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Epic Feats[edit]

Epic feats are stronger than normal feats, and the best ones aren't straight number gains but feats which allow you to "break the rules" on class abilities and other features. Below are all the epic feats, a great deal which were old feats redone in a manner to make them more befitting with the attempted balance level of Complete Epic as well as all new homebrew feats. At the very end, we remove some of the old feats which no longer have a purpose in epic level.

General Feats[edit]

Feat Name Description
Additional Magic Item Space-CE Double the amount of magic item slots you possess.
Armor Skin-CE Gain a scaling enhancement bonus to natural armor.
Automatic Quicken Spell-CE Quicken your spells automatically with no level adjustment.
Automatic Silent Spell-CE Silence your spells automatically with no level adjustment.
Automatic Still Spell-CE Still your spells automatically with no level adjustment.
Bane of Enemies-CE Your weapons are bane weapons against any creature you have favored enemy against.
Blinding Speed, Balmz Move faster then before
Blinding Speed-CE Grant yourself the effects of haste for 1 round per HD you possess.
Certain Power Increases the save DC to infinite.
Certain Spell Increases the save DC to infinite.
Damage Reduction-CE Gain DR/-, or increase your current damage reduction.
Death of Enemies-CE When you confirm a critical hit against your favored enemy, they must make a save vs death.
Devastating Critical-CE When you confirm a critical hit with your weapon, they must make a save vs becoming helpless.
Dire Charge-CE Make a full attack at the end of a charge.
Elder Brain's Will Your base will save becomes 1/2 your HD +2.
Epic Dodge-CE Perfect dodge one attack each round.
Epic Inspiration-CE Increase your bardic song abilities by +1.
Epic Prowess-CE Gain a bonus on attack and damage for all of your weapons.
Epic Skill Focus-CE Gain +10 to a skill, take 10, and critical (and fumble) on skills.
Epic Speed-CE Run twice as fast as you did before.
Epic Spell Focus-CE Increase the potency of your spell focus.
Epic Spell Penetration-CE Bypass spell resistance easier.
Epic Weapon Focus-CE Gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls, avoid fumbles, and auto-hit more often with a certain weapon.
Epic Weapon Specialization-CE Deal an extra +4 damage with your weapon, and damage now affects maximum hp.
Exceptional Deflection-CE Deflect anything. Yes, anything.
Extended Life Span-CE Become immortal, are easier to revive, and don't need to eat, sleep, or breath to live anymore.
Familiar Spell-CE Your familiar can cast spells in your stead.
Fast Healing-CE Gain fast healing, or improve fast healing you already possess.
Great Charisma-CE Improve your Charisma score by +2.
Great Constitution-CE Improve your Constitution score by +2.
Great Dexterity-CE Improve your Dexterity score by +2.
Great Intelligence-CE Improve your Intelligence score by +2.
Great Smiting-CE Your smites last much longer, or they deal double damage.
Great Strength-CE Improve your Strength score by +2.
Great Wisdom-CE Improve your Wisdom score by +2.
Group Inspiration-CE The number of allies you can affect with your inspire competence or inspire greatness bardic music ability doubles.
Hindering Song-CE Hinder the casting of enemy spellcasters with your bardic music.
Holy Strike-CE Your weapons are holy weapons for fighting evil.
Ignore Material Components-CE Ignore material and focus components to your spells.
Improved Alignment-Based Casting-CE Align your spells to your domain, and use your aligned domain spells as special spell-like abilities.
Improved Aura Of Courage-CE All allies in your aura of courage are now immune to fear.
Improved Aura of Despair-CE All enemies in your aura of despair take a -4 penalty and lose immunity to fear.
Improved Combat Casting-CE You don’t incur attacks of opportunity for casting spells when threatened, and concentrate better.
Improved Favored Enemy-CE All your favored enemies are set to maximum, taking the benefit of your strongest favored enemy.
Improved Ki Strike-CE Bypass all sorts of damage reduction with your bare fists.
Improved Metamagic-CE Decrease the level adjustment of using metamagic effects by 1.
Improved Metapsionics-CE Metapsionic powers you manifest cost 2 power points less than normal (to a minimum of 1 power point).
Improved Sneak Attack-CE Increase the damage die of your sneak attack.
Improved Spell Resistance-CE Improve your spell resistance by +5, to a maximum of 16 + your HD.
Improved Stunning Fist-CE Your stunning fist partly works on creatures which are immune, and those it stuns it leaves vulnerable to further unarmed blows. You can change what ability to use for the DC.
Improved Whirlwind Attack-CE Make a full attack against each target of your whirlwind attack.
Infinite Range Your range increment is your line of sight.
Inspire Excellence-CE Use your bardic music to give your allies a +4 competence bonus to an ability score.
Lasting Inspiration-CE Your bardic music abilities last forever... at least until you use another song.
LeShay's Reflexes Your base reflex save becomes 1/2 your HD +2.
Legendary Wrestler-CE You gain a bonus on all grapple checks equal to 1/2 your HD. You can also grapple a creature of any size.
Magical Beast Wild Shape-CE You can wild shape into magical beasts.
Mighty Rage-CE Increase your barbarian rage by +2 Str and Con and +1 Will saves.
Negative Energy Burst-CE You can use one rebuke or command undead attempt to deal 1d4 negative levels in a 60-foot-burst.
Overwhelming Critical-CE You deal extra bonus damage on a critical hit based on your BAB.
Penetrate Damage Reduction-CE You can bypass material, alignment, or essence.
Positive Energy Aura-CE You automatically turn undead in a 15 foot range without a turning check or use of turn undead, with limitations.
Psicrystal Power-CE Your psicrystal can manifest powers in your steed.
Reactive Countersong-CE You can begin a countersong at any time, even when it isn’t your turn.
Self-Concealment-CE Attacks against you have a 10% (or greater) miss chance.
Severing Strike Lop off limbs by taking a -10 penalty to hit.
Spontaneous Domain Access-CE Spontaneously cast your domain spells with your normal spell slots, just as a cleric channels energy to convert spells into cure spells.
Superior Initiative-CE Roll for initiative twice, with a +4 bonus, and act in a surprise round.
Tarrasque's Fortitude Your base fortitude save becomes 1/2 your HD +2.
Thundering Rage-CE While in a rage, your weapon is a better version of a thundering weapon.
Uncanny Accuracy-CE Your ranged attacks ignore the miss chance granted to targets by total concealment, and any other miss chance.
Unholy Strike-CE Your weapons are unholy weapons for fighting good.
Upgrade Gain +1 to all ability scores.
Vorpal Strike-CE Your have vorpal unarmed strike, and kick off people's heads.
Unchanged Epic Feats (General)
Feat Name Description
Colossal Wild Shape Wild Shape into Colossal animals.
Diminutive Wild Shape Wild shape into Diminutive animals.
Distant Shot Ranged weapons no longer suffer distance penalties.
Epic Fortitude The character gains a +4 bonus on all Fortitude saving throws.
Epic Reflexes The character gains a +4 bonus on all Reflex saving throws.
Epic Toughness The character gains +30 hit points.
Epic Will The character gains a +4 bonus on all Will saving throws.
Fine Wild Shape Wild Shape into Tiny animals.
Gargantuan Wild Shape Wild Shape into Gargantuan animals.
Improved Combat Reflexes Remove limit to number of AoO attempts.
Improved Elemental Wild Shape Wildshape into any Elemental creature.
Improved Manyshot Your Manyshot attack increases.
Incite Rage Incite rage into allies within 60 feet.
Infinite Deflection You may deflect an unlimited number of arrows each round.
Perfect Multiweapon Fighting Attack with full BAB with each weapon.
Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting Attack with off-hand weapon as many times as primary weapon attacks without penalty.
Plant Wild Shape Become nature itself.
Sneak Attack of Opportunity Add sneak attack damage to attacks of opportunity.
Spell Knowledge You know additional spells.
Spell Opportunity Provoking an AoO allows you to cast a touch spell against the provoker.
Spell Stowaway This feat needs a summary.
Spellcasting Harrier Casting defensively provokes an AoO for you.
Spontaneous Spell This feat needs a summary.
Tenacious Magic Chosen spell can only be suppressed, not dispelled.
Terrifying Rage Panic or shaken enemies whom view you in a rage.
Undead Mastery Command more undead.
Vermin Wild Shape Wildshape into Vermin creatures.

Metamagic Feats[edit]

Feat Name Description
Certain Spell Increases the save DC to infinite.
Unchanged Epic Feats (Metamagic)
Feat Name Description
Intensify Spell Variable, numeric effects of spell are maximized, then doubled.

Metapsionic Feats[edit]

Feat Name Description
Certain Power Increases the save DC to infinite.

Psionic Feats[edit]

Feat Name Description
Improved Metapsionics-CE Metapsionic powers you manifest cost 2 power points less than normal (to a minimum of 1 power point).
Psicrystal Power-CE Your psicrystal can manifest powers in your steed.
Unchanged Epic Feats (Psionic)
Feat Name Description
Epic Expanded Knowledge You learn another power.
Epic Psionic Focus You can expend your psionic focus to greater effect.
Improved Manifestation You increase your power point reserve.
Power Knowledge You add two additional powers to your list of powers known.

Salient Abilities[edit]

Salient Abilities are special feats which only deities can take. They cannot be acquired via normal feat slots, only through the portfolio feature of classes like God, and all have the pre-requisite of a divine rank of at least 0.

Feat Name Description
Alter Form Transform into alternate forms at will, based on your divine rank.
Alter Reality Gain the ability to duplicate most of the effects of wish once per minute.
Alter Size Transform anywhere from Fine to Colossal size.
Annihilating Strike Destroy things with a powerful disintegrating strike.
Arcane Mastery Gain all spells in your spellbook, or trade out spells daily as a sorcerer.
Area Divine Shield Spread your Divine Shield salient ability to an area.
Banestrike Choose a favored enemy and strike hard and fast.
Battlesense You cannot be surprised or flanked, except by a deity of higher rank.
Call Creatures Summon creatures to your aid.
Clearsight Gain true seeing and a bonus to defeat Disguise checks.
Command Plants Speak to plants, rebuke them, and and control the growth and death of plants.
Control Creatures Take control of mooks, possessing them even at range.
Craft Artifact You can craft artifacts ahead of your time, and better than others too.
Create Greater Object Create even more rare and exotic matter from thin air.
Create Object Create nonmagical matter at whim.
Divine Air Mastery Gain bonuses in combat when you and your opponent are airborne.
Divine Archery Shoot from really really far, spray a volley of arrows, and ignore cover and concealment with your shots.
Divine Armor Mastery Any armor you wear acts as if you're not wearing armor at all, and what armor you do wear is improved.
Divine Bard Sing out for miles, quickly, and even effecting things normally not effected. You can even countersong on the fly.
Divine Battle Mastery You can attack wide groups of tempo, attack without penalty to attack rolls, and rearrange your bonus feats on a whim.
Divine Blast Fire blasts of energy out to a great distance.
Divine Blessing Grant half your ability score to others.
Divine Celerity Whenever you're hasted, you gain superior benefits.
Divine Creation Create magic items, or even creatures with your divine mastery.
Divine Dodge Perfect dodge. It's almost like you're playing Exalted.
Divine Druid Change shape in a wildshape as a swift action each round for the duration.
Divine Druid-CE Get Colossal and the ability to change into Magical Beast
Divine Earth Mastery Gain bonuses in combat when you and your opponent are groundborne.
Divine Fast Healing Gain fast healing (or additional fast healing) based on your divine rank.
Divine Fire Mastery Gain bonuses in combat when you are and your opponent are on fire!
Divine Glibness You are immune to things which detect your lies, and your silver tongue can sway the wills of others.
Divine Inspiration Give your divine aura additional options.
Divine Monk You suffered through monk, but now you're the god of monks, and it shows.
Divine Paladin Improve your paladin abilities with intense divine power.
Divine Radiance Radiate light and dispel darkness, shoot lasers, and become immune to dazzling and blindness.
Divine Rage Stay in rage forever, and gain access to stronger more potent rage powers and resistances.
Divine Ranger Gain both combat styles of a ranger, additional favored enemy bonuses, and blindsight against your favored enemy.
Divine Rogue You can dodge out of any trap, determine how much loot you have with an instant, sneak attack oozes, constructs, you name it, slide out of sight, and even evade death!
Divine Shield Gain a shield to absorb attacks.
Divine Skill Focus Become a master at any one skill, doing it faster and harder and ignoring the dangers of failure.
Divine Sneak Attack Sneak attacks deal divine damage and apply against those who provoke attacks of opportunity or who are weaker than you. You can even deal nonlethal damage in any ratio you wish.
Divine Spell Focus Gain +2 DC to the spell of your school, an bonus on caster level checks, and ignore evasion and mettle.
Divine Storm Your alignment manifests as a powerful maelstrom which destroys those opposite to you and protects you in divine energy.
Divine Water Mastery Gain bonuses in combat when you and your opponent are underwater.
Divine Weapon Focus Take 10 on attack rolls once a round, 20 with a full attack action, and never fumble again.
Divine Weapon Specialization Add divine rank to damage with your chosen weapon, forcing concentration checks and hitting even when you might miss.
Energy Burst Emanate 1d8 points of energy per divine rank, out to 10 feet per divine rank.
Energy Storm Your body releases positive or negative energy into a powerful maelstrom which destroys your opponents (and heals allies) and protects you in energy.
Extra Energy Immunity Become immune to one element.
Extra Sense Enhancement Your senses can stretch for miles, and even see through objects.
Footsore Create difficult terrain 10 feet per divine rank away from you.
Free Move The deity can move up to its speed once a round as a free action.
Frightful Presence Get a frightful presence which ignores fear immunity, as well as have intimidate ignore fear immunity.
Gift Of Life Cast true resurrection at will, with scaling benefits based on your divine rank.
Grow Creature Use animal growth (applied to a creature type of your choice) on a number of creatures equal to your divine rank.
Hand Of Death Cast destruction at will, with scaling benefits based on your divine rank.
Increased Damage Reduction Improve current damage reduction by 5, and add an alignment requirement.
Increased Energy Resistance The deity gains resistance equal to 10 + its divine rank x5 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic energy.
Indomitable Strength Roll 20s in opposed strength checks, wield weapons with greater strength behind them and less difficulty, and break force effects.
Instant Counterspell Counterspell as a free action which consumes an attack of opportunity.
Instant Move The deity can travel up to their move speed as though using the dimension door spell, except that the deity never appears within a solid object and can act immediately after teleporting. Also, immunity to being prone.
Irresistible Blows Cause an attack penalty on those you strike, bypass or reduce the effect of DR, and stagger opponents on critical hits.
Irresistible Performance Gain several bardic music-like abilities, and bards gain increased power.
Know Death Gain constant deathwatch and Lifesight, and keep status on the health of others.
Know Secrets You can roll 20s on Knowledge checks automatically, and know things you should know.
Lay Curse Use bestow curse at will, greater bestow curse up to your divine ranks per day, and give off a dying curse if slain.
Lay Quest Use a special form of geas/quest to get things done, be aware of its progress, and be able to contact your unwitting servants.
Life Drain Release a zone of darkness which drains levels and conceals you in darkest shadow.
Mass Divine Blast As Divine Blast, but can be done to multiple targets or in various shapes.
Mind Of The Beast The deity can make plants and animals sentient, and it can reduce sentient creatures to animal or plant form.
Possess Mortal Possess mortals and make them do your bidding.
Power of Luck Gain a luck pool equal to your divine rank to spend on dice rolls, both yours and others.
Power of Nature Control the weather and earth with a thought.
Power of Truth Know when creatures are lying, and force them to tell the truth. Also, bonuses against illusion.
Rejuvenation Gain the rejuvenating abilities of a deity one title higher than yourself.
See Magic See magic as if using a superior form of greater arcane sight, and exclude allies from your areas of effect.
Shapechange Gain a modified shapechange at will.
Speak With Creatures Speak with everything. Literally everything. And use the power of language against others as well.
Stride Double your speed, possibly beyond the speed of light.
Sunder and Disjoin Break or disjoin weapons on a touch, and be immune to mundane weapon attacks.
Supreme Initiative Add your divine rank to initiative, avoid being flatfooted, and even strike harder on the first round.
Tap Into the Source You can can tap into the immeasurable power of the source, gaining new abilities and greatly empowered your previous abilities.
Undead Mastery Gain unlimited destructive turn attempts, and you may use it once per round as a free action. And you didn't even need to take all turn-granting classes to do it.
Wave of Chaos Gain an aura of confusion and insanity. Rather fatal for low-level mortals.
Wound Enemy Deal damage to a creature's maximum hp total, and penalties on a critical hit.

Non-Epic Feats[edit]

Feat Name Description
Augmented Alchemy-CE Improve on your base alchemical and poison-making skills.
Bulwark of Defense-CE Increase the bonuses granted to you by your defensive stance ability.
Chaotic Rage-CE Gain the effects of an anarchic weapon while raging.
Combat Archery-CE Don't provoke for firing ranged weapons in melee.
Deafening Song-CE Use bardic music to render your opponents deaf.
Dexterous Fortitude-CE Use your slippery mind class feature on Fortitude saves.
Dexterous Will-CE Use your slippery mind class feature on Will saves.
Efficient Item Creation-CE You craft in an absurdly short time, and can do it without any tools.
Enhance Spell-CE Increase the damage cap on spells.
Epic Endurance-CE You are a tireless worker.
Epic Reputation-CE You gain a +4 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks.
Epic Trapfinding-CE Search for traps without actively needing to search.
Improved Arrow of Death-CE Your arrow of death becomes DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Dex, and it deals damage if they save.
Improved Darkvision-CE The range of your darkvision doubles.
Improved Death Attack-CE Your death attack becomes DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Int (if higher), and you can use death attack faster.
Improved Low-Light Vision-CE Improve your low-light vision range.
Instant Reload-CE You may fire crossbows and crossbow-like weapons at your full normal attack rate, reloading as a free action. Reloading the crossbow does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Keen Strike-CE Your unarmed strike has a critical threat range of 18-20 and can deal slashing damage or bludgeoning damage.
Legendary Climber-CE You can ignore any check penalties applied for accelerated climbing or rapid climbing.
Legendary Leaper-CE You need only move 5 feet in a straight line to make a running jump.
Legendary Rider-CE Take no penalties on Ride checks when riding bareback, and never need to make a Ride check to control a mount in combat.
Legendary Tracker-CE You can track creatures across water, under-water, or through the air.
Magical Beast Companion-CE Make your animal companion a magical beast.
Master Staff-CE You can substitute your own spell slots instead of using a charge on a staff.
Master Wand-CE You can substitute your own spell slots instead of using a charge on a wand.
Multiweapon Rend-CE If you hit an opponent with two or more weapons (wielded in different hands) in the same round, you may automatically rend the opponent.
Music of the Gods-CE Your bardic music can affect even those normally immune to mind-affecting effects, though with a bonus to saves.
Perfect Health-CE You are immune to nonmagical disease, and certain low-DC poisons.
Planar Turning-CE You can turn or rebuke outsiders as if they were undead.
Polyglot-CE You can speak all languages.
Ranged Inspiration-CE Double the range of any bardic music ability that has a range.
Rapid Inspiration-CE You can use any of your bardic music inspiration abilities as a swift action.
Reflect Arrows-CE When you deflect an arrow or other ranged attack, the attack is reflected back upon the attacker at your base ranged attack bonus.
Righteous Strike-CE Your unarmed strikes are as axiomatic weapons.
Ruinous Rage-CE While in a rage, you ignore hardness and can break objects easier.
Shattering Strike-CE Make a concentration check instead of a strength check to sunder objects.
Spectral Strike-CE Your attacks deal damage normally against incorporeal creatures.
Storm of Throws-CE Throw weapons at all targets within 30 feet as a full round action.
Swarm of Arrows-CE Shoot projectiles at all targets within 30 feet as a full round action.
Two-Weapon Rend-CE If you hit an opponent with two or more weapons (wielded in different hands) in the same round, you may automatically rend the opponent.
Widen Aura of Courage-CE Your aura of courage extends to all allies within 100 feet of you.
Widen Aura of Despair-CE Your aura of despair extends to all enemies within 100 feet of you.
Wield Oversized Weapon-CE You can one-hand a greatsword and other two-handed weapons.

Removed or Changed Feats[edit]

Not all feats made the grade. Some feats could not be altered or kept, and some feats became obsolete due to changes. The following feats are no longer available, and why.

Removed or Changed Epic Feats
Feat Name What happened to it?
Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor Epic level creatures who have Craft Magic Arms and Armor may craft epic arms and armors automatically.
Craft Epic Rod Epic level creatures who have Craft Rod may craft epic rods automatically.
Craft Epic Staff Epic level creatures who have Craft Staff may craft epic staves automatically.
Craft Epic Wondrous Item Epic level creatures who have Craft Wondrous Item may craft epic wondrous items automatically.
Epic Leadership Epic level creatures who have Leadership continue their progression as if they had gained epic leadership automatically.
Epic Spellcasting Epic spellcasting has been removed, and replaced with epic rituals and epic invocations.
Forge Epic Ring Epic level creatures who have Forge Ring may forge epic rings automatically.
Improved Heighten Spell Epic level creatures who have Heighten Spell no longer have a 9th level cap on how high they can heighten their spells.
Improved Spell Capacity This feat is now a class feature for epic classes.
Legendary Commander This feat has been removed. There was not enough mechanical benefit to justify this purely fluff feat's existence.
Mobile Defense This feat has been removed, and some of its mechanics adopted into Bulwark of DefenseCE.
Multispell This feat has been removed. It was far too abusable.
Permanent Emanation This feat has been removed. It was far too abusable.
Scribe Epic Scroll Epic level creatures who have Scribe Scroll may scribe epic scrolls automatically.

Removed or Changed Salient Abilities[edit]

The salient abilities got a makeover as well. The following salient abilities didn't make the cut.

Removed or Changed Epic Feats
Feat Name What happened to it?
Automatic Metamagic This became redundant with the epic feats like Automatic Quicken SpellCE or Automatic Spell SpellCE.
Avatar Irrelevant due to the god class feature Avatar.
Divine Recall Absorbed into Know Secrets.
Divine Spellcasting Removed for the same reason Improved Spell Capacity was removed. This is now a class feature.
Divine Splendor So broken, it killed itself in shame.
Extra Domain Irrelevant due to how domain portfolios work.
Increased Spell Resistance Broken as is, and already covered by Improved Spell ResistanceCE.
Life and Death Too strong and pretty much redundant with other abilities.
Mass Life and Death Same reason as Life and Death.
Shift Form Redundant with Alter Form, Alter Size, and Shapechange as options.
True Knowledge Absorbed into Know Secrets.
True Shapechange Redundant with Alter Form, Alter Size, and Shapechange as options.
Undead Qualities Deities can be undead now, so this is unneeded.

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