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Martial Disciplines were added by Tome of Battle.

If you need help incorporating this material in your game, please see the Discipline Addition for Creatures variant rule page.

By Discipline[edit]

Published Disciplines[edit]

Homebrew Disciplines[edit]

Name Skill Classes Description
Aerial Ace Tumble Any Created by raptorians who fought many battles in the sky with other flying foes and monsters below, the aerial ace discipline teaches the art of battling in 3 dimensions, using one's wings in combat, and employing the supernatural forces of wind at your side.
Amaranth Eclipse Intimidate Any An orc martial adept was renowned for his terrible strength and even more for his repulsive visage. On a pilgrimage from his tribe, he thought of putting the two together. Combined with the endurance bequeathed upon him by his orc heritage, the nameless master was able to completely disregard defense in any battle, his opponent’s attacks broken from sheer terror. The end result, born through years of trial and error, was the Amaranth Eclipse discipline. Many who fought against this wandering harbinger of bloodshed were impressed by his ability to cow their forces into submission, and thus began to copy his techniques.
Anima River Concentration Swordsage The school of the Anima River originated from monks and incarnates who sought personal enlightenment through meditating on the spiritual aspects which empowered them. Fine control of the body was only half the puzzle, the soul was every much a living, breathing thing of its own and worked in tandem with biological functions. To understand the soul would allow them to train it as one would train your muscles. In times of battle, their enlightenment allowed them to strike at the invisible ever-present flow of life and wound their opponents most grievously.
Army of One Intimidate Crusader, Warblade Battlefield rumor holds that there exists an old and powerful martial tradition, practiced by elite dwarven defenders, hobgoblin shock troopers, and battle-mad berserkers. No warrior truly knows the origin of this discipline, though many cultures claim it as their creation. However, all know of its power, the might of the Army of One discipline. Those trained in it can fight off entire legions, shatter the morale of armies with a glare, and duel with foes on opposite sides of a battlefield all at once.
Black Rain Spot Any And just as the sword had its true masters, the martial adepts of the Sublime Way, so too might the gun find its exalted wielders, martial adepts of the tenth path, the discipline of Black Rain. An art of finesse and ruthless power, the Black Rain discipline promises its wielders the true power of the gun.
Blighted Serpent Craft Any Co-opted to the benefit of the poison-worshiping cult, the Blighted Serpent discipline was born. It was the ultimate combination of supernatural and extraordinary skill with the elements of death and suffering with the cruel nature of those who would employ such tools.
Blood Feast Heal Crusader, Swordsage Designed by those who survive of blood, the blood feast discipline learns how to weaponize their own blood and the blood of others by opening grievous wounds for which vitality can leak through.
Bone Crown Knowledge Reaper Bone Crown is a dark discipline, perfected by a 'Dark Empress' for her own uses and her knights. This discipline draw upon the power of death to smite those in the way of the initiator.
Broken Blade Martial Lore Any To develop this new discipline, they tried to focus on the commonalities among all the martial disciplines to thus better understand their weaknesses. The discipline they tried to develop revealed to them that all martial disciplines could be best thought of as facets of a single all encompassing discipline. Truly, there was only one Sublime Way. Due to the lack of official approval, only a small number studied the discipline.
Champion's Might Intimidate None (requires the Anointed Champion feat) This ancestral school contains maneuvers developed by paladins and blackguards using Devoted Spirit, combining their native abilities with maneuvers. Being designed for paladins and clerics, they have different requirements than other maneuvers, and require the use of smites and daily uses of turn undead
Chthonic Serpent Use Rope Swordsage, Warblade The ways of the Chthonic Serpent rely on throwing one's opponent off-guard, distracting him and ruining his timing, before finally trapping him within the binding chains of their weapons., Grants maneuvers from the Chthonic Serpent discipline.
Coin's Edge Profession Swordsage The Coin's Edge discipline is a rarely practiced form of martial arts, one never taught at the Temple of Nine Swords, and thus never widely learned. The discipline was single-handedly created by a single swordsman, a legendary master known as Uther Doul. Doul had studied ancient tomes of an esoteric form of magic known as probability magic, a mystic practice that allowed its followers to alter the flow of probability and chance, bringing things that might have been into reality.
Crazy Gadget Craft Any The Crazy Gadget discipline is all about using tools, devices, and other oddities in combat, or augmenting pre-existing tools.
Dancing Goddess Perform Crusader, Swordsage Twirling in battle to the beat of some primal heart, the Dancing Goddess style lets you dance across the battlefield, dodging blows and countering with whirling blades in perfect dizzying tempo.
Domestic Tarrasque Jump Any When it comes to those delicate items your opponents are wielding, you're like a Tarrasque in a potion shop. While other disciplines focus on getting you places and killing people, the Domestic Tarrasque discipline helps you get over people and destroy objects.
Eloquent Speech Diplomacy Any Your flowery words and warmongering speeches bring others to your side, and occasionally help you in combat, too.
Essential Cut Autohypnosis Carnage Zealot. Martial Study feat otherwise. The discipline of those martial adepts who wield the magic of Incarnum.
Eternal Glacier Survival Swordsage, Warblade, Any (special) Eternal Glacier is a martial discipline invented by the barbarians of the frozen lands, who draw their power from, and emulate, the tundras and glaciers of their homes. The discipline reflects this, emphasizing unavoidable and unstoppable movements, building up power to crush their enemies, while maintaining the implacable strength of the glacier for themselves. These movements allow their warriors to channel the supernatural power of their glacier homes, freezing their enemies in their tracks.
Golem Heart Knowledge Any Created by warforged during the wars they were built to serve in, this maneuver was later adopted for use by organic races as well as the constructs who originally created them.
Hero's Edge Jump Warblade Martial discipline for defeating opponents larger than oneself.
Ideal Heart Heal Crusader A discipline oriented towards defense, healing, and nurturing allies. The path of the Ideal Heart emphasizes the welfare of all beings, and as such, it emphasizes protection over offense.
Infinite Lotus Autohypnosis Any (Incomplete: Only missing 6th level now) A discipline of esoteric mathematics, philosophy and reality-and-mind-bending power.
Mental Grip Autohypnosis Swordsage, Any (feat: Sublime Psychic) Psionic discipline
Mystical Rain Spot Any Mystical Rain is a discipline focusing on precision and the search for perfect perception. Masters of the discipline are said to be able to stop the rain around them through focus and shoot incredibly deadly arrows (Rain Shots and Perception Stance). Another key point of the style is the use of the Silver Arrows technique, a living arrow made of pure force seeking their target and even hitting them repeatably before passing out. The Mystical rain technique is all about the focus of one perception and the serenity of water.
Narrow Bridge Knowledge Crusader, Swordsage The Narrow Bridge was first studied by an order of monks who studied the border of life and death. The practitioners of The Narrow Bridge understand that death and life are more closely intertwined than most realize. Those trained in the proper martial arts can cross the narrow bridge that separates life from unlife. While most practitioners of The Narrow Bridge are living, it is not uncommon for undead martial warriors to also dabble in the techniques.
Night Wind Hide None (requires the Night Wind Disciple feat) A hybrid school combining the powers of Desert Wind and Shadow Hand, allowing the practitioner to execute cold and shadow-based maneuvers based on existing Desert Wind maneuvers
Obscured Existence Use Magic Device Shadow Pact Warlock Darkness, monochrome, and nullity themed discipline for shadow pact warlocks.
Occult Sovereignty Spellcraft Any Within the Tippyverse that is the war between the mundane and the magical, the mundane have always lost. There is no recourse to defeating a prepared caster, save for becoming a spellcaster yourself (and perhaps not even then). Forged by those who would seek to challenge their spellcasting tyrants with steel and willpower, the Occult Sovereignty discipline teaches its practitioners the ins and outs of magic, how it works, and how to manipulate it to do your bidding.
Organic Repast Heal Any One of the most overlooked aspects of combat is the fact that most warriors are mortal creatures — that is, they are organic beings, creatures of flesh. The flesh has many limitations, which can hold it back in battle — and more importantly, can be exploited by a skilled warrior. Practitioners of the Organic Repast discipline take this one step further, and tailor their techniques to maximize the disadvantages of the mortal form — poison and disease are common tools. Yet the Organic Repast also celebrates the beauty and resilience of life — its dynamic balance, resilience, and many paradoxes. Soft yet sturdy, flexible yet structured, solid yet hollow — a living being is a marvel to be celebrated.
Psychic Arrow Concentration Any The Psychic Arrow discipline is a ranged discipline which uses psychic power to focus their shots.
Pungeon Pendragon Truespeak Any Swashbuckling heroes are fond of using rapier wit alongside their rapiers, shooting arrows accompanied by shooting puns and even when things look bleak, they throw in a joke before throwing in the towel. Bards and wise men often recall famous words by famous men, used in the past to great effect in orations and battle speeches: all the more proof that the power of wordplay lies and speaks true in all languages, even the most ancient and intricarious ones. Those who learn the most ancient and most intricatastrophic of all and weave it into their combat routines are the practitioners of the Pungeon Pendragon style: their very actions speak truer than Truespeech.
Ravenous Succubi Bluff Swordsage, Scoundrel The disciples of the Ravenous Succubi are expert in both deception and a secret technique allowing you to drink you opponents's very lifeforce.
Season's Wheel Concentration Blade Witch A discipline of cycles, change, seasons and the elements.
Short Blade Sleight of Hand Swordsage, Warblade Now only people that are crazy enough to fight with weapons smaller then their forearms learn that true power isn't in the weapon its in themselves. Only knife masters can use maneuvers from this disciple.
Sovereign Storm WIP Sovereign Storm is a discipline favoring thrown weapons, dealing with both melee and ranged combat. It calls upon the primordial powers of lightning and wind.
Surreptitious Bandit Move Silently Any, by replacing a normal discipline. Created by masters of burglary and stealth, Surreptitious Bandit is an extraordinary discipline for the art of sneaking around.
Thousand Daggers Tumble Swordsage, Warblade The thousand dagger school trained with small slashing and piercing weapons, using their small size and easy concealing in deadly assassinations, as well as mobility training to stay light on one's feet or to flee the scene.
Thunder Bolt Concentration Any proficient with simple crossbows The Thunderheads were masters of the crossbow, with the lesser members of the clan able to shoot a pebble at 50 yards. They trained with stone crossbows and bolts until ones of wood were as light and easy to manipulate as a feather, and any clan member who ever missed was struck once by every clan member for every bolt they wasted. Their concentration was incredible, and they were able to remain as steady as stone in every situation, with focus that rivaled the most dedicated of monks. Needless to say, they felt insulted when Reshar considered swordplay more “sublime” than their crossbow shooting, and they made it their personal mission to spread their teachings to as wide an audience as possible, even if that meant watering it down a bit.
Unseen Shackles Knowledge Any, although the would be initiator must be able to cast alter gravity. Then the initiator may trade a single discipline for the Unseen Shackles discipline. A strange esoteric discipline about manipulating the forces of gravity.
Wild Moon Control Shape Any The Wild Moon discipline channels the power of the moon and its power over lycanthropy, madness, and the primal dark.