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Dub! Duda The Dire Reverend! Duba Duda Dubba!

Dada Dadda?

Sandbox 1:Random Crap, Sandbox 2:Ex-Familiar, Sandbox 3:Security Chief

Vampire Nerf, Vampire Wraith, Adaptable Adept


Advance Wars D20

Character Sheets[edit]

Mathias the Ronin, Level 15 Ex-Monk 4/Rogue 8/Jack of Swords 3

Clover the Gunner,Gestalt Level 6 - Gunslinger 6//Fighter 2, Master of Armor 3, Indeterminable 1

Celeste the Redeemed Undead Slaymate, Evolved Undead 5, Soul Eater 7//Slaymate LA 1/Mutator 4/Thayan Gladiator 7

Rosalyn the Joystealer

Technological Items[edit]

The Crapgun
The "Zimpack"
Two-Wheeled Horseless Carriage
Hydro-Capable Projectile Launcher

Technological other stuff[edit]

Price to convert firearm to revolver

The Legend of Dave the Warrior[edit]

This is Dave. Fear him.

The origins of Dave are unknown. Many years ago, when The Dire Reverend still attended high school, he found a plush doll on the floor of the gymnasium. The Dire Reverend questioned two gentlemen, asking who owned the doll. They replied to Dire Reverend, "You do."

The plushie was in disrepair. his back was torn, along with a rip his crotch area. In addition, he lacked eyebrows and the muscles that we all know and love. The Dire Reverend immediately drew on eyebrows for his new friend, who he now called "Dave", along with a six pack. Unfortunately the Dire Reverend had no skills in repairing plush dolls, so the damage to Dave was not dealt with for years.

The Dire Reverend had found out that one of his friends is skilled in threads, tailoring and whatnot, so he lent Dave to his friend so he could repair him. In return Dire Reverend promised to purchase a cup of coffee when Dave returned.

Dave is a 10th level Gestalt Eijilund Plushie. On one side, he has ten levels of Plushie Fighter. On the other side he has one level of Plushie Sorcerer, and the remaining 9 are levels in Eijilund Plushie Paragon.

Some stuff I made[edit]

Here's some stuff I made. Feel free to visit their talk pages and comment on them.

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