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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Co-Authors: Foxwarrior,
Contributors: MisterSinister,
ThunderGod Cid
Date Created: April 17th, 2011
Status: Work in serious progress
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Complete Sublime[edit]

This supplement for the D&D game presents new options for sublime warriors along with integration with subsystems neglected in the original Tome of Battle. Included are new classes, feats (including feats for E6 and E20), disciplines, equipment, and monsters. Furthermore, an explanation for why Reshar is so prominent in Tome of Battle is given along with the addition of ideas rejected by Reshar: Cross-Discipline Maneuvers and Rushes.



So, what's this all about?
Our chosen balance point
Credit where credit is due

Chapter 1: Sublime Classes

Base classes
Battle scholar
Mystic cenobite
Paladin of the Sublime Way
Sublime knight
Prestige classes
Blade dancer
Darkwraith assassin
Fang of the four winds
Stone sentinel
NPC classes

Chapter 2: Expanded Character Options

Feats and traits
E6 and E20 feats
Tactical feats
Skill tricks
Augmentation crystals

Chapter 3: Disciplines

New rules
Cross-discipline maneuvers
Maneuver-like abilities
Rushes - move-action maneuvers
Scaling maneuvers
Expanded disciplines - teaching an old dog new tricks
New disciplines
Aerial ace
Amaranth eclipse
Anima river
Dancing goddess
Domestic tarrasque
Eloquent speech
Essential cut
Golem heart
Infinite lotus
Surreptitious bandit

Chapter 4: Sublime campaigns

Mrityulok, Plane of Infinite Swords
Reshar's hubris
Reshar's successor
The hidden arts
Sublime duels
100 Sublime adventures
Monsters of the Sublime Way
Adamantine devil (CR 12)
Battlemind docent (CR 16)
Bloodstorm devil (CR 15)
Clay golem (CR 11)
Daggerling (CR 1)
Dekarabia (CR 12)
Flesh golem (CR 7)
Genslatr (CR 20)
Hellsaw symbiote (CR 4)
Iron golem (CR 13)
Kundalini (CR 10)
Scar devil (CR 3)
Slaughter devil (CR 6)
Squall devil (CR 9)
Stone golem (CR 11, also 16)
Vorospes (CR 18)
Epic monsters
Sarap (CR 24)

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