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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: December 8, 2015
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Pokémon Subtype[edit]

Pokémon are wondrous creatures with unique capabilities. They are well-known for having unusually amicable relationships with humanoids, to the point where it's far from uncommon for up to 6 Pokémon to team up with a humanoid to form a fighting unit, with the humanoid serving as the tactician and leader — as long as the humanoid is able to prove his or her worth.


Pokémon possess no special traits that set them apart from other creatures... that is, unless they do. Depending on the needs of your campaign, Pokémon can possess abilities based on their elemental affinities. See the Pokémon Types variant rule for details.

Pokémon Subtype Creatures[edit]

The following creatures have the Pokémon subtype:

Table: Pokémon
Name Description
Abra Abras are peaceful and timid creatures. They have powerful minds and are able to craft wondrous dreamscapes for themselves, and often sleep for upwards of 18 hours a day in order to enjoy them. Abras appear similar to bipedal cats with three digits on the end of each limb. Their body is covered in what appears to be yellow or orange chitonous armor – but in reality the shiny and rigid outer layer of an Abra is brittle and serves no protective function at all.
Aerodactyl A great winged reptile screams and gnashes its serrated teeth. It's a lot like a Wyvern, if wyverns were made of living stone and anger.
Alakazam Alakazams are often tapped to serve as libraries. Their unique mental structure allows them to categorize all information they ever receive during their lives and recount it perfectly at any later date. Their ability to understand the past, present and future allows them to advance their goals in a methodical manner that often seems insane to others. Alakazams are frequently misunderstood, and rarely bother to allow emotions or explanations to slow down their activities.
Ampharos Looking kind of like a bipedal giraffe, Ampharos reigns as the undisputed lord of all the electrical sheep. To their limited ability, Mareep and Flaaffy will attempt to aid Ampharos when requested. Ampharos, however, spend most of their time alone. An Ampharos has a large red sphere at the end of its tail which stores a lot of power and can become very very bright.
Anorith Anorith is an ancient creature, thought to be extinct. They appear to be heavily-armoured insects, and are indeed related to them – from long ago. They tend to hide in dark places, tracking down Vermin, and then slash them open to eat their squishy insides. It turns out that humans also have delicious squishy insides.
Arbok The evolved form of Ekans, Arbok is a fearsome serpent with a dangerous blend of brute strength and powerful venom.
Armaldo This is a massive creature that sort of represents an insect that evolved to be massive. It has an armoured exoskeleton and massive, sharp teeth. It typically looks for edible things – such as giant Vermin, regular bugs, and people – and slashes them up.
Articuno One of the three legendary birds of Kanto, Articuno takes the form of a large bird with predominantly blue plumage. Its coloring is a cyan on its long streamer-like tail and head crest. Its head crest is simple, consisting of three rhombus-shaped feathers on its forehead. Its body is a sky blue, growing lighter on its chest and belly. Its most distinctive feature is its large wings, which look like they are made of ice. It has a small gray beak and thin, similarly colored legs.
Bagon Bagon looks less like the dragon it is, and more like a short dinosaur with a very rocky head. Still, it's pretty fierce.
Banette Banette is a sneaky creature, a shadowy ghost with gleaming eyes and a zipper across its mouth. When the zipper is undone, it giggles to itself, as the Banette likes to sneak up and steal people's belongings from them.
Bayleef Bayleef smell really good. Like a sock drawer of someone you find attractive, being in the presence of a Bayleef is stimulating in a manner which is nasally satisfying. Bayleef are also sharp. Not that they are smarter than any other talking plant camel, just that they have a crest of rigid leaves that cut to your soul, or even your thumb.
Beedrill Beedrill resemble large bees with conical spikes on the ends of two of their arms. Beedrills are poisonous, dangerous, and filled with a fury that is incomprehensible. Beedrills usually congregate in hives which are hidden in trees. However, sometimes a Beedrill will go out on long journeys by itself looking for sources of food.
Blastoise A turtle as tall as a man and twice as thick lumbers toward you, its eyes unimpressed as it looks you over. Two large cannons extend from the shell on its back.
Blaziken You see what must surely be the king of all chickens. It clenches its muscles and flames reflexively shoot from its elbows and feet.
Blissey This being resembles a plump matron and carries an egg around in its pouch. It cheerfully offers to heal your wounds.
Bulbasaur Bulbasaurs are an odd mixture of plant and animal. They grow out of the ground near bodies of water from bulbs dropped by Venusaurs, or from eggs laid by Ivysaurs. A Bulbasaur looks like a reptilian animal that is carrying a large green plant like a garlic bulb on its back. However, the two seemingly separate entities are permanently intertwined and the Bulbasaur can gain sustenance from eating with its mouth, or make its own food from soil and sunlight.
Butterfree What initially looked like an ordinary butterfly is actually the size of a human child as you approach it. Its enormous red compound eyes stare at you unblinkingly as it flaps in place.
Caterpie You see before you what looks like an abnormally large green caterpillar with a yellow underbelly and enormous eyes. It gnaws on leaves, oblivious to your presence.
Celebi You see a small, green fairy with a giant head and eyes emerge from a gate. The other side looks like the same place, but it’s autumn there… and you catch a glimpse of someone who looks like you on the other side.
Charizard Like a small dragon, the reptilian figure dives down on its wings, letting out a gout of fire from its mouth. It lands before you, a cruel sneer pasted across its maw.
Charmander A small lizard with a burning tail tip runs toward you. Its tail wags excitedly, sending embers flying.
Charmeleon This red-scaled lizard walks toward you on two legs, as it makes threatening gestures with its foreclaws. A plume of smoke flares from its nostrils as it glowers menacingly.
Chikorita Chikorita are pleasant-smelling and opinionated plant creatures. They have a large and very sensitive leaf on their head. With it they can sense heat and cold, light and dark, moist and dry. Chikorita have pointy leaves which continuously grow out of their necks, they can hurl these at people and do all the time.
Cyndaquil Cyndaquil is a small echidna-like creature with the power to produce flames from its back. However, it would much rather run away from an adversary than try to fight.
Deino Deino is a rather comical-looking dragon with a bad temper. Unfortunately for it, its utter lack of vision tends to repeatedly screw it over in the enclosed areas it hunts in. This doesn't help its comical image.
Dialga The Pokémon revered as the deity of time in the land of Sinnoh, Dialga is an incredibly powerful dragon with power over time.
Electivire Electivire is the ultimate form of the Electabuzz line. It's a powerful Pokémon able to use a variety of elements.
Entei Entei is one of the three legendary beasts of Johto, which were reincarnated by Ho-Oh after perishing in a horrific fire. Claimed by some to have once been a Flareon, Entei has power over volcanoes, but is constantly struggling to keep that power under control. As such, it is constantly running all over the land, trying to make sure that when its control slips, it's in an area where damage and casualties will be kept to a minimum.
Flaaffy A Flaaffy's pink, rubbery skin is extremely resistant to electricity. And it’s totally visible over much of its body, as the electrical differential between a Flaaffy's fleece and body is so intense that it tears their fleece right out, leaving them naked over much of their body. While Flaaffy wallow in their pink nakedness, the remaining fleece becomes even more powerfully imbued with electrical power and even more of it is torn out.
Flareon When exposed to a Fire Stone, an Eevee becomes a Flareon. The Eevee's body self-immolates and its fur becomes long, soft, and totally on fire. Flareons develop an internal gland which contains and refines fire. Flareons are hot enough to burn wood, but the compartment inside them is hot enough to melt steel.
Frostran Frostran is one of the "Tran trio", and the embodiment and guardian of frozen mountain peaks. Like a mountain, it is sturdy, rugged, strong... and slow. Very, very slow. But don't underestimate it because it moves at a snail's pace — it can easily destroy its enemies in melee or at long range.
Gabite Gabite is a ferocious land-shark with great quickness. Few creatures are capable of escaping it.
Garchomp It's hard to believe that this apex predator was once a wannabe Pac-Man. Now it's an engine of utter destruction that thoroughly violates its prey in ways that shouldn't even be possible. Garchomp can run so fast, it actually flies. Nobody is safe from this beast... Nobody.
Gastly Gastly are strange, gaseous creatures. Gastly are cruel tricksters who delight in sowing fear and madness. Appearing as rough, swirling globes of purple and black gas, Gastly have frightening visages which glower at all living creatures.
Gengar More solid than Haunters or Gastlys, the Gengar is justly feared by the living. Gengar have hands and feet, and interact fairly normally with physical objects. Gengar appear as grinning purple fiends with clawed hands and tremendous maws.
Gible Gible is an odd-looking creature that appears to be some sort of round shark-like thingy. Which lives in a desert. Yeah... But don't let its comical looks fool you; it's quick and nimble, and it can be a fierce opponent.
Giratina A horrid phantasm that looks like a cross between a metallic serpent and a millipede emerges into the world through some incomprehensible direction. Space and time seem to break down in its presence.
Haunter Haunters are vicious pranksters who delight in spreading sickness and causing inconvenience. Haunters are normally invisible, but when viewed with true seeing or in the light of day they appear as amorphous purple ghostly creatures with grasping hands and slavering mouths.
Heatran The embodiment and guardian of volcanoes, Heatran is the most famous member of the "Tran trio". It guards Stark Mountain in the Sinnoh region, protecting the Magma Stone from those who would abuse the power of lava.
Heracross Heracross is a gigantic Hercules beetle with an amazingly powerful horn. Furthermore, it's a master of martial arts, and its physical power is truly amazing.
Ho-Oh The master of the legendary beasts, Ho-Oh is a massive phoenix said to be able to reincarnate the dead.
Hydreigon Unlike its pre-evolutions, Hydreigon is not even remotely comical. It's an engine of utter destruction. To a Hydreigon, everything it encounters is a potential meal.
Ivysaur Ivysaurs are more mature versions of Bulbasaurs; Bulbasaurs usually make the transition with access to a lot of sunlight. Once a year, a Venusaur will travel the countryside and help all the Bulbasaurs who are ready to become Ivysaurs, by storing sunlight for them.
Jynx A yuki-onna/ganguro-esque creature with a penchant for coldness and music.
Kadabra Kadabras are more grounded in reality than Abras are. They are quite likely to use weapons or spoons – and have a great love of communication. Like Abras, their bodies are covered in what appears to be yellow or orange chitinous armor – but in reality the shiny and rigid outer layer of a Kadabra is brittle and serves no protective function at all.
Kakuna Kakunas are incompletely formed and barely move. They can harden themselves, but are not dangerous.
Kyurem Kyurem is what remains of the original dragon that split into Reshiram and Zekrom. Once noble and good-hearted, this embodiment of wuji – the absence of yin and yang – has been driven insane by its loss.
Larvesta Larvesta is the juvenile form of the legendary Moth of Solar Flame. As is, though, it's more like a Caterpillar of Solar Embers. That doesn't mean it's a pushover.
Lugia The master of the legendary birds, Lugia is a gentle creature that spends most of its time on the seafloor. This is in part because of its egregious destructive capabilities, which could cause immense devastation if left unchecked.
Magby This small, unassuming critter eyes you warily as you approach. As you get closer, it suddenly spits fire at you!
Magihexy The evolved form of Jynx, Magihexy is an expert dancer whose skills can match (or exceed) those of the most dedicated human dancers. No mystical dance is beyond its capability to perform.
Magmar Magmar is a birdlike lava creature with a penchant for spraying flames from its mouth.
Magmortar Magmortar is the ultimate form of the Magmar line. It's able to use a variety of elemental attacks.
Mareep Mareep are blue skinned sheep with lovely golden fleece. A Mareep has yellow and black striped horns which are enormously thick and are not sharp. The striped tail of a Mareep ends in a large golden ball that acts as a tesla coil and emits shocking electric jolts. Mareeps hold a large negative charge, which causes their fleece to poof out to ridiculous proportions.
Mega Ampharos Mega Ampharos looks very similar to its cousin, the Ampharos, except that it flaunts a thick mane of soft white fur down the back of its neck and another bright patch of fur covering its long tail. Unlike the other members of its family (Mareep, Flaaffy, and, of course, Ampharos), the Mega Ampharos has evolved to become a Dragon-type creature. Due to this quirk of evolution, they may speak Draconic. Other than that, they share very few similarities to other true dragons.
Meganium Meganium are horse-sized plants with giant flowers on their necks. Meganium do not have leaves on their heads, but do have pistils growing out of their heads which give them much the same sensory information. Meganium lurk in trees, and drop down upon potential victims. They have huge red flowers on their necks, so it isn't like creatures don't see them from a mile off, but Meganium are fast like hippos and nearly as dangerous.
Metapod This green, vaguely crescent-shaped pod looks at first like part of the scenery, before it opens two disinterested eyes and starts hopping away.
Mew The Swiss Army Knife of the Pokémon world.
Mistikal Created by Cipher as a backup plan in case Voltran failed — or, worse, was somehow Snagged and purified — Mistikal is designed as a master of mind-control. Its gaseous body can invade the body of anything that breathes and hijack the victim's brain, allowing Mistikal to assume direct control.
Moltres One of Kanto's legendary birds, Moltres takes the form of a large bird with flame-colored plumage, resembling a phoenix. Its dazzling wings and elaborate head crest appear to be covered with flames. It has a straight, pointed brown beak that is the same color as its feet. Compared to the other legendary birds, it has the smallest feet and legs. It is the largest of the legendary birds, but its feathers make up a good portion of its bulk.
Nidoking The hunched violet beast is the height of a man and relative girth of a dwarf, and bears only cursory resemblance to the porcupine-thing it once was. The earth shakes while it walks, more than its girth alone would make possible.
Nidoqueen The blue, craggy biped glances over you, seemingly unimpressed, but upset with your presence on its territory.
Palkia The Pokémon revered as the deity of space in the Sinnoh region, Palkia is an incredibly powerful dragon with power over space.
Quilava This echidna-like creature rears up on its hind legs as you approach. It eyes you warily but stands its ground, and its back erupts into flames as it prepares to fight.
Raikou Raikou is one of the three legendary beasts of Johto, loyal servants of Ho-Oh. Thought by some to be a reincarnated Jolteon, what is certain is that Raikou once perished in a terrible blaze, but was resurrected by Ho-Oh. Now Raikou runs wildly around the land of Johto, bringing lightning with it wherever it goes.
Reshiram The legendary Unovan dragon of truth, the White Yin.
Rhydon As if a bipedal, intelligent rhinoceros made of stone weren’t threatening enough, this one’s horn is a 10-centimeter metallic drill. Some deity somewhere really doesn’t like you.
Rhyhorn The beast is covered in stone plates and has the shape of a rhinoceros. It seems to notice you, and immediately charges.
Rhyperior A vaguely humanoid being, like a living tank made of stone, lumbers along. Its arms are hollow, and every so often it shoots rocks from them.
Shedinja A strange creature, looking like a cicada's exoskeleton, floats motionlessly in front of you. It stares blankly, as if it has no idea of what is going on around it. You somehow sense a very dark, otherworldly power emanating from its lifeless form.
Skarmory Skarmory is a metallic bird that's only slightly shorter than an adult human. The nature of its body grants it a formidable resilience against physical attacks, but offers little protection from magic.
Smoochum Smoochum is the juvenile form of Jynx, a snow maiden-like Pokémon.
Squirtle Squirtles resemble turtles, although they usually stand erect. Their arms end in stubby hands which are capable of holding and using equipment. Squirtles always have blue scales, and their shells range from light peach to dark orange, but are usually brown.
Suicune Suicune is one of the three legendary beasts of Johto, reincarnated by Ho-Oh after perishing in a terrible fire. Claimed by some to be a reincarnated Vaporeon, Suicune is a graceful creature that runs all over Johto, bringing winds of all sorts wherever it goes.
Togekiss Togekiss are bulbous birds that spread happiness wherever they go.
Togepi Togepi are weird little egg looking things that have spikes sticking out of their heads. Togepi have no real control over what magical power they have, and are a danger to themselves and others. Togepi are somewhat luckier than other creatures, and are good-natured. Legends say that Togepi can bring their happiness and luck to other people - especially if they are balanced properly in their sleep.
Venusaur Venusaurs are sweet-smelling and larger versions of Ivysaurs. Their scaly hide is thick and fibrous, and their flower is leafy and broad-petalled. Their flower is usually filled with hundreds of seeds, of which usually only a handful are mature enough to grow into a Bulbasaur if planted. The seeds grow in a spiral pattern, the larger ones on the edge periodically falling off – in the hopes of growing into new Bulbasaurs.
Victini Victini is an endless font of positive energy — in fact, it generates so much energy that its body can't contain it all. Its small size is misleading, for this little bunny packs a serious punch — so much so that it's rumored that the Pokémaster who obtains Victini will never, ever lose any battle. Ever. ...That's probably an exaggeration, but you still should take Victini itself seriously, as goofy as it may appear to be.
Volcarona Volcarona is an avatar of the sun itself. If the sun were to be blotted out, Volcarona could serve as a replacement.
Voltran Voltran is a member of the Tran trio, but it's the odd one out. It doesn't embody anything in particular. In fact, it is extremely young in comparison to all other legendary Pokémon (except possibly for Mewtwo). Voltran was created by the criminal organization Cipher to be a bioweapon that could make even Mewtwo weep tears of jealousy. Crafted from a thundercloud by wicked scientists and imbued with life, based on the design of Heatran and Frostran, Voltran is an instrument of pure mayhem and terror, designed to bring the world to its knees so that Cipher may rule it.
Wartortle Wartortles are larger than Squirtles, and they have distinctive, non-functional wings on the sides of their head. Wartortles are a darker blue than Squirtles are.
Weedle A tiny worm wriggles across the tree trunk, gnawing on leaves. Its only noteworthy feature is the horn in the middle of its head.
Zapdos One of Kanto's legendary birds, Zapdos has the form of a large bird with black and yellow plumage. Its spiky feathers make it appear to be made of lightning. Its tail feathers stick out in several directions, furthering this illusion. A large crest of feathers decorates its head, and distinctive black rings encircle its eyes. Its beak is very long and thin. While Zapdos is the smallest and lightest of the legendary birds, it is still a large Pokémon.
Zekrom The legendary Unovan dragon of ideals, the Black Yang.
Zweilous Zweilous is a larger, two-headed version of Deino. It's even more ill-tempered than before, but it's still somewhat comical due to its blind clumsiness and the fact that its heads have a penchant for fighting each other.

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