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Short Presentation[edit]

Hi everyone, I'm Neostar. I have been playing D&D 3.5 since 2007. I am French, live in France and have always lived there. I admit that I have difficulties reading, writing and speaking English, but this game helps me enormously.





Classes & Alternate Class Feature[edit]

Base Classes & Prestige Classes

Alternate Class Feature


Character Options[edit]


Scaling Feats

Skill Tricks




Spells & Cleric Domains[edit]


Cleric Domains





Monsters and Locations[edit]



3.5e Homebrew[edit]

Neostar's Homebrew (137 Articles)
Classes Adrenaline Surge, Everlasting Wergard, Merenpthian Paragon, Prodigious Training, Sorcerer, Heritage, Touchstones Hunter
Races Human, Merenpthian, Phantasyarm, Yrthes
Skills Seduction, Teamwork
Feats Assured Strike, Baast's Nimble Grace, Blue Flames, Cartographer, Child of feat, Clan Commander, Combat Action Focus, Dodge, Swift, Earth Splitter, Epic Flourishing Toughness, Epic Overwhelming Curse, Favorite Landscape, Flourishing Toughness, Foliar Efficiency, Freezing Breeze, From the Breach the Chaos Spread Out, Gyakukaiten Stance, Huēyitepōl Mihcalini, Ikkaiten Stance, Improved Unleash of the Runebearer, Innate Seduction, Ionize, Ionize - Amplified, Ionize - Charged, Ionize - Intensified, Ionize - Overwhelmed, Ionize - Supercharged, Lascivious Dancer, Lone Experiences, Mage of the Iron Cross, Magic of the Planetary Alignment, Magic of the Stars Canvas, Master of the Blade, Mobility, Swift, One Life, One for One, Opportunity Reaction, Overwhelming Curse, Protect the Weaker, Quaking Terror, Regretful Potential, Relentless Curse, Scorching Fog, Skin of the Aurora Veil, Spells in Communion, Studies of Fauna and Flora, Swift Initiative, Swift Land Speed, Teamwork Leadership, Thermosensitive Lens, Unconventional Human Learning, Unleash of the Runebearer, Xeno-Yrthes Mutation
Spells Bond of the Harden Crusader, Bond of the Obnoxious Commander, Contract of the Completed Fate, Curse Transfert, Curse of the Burned Hands, Curse of the Dust Body, Curse of the Tortured Sleep, Detect Voltage, Heavy Ray, Ionic Drain of Motion, Ionic Generator, Khonsou's Zoomorphism, Kinetic Forcefield, Lion's Roar, Magic Assistant, Magic Missile of Interception, Metal Hardening, Miracle Morning, Miracle Morning, Mass, Specialized Heavy Ray, Springed Arms, Summon Support, Thorns of Relentless Darkness, Time Loop, Vibralloy, Violent Discharge
Equipments Armament of the Force Mage, Armillary Sphere, Auto-aim Arrow, Black Clay Jar of Volcanic Eruption, Bloodbath, Complete Mortar Kit, Crystal of Magic Persistence, Crystal of Toppling Strike, Ironclad Noble Dress, Ironclad Shield, Jeweled, Küberstaal, Pendant of the Touchstones Hunter, Pilgrim's Brooch, Plasmion Shock Bomb, Retaliation, Ring of Repentance to Loviatar, Ring of the Favorite Spell, Sekhmet's Blade, Single Shot Gun Device, Spear-shield Duom, Thrall Club, Utility Equipment, War Mallet
Monsters Cursed Warrior of Anubis