond if broken by injury, death, or transgression.
Rings of the Bird 3000 gp Transform your arms into wings and fly like a bird.
Rings of the Protector 2,000 gp (for the pair), 20,000 gp (for the pair), 35,000 gp (for the pair) Comes with a Guardian and a Ward ring. The Guardian can constantly monitor the status and health of the one wearing the Ward ring. More powerful versions bestow other abilities as well.
Searstone 40,000 gp Imbues the wearer with the power of acid, and his surroundings are filled with corrosive mist.
Shining Jade Ring 100,000 gp A ring which creates matter and forces through willpower alone.
Snakebitten Ring 20,000 gp An unassuming bronze ring with the likeness of the ouroboros. This ring grants its wearer immunity to poison as well as some snake-related abilities.
Speckled Tearstone Ring 40,000 gp When reduced to 20% health or lower, your abilities increase in various ways.
Spellreach Ring 3000 gp Extend the reach of your touch spells to twice your natural reach.
Stone Seahorse Ring 95,000 A mighty ring that greatly enhance water magic.
Sturdy Ring 3000 gp An attack which would drop you below 1 hp instead leaves you at 1 hp, but the ring might break.
Three-Faced Ring 50,000 A strange ring which is able to absorb the power of other rings.
Yellow Tearstone Ring 12,000 gp When reduced to 20% health or lower, time seems to slow around you.

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