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Author: Franken Kesey (talk)
Date Created: 10/19/10
Status: Done
Editing: Grammar and spelling only, ideas on talk page.
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Vehicle Subtype[edit]

Vehicle-subtype creatures have the ability to carry cargo, and have a multitude of defensive abilities.


A vehicle creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • Crew: A vehicle is a piloted object, and typically has space for one or more creatures to either operate or ride within the vehicle. Crew may have partial or total cover, as stated in its monster entry.
  • No mental scores of their own, but takes the scores of its pilot, as well as initiative and skills. When not operated, its dexterity score drops to 0.
  • To operate a vehicle, one must succeed at a Knowledge (Xenotechnology), Use Magic Device, or Use Psionic Device check to start the system as a move action. Once active, it remains active until the pilot departs. The DC is listed in its monster entry, or DC 0 if none is listed.

Vehicle Subtype Creatures[edit]

The following creatures have the vehicle subtype:

Creature Entry CR Type and Subtypes Size
Accel XLV-5 Autocycle 6 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Medium
Aran-388 Hunter Starship 15 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Huge
Arup TA-2 Drone Transport 8 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Huge
Athanas-1923 Autonomous Bulldozer 5, 11 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Huge
Automag Armor Glint 10, as pilot +3 Construct [Vehicle] Gargantuan
Automag Armor Goliath 14, as pilot +3 Construct [Vehicle] Colossal
Automag Armor Zmeu 10, as pilot +3 Construct [Vehicle] Gargantuan
Battle Ship 20, 25, 15 Construct [Vehicle, Siege] Neo-Colossal(60x30x20/120 tons), Deka(120x60x30/360 tons), Hecto(300x150x100/1200 tons)
Buster MW-10 Ride Armor 4 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Large
Catoblepas ATW-225 Armored Walker 20, as pilot +3 Construct [Vehicle] Colossal
Dextersphere 6 Construct [Vehicle] Medium
Digger-360 Autonomous Backhoe 5 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Huge
Elemental Airship 8 Construct [Air, Earth, Fire, Vehicle, Water] Colossal
Falcon 9 10 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Huge
Fatman MS-08 Power Armor 8, as pilot +3 Construct [Vehicle] Large
Fighter Ship 7, 5, 9 Construct [Vehicle, Siege] Gargantuan(20x10x10/40 tons), Large(10x5x5/20 tons), Huge(15x5x5/30 tons)
Final Arbiter Danjonmasutā 23 Construct [Vehicle] Colossal
God-Machine Arm 13 Construct [Vehicle] Huge
God-Machine Body 13 Construct [Vehicle] Huge
God-Machine Leg 13 Construct [Vehicle] Huge
God-Machine Sword 13 Construct [Vehicle] Huge
God-Machine Wings 13 Construct [Vehicle] Gargantuan
Gyro 4 Construct [Vehicle] Small
Hellbore-25 Autonomous Tank 13 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Huge
Kayespi-2 Aero Bike 4 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Medium
Lancer 13 Construct [Vehicle] Huge
Longbow-64 Autonomous Attack Chopper 15 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Huge
NSF-03T Jaguarundi 10 Construct [Vehicle] Huge
Plane, F-19 Shrike 14 Construct [Vehicle] Huge
Proteus MX-440 Modular Exo-Suit 4 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Large
Quint-1901 Autonomous Fire Engine 7 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Gargantuan
Reaper-1826 Autonomous Combine 11 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Gargantuan
Rex AL-06a Mobile Launcher 19, 23 with pilot Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Colossal
RinLen-1910 Autonomous Steamroller 5 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Huge
Robota Prosequi 4 Construct [Vehicle] Large
SF-6 Solenopsis Starfighter 9 or as pilot +3 (whichever is higher) Construct [Vehicle] Large
Sky Carrier Imperator 10; see text, 15; see text Construct [Vehicle] Macro-Fine, Large, Huge
Speeder Ship 3, 4 Construct [Vehicle] Medium(5x5x5/5 tons), Large(10x5x5/10 tons)
Stealth Ship 10, 15 Construct [Vehicle] Large(10x5x5/20 tons), Huge(15x5x5/30 tons)
Stratos-1 Autonomous Carrier Zeppelin 11 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Titanic
TX-55 Gigashark Walker 11, as pilot +2 Construct [Vehicle] Huge
Thrun-2014 Autonomous Car 2 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Large
Transport Ship 10, 5, 15 Construct [Vehicle] Gargantuan(30x10x10/60 tons), Neo-Colossal(60x20x20/120 tons), Deka(120x40x40/360 tons)
Treadscout 10 Construct [Vehicle] Large
Utility Ship 15, 8 Construct [Vehicle] Gargantuan(20x10x5/40 tons), Deka(120x60x30/360 tons)
Veribird BM-2 Transport 11 Construct [Bot, Vehicle] Gargantuan
Wolfclan CW-2945 Warmech 14, as pilot +3 Construct [Vehicle] Gargantuan

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