Missing Hand Replacement (3.5e Trait)

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Author: The Dire Reverend (talk)
Date Created: 6/4/2011
Status: Complete.
Editing: Suggestions in talk page welcome.
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Missing hand replacement[edit]

You have lost one of your hands (or possibly your whole arm), and you have replaced it with a weapon of your choice.

Benefit: Choose 1 light or one-handed melee weapon at character creation that you can afford. Your character now has a specialized version of that weapon attached to his stump of a hand. The weapon can be enchanted as if it were a normal item normally If you ask your DMs permission, you could instead have some other item on your hand (for example, a crowbar, thieves tools, artisan’s tools, tools in general, etc.) You are considered to be wielding this item at all times, and you can never be disarmed, but you replacement hand can be sundered.

Drawback: You can’t use your missing hand effectively for anything other than its intended function. When determining if you are taking penalties for two weapon fighting, your hand replacement is always counted as if you were using it. If your replacement hand is destroyed, you can’t use your hand for anything. You must replace your hand either by purchasing a specially modified version of a weapon/tool, or crafting it yourself.

Special: You can remove/attach a replacement weapon/tool by spending a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. If you have the Quick Draw feat, it only takes a move action, and does not provoke attacks of opportunity. In addition, you can take this trait multiple times, if your DM allows it, and if you ask him/her really nicely, he may let you replace something other than a hand (Pirates with cutlass peglegs, anyone?)

Roleplaying Ideas: Your character at some point lost his hand. He could replace it with something as simple as a hook, and play the pirate part. You could alternatively own a bunch of replacement hands for every occasion.

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