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Author: The Dire Reverend (talk)
Contributors: [[User:TG Cid (talk)|TG Cid (talk)]]
Date Created: 7/5/11
Status: Completed.
Editing: Suggestions in talk page welcome.
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Unhallowed Minion[edit]

A Low LA Template to make intelligent but weak minions that explode when they disobey you.

The Unhallowed Minion is a unique creature, not very strong, but smarter than many lesser undead. Unlike other lesser undead, who are completely mindless, the Unhallowed Minions have an average intelligence. This means that they can be given more complex commands. A Unhallowed Minion's appearance varies, and they can look like Skeletons, Zombies or even NecropoliticiansLM. Their appearance does not affect the Unhallowed Minion in any mechanical way.

Creating a Unhallowed Minion[edit]

A Unhallowed Minion is created with the Create Undead spell.

Size and Type[edit]

The creature’s type changes to Undead. Size is unchanged.

Hit Dice[edit]

Increase all current and future hit dice to d12.

Special Qualities[edit]

Undying Loyalty (Su): Unhallowed Minions were created to be intelligent minions, and unlike mindless undead, if they were left unchecked, might defect. If the creator of the undead has the Leadership or Undead LeadershipLM and chooses to have the Unhallowed Minion as one of his followers, the creator shares a minor mental link with the follower. If the Unhallowed Minion has plans to carry out an act of betrayal on his creator (not just simply thinking about it) in any way, the creator instantly knows which Unhallowed Minion was planning it, and how severe of a betrayal it was. An example of a minor betrayal would be taking an extra 10 minutes off on his cigarette break* or killing the human slaves without permission, and a major betrayal would be something like attempting to defect or hitting on the creator's girlfriend.

Remote-Destruction (Su): If the Unhallowed Minion has a mental link with its creator via Undying Loyalty, and if it’s going to betray its creator, or if its creator is simply bored, he can, as a standard action, cause one of his Unhallowed Minion to explode, bringing him to 0 HP (or -10, if the Unhallowed Minion dies like a living creature). If the Unhallowed Minion was killed in response of him betraying his creator, the creator does not gain a penalty to his leadership score for causing the death of his followers.

Necrotic Sacrifice (Su): When an Unhallowed Minion is destroyed, it automatically explodes, dealing 1d6 points of negative energy damage at Challenge Rating 1 and an additional 1d6 at every odd-numbered CR to all creatures within 10 feet of the minion.

It Sucks To Be Me (lol): All Unhallowed Minions are aware of this their Special Qualities, and because of this, 90% of all insubordination attempts never happen.


Unhallowed Minions have no Constitution score.


Unhallowed Undead are usually found at their creator's base of operations, unless sent out on a special mission outside of it.


Unhallowed Minions are usually found under the command of a Necromancer.

Challenge Rating[edit]

Challenge Rating is unchanged.


Unhallowed Minions generally do not have treasure of their own, using the communal equipment of their creator.


Usually Lawful Evil.


By character class.

Level Adjustment[edit]

+1. For the purposes of obtaining followers (not cohorts) through the Leadership feat (and its variants), +0

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